Guilty Gear RoA, subtitled Raid of Arms, is a spin-off released for mobile phones in Japan, and the overall fourteenth entry in the Guilty Gear series. It is an enhanced version of Guilty Gear Club. Generic enemies from Guilty Gear Judgment are also available for play. It was compatible with FOMA 902i, 901i, 900i models.


As a port of Guilty Gear, it features the same gameplay including the Chaos Gauge and Instant Kills, albeit simplified in its commands: each character has about four special moves assigned to different numbers. Like the original, it also has the Normal, Versus, Ranking, Training and Options Modes.


The plot takes place between Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear X, and most of the playable characters hail from the former. In the story, a mysterious scientist is creating a new type of living weapons called Arms, eaching having their own stages.


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