Guilty Gear Sound Complete Box is the second compilation release of music from the Guilty Gear series, spanning songs from the original Guilty Gear to Guilty Gear XX Slash.

Track list Edit

Disc One (72:37) Edit

This contains all tracks from Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection, except for the first and last tracks "Prologue (Shout & Burning)", "Epilogue (The Missing Link)", and "SE" that weren't present in the original Guilty Gear.

It adds the character's Normal Mode ending tracks that were released in disc two of the Guilty Gear X Original Sound Track—"Beyond The Dark Life", "NO!!", "Attention", "Hello!!", "Brush Up", "Dear Me", "D-A-M-E 2", and "D-A-M-E(sorry)"—for a total of 32 tracks.

Disc Two (57:12) Edit

It contains all 15 tracks from the first disc of the Guilty Gear X Original Sound Track, starting with Sol VS Ky's rivalry theme "No Mercy" and ending with Jam's theme "Babel Nose".

Disc Three (40:04) Edit

It contains 18 tracks from the second disc of the Guilty Gear X Original Sound Track. It opens with Testament's battle theme, "Bloodstained Lineage", up until the Game Over theme, "Settlement". With the Guilty Gear ending themes added to disc one of this collection, only "GUILTY GEAR X SE COLLECTION" is not included.

Disc Four (72:18) Edit

This disc features all 23 arranged tracks from the Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Sound Track of Dreamcast!! album.

Disc Five (50:47) Edit

It contains all 17 tracks from disc one of the Guilty Gear XX Original Soundtrack.

Disc Six (53:35) Edit

It contains all 20 tracks from disc two of the Guilty Gear XX Original Soundtrack, starting from the XX themes, then adding the theme "Beatin' My Soul" (Option theme) from Guilty Gear XX Sound Alive, and closing with the tracks that were originally released for Guilty Gear X Plus (thus having 21 tracks in total).

Disc Seven (62:40) Edit

With 26 tracks in total, this disc includes all 20 tracks of the Guilty Gear Isuka Original Soundtrack, starting from the opening theme "The GOD bites own lip in chagrin" to "The fellow(who makes it bored is killed)".

It also adds the six Guilty Gear Isuka bonus tracks that were released in the Night of Knives drama CDs: 21. "Fille de vent", 22. "Rift the clouds" (from Vol.1); 23. "The blue practice", 24. "Death simpers at an exit" (from Vol.2); 25. "The out of world", 26. "Quicksilver" (from Vol.3).

Disc Eight (72:31) Edit

  1. "Conclusion" (Sol VS Ky's Theme) - 3:40
  2. "The March Of The Wicked King" (Axl's Theme) - 4:33
  3. "Suspicious Cook" (Baldhead's Theme) - 3:50
  4. "A Fixed Idea" (Testament's Theme) - 3:59
  5. "Pride And Glory" (Kliff's Theme) - 4:03
  6. "Unidentified Child" (May's Theme) - 3:57
  7. "Meet Again" (Justice's Theme) - 4:16
  8. "Love Letter From..." (Sol, Ky, Chipp & Axl's Staff Roll) - 4:21
  9. "Keep in gates" (A.B.A's Theme) - 3:12
  10. "Get down to business" (Order-Sol's Theme) - 3:20
  11. "The Symposium" (THE座談会, Za Zadankai?) - 33:20

Credits Edit

DISC ONE-SIX: See Credits in each soundtrack article.

DISC SEVEN (See Credits in Guilty Gear Isuka Original Soundtrack article)
Compose : Daisuke Ishiwatari (7.1-12,21,24); Masaomi Kikuchi (7.22,23,25,26), Yoshino Kusano (7.14,15,19,20), Tesuya Ohuchi (7.13,16-18)
Recording Engineer : Ryou Kozuka (7.1-20), Fumio Hasegawa (7.21-26)

Compose : Daisuke Ishiwatari (8.1-8,10), Masaomi Kikuchi (8.9)
Arrangement : Yoshino Kusano
Guitar : Yoshino Kusano
Bass : Kohei Noda (8.1-3,5)
Recording Engineer : Fumio Hasegawa

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