Guilty Gear Vastedge XT, also known as Pachislot Guilty Gear (パチスロ ギルティギア, Pachisuro Giruti Gia?), is a spin-off and the twenty-first entry in the Guilty Gear series.

It is a pachinko, or slot machine-based, visual novel game available on D-light machines as well as iPhone and iPod touch.

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The story takes place after Guilty Gear 2: Overture and three months before the events of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.

In order to upgrade his Junkyard Dog MK II, Sol Badguy travels with Sin Kiske to recover the Flashing Tooth—one of the Sacred Treasures he created long ago—from the Conclave. During their adventure, they find many of their acquaintances, some of whom too are investigating the Conclave.

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