The Wiki policy: Any picture that is not labeled with proper licensing will be deleted. The time limit for an unlabeled or improperly labeled picture depends on the administrator's discretion.

Note: Since this policy is new it will take time before this can be fully implemented on already existing pictures.

Fair use rationaleEdit

Fair use rationale - All images that are not on public domain should have this so we can use them on the Wiki. (Please read the Fair use rationale carefully.) The guidelines on how to use this template is one the template page. Check this page for a sample.

Edit the image and add:

{{Fair use rationale}}
Fair use rationale




Purpose of Image



In accordance with copyright laws and to offer proper respect to the rightful artists, this wiki requires every contributor to put the proper license on every image. Check this page for a sample.

To use, type:
{{Arc System Work Copyright}}
Arc system works logo
This image is copyrighted by Arc System Works or one of its employees. We believe that any use of this image that does not hamper Arc's ability to sell their games constitutes Fair Use under international copyright law.

To use, type:
{{Fanart Copyright}}
I, the uploader of this fanart, would like to release it under the Creative Commons license. You are free to reuse this image so long as you give me or the creator of this fanart (source) credit for making it and do not make money off of it and release it under these same restrictions.

  • Use Copyright for anything the doesn't fall under Arc System Works.
To use, type:
This image is copyrighted. We believe that any use of this image that does not hamper the copyright holder's ability to sell their product constitutes Fair Use under international copyright law.

Image Category GuidelinesEdit

To keep organization and to make access to images easier, here are the some guidelines on image categories.

  • All images by Arc System Works artists can be uploaded under Fair Use. If they are used for any other purpose like other than for description, criticism or illustration they would be taken down.
  • For fanart, put them under Category:Fanart . However, fanart you did not make yourself should not be uploaded unless you obtain permission from the owner.
  • Game related images like guides and moveset should be categorized under Category:Gaming.
  • For images by Arc System Works, put them under Category:Arc System Works . If they are made by Daisuke Ishiwatari, put them under Category:Daisuke Ishiwatari Art . Else, put them in their respective categories.
  • Screenshots go to Category:Screenshots .
  • Images that are used for userpages or customized signatures should be under Category:Userpage Images.
  • Scans from a particular book should be categorized according to the title. For example, scans from the GG2 Overture Material Collection is organized under Category:Overture Material. Contact and administrator if a new category is necessary.
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