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Here are the policies regarding media.


  • All media uploaded should be usable in at least one page or category. Else, they should not be uploaded.
  • Do not upload anything offensive like pornography, racist or sexist images or any media with foul language.
  • All media must be put to their proper category.


See Guilty Gear Wiki: Image Policy


  • The character pages are not supposed to be gaming guides. Only upload videos that are sufficient enough to show their basic gameplay. There will be a separate page for the strategy of each character and videos are more appropriate there.
  • Do not upload videos from other sites like YouTube without permission from the videos' owners.
  • Do not upload a character's entire story mode. It defeats the purpose of the wiki as a source of written materials. On the other hand, trailers and console/arcade openings are welcomed in this wiki.


  • Do not upload any music unrelated to Guilty Gear.
  • Do not upload official sountracks since it is a violation of copyright laws.
  • If you're going to provide a music sample, it should be less than 30 seconds and the quality is not more than 56kpbs. Make sure that it also properly labeled. Put it under Category:Guilty Gear Music Samples
  • Fan versions and remixes are also welcomed, put them under Category:GG Music Covers and Remixes. Again, do not upload works that are not yours or you were not given permission to use.
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