Here are the policies regarding media.


  • All media uploaded should be usable in at least one page or category. Else, they should not be uploaded.
  • Do not upload anything offensive like pornography, racist or sexist images or any media with foul language.
  • All media must be put to their proper category.


  • All images by Arc System Works artists can be uploaded under Fair Use. If they are used for any other purpose like other than for description, criticism or illustration they would be taken down.
  • For images by Arc System Works, put them under Category:Arc System Works . If they are made by Daisuke Ishiwatari, put them under Category:Daisuke Ishiwatari Art . Else, put them in their respective categories.
  • For images not made by Arc System Works but has significance or reference to Guilty Gear put them under Category:Unofficial Fair Use Images.
  • For fanart, put them under Category:Fanart . However, fanart you did not make yourself should not be uploaded unless you obtain permission from the owner.
  • Game related images like guides and moveset should be categorized under Category:Gaming.
  • Screenshots go to Category:Screenshots .
  • Images that are used for userpages or customized signatures should be under Category:Userpage Images.


  • The character pages are not supposed to be gaming guides. Only upload videos that are sufficient enough to show their basic gameplay. There will be a separate page for the strategy of each character and videos are more appropriate there.
  • Do not upload videos from other sites like YouTube without permission from the videos' owners.
  • Do not upload a character's entire story mode. It defeats the purpose of the wiki as a source of written materials. On the other hand, trailers and console/arcade openings are welcomed in this wiki.


  • Do not upload any music unrelated to Guilty Gear.
  • Do not upload official sountracks since it is a violation of copyright laws.
  • If you're going to provide a music sample, it should be less than 30 seconds and the quality is not more than 56kpbs. Make sure that it also properly labeled. Put it under Category:Guilty Gear Music Samples
  • Fan versions and remixes are also welcomed, put them under Category:GG Music Covers and Remixes. Again, do not upload works that are not yours or you were not given permission to use.
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