Here are the guidelines for adding navigation boxes.

Playable, Non-Playable Characters and StagesEdit

For any page categorized under Category:Playable Characters, Category:Non-Playable Characters , add these templates to the bottom of the page. Put "yes" if the character appeared in the respective game, if not, omit the part.

{{Guilty Gear Characters}}

{{DEFAULTSORT:name of page}}

They should look like this:


All pages that do not fall under the Category:Stages, Category:Terminology, Category:Races and Category:History

{{Guilty Gear Universe}}


For any page under Category:Weapons use this template:

{{Weapons Navigation}}

If the weapon is also a character, usually under the Category:Live Weapons also put the Character template.


For all pages under the Category:Servants put this template:



For any page categorized under Category:Games , Category:Novels, [[:Category: Manga] use this template:

{{Guilty Gear Series}}


For any theme song, albums, concerts and musical artist, use this template.

{{Guilty Gear Music}}
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