For the benefit of this community, each wikia editor must abide by these rules. Failure to do so will result in a warning or a block depending on the offense.

General RulesEdit

  • No vandalizing of articles
  • No vulgar, profane, or any discriminatory remarks (eg. racist, sexist.) Writing anything pornographic will warrant an instant block.
  • No advertising
  • Do no use slang, sms language or any informal English
  • Do not make pages for your personal use or any page that is irrelevant and pointless. If you see one, put the tag of Request for Deletion.
  • Use proper grammar, spacing, labeling and formatting. Read the Wiki:Tutorial to learn how.
  • No changing of information of another user's "about page" without consent.

How to be neutralEdit

  • Focus on the facts
  • If interpretation is needed, include all common viewpoints and present them as speculation
  • Avoid adding subjective details
  • Use reliable sources

What are facts?Edit

  • They can be observed visually and can be accepted without dispute
  • They are the information that can be found in-game
  • They are written or illustrated on official materials
  • They are stated or confirmed by the creators
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