Here are the set of standards each writer or editor must follow.

Type of edit

  • Write an edit summary whenever you add, replace or omit information. Also use the edit summary when a page's formatting. Keep the summary short and simple. Phrases like "Added moveset" and "Deleted wrong information" will do.
  • Use the minor edit button if the editing just include a few grammatical corrections, else it would not be considered as a minor edit.


  • Observe proper grammar at all times. Typing in a word processor with a spelling check will help you spot mistakes.
  • Do not use emoticons or symbols like arrows and formulas. (For example: :), Chipp=Ninja, Sol-->hunter)
  • Do not spell words using the sms spellings (How r u?, R u happy?)


  • Do not use creative writing. Keep descriptions objective and avoid adding aesthetic details. Do not use figures of speech like metaphors and onomatopoeia like "She danced like the waves of the ocean, shining and beautiful.Whoosh..."
  • Do not use slang or a conversational tone (For example: "Character's daddy-o won't chill)
  • Use formal English, but use the simplest but most effective words to make the article reader-friendly. For example, "said" is a more friendly word like "adressed" or "hollered."

On non-English words

  • Unless there's an official translation, always use the original word. Do not include your own translation.
  • In some cases where there are unofficial translations, make sure that they are accepted by the community and the translator/s is/are credible. Do not indicate that it's the official translation and add the source.
  • First names should be put before surnames even if the character or the person mentioned is Japanese, Chinese or Korean.
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