Guilty Gear X: Rising Force of Gear Image Vocal Tracks is a series of three vocal albums from Guilty Gear X.

Track List

Side.I Rock You!!

  1. "Keep Yourself Alive" (Sol's Theme)
  2. "Blue Water Blue Sky" (May's Theme)
  3. "A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return" (Venom's Theme)
  4. "Liquor Bar & Drunkard" (Johnny's Theme)
  5. "Find A Way" (Lapis Lazuli’s Image Vocal Tracks)
  6. "Still In The Dark" (Re-mix of ROCK YOU!! Ver.)
  7. "Keep Yourself Alive" (Instrument)
  8. "Blue Water Blue Sky" (Instrument)
  9. "A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return" (Instrument)
  10. "Liquor Bar & Drunkard" (Instrument)
  11. "Find A Way" (Instrument)

Side.II Slash!!

  1. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)" (Ky's Theme)
  2. "Suck A Sage" (Chipp's Theme)
  3. "Still In The Dark" (Zato VS Millia Theme)
  4. "Awe Of She" (Dizzy's Theme)
  5. "Dream Maker" (Lapis Lazuli's Image Vocal Tracks)
  6. "No Mercy" (Re-mix of SLASH!! Ver.)
  7. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or be Dead)" (Instrument)
  8. "Suck A Sage" (Instrument)
  9. "Still In The Dark" (Instrument)
  10. "Awe Of She" (Instrument)
  11. "Dream Maker" (Instrument)

Side.III Destroy!!

  1. "No Mercy" (Sol VS Ky Theme)
  2. "風雅" (Fūga - Anji's Theme)
  3. "Burly Heart" (Potemkin's Theme)
  4. "Make Oneself" (Axl's Theme)
  5. "Naked Eye" (Lapis Lazuli’s Image vocal Tracks)
  6. "Blue Water Blue Sky" (Re-mix of DESTROY!! Ver.)
  7. "No Mercy" (Instrument)
  8. "風雅" (Fūga - Instrument)
  9. "Burly Heart" (Instrument)
  10. "Make Oneself" (Instrument)
  11. "Naked Eye" (Instrument)


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