Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload is the first update to Guilty Gear XX and the ninth installment of the Guilty Gear series. Among other changes, it features balancing adjustments such as giving Robo-Ky his own moveset, the inclusion of Shadow characters and, in its console version, Story Mode is fully voiced.

The first version of ♯Reload was initially known as "Red ♯Reload" due to several bugs found in the game, but was later redistributed as "Blue ♯Reload" as the bugs were fixed.[1] The game was included in a bundle with the spin-off Guilty Gear Judgment outside of Japan.

Story[edit | edit source]

Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload is a revised version of Guilty Gear XX, and follows the same plot.

Version differences[edit | edit source]

  • HUD changes includes character names in battle (XX uses orange text and bold blue text for some versions, while ♯Reload uses the bold blue text for all versions of the game) and a brand-new Burst Gauge look.
  • Both Roman Cancel types had their effects changed from solid and deep-colored to a more faded-light effect similar to an Overdrive activation flash.
  • No major changes to the general gameplay, but several changes are done to balance the cast, thus reworking the tier lists overall.
  • Robo-Ky is made playable from the beginning. Deemed to be either overpowered/underpowered in tournament play, his command list was completely reworked from the ground up to be a entirely different character in gameplay, as well as gaining a proper EX Mode (in Story Mode he still plays as he did in his original incarnation). He thus became tournament legal from this game onwards.
  • EX characters were rebalanced as well, though Kliff and Justice in the console version only had minor balances.
  • Another notable touch is the inclusion of "Shadow" characters, in the same vein of EX and Gold versions.
  • The number of challenges in Mission Mode was increased to 100.
  • Survival Mode now has 1000 levels, and the player can damage the enemy normally or perform combos to gain next level quicker.
  • The Korean version, with a Korean voice cast, was given a completely different soundtrack with a more darker tone to the music, composed by Shin Hae Chul and said to focus more on rhythm rather than melody (it is mixed in with techno as well, but the traditional thrash/metal/rock is still retained in the tracks).
  • The Xbox and original Windows versions feature the animated trailer for Guilty Gear X.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to fan-based patches, the Windows version of ♯Reload also features online play.

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