Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Side Black is a Drama CD based on the Guilty Gear series. It, along with Side Red, tells the story of an alternate timeline in which Ky Kiske is killed during the Crusades, as well as the consequences of his death. It also includes an extra story in which Dizzy writes a letter to Testament, as well as her misadventures while trying to deliver it.

Track ListEdit

  1. Prologue - Red Battle: Beginning
  2. Shelter - The Doctor Visits
  3. Holy Order Airship - Mankind's Defeat
  4. Airship Deck - Reunion
  5. Airship Meeting Room - Order Leader
  6. Gearplant - Mother Justice
  7. Airship Meeting Room - Battle Begins
  8. Jellyfish Fleet - Revenge Seekers
  9. Gearplant Underground - Gearmaker
  10. Final Battle - Game Over
  11. Battle of Rome - Take Two
  12. Reality v2.0
  13. Opening
  14. Dizzy's Letter
  15. Mayship - Jellyfish Pirates
  16. Departure
  17. Arrival - Village Rumor
  18. Demon Forest - Reunion
  19. Next Morning - Premonition of Attack
  20. Bandits Arrive - Battle
  21. Battle Over - Festival
  22. Epilogue - Men
  23. Message from Fujita Kazue (Dizzy)
  24. A Message from Dizzy to You


Prologue - Red Battle: BeginningEdit

Narrator: The 22nd Century. Mankind succeeds in understanding the theory of magic, and thus unlocks limitless energy. Their glory reaches for a peak. But antagonism still remains behind the glory, and eventually, that creates the forbidden living weapon, Gears. The revolt of the Gears thrusts mankind into an unending war. AD 2173. Mankind's protector, the Holy Order, is handed a crushing defeat at the Battle of Rome. The spirit of man suffers a great fall with the death of the Order's Ky Kiske. Then, in AD 2183... mankind's remnants are limited to just a few airships and underground shelters...

Narrator: Guilty Gear XX Drama CD: Side Black. Red Battle - Ending.

Shelter - The Doctor VisitsEdit

Guard: Something's coming... hey! It's a person! A person!

Guard: It's been five years...

Guard: Stop there! Who are you?

Baldhead: A traveling doctor. I'm called Baldhead.

Guard: A doctor, you say!? Great! Open the gate!

Guard: Hey... what's it like outside? Is the war over?

Guard: Please tell us!

Baldhead: Unfortunately, the war still continues... but everyone is still living to their fullest.

Guard: I see... well, please have a rest! We'll have a welcome party later.

Baldhead: Not at all! There are probably people suffering at this instant. If it's okay with you, I'd like to start the examination...

Guard: Thank you. Then please come with me. I'll introduce you to everybody.

Baldhead: Then, let us hurry... Ah, now that you mention it... your spine is crooked. It must be hard to stand, yes?

Guard: Huh? Well,... yeah...

Baldhead: Then, let me fix you up...

Guard: Thank you for the thought, but there are more seriously ill people inside. We should go there fi...

Baldhead: Not at all, don't be shy! It's time for an operation, let's do an operation!

Guard: Hey, what are you doing... au... augh!

Guard: Y-you! What the hell are you doing!

Baldhead: Oh, and you have eye strain! Hey, don't run away! Haha!

Guard: Augh! My eyes! My eyes!

Baldhead: Are there any more sick people here?! Here I come!!

Baldhead: Come on... any more patients? It's not good to hide!! If I don't fix you up it'll be very scary later...!

I-No: Oh? A doctor, eh...

Baldhead: Over there over there! Young miss, you... oh... just about everything is wrong with you! Let me start by fixing up your heart and mind...!

I-No: What shall I do? Such a bother...

Baldhead: This might hurt a little, no need to hold back! Heheh... begin operation!!

I-No: Oh? You dropped something. What could it be? Oh... this is...

Baldhead: That's a medical fee... medical fee! There were some soldiers suffering so I put them to rest!

I-No: Huh... so basically you enjoyed the pitifulness of the dead? I'll put you to rest!

I-No: Huh. Your weapon was big, but you can't measure up to me.

I-No: Huh? A Holy Order Airship... Good timing.

Holy Order Airship - Mankind's DefeatEdit

Sol: Shut up...

Potemkin: I'm coming in, captain.

Potemkin: Captain. The tactical unit has finished making plans.

Sol: I see...

Potemkin: They would like your opinion on it...

Sol: Che... 

Potemkin: Well?

Sol: This is just buying time. Troops will die... and that's that.

Potemkin: Buying time is all we can do... it can't be helped.

Sol: What about Intelligence? Have they found the Gear Production Plant yet?

Potemkin: We have a scout unit on reconnaissance.

Sol: I'm going.

Potemkin: We can't have you leaving now, sir. I can't allow it.

Sol: Are you telling us to lay down and die? Dammit... this is the kind of stuff that kid liked...

Potemkin: Don't say it... we begin the attack in an hour. Please say something to the troops.

Sol: You do it.

Potemkin: Hey, wait!

Airship Deck - ReunionEdit

Sol: Dammit...

I-No: It's been awhile! Do you remember me?

Sol: You're...!

I-No: You've certainly climbed up in the world. You look a little haggard though...

I-No: Such a rough greeting.

Sol: Did you come to die? Where have you been?! Ky... was looking for you until the end...

I-No: Won't you let me ask something?

Sol: How'd you get in?

I-No: Oh, getting into a place like THIS is no problem. And anyway, I brought something nice for you.

Sol: What?

I-No: This.

Sol: That's... the Intelligence group's...!

I-No: A dying soldier said I should get this to you no matter what. Well?

Sol: Hand it over!

I-No: No need to rush things... here.

Sol: Wait... how'd you get this?

I-No: I don't like explaining bothersome things. Ciao!

Sol: Damn!

Airship Meeting Room - Order LeaderEdit

Sol: ...and that's the story. The Plant is located here. Check on it.

Potemkin: What happened to that "I-No"?

Sol: Got away... jumped off the deck.

Potemkin: Can't trust that...

Sol: Don't say it. Just confirm it.

Potemkin: I know. There's no doubt that this letter is real. It's from the Intelligence unit.

Sol: I see.

Potemkin: What will we do?

Sol: It's obvious. All-out attack.

Potemkin: Shall we call the reserves?

Sol: Don't need them. If I lose this fight, it's all over.

Potemkin: That might be true but... this might be a trap.

Sol: Use your head.

Potemkin: I guess Gears would have no reason to lay traps for men... they have so many troops. But even so...

Sol: That's enough.

Potemkin: Understood. Heading for those coordinates.

Sol: Wake me up when we get there.

Potemkin: Do what you want.

Gearplant - Mother JusticeEdit

Testament: Damnable humans. They are finally headed here.

Dizzy: What's the situation?

Testament: The entire Holy Order fleet is gathering. This is what you would call all-out war.

Dizzy: What about our lineup?

Testament: We have 7 flying-type. We have 2400 Independent Gears. All together, it's 7 times the enemy's strength.

Dizzy: I shall go as well.

Testament: There is no need for that...

Dizzy: Let us be careful. We shall end the long battle here.

Testament: Understood. Let us make this the demise of mankind!

Dizzy: Mankind has injured this Earth too much. They must have the judgment of justice. Justice-sama... I take my leave.

Airship Meeting Room - Battle BeginsEdit

Sol: What's the situation?

Potemkin: The info was correct, at least. There's a sickening number of Gears...

Officer: We've confirmed 7 flying-types, and for the regular types... unable to count! Probably more than a thousand!

Sol: Easy battle.

Potemkin: What?

Sol: It means no need to aim.

Potemkin: I see. Did you hear that?

Officer: Sir! Opening all cannons!

Sol: Ugh...! What...?

Potemkin: Sir, what's wrong?... your Headgear!

Dizzy: So there you were... filthy traitor!

Officer: Sir, are you all right?

Sol: All ships, deploy...

Potemkin: To all ships: Deploy. Repeat. Deploy!

Officer: Understood! We'll deploy as well!

Dizzy: Gamma Ray!

Potemkin: What was that...! Report on the fleet!

Officer: With that attack... 50% of the fleet has been destroyed!

Potemkin: Impossible!

Sol: I'm leaving this to you!

Potemkin: What! Where are you going at a time like this!?

Sol: This battle... Dizzy's here.

Potemkin: I see... that attack just now... I see!

Sol: If we get her... the war is over.

Potemkin: Understood. I will take command.

Sol: Dizzy... just you wait.

Jellyfish Fleet - Revenge SeekersEdit

Potemkin: To all remaining troops. Contact the other ships.

Officer: Understood. Message from the Jellyfish. Connecting...

May: This is the Jellyfish... come in!

Potemkin: This is the leader of the remaining troops, Potemkin. I am glad that you survived.

May: Leave it to us! We'll take out as many as we can.

Potemkin: Okay. The Jellyfish will head...

Testament: Hahahaha!

Potemkin: You...!

Officer: You!

Potemkin: Retreat, everyone!

Testament: Huh, he isn't here? Well whatever! Take this... Exe Beast!

Potemkin: The disturbance Gear... it actually existed.

Testament: Disturbance? Not really... I'm you human's worst nightmare!

Potemkin: The dream is over... this battle is now.

Testament: That's right... the dream known as mankind will now disppear from this earth!

Potemkin: Like I'll let you! Magnum Opera!

Testament: Try and stop me... Nightmare Circular!

* * *

April: Come in, main ship! Come in!

May: How is it?

April: response. It looks like they got even to the center...

May: Then... we just have to work by ourselves...

April: Yeah... then, captain!

May: The Jellyfish fleet will now attack the enemy's main camp! Full speed! Ready the cannons! Follow me!

April: Full speed, ready cannons! Follow me!

May: If we win, tomorrow is waiting for us! If we lose... Johnny is waiting for us! If one falls, the rest continue! Now... let's go!

Gearplant Underground - GearmakerEdit

I-No: Looks like everything's started above. And now nobody's here...

I-No: I heard he was here... oh, over there?

That Man: Dizzy?

I-No: I'm a human, you know, human. I wanted to see you... don't move...

(chains clattering)

That Man: It seems I must thank you.

I-No: Huh, being the stoneface, huh. Despite being the revolutionary...

That Man: What do you know?

I-No: I was hoping for more... the twisted creator of this lovely world. The man who created Gears. I thought you'd be living like a king here. To think that you're here as a prisoner... the dog bit the hand that fed it, I see?

That Man: I have no power to control Gears. Everything is going not to plan.

I-No: Huh, what a boring guy...

That Man: This world is not what I wished for. This world is not what I created Gears for.

I-No: Spare me the crybaby talk! Huh... and that's it, huh.

That Man: Why did you come here?

I-No: I got bored. Bored of this world... thought I'd meet you and make it Game Over...

That Man: Game Over? Congraultions on the ending? What are you aiming for?

I-No: It should be obvious: recreation! Recreation. This is a stage... there's such a thing called a role. Trash should be stepped on like trash... and those with power bathe in the spotlight, burning. Come now, everyone... the show is about to begin.

That Man: Hm?

Final Battle - Game OverEdit

Dizzy: You traitor... why do you help mankind?!

Sol: That's my line. Unlike Justice... your heart should be free. So why!? Why do you kill!

Dizzy: Don't talk about mother so easily! You... I'll kill you!

Sol: A kid's crying, huh.

Dizzy: What did you say!?

May: There! Open the cannons! Full assault!

Dizzy: Insects!

May: For Johnny's revenge...!

Dizzy: Foolish ones... men are parasites that consume this planet!

Sol: This little brat... destroying people just because she's irritated... can't save you now. Now you die. Dragon Install!

Dizzy: You're jealous of mother! Be crushed!

Sol: Volcanic Viper!

* * *

I-No: Whoa, amazing!

That Man: It's unprotected... the hope of the world... is fading.

I-No: Huh... so where's that glorious hope?

That Man: Fate was against me. So is this the will of god? Perhaps the world will be saved after all.

I-No: The will of god? You talking about the survival of the fittest?

That Man: It's nothing as good-sounding as that. Survival of the fittest is no more than a realization. I believed that this ugly future was all that we could offer up to god.

I-No: Haha! Sound great... you're interesting after all. I'll fix it up for you. But, the stage has to be flashier.

That Man: What are you saying?

I-No: It's troublesome so I can't do it very often, but I can change the the past.

That Man: Violate causality? Don't joke. It's impossible to create such a paradox on an individual observable level.

I-No: I don't bother with the theory. Just you watch...

That Man: This is... this power is... temporal change!

I-No: See you later, be back soon!

Battle of Rome - Take TwoEdit

I-No: Now, this is... the Battle of Rome, ten years ago. What great timing.

Ky: Needle Spike!

Ky: I've made it this far... just five more minutes... Ride the Lightning!

Ky: A large-type Gear, here...! Is I-No-san... safe...

Ky: Still going!

Ky: Are you my death god...? God, by your grace, please save my future! Holy Order Ougi... Spike Voltage!

I-No: Ah-ha, found him!

Ky: Holy Order Ougi... Spike Voltage!

I-No: I'll make you scream...

Ky: I-No-san! You were over here?

I-No: It's been ten years, boy!

Ky: Huh?

I-No: Don't worry! Just forget about me.

Ky: What...?

Sol: Where'd that idiot go?

Sol: Trash... move aside.

Sol: Move aside! Tyrant Rave!

Sol: I came to pick you up.

Ky: Sol...

Sol: This... did you do this?

Ky: Huh? Y-yeah... looks like it.

Sol: Yeesh... don't fiddle around. We're done here. Time to retreat!

Ky: Y-yeah... I got it. Ha...

Sol: What are you worrying about now?

Ky: Ah, nothing... if you're here, I feel safe.

Sol: Yeesh... such a carefree guy.

Reality v2.0Edit

Dizzy: Kyaah! What are you doing?

I-No: Oh, such a cute scream! Won't you let me hear it some more?

Dizzy: Kyah! Please stop... I can't hold back any longer...

I-No: It's for him you know... you're a bother. Won't you disappear?

Dizzy: That's...

I-No: Huh... not very obedient. You're just a bunch of noise!

Dizzy: Kyaah!

Ky: Wait!

I-No: Oh? And why are you here?

Ky: Even if your opponent is a wanted person, I can't accept that behavior!

I-No: Protecting a bounty? Do you understand what you're doing?

Ky: Even if mankind has several paths, I only have one. And if there is grace in that, then God shall save me!

I-No: God? Justice? Hahahah!

Ky: What's so funny?

I-No: I see. So the one that saved you is God. That's a good one.

Ky: Here I come!

I-No: Revolting against God? How foolish. Die!

Narrator: Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Side Black. End.


Narrator: Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Side Black: Letter.

Dizzy's LetterEdit

Dizzy: How are you? It's Dizzy. When I sit here and write this letter to you, I can't help thinking "I've come so far"... it's already been three months since I've joined this ship. Since then, we've been traveling around the world. To think the world was this big... I had no idea when I was in that forest. There are things I'm still not used to yet, but I'm happy. And this is all thanks to you.

Mayship - Jellyfish PiratesEdit

May: Hey hey, Dizzy, what are you writing? Hey, a letter!

Dizzy: M-May! You can't look!

May: If it's a letter, want me to send it for you?

Dizzy: No, I'll send it myself. It's my day off, so...

May: I see... so you're going out!

Dizzy: Yes...

May: Mm, will you be okay by yourself? Shall I go too?

Johnny: Heeeey! You've got work to do, don't you?

May: Eheh... I got caught.

Johnny: Yeesh... well, Dizzy.

Dizzy: Yes?

Johnny: Who is that letter to?

Dizzy: U-um... it's a secret.

Johnny: Uh, I see, I see. Secrets, secrets eh. Well, a good woman must have a hundred, a thousand, maybe ten thousand secrets.

Dizzy: Hundred? Thousand? Ten thousand?

Johnny: Never mind that... speaking of secrets... Dizzy... just make sure you don't show your true self, eh? After all, we're PIRATES...

Dizzy: Ok, I'll be careful.

Johnny: Sorry for the domestic talk. It's your vacation after all. Go and spread your wings!

Dizzy: Okay!

May: Wow! Always such pretty wings every time I see them... can I touch them?

Dizzy: That tickles!

Johnny: N-nono, that's not what I meant... I just meant go and have a good time.

Dizzy: S-sorry!

Johnny: Do you have your allowance? How about toothbrush? Change of clothes?

Dizzy: I'll be okay. I have everything.

Johnny: Then, there's just one thing left...

Johnny and May: Have a good trip!

Dizzy: Thanks, I'm leaving!


April: Ah, Dizzy, you're going below, right? We'll send out a message.

Dizzy: April-san! No, it's ok, I can just fly down.

April: What will you do if somebody sees you? It'll be bad if people find out...

Dizzy: That's right...

April: I'll lend you a disguise! Here's some glasses... and a wig! Try putting it on!

Dizzy: ...does it suit me?

April: Yeah, perfect! Now nobody will know who you are.

Dizzy: Thanks.

April: Oh, and gotta hide your wings and tail too... ok, go on, go on!

April: Okay miss, where to? ...or something like that.

Dizzy: To the south, please.

April: Okay, let's go!

* * *

April: Here we are! Are you sure this little village is okay? There's nothing here...

Dizzy: It's fine... this place is nostalgic for me. I'll stay the night here.

April: I see... well, we'll pick you up here, okay?

Dizzy: Yes.

April: Ok then, see you tomorrow!

Dizzy: Bye!

Dizzy: Is he still here...?

Arrival - Village RumorEdit

Dizzy: Excuse me!

Innkeep: Welcome, pretty lady!

Dizzy: I'd like a room for the night...

Innkeep: Just for tonight?

Dizzy: Eh?

Innkeep: Our village is having a big meeting from tomorrow, so... I've been expecting reservations.

Dizzy: I see... well, I'm going home tomorrow, so... just tonight is fine.

Innkeep: Okay! Please write your name down here.

Dizzy: (Name? It'd probably be bad putting down 'Dizzy'... okay, I'll put down 'May'!)

Innkeep: Oh, May-san is it? What are you doing in a village like this?

Dizzy: Just looking around for some things.

Innkeep: In a run-down village like this? Well, okay... it's best not to get too close to the forest.

Dizzy: Eh?

Innkeep: They say it's the Demon's Forest... that there have been monsters living there for a long time.

Dizzy: I-I see...

Innkeep: It's not just a rumor, you know? A while back a bunch of bounty hunters gathered there, it was a big uproar. Well, I won't go into the messy details... just don't get too close, miss.

Dizzy: O-okay, I'll be careful.

Ky: Excuse me.

Ky: Master!

Innkeep: Welcome! Staying the night?

Ky: No. I am Ky Kiske of the International Police.

Dizzy: (Oh no! What shall I do?)

Innkeep: We're not doing anything the police would be interested in...

Ky: There is a report that a bandit group is lurking around here. If you know anything, perhaps I can ask for your cooperation?

Innkeep: Bandits? No clue! If you're not a customer, please leave.

Ky: Excuse me. Oh miss, are you visiting here?

Dizzy: Y-yes... (Good, it looks like he didn't notice... of course, I'm wearing a disguise...)

Ky: A young lady travelling alone can be dangerous. Shall I escort you?

Dizzy: No, I'll be fine, thank you.

Ky: I see. Well, as I said before there are rumors that an illegal bandit group will appear around here... please be careful.

Dizzy: Yes, I'll be careful.

Dizzy: (Bandits? That's worrying...)

* * *

Baker: Welcome! How are you, miss? We just baked up another batch of bread.

Dizzy: Wow, looks delicious! Can I have two of those over there? I'll make a lunch out of it.

Baker: A lunch, eh? Shall I make it a sandwich?

Dizzy: Ah, yes please. Potato salad then, please.

Baker: Okay! Two potato salad sandwiches.

Dizzy: And... um...

Baker: Yes? You're cute, so I'll add on something extra for ya.

Dizzy: Um... I heard that a bandit group will appear around here...

Baker: Bandits? Haha... um... we don't have anything like that in our village.

Dizzy: I see... sorry for bringing up something weird.

Baker: Not at all. As long as you understand that's ok. Here ya go.

Dizzy: Um, I haven't paid yet...

Baker: Money? Uh well... sorry, I was distracted. Okay, there we go.

Dizzy: Thanks.

Dizzy: (He was shaking... there must be a bandit group coming after all... What shall I do? I can't just ignore these people and go home. I know I could take on a group by myself, but...)

Johnny: (Just make sure you don't show your true self, eh?)

Dizzy: (I can't... if I do that I'll reveal myself? What should I do... maybe he'll know...)

Demon Forest - ReunionEdit

Dizzy: I wonder... is he still here?

Dizzy: Testament-san! Testament-san!

Testament: You. Who are you? This is not a place for humans to draw near.

Dizzy: Testament-san! It's me. Me!

Testament: What?

Dizzy: Huh? Oh, that's right, I was in disguise... how's this?

Testament: Dizzy!

Dizzy: Don't say you don't recognize me now!

Testament: Hey, you can't blame it all on me. Haven't you grown a bit taller?

Dizzy: Maybe so. Testament-san... it's been awhile.

Testament: Yes. Welcome home, Dizzy.

* * *

Dizzy: Testament-san, have you been in this forest all this time?

Testament: I swore to always protect this forest. I have no reason to leave anyway.

Dizzy: I'm happy, but... aren't you lonely?

Testament: Did you come all this way just to worry about me? And anyway, did something happen with you?

Dizzy: Um... I'm on vacation, so I just dropped by...

Testament: I see. Thanks for coming. I can't do much for you, but please relax here for awhile.

Dizzy: I was planning on that, so I brought some lunch. Please do.

Testament: Thank you.

Dizzy: I'll pour some tea for you.

* * *

Dizzy: That was delicious.

Testament: Are you worrying about something?

Dizzy: Yes... it seems that the nearby village will be under attack by bandits.

Testament: Oh? That's the first I've heard of it.

Dizzy: I'd like to help them, but... if I reveal myself, it'll be a problem for everybody in the crew...

Testament: I'd be glad to help, but it would mean bloodshed... this is not a body that can hold back.

Dizzy: W-well, it's not like we know for certain the bandits are bad people...

Testament: I think banditry is a bad thing... not something I can really say as a Gear, but...

Dizzy: Our crew... does it a lot... um... banditry, that is...

Testament: Haha, that's true. But anyway... I can't help.

Dizzy: I see. That's true... sorry.

Testament: No need to apologize. All you have to do is do what you think is right.

Dizzy: But... then everybody in the crew...

Testament: Even if your crew kicks you out, you can always come back here. There is always a place for you.

Dizzy: Thanks... I think everybody will forgive me, though.

Testament: Then there's no problem.

Dizzy: You think so?

Testament: Whether to believe the Jellyfish... that's for you to decide.

Dizzy: I think I understand. And, Testament... here, a letter. 

Testament: Letter?

Dizzy: I've been writing it for awhile. There's no address here so I couldn't send it, though...

Testament: Thank you. This is quite long.

Dizzy: I've been writing for a long time.

Testament: I see.

Dizzy: Then... I'll go, now.

Testament: Have a safe trip.

Dizzy: Um... Testament?

Testament: What?

Dizzy: I'm going to keep on writing letters, so... I'd be happy if you lived somewhere where I could send them.

Testament: Heh. I'll think about it. Farewell.

Next Morning - Premonition of AttackEdit

Innkeep: May-san, breakfast is ready.

Innkeep: May-san? It's time for breakfast. May-san? Wake up please!

Dizzy: May? That's me! Yes! I'm getting up!

Dizzy: Wow, such a delicious-looking stew!

Innkeep: Heh. We're a poor village, but we can do this much. Go on, please eat before it gets too cold.

Dizzy: Okay! Itadakimasu!

Dizzy: It's delicious!

* * *

Dizzy: Gochisoosama deshita.

Innkeep: Sorry to rush you, but there is a meeting today... could I ask you to leave early?

Dizzy: Understood... what kind of meeting?

Innkeep: Um... just with the next village... you know...

Dizzy: The policeman said bandits, didn't he?

Innkeep: May-san... there are things in this world it's better off not knowing. Please, leave here quickly.

Dizzy: Okay...

* * *

Dizzy: Why do they hide it? Maybe they've taken hostages? Then, I've got to take care of them quickly... won't anybody tell me?

Girl: Mommy, they're coming today, right?

Dizzy: Um... who is coming?

Girl: Don't you know? There's this really large ship, and it comes flying and... ow!

Mom: Geez! What are you saying?

Dizzy: Please wait!

Mom: Who are you?

Dizzy: Um... a traveler...

Mom: Today is an important meeting for us, so we don't like outsiders here. So please leave quickly!

Dizzy: I'm sorry...

* * *

Dizzy: What should I do? I got chased out... but it seems the bandits will come today... I have to have a plan.

Girl: Oh, it's you!

Dizzy: You're that girl...

Girl: My mom got angry at me earlier because of you.

Dizzy: I'm sorry! But she got angry at me too, so we're in it together.

Girl: Oh, really?

Dizzy: Um... you said 'they're' coming today, right? Could you tell me who?

Girl: Hmm, what should I do? Hey, that looks delicious!

Dizzy: This sandwich? I only have one left, but... I'll be glad to share half with you.

Girl: Hmm... ok, half!

Dizzy: Ah! You took it all, didn't you.

Girl: Haha! That was delicious! Okay, ask me anything.

Dizzy: Geez. And... where do the bandits come from?

Girl: From a big ship in the sky! They come flying down on ropes...

Dizzy: (An airship... if there are hostages, the villagers can't do a thing. If I'm going to attack, it's while they're coming down...) What's their manpower?

Girl: Manpower?

Dizzy: Um... how many people usually come?

Girl: Hmm... about 10 people come down.

Dizzy: (Ten people take control of the village... I wonder if they're well- trained...) And, when do they come?

Girl: Right now!

Dizzy: Eh?

Girl: Look, there!

Dizzy: Okay! Wait here! I'll take care of the bandits!

Girl: Oh miss! You've got wings!?

Dizzy: Johnny-san, sorry! You'll forgive me, right?

Bandits Arrive - BattleEdit

Dizzy: They're here! To anybody who would hurt that cheerful village, they get this! Undine!

April: An attack? Where from!?

May: The ship won't hold. Evacuate!

April: Wait! Evacuate!?

April: Kyaaaah!

May: April! What did you do to my friend!?

Dizzy: Please surrender, I don't want to hurt you!

May: I'm afraid I can't do that! We have a duty here. Iruka-san!

Dizzy: That won't work!

May: What!? Guruguru Attack!

Dizzy: So strong! Flying in the sky even without wings... here I come!

May: Come on!

May: Take that!

May: Ow!

Dizzy: Dodge THIS one!

May: Man, this one's all over the place!

Dizzy: Imperial Ray!

Dizzy: I held back. Please, draw back from this village.

May: Ow-ow... and who are you?

Johnny: And that's something I want to know too... huh? You're...!

Dizzy: Johnny-san! Huh? May?!

May: "May?" That voice is... Dizzy!? What are you doing here?

Dizzy: Huh? Huh? Then the person who fell earlier...

Dizzy and May: April!

* * *

April: Kyaaaah!

April: Ugh... I thought I was going to die...

Battle Over - FestivalEdit

May: I see... you thought the village was going to be under attack by bandits...

Dizzy: Yeah...

May: Well, it happens! Huh? Didn't I tell you? We always split our spoils with needy villages like this one.

Dizzy: I'll remember it...

April: (loudspeaker) Hello! The Jellyfish has come again this year! We've brought plenty of food and clothes! Please take it with you!

May: April, can I have that a sec?

April: Huh? What's wrong?

May: (loudspeaker) Ahem test test... everyone! I'll introduce our newest member! She just joined this year... Dizzy!

Dizzy: Um... nice to meet you! I'll do my best!

Mom: You're... that girl from earlier?

Dizzy: Yes...

Mom: Oh, so you're with the crew! Sorry about earlier!

Dizzy: No, I misunderstood earlier.

Mom: The crew is always a big help to us. Ten years ago, during the Holy War... our village was under attack by Gears. The person who saved us was your captain! He's always been such a nice man!

Dizzy: Y-yeah, that's true.

Mom: Now we're doing things too... the crew helps us move things from village to village.

Dizzy: I see...

Girl: Ne, Dizzy-oneechan! Show me your wings, your wings!

Mom: Hey! Don't be so rude!

Dizzy: No, it's all right! Here...

Dizzy: That tickles!

Mom: Geez...


Testament: You make me worry.

Johnny: Just you look... isn't she fitting in well?

Testament: I must thank you.

Johnny: It doesn't make me that happy when men thank me... and besides that, just how long are you planning to stay here?

Testament: What?

Johnny: Don't tell me it's always going to be the Demon's Forest! There's no reason anymore. But... the exit should be open.

Testament: No... never mind me.

Johnny: Oh, you're getting older... how human of you. Well? Ready to try the kindness of mankind again?

Testament: Humans do kind things. They're always kind to their friends. That is why they can be cruel to others.

Johnny: Huh, is your only friend Dizzy? Huh! Why don't you try including a little more into your 'friends'?

Testament: Easy for you to say.

Johnny: Making new friends, that's simple effort. Well... I don't think you want my advice on that. And you know... humans can also think this way: "A friend of a friend... is my friend." Haha... how about it? Have you learned from her?

Testament: Hm. That may be right. I guess I may try moving out of this forest.

Johnny: Oh really? When you've decided where to, let me know.

Testament: Don't worry about me. It'll be a bother. And anyway... what are YOUR friends?

Johnny: That's obvious! My friends are... the charming maidens living in loneliness and unfortunate circumstances around the world.

Testament: A joke, right? Farewell, my compatriot.

Johnny: Hey! I'm always serious! Hahaha... well whatever. It looks like even he's changed a little... that's good to know.

Testament: First... I should write a response. Huh... it's been about 50 years since I wrote a letter...

Message from Fujita Kazue (Dizzy)Edit

Fujita Kazue: This is Fujita Kazue, the role of Dizzy. Guilty Gear XX Drama CD, Red Battle, is what you just heard. How was it? I've been allowed to do the role of Dizzy for awhile, and I've come to know many of her aspects. From not being able to believe in humans, the Dizzy trapped in the Demon's Forest, and then meeting Testament, and then entering the Jellyfish - Dizzy's personality has changed quite a bit. Thanks to everybody in the crew, she's become more humanlike... or rather, she's more accepting of humanity... or something along those lines, and I've felt that she's become very cute.

This time, as opposed to all that, I've met a different Dizzy... a Dizzy that's the enemy of humankind. Instead of one always overflowing with kindness, I've seen the scary side to Dizzy for the first time. The normal Dizzy is a kind girl, even though she's been through hard times. The Dizzy this time hates humans. But, I think that that's because her mother, Justice, was killed by the humans, and so I don't think her inner kindness has changed at all. Perhaps a kind heart, and a hating heart, are just like a mismatched button. That Dizzy, when turning on May, probably felt it deeply and was saddened. The Drama CD is finished, but the Guilty Gear world continues. When that time comes, I hope to be able to meet you with the smiling Dizzy. Let us meet once again.

A Message from Dizzy to YouEdit

Dizzy: Um... it's time to wake up? The sun is already up... I know you're still sleepy. Come on? Good morning.

Dizzy: You have an important event today. Please don't forget it!

Dizzy: Ah, are you leaving? Please do your best today!

Dizzy: Thank you for your work... I mean, please work hard! Go safely!

Dizzy: I'm sorry... the person you're calling is out... umm... please leave a message after the beep, or something like that...

Dizzy: Ah, you've got a letter! Great!

Dizzy: Gotten hungry... shall we eat? Itadakimasu!

Dizzy: I see... that's too bad. But please don't be too down... tomorrow will definitely be better.

Dizzy: Good job for today! Good night!

Dizzy: Um... staying up all night is bad for you... I know it's hard, but please think about your body...


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