Guilty Gear XX in L.A Vocal Edition is the fourth vocal album in the series, and the first to be based on Guilty Gear XX. The N.Y Vocal Edition completes the rest of the character themes from the game's default roster.

Track list Edit

  1. "Keep yourself alive II" - 3:59 — Sol's Theme
  2. "Blue water blue sky" - 3:36 — May's Theme
  3. "Burly heart" - 3:54 — Potemkin's Theme
  4. "Writhe in pain" - 3:57 — Millia's Theme
  5. "Feal a fear" - 4:05 — Eddie's Theme
  6. "Existence" - 4:00 — VS Assassin Theme
  7. "Momentary life" - 4:09 — Baiken's Theme
  8. "Liquor bar & Drunkard" - 3:54 — Johnny's Theme
  9. "Holy orders (Be just or be dead)" - 3:29 — Ky's Theme
  10. "Bloodstained lineage" - 3:57 — Testament's Theme
  11. "Shadow festival" (陰祭り, Kagematsuri?) - 4:14 — I-No's Theme
  12. "Nothing out of The ordinary" - 3:43 — Same Character

Credits Edit

General Director: Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)

Producer: Takao Suzuki (Star Jam Corporation)
Supervisor: Jay Gordon (ORGY)
A & R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)

All Songs Composed: Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
Vocal Arrangement: Jay Gordon (ORGY), Kinya Sawaguchi (Triumph), Koichi SEIYAMA
Arrangement: Kinya Sawaguchi (Triumph), Koichi SEIYAMA
Lyrics: Hikari Suzuki (1,2), David the Big Mountain (3,5,7), Kenny the Noizy Chicken (4,10,11,12), Ching Kong (6,9), Chris (8)

Vocal: Matt Zane, MIKE, FIJT
Keyboards: Koichi SEIYAMA
Guitar: Tohru Iwao
Bass: Shinji Matsumoto
Drums: Yasuhiro Umezawa

Recording Engineer: Ryo Kozuka
Mix Engineer: Jay Gordon (ORGY)
Mastering Studio: Memory Tech
Mastering Engineer: Kazuya Sato (Memory Tech)

Art Direction & Design: Gaku Iizuka (ATALI)
Public Relations & Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

Executive Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)

Supervision: Sammy Corporation, ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co.,Ltd.

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