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The following page comprises the full verbal transcript of Guilty Gear XX, ♯Reload and Slash.

  • This transcript contains cutscene dialogue from Story Mode.
  • Transcriptions of battle dialogue and arcade quotes are found on character's individual quote lists.
  • Dialogue is sorted by character name, then a tentative story path name, and then by character battle.



Report ♯9641

終戦管理局報告書:第9641号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #9641
Name: Sol=Badguy? Sol Badguy
Height: 182cm? 6'0"
Weight: 74kg? 163 lbs.
Birthday: UNKNOWN? Unknown
Blood Type: UNKNOWN? Unknown
Race: Human(?)? Unknown/American
Solid information on this subject's history is, regrettably, still hard to come by.
Here is what we know: After joining the Sacred Order of Holy Knights in 2172, he deserted and became a bounty hunter. One account places the subject in the year 2099 -- exactly as he looks today -- participating in the Gear Project.
Though his motives are unknown, he has been spotted hunting down and destroying Gears.
His victory over Justice should serve as ample evidence of his superhuman battle ability. His occult powers easily surpass all known limits.
Because of his muddy past and immense power, he is considered to be incredibly dangerous.
Risk Rating: S

Crimson target

Sol: 「待ってろよ……」?
"You won't escape me..."
VS Axl
Axl: おっ旦那。久しぶり。?
Oh! Hey, man. It's been a while.
Sol: テメェに用はねぇ。?
I don't need anything from you.
Axl: そぉんなこと言っていいの??
You sure that's all you've got to say to me?
Sol: あん??
Axl: さっきダンナの知り合いに会ってね。なんかダンナを探してたよ。赤い服着たちょっといい女。?
I happened to run into an acquaintance of yours just now. She seemed to be looking for you. A woman in red... Not half bad, either.
Sol: ……先を言え。?
...Keep talking.
Axl: っと、その前に、一手お手合わせどう??
Hold on there! How 'bout a quick match first?
Sol: ちっ。しゃあねぇな。?
Geh. Whatever.
VS Jam
Sol: (イノが……動いただと?)?
(I-no... She's already in action?)
Jam: そこ、待つアル!?
Stop right there!
Sol: ん??
Jam: アタシの店に火をつけたのアナタアルカ??
Are you the one who set fire to my restaurant?
Sol: ……どけ。?
Jam: 逃がさないアルヨ!?
You're not getting away from me!
VS Millia
Millia: 奇遇ね。紅の楽師を追っているのだけど。もしかして、あなたの関係??
Well, look who it is... Hey, I'm chasing after a musician in red. You happen to know anything about her?
Sol: ……手を引け。?
...Give up and go away.
Millia: やっぱり、か。あなたの邪魔だけはしたくなかったけど今度は別。?
I thought so. I didn't want to interfere with you, but this time, I can't back off.
Sol: どうなってもしらんぞ……。?
Don't blame me for what happens to you...

Sol Path 1

VS Anji
Anji: よっ。久しぶりだね。?
Yo! Long time no see.
Sol: ……また余計な野郎が。?
...Great. More trouble.
Anji: アンタがいるってこたぁ、こっちに来て正解だったかな。?
If you're around, then I guess I've come to the right place after all.
Sol: ……何をそんなに知りたい??
What is it you want to know so badly?
Anji: そりゃぁ色々さ。ギアの由来に聖戦の真実。天地の理に、万物の名。多けりゃ多いほど嬉しくなる性分でね。?
Oh, the origin of the Gears, the truth behind the war, the mysteries of the gods, the secrets of nature... You know, this and that. The more I know, the happier I get. That's just the way I am.
Sol: 身を滅ぼすぞ??
You'll ruin yourself eventually.
Anji: そうなりゃそれが、この闇慈様の器だったってこと。アンタを恨んだりはしねぇよ。?
Well, if I do, then it's no big deal. That'll just mean I wasn't up to the task. I won't hold it against you.
Sol: なら、その器、見せてみろ!?
Then let's see if you're up to fighting me!
VS Johnny
Sol: (わりと、あっけなかったな)?
(That was a little too easy...)
Johnny: よぉうアンタも来てたのかい。?
Yo! You're here too, huh?
Sol: なんでテメェまでいやがる??
Why the hell do you have to be here?
Johnny: うちの新団員がこのへんで行方不明になってね。?
Well, one of my new crewmembers vanished somewhere around here, so...
Sol: んだと??
Johnny: 悪ぃが、この件、ジェリーフィッシュ快賊団に仕切らせて……もらえないかね、やっぱ。?
Sorry if I'm intruding, but how about you leave this one to the Jellyfish Pirates, eh? ...I'll take that as a no.
VS Eddie
Sol: (……手間かけさせやがって。ん?)(……近いな。そろそろか?)?
(Why'd I waste my time with that fool? ...Huh?) (...She's close. Am I almost there?)
Eddie: クックック。サッソク騎士(ナイト)ノゴ登場カ。?
Sol: ……。?
Eddie: 怪物ノ姫ニ怪物ノ騎士。ドチラヲ喰ラウカ迷ウトコロダナ。?
Sol: ……クタバレ。?
I-No: あら、背徳の炎じゃない。まだ地べたを這いずってたの>?
Well, if it isn't the Immoral Flame... I had no idea you were still crawling around the earth.
Sol: ……やつをだせ。?
...Get him out here.
I-No: あのお方の邪魔はさせないわよ。?
I won't let you lay a finger on that person.
Sol: ……テメェに用はねぇ。?
...I don't need anything from you.
I-No: 思い上がるんじゃねぇよ。この生き腐れが。アンタは生きてるだけ無駄なんだよ。とっとと、おっ死ね。?
Don't get cocky around me, you putrid freak. Your life is a complete waste of expendable resources. Why don't you just go die somewhere?
Sol: やれやれだぜ……。?
Cut me a break, sheesh...
I-No: ……派手にやってくたね。だけど、まだまだだよ。?
...You've really got some flash, don't you? Too bad it's not over yet.
That Man: 下がれ、イノ。久しぶりだな。フレデリック……。?
Stand down, I-no. Well, Frederick... How long has it been?
Sol: でやぁっ!?
That Man: 性急なことだ。?
Don't be so quick-tempered, now.
Sol: ぐぁっ!?
That Man: いずれ真の戦いが来る。聖戦すら霞むこの星の危機がな。?
One day the real battle will come... A menace will come to this planet that'll make the Crusades seem like a dim memory.
Sol: だからっ。どうした!?
So? So what?!
That Man: 戦士が必要なのだよ。百年の戦歴に、旧時代の叡智を持ち合わせた真の強者(つわもの)が。?
We need a warrior... A warrior with a hundred years of experience and a vast knowledge of the ancient arts.
Sol: いまさら綺麗言をっ!?
It's a little too late to butter me up now!
That Man: 憎め。その憎しみがおまえを鍛えあげる。しばしの別れだ、フレデリック。?
Go ahead. Hate me. Your hatred builds up your power. Farewell for now, Frederick.
Sol: …畜生っ、畜生っ。この命にかけて……アイツの仇は取って見せる。?
Son of a...! I swear upon my life... I'll get my revenge!

Sol Path 2

VS Venom
Sol: (道草くっちまったな)?
(I've wasted too much time....)
Venom: そこにいたか。背徳の炎よ。?
Is that you, Immoral Flame?
Sol: 何の用だ??
What do you want?
Venom: 悪いが実験台になってもらう。?
Sorry, pal, but I need you to be my guinea pig.
Sol: なにぃ??
Venom: 人の規(のり)を超えた者よ、人外の化生(けしょう)よ。おまえこそが最後の仕上げにふさわしい。?
Oh defiler of the way of man... Oh great monster, below humankind. You'll be the perfect subject to consummate my training!
Sol: 寝ぼけてんじゃねぇ!?
Keep dreaming!
VS Slayer
Slayer: そこまでだ。相変わらずの技の冴えだな。?
Stop right there. I see your skills are as honed as ever.
Sol: 今のはテメェの差し金か??
Was that guy your idea, or what?
Slayer: 迷惑をかけたようだな。いやはや面目ない。?
I must have caused you some inconvenience. I'm quite ashamed of myself.
Sol: で、何の用だ??
So, what do you want?
Slayer: なに、ちょっとしたお節介だよ。?
Oh, I just want to meddle in your affairs a little.
Sol: 聞く耳ねぇな。?
Sorry, I don't have time.
Slayer: ほう、腕尽くで来るかね?うむ、私は構わぬよ。?
So you'll take me by force then? Go ahead. I don't mind.
Slayer: 気は済んだかね?そろそろ話がしたいんだが。?
Had enough yet? I'd like to discuss something with you when you're done.
Sol: しつこい野郎だ。言ってみろ。?
You're really stubborn, you know that? What is it?
Slayer: やつら……が動き始めたぞ。?
It's about them... They've started to move.
Sol: どいつだ??
Who started to move?
Slayer: 君たちの言う「聖戦」の黒幕。終戦管理機構だよ。?
The Postwar Administration Bureau. The people behind what you call the Crusades. You... have heard about them, haven't you?
Sol: 聞いたことはあるだろう??
Keep talking.
Slayer: 知ったことじゃねぇな。ジャパニーズに加え、やうらはギアも狙っているらしいな。そう、近頃発見された、あのギアもだ。?
They're apparently going after Japanese people... Along with the Gears. Including the Gear that was just recently discovered.
Sol: ……!?
Slayer: 気になるかね?気になるなら調べて見ることだ。?
Are you interested now? If you are, why don't you look around and see what you find?
Sol: てめぇっ!?
You son of a...
Slayer: いっただろう、お節介だと。ではさらばだ。?
I told you... Just random meddling. Farewell.
Sol: ……ちっ。始末に負えねぇ爺ぃだ。?
...Sigh. That old bastard's too much for me to deal with.

Sol Path 3

After Johnny in Path 1:

VS Testament
Sol: (……あの役立たずがっ)?
(Not this waste of life...)
Testament: やはり来たか。ギアを狩る者よ。?
I thought you'd come here, Gear hunter.
Sol: 何だぁ?その首差し出しに来たってのか??
Huh? You sure you wanna stick your neck out while I'm around?
Testament: この命に替えても守ると誓った。ここは通さん!?
I swore to protect her with my life. You may go no farther!
Sol: どけっ!?
VS Dizzy
Dizzy (Necro): KISSYAAAAAH!?
Sol: いい元気だ。それでいい。怯えてもいいが、あきらめるな。?
You're as energetic as ever. I like that. It's okay to be scared... Just don't ever give up.
Dizzy (Necro): GAH!?
Sol: 静まった、か。……この分なら心配ねぇな。……?
Simmered down yet? ...Hopefully this'll be enough to take care of things. ...
Dizzy: ……あれ?私、どうしたのかな?なんだろう、この気持ち。力を使った後なのに、とても……暖かい。?
...Hmmm? What happened to me? I feel so... What is this? I used all my powers, and yet... I feel so... warm...
May: あ、いたいた。?
Ah-hah! There she is!
Jellyfish crew: おーーーい!?
Dizzy: みんな!?
May! Johnny! April!
Sol: (あばよ)?


Report ♯4515

終戦管理局報告書:第4515号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #4515
Name: Ky=kiske? Ky Kiske
Height: 178cm? 5'10"
Weight: 58kg? 128 lbs.
Birthday: 11/20? Nov. 20
Blood Type: AB? AB
Race: French? Human/French
Former leader of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, this charismatic swordsman is now a head figure in the International Police Force.
Though fearsome as an enemy, his sense of duty to the law makes him easily controllable.
Subject is being used as the base type for our Imitation Series. The completion of this project will be a boon to our war potential.
His political power makes him a valid threat.
Risk Rating: B

Suspicious bounties

Ky: 「それでも……正義は必要なのです。」?
"No matter what... The world needs justice."
VS Venom
Ky: そこの男、止まりなさい。?
You over there... Stop where you are.
Venom: ん??
Ky: アサシン組織幹部ヴェノムだな。第一級殺人容疑で逮捕する。?
You're Venom of the Assassins' Guild, correct? You're under arrest for first-degree murder.
Venom: 見れば一人旅の様子。吼えるのはいいが後悔するぞ??
You're all alone, are you not? Keep yapping, if you like. You'll regret it later.
Ky: 正義とは数ではない。そして、数とは力ではない。そのことを教えてやろう。?
Justice isn't about numbers. And numbers do not equal power. Allow me to show you why.
VS Slayer
Slayer: ふむ。見事な腕前だ。?
Hmph. Your skills are impressive.
Ky: どなたですか??
And who might you be?
Slayer: そこで伸びている男に縁があってな。?
I had a bone to pick with the man lying over there.
Ky: どなたか知りませんが彼は犯罪者です。これから当局に引き渡します。?
I don't know who you are, but this man is a criminal. I'm about to take him in to the proper authorities.
Slayer: 正義と秩序の体現者というわけかね?だが上ばかり向いていると足下をすくわれるぞ??
A walking embodiment of law and order, I see. You need to stop looking upwards all the time. Sooner or later, you're going to trip on something.
Ky: 私を惑わせるつもりですか?そうはいきませんよ。?
Are you trying to confuse me? I'm afraid it's not going to work.
[Fight ensues.]
Slayer: 頑固な男だ。これを見たまえ。?
You're more stubborn than I thought. Here, take a look at this.
Ky: ん、これは……最新の指名手配書ですね。?
What's this...? Ahh, the latest bounty list.
Slayer: あぁ。この増えた名に見覚えがないかね??
Indeed. You know anything about the new names on there?
Ky: これは……。なぜ、この名前が??
What on earth... Why is this name on the list?!
Slayer: 言っただろう。足下をすくわれると。?
What did I tell you? Someone's trying to trip you up.
Ky: 待ってください……。逃げられたか。?
Wait a minute...! Sigh... He got away.
VS Anji
Ky: 御津闇慈さん、ですね。伝えたいことがあります。?
Mr. Anji Mito, I presume. There's something I'd like to speak with you about.
Anji: ん?なんだい??
Yeah? What is it?
Ky: あなたは……今、ジャパニーズとして指名手配されています。?
Well... As a Japanese, you are currently wanted by the authorities.
Anji: 見つかっちまったか。だが、俺もただでは捕まらないぜ。?
They found me, huh...? Well, if you think I'm going to surrender quietly, I've got news for you!
Ky: 待ってください。そういう意味では……。?
Wait, please! That's not what I meant!

Ky Path 1

Ky: 意識はありますか??
Are you conscious?
Anji: ……まぁなんとか。?
...Yeah. Somehow.
Ky: ではまず話を聞いてください。?
Well, in that case, would you care to talk to me?
Anji: ……わかった。わかったから、その刃物をしまってくれ。?
...Alright. I'll tell you what you want, okay? Get that sword out of my face!
Ky: これは失礼。ジャパニーズの脱走が違法なのは確かですが今回の手配は異常です。いままで指名手配がされたこともなかったしこの懸賞額は異常だ。?
My apologies. Deserting a Japanese camp is a direct violation of the law. But this case is a little different. Nobody's ever put a bounty out for something like this before, and the reward is simply astounding.
Anji: ……きなくさいってわけだな。?
...So something fishy's going on, huh?
Ky: 私も原因を調べてみます。ですからしばらくは気をつけて。?
That's what I am trying to figure out. So just try to stay alert for a little while.
Anji: わかった。そっちもな。?
Alright. You do the same.
VS Baiken
Ky: ……ふぅ。悪いことをしたな。今度は慎重にいかないと。梅喧さん、ですね。ジャパニーズの。?
...Whew. That wasn't very polite. I need to be more careful in the future. Are you Ms. Baiken? The Japanese Baiken?
Baiken: ……テメェも、賞金狙いに来たのか?見下げた野郎だ!?
...Another bounty hunter, huh? Get the hell out of my face!
Ky: ちがいますっ。ちょっと……。?
No, you've got it all wrong! Wait a minute...!
[Fight ensues.]
Ky: ……ですから、ジャパニーズに異常な額の懸賞金が。?
...As I was trying to say, someone's been putting huge bounties on the heads of anyone who's Japanese.
Baiken: こちとらとうに承知よ。うるさいったらありゃしねぇ。?
I don't need you to tell me that! I've been getting chased by all kinds of nuts lately.
Ky: 調査してみますので。?
I'll look into the matter for you.
Baiken: ま、勝手にやんな。お上の事情なんざ関係ねぇからな。?
Bah, do whatever the hell you want. I don't give a crap about what's happening to you.
Ky: ご協力感謝します。?
Thanks for your cooperation.
VS Chipp
Ky: ふぅ。予想以上に手間取ったな。次は……ここか。チップ=ザナフ。あなたには第一級殺人の容疑が……。?
Whew... That took more work than I thought. Now, who's next... Chipp Zanuff. You're wanted under suspicion of first-degree murder...
Chipp: やんのかテメェっ!?
What? You wanna go? C'mon, man!
Ky: かかっていますがこれは何かの間違いだと……?
...However, I believe that this is likely some kind of mistake...
Chipp: おじけづきやがったな!?
What, you gettin' chicken now? Let's go!
Ky: いいから話を聞きなさい。それ以上は公僕侮辱罪になりますよ。?
Look, just listen to what I have to say. If you continue, I'll have to arrest you for insulting an officer of the law.
Chipp: 最初からそう言やいいんだよ。いくぜっ!?
You should have said that to begin with. Let's get moving!
[Fight ensues.]
Ky: ……ですからっ!指名手配システムに何者かの作為が見えているのですっ!?
...No, I'm trying to tell you! Someone is abusing the bounty system for his own needs!
Chipp: ……要するにテメェんとこの不始末じゃねぇか。?
...So, in other words, someone's tricked all of your dumb asses.
Ky: それは……お詫びします。しかし、なぜあなたが……。?
Well, I... I apologize for this. But why do you have to...
Chipp: 知るかよっ。?
How should I know?!
Ky: 失礼しました。ご協力を感謝します。?
...Thank you for your cooperation. Excuse me.
VS Jam
Ky: もしもし、少しお話を……。?
Pardon me. May I have a word with...
Jam: アイヤー!アナタ放火魔アルネ!?
Aiyahhh! I've found the arsonist! It was you all along!
Ky: はい?放火魔??
Arsonist? Excuse me?
Jam: その制服、あの時確かに見たアルヨ!のこのこ出てくるとはいい度胸アル!覚悟するアル!?
That uniform! It's the same one I saw before! You've got a lot of nerve, returning to the scene of the crime like this! Prepare yourself!
Ky: ……神よ。これもあなたの与え給うた試練ですか!?
...Heavenly Father, are you testing my willpower yet again?
[Fight ensues.]
Jam: 放火魔じゃなかったアルカ?それはすまないことをしたアル。?
Oh... So it wasn't you, huh? Guess I went a little too far, didn't I?
Ky: いえ…いいんですよ、もう。とにかく、そういうわけで気をつけてください。?
No... Forget about it. Just try to be careful for a little while...
VS Johnny
Ky: ……ジャパニーズはいいとしてあの二人の共通点は……何だ?まぁいい。これが手配書の最後だ。ジェリーフィッシュ団のメイ。?
...I can see why they'd want the Japanese, but what do those last two have to do with anything...? Ah, well... I'm down to the last name of the list... May, of the Jellyfish Pirates.
Johnny: うちのお姫様に何か用かな??
You have some business with my little princess?
Ky: ええ。ここ数日で、あなた方への懸賞額が十倍になっています。?
Yes, sir. The bounty on your heads... has gone up nearly ten fold over the past few days.
Johnny: それで??
Ky: この裏には何かの陰謀が……。?
I believe there may be some conspiracy behind this...
Johnny: 団のことは団で処理する。陰謀があってもなくてもアンタとは敵同士だからな。?
If there's a problem in the group, then we take care of it... within the group. I don't care if there's a conspiracy or not, you're all enemies to me.
Ky: ちがいありませんね。ならば、腕尽くで聞くまでです。?
You're sure of yourself? In that case, I'll have to interrogate you with all my might.
Johnny: よく言った。?
Well said, pal. Bring it on.
Ky: あなたほどの男がここまで本気になるのは……。?
For someone like you to get so serious, there must be a good reason...
Johnny: その先は言わないほうがいいぜ。?
You better quit talking while you're ahead, man.
Ky: では、これは独り言です。ジャパニーズの保護政策は元から反対でしたが……。これではっきりしました。保護という題目で、誰かがジャパニーズを集めている。いずれよからぬ目的でしょう。?
In that case, feel free to pretend that I am talking to myself. I have always been opposed to the Japanese protection system... but now I see it for what it truly is. Someone is trying to gather all the Japanese together in the name of security. They can't be up to anything good.
Johnny: 警察機構を顎であやつるやつらだ。俺達は外からそいつを潰す。?
Someone who's got the police by the balls, I'd say. I'm gonna crush them straight from the outside.
Ky: では私は中から追いつめることにしましょう。?
In which case, I will pursue them from the inside.
Johnny: そして俺達はここで会わなかった。?
And we didn't meet here either, okay?
Ky: 早くこのごたごたを片づけます。そうすればあなたたちを逮捕できますから。?
Let's clear this little problem up as quickly as possible. Once that's done, I can finally get around to arresting all of you.
Johnny: ああ、捕まえられるもんならな。?
Yep. I was born to be arrested, I guess.
Ky: 憎むべき輩が身内にいて敬うべき友が敵である、か。……ときおり聖戦が懐かしくなるな。善悪の狭間を知る前の、あの頃が……。?
(Why must I make friends with the hated and make enemies of the respected...? ...It's times like these when I miss the days of the war. The days before I discovered the little space between good and evil...)

Ky Path 2

After Baiken in Path 1:

VS Bridget
Ky: さぁて次の賞金首は……?
Well, on to the next bounty...
Bridget: まてもう逃がさないぞ。?
Wait! I'm not gonna let you get away this time!
Ky: どうしましたお嬢さん??
What's wrong, madam?
Bridget: ウチの賞金を返して!?
Gimme back my bounty money!
Ky: す、素早い!?
Wow... You're fast!
[Fight ensues.]
Ky: ……私の……偽者ですか??
...An impostor? Of me?
Bridget: うん、その制服着て、ウチの捕えた賞金首を攫っていったんです。?
Right. Some guy wearing your uniform... He walked off with all of the criminals I rounded up for him.
Ky: わかりました。本当なら野放しにはできません。さっそく追ってみます。?
I see. If you're telling the truth, then I'd best not leave him running free. I'll start looking for him immediately.
VS Jam
Ky: こちらのほうと聞いたのだが……。?
She told me that the impostor went this way, but...
Jam: そこの放火魔!もう逃げられないアルヨ!?
Hold it, you arsonist! I'm not letting you get away this time!
Ky: 私、そっくりの放火魔ですか??
Er, that wasn't me. It was someone who looks just like me.
Jam: とぼけても無駄アル!その制服にその金髪。一度見たら忘れないアルヨ!?
Don't mess with me! You're just wasting your time! That uniform, that blonde hair... Once I've seen someone, I don't ever forget what he looks like!
[Fight ensues.]
Ky: なるほど。ここにも偽物がいたわけですか。?
I see... So the impostor made his way through here as well.
Jam: アイヤー。悪いことしたネ。ニセモノなら、多分、あっちネ。?
Aiyahh... I'm really sorry. I think the other guy went that way.
Ky: ありがとうございます。?
Thank you very much.
VS Chipp
Robo-Ky: ホウヨウヤク追イツイタカ。?
Ky: ……まったくもって心外ですね。?
...This is absolutely amazing.
Robo-Ky: ンン?何ガダ??
Ky: かりそめにもあなたと私を間違えられるとは。不愉快です。?
The fact that people are actually confusing you with me. How very unpleasant.
Robo-Ky: 急クナ。オマエノ相手ハマズコイツダ。?
Chipp: ……。?
Ky: なぜ、あなたが??
What are you doing here?
Chipp: ……死ね。?
Ky: この眼、正気じゃない。?
Your eyes... Those aren't the eyes of a sane man.
Robo-Ky: ターゲット補足。戦闘能力測定開始。記録ファイル0×1414おーぷん。?
VS Robo-Ky
Ky: 洗脳、ですか。?
So you're brainwashing people...
Robo-Ky: ソウダ。分子ノ破壊ヨリモ同化ノ方ガ優レテイル。?
Ky: 人形ごときが人間を手駒にするつもりですか。?
Imagine... A simple mechanical man, testing living beings as pawns.
Robo-Ky: ソノ通リダ。オマエノ技ハイマノデスベテ分析シタ。?
Ky: 敵の前で手の内を全て明かすと思いましたか?聖騎士団闘法の奥義お目にかけましょう!?
Did you think I exposed all my abilities back there? Allow me to show you the ancient techniques of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights!
Ky: さあ、あなたの黒幕は誰です??
Alright... Who's pulling your strings?
Robo-Ky: 逃ゲラレハシナイゾ。?
Ky: 逃げはしません。私が追いつめるのです。?
I am not running. Indeed, I plan to chase them down.
Robo-Ky: フン……。イズレワカル……。聖戦ハ終ワッテ……イナイノダ。?
Ky: どういうことです!??
What?! What do you mean?
Robo-Ky: 終戦管理局ハ……貴様ヲ逃ガシハシナイ。周リヲ見ロ!?
Ky: ……なるほど時間稼ぎでしたか。すっかり囲まれていますね。だが……少なすぎる。この数の包囲なら聖戦では危機とさえ呼べなかった。終戦管理局とやらには色々と教えることがありそうです。?
...Now I understand. You were just buying time. You've got me completely surrounded, haven't you? ...Too bad there's not enough of you. Back during the war, I wouldn't have even considered this a threat to my life. It looks like the Postwar Administration Bureau still has a few things to learn about me.

Ky Path 3

Anji: うあぁっ。?
Ky: ……しまった。やりすぎたか。これじゃ話も聞けないな。どうしたものか……何者です!?
...Well. I must have overdone it. I can't even talk to him. Now what should I do...? [Clash.] Who's there?!
I-No: ふふ、あんまり可愛いから外しちゃった。?
Aww... You're so cute. I couldn't bear to hit you.
Ky: あなたからは血の匂いがする!?
I can smell the blood on your hands!
I-No: あなたみたいな人に邪魔されると困るのよね。でもせっかくだから遊んであげる。?
It just won't do for someone like you to get in my way, you see. Still, you came all this way... I might as well play with you.
VS Eddie
I-No: ギャハハ。抜き身のモン振りかざして女を襲うってか?このケダモノが。?
Ahh, hahaha! So you go around attacking women with that big blade of yours, huh? You stinking animal.
Ky: それがあなたの本性ですか??
You've finally revealed your true colors...
I-No: るっせーんだよ!テメェの相手なんざこいつで十分だ。?
Oh, pipe down! This guy is all the action you deserve.
Eddie: ソノ身体ヲ……私ニ寄越セ!?
Ky: これは……?
What the...?
[Fight ensues.]
I-No: アタシの可愛いペットになんてことするんだい!?
What have you done to my dearest pet...!
Ky: 待てっ!逃がしはしないぞ!?
Halt! You're not getting away!
VS Zappa
Zappa: たた、助けてください。あ、赤い女が……。?
He-He-Help me! The red girl... She's...
Ky: 大丈夫ですか?もう安全ですよ。?
Are you alright? Don't worry. You're safe now.
Zappa: ああ、だめだ。もうだめ。気が遠くなる。?
It's all over... Everything... I'm gonna faint...
Ky: しっかりして気を確かに!?
Hang on! Get a grip of yourself!
Zappa: [possessed] ひぃぃぃぃ。?
Ky: え??
VS Sol
Ky: こっちか??
Where are you? Over here?
I-No: くっ。?
[Slash] Oof.
Sol: 片づいたぜ。さぁ消えな。?
All taken care of. Now leave.
Ky: そうはいかない。身柄は警察機構が引き取らせてもらう。?
I'm afraid I cannot. As an officer, I must bring the body to the local police station.
Sol: テメェの出る幕じゃねぇ。?
This isn't any place for the likes of you, man.
Ky: それは私が決める。?
That is for me to decide.
Sol: 血の気の多い坊やだ。?
You got a lot of nerve, you know that?
Ky: 勘違いするな。これは公務だ。?
Do not misunderstand me. I am merely performing my duty.
Sol: そのへんにしとけ。?
Alright, that's enough.
Ky: なぜ隠す??
Why are you hiding it?
Sol: 何だと??
Ky: ギアを創った男を追っているのはわかっているそれが聖戦の元凶だというのなら追うのも警察の仕事だ。?
I know you are going after the man who created the Gears. If his work was the root cause of the war, it is also my duty to chase him.
Sol: やめとけ。?
You'd better stop.
Ky: 何故だ?私にも正義に殉ずる覚悟はある!?
Why? I am fully prepared to die for the sake of justice!
Sol: 正義だと?テメェの正義は平和を踏みにじれんのか??
Justice? What if your pursuit of this 'justice' brings an end to the current peace? Would you be able to live with that?
Ky: なっ……。それはっ……。?
I... but...
Sol: ……だろうな。だったら甘ちゃんは目ぇ閉じてな。?
...I knew it. See, this is why spoiled brats like you should just stay out of all this.
Ky: 待て、ソル!……くっ。聖戦の裏には何が隠れているというのだ?それに迫るには……無辜の民を巻き込み地に波瀾を起こす正義が必要だと言うのか?だとすれば私は……。おまえの敵ともならざるを得ないのだぞ!ソルッ!?
Wait! Sol! ...Sigh. What was going on behind the scenes during the war? Is it really necessary to disrupt the earth and hurt defenseless citizens... Just to find out what happened? ...Well, if it is... Then I'll have no choice but to be your enemy. Is that what you want?! Sooooolll!!


Report ♯4058

終戦管理局報告書:第4058号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #4058
Name: May? May
Height: 158cm? 5'2"
Weight: 47kg? 104 lbs.
Birthday: 5/5(Presumed)? May 5 (Presumed)
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Human (unknown)? Human/Unknown
Subject works directly under Johnny as a member of the Jellyfish air pirates.
She wields a ship's anchor as a weapon.
Her complete devotion to Johnny will make her easy to control, should the need a rise.
Although her birthplace is unknown, evidence suggests that she is of Japanese descent. We are currently seeking confirmation on this matter.
当該個体自体の危険度はさほどではないが、国連非所属の組織の中で、大きな力を有するジェリーフィッシュ団が、 ジャパニーズを所有している、とすれば大問題である。 それらを考慮し、危険度はAとする。?
While not particularly dangerous by herself, the thought of a powerful organization like the Jellyfish Pirates holding a Japanese woman is rather disturbing.
Risk Rating: A

Crewmember rescue

May: 「ボク、ジョニーのためなら何だってできるよ!」?
"I'll do anything for Johnny!"
May: いい天気よねぇ……。ねぇねぇ、こんな日は仕事止めてどっか降りない??
Such nice weather we're having... Hey, why don't we knock off work today and go to port somewhere?
April: だめだよ。今月は赤字なんだよ!?
Forget it! We're already in the red this month as it is.
May: そっか。じゃ、何かいい獲物が来ないかな??
Oh... okay... Well, hopefully something'll come to us instead. [Explosion.]
I-No: あら、ごめんなさいカワイイ船に傷がついたわね。?
Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to dent your lovely ship like that.
April: あ、赤字が~!?
Oh, no, not more expenses...!
May: どこの誰だか知らないけど……ボクの船になんてことするんだ!?
Look, I don't know who you are or where you're from... but what the hell did you just do to our ship?!
VS Testament
May: どうだ!船の甲板は弁償してもらうよ!?
You're paying me back for the deck damage! Got it?
I-No: かわいい船長さん。でも、あなたには用がないの。?
You're cute, you know that? Too bad my beef's not with you...
Dizzy: え?きゃぁぁぁぁぁぁぁっ!?
Huh? Kyaaaaaaaaaahhh! [Falls from the ship.]
May: ディズィー!??
I-No: じゃぁね!?
Catch you later!
May: あ、待て……。?
Hey! Wait...
Testament: ……何の騒ぎだ??
...What's going on here?
May: ディズィーが……甲板から突き落とされて……っておじさん、誰??
It's Dizzy... She's got pushed right off the deck... Hey, wait a minute! Who are you?
Testament: それが返礼か??
Is that how you repay her?
May: え??
Testament: 人の心を持つギアを……その信頼を裏切るのが貴様たちの流儀か??
Is it your people's custom to betray the trust of a Gear with a human heart?
May: ご、誤解だよ~!?
No! You don't understand!
VS Zappa
May: ディズィーの友達だったんだ。……まぁ普通は船から突き落とされたって知ったら怒るよね。……それにしても、ディズィーはどこに落ちたんだろ??
He must've been a friend of Dizzy's... I guess I'd be upset too if I found out that a friend of mine was pushed off the side of a ship. ...I wonder where she landed, though?
Zappa: もしもし、そこゆく可愛い船長さん。?
Excuse me... You there, the cute little pirate lady...
May: え、何ですか??
Huh? What is it?
Zappa: 私、ファウストっていうお医者様を探しているんですが……?
I'm looking for a doctor named Faust...
May: うんうん。?
Uh-huh, and...?
Zappa: おまえが憎いぃぃぃぃ!?
[possessed] ...AND I HATE YOUUUUU!!
May: ひどいなぁ!?
Hey, that's not very nice!
VS Faust
May: ひどい目に遭ったなぁ。?
Man, the people you run into...
Faust: おや、怪我をなされていますね。?
Oh, my, you appear to be injured.
May: おじさん、誰だっけ??
Hey... I've seen you before. What was your name again?
Faust: 私、医者のファウストと申します。?
My name is Faust. I'm a doctor.
May: ファウスト?さっき医者のファウストを捜してる人に会ったけど……。急に襲い掛かってきてびっくりしたよ。?
Faust? I just ran into a guy looking for a doctor named Faust... He went right up and started attacking me all of a sudden... Scared the bejeezus out of me.
Faust: それは申し訳ない。せめて怪我を治療して差し上げましょう。?
I'm terribly sorry. Let me take a look at your injuries.
May: あれ……なんか寒気が……。?
Weird... I'm feeling this kind of chill...
Faust: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Chill? That's not a good sign. Your wounds might be infected.
May: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
I'm getting goosebumps. And that can only mean...
Faust: む、いけない。早く治療を……。?
Oh, dear. I'll need to begin treatment quickly...
May: おじさん、ハゲでしょ??
You're bald, aren't you, mister?
Faust: はい??
May: ハゲはいや、ハゲはいやぁぁぁ!?
I hate, hate, HATE bald people!

May Path 1

VS Millia
May: はぁ、はぁ。ここまでくれば大丈夫かな。?
Whew... This should be far enough away from him.
Millia: あら、お嬢さんこんなところでどうしたの??
Hey, girl, what're you doing at a place like this?
May: よかった……ハゲじゃない。?
Oh, thank God... Someone with hair.
Millia: ちょっと……ハゲって何よ?子供でも言っていいことといけないことがあるわよ。?
Huh...? What're you talking about? Even if you are a child, some things are just better left unsaid, you know.
May: ごめんなさい。そんなつもりじゃ……。?
Oh... Sorry. I didn't mean to touch any sore nerves.
Dizzy: きゃぁっ!助けて!?
Kyaah! Help!
Eddie: 貴様ノ身体ヲモラウ!?
Millia: あの声は……ザトー!??
That voice... Zato?!
May: ディズィーだ!?
Hey, it's Dizzy!
Millia: どうしてついてくるの??
What're you following me for?
May: え??
Millia: ザトーは……ヤツは私の獲物。子供に見せるものじゃないわ。悪いけど、ここで待っててくれない??
Zato... he's my target, alright? This isn't something a child should see. So how about you just be nice and stay here for a while?
May: そうはいかないよ!うちのクルーが……?
I can't do that! My crew's in danger!
Millia: ごめんなさい。私、本気よ。?
Sorry, kid, but I'm not playing around here.
VS Eddie
Eddie: 何者ダ!?
May: その子はうちのクルーなんだ。返してもらうよ!?
That girl's part of my crew. I'm here to get her back!
Eddie: フン、人間ゴトキガッ!肉ト骨ノ塊ガッ私ニ勝テルト思ッタカ!?
May: いくよっ!?
You bet! Here goes!
VS Potemkin
May: ディズィー!?どこいったの?ディズィー?平気??
Dizzy! Where are you?! [Hitting noises.] Dizzy? Are you alright?
Potemkin: ディズィーならここだ。元凶は倒したぞ。?
Dizzy's right here. I've taken care of the one who caused all this.
Dizzy: う、ううん……。?
May: どうしたの、ディズィー!?大丈夫?よくもディズィーを!?
What's wrong, Dizzy? Are you okay?! How could you do this to Dizzy?!
Potemkin: むっ!待て、何をする!?
Hey! Wait! What are you doing?
Dizzy: あれ……私……?
Huh...? I...
May: よかった!無事だったんだ。エイプリル、聞こえる??
Oh, wonderful! You're alright! April, do you copy?
April: 感度良好。ディズィーは見つかった??
Loud and clear. Did you find Dizzy?
May: うん。怪我もそんなにひどくないよ。?
Yep! She doesn't seem to be too badly injured, either.
April: じゃぁ連絡船を出すわね。?
Alright. I'll send out a pickup vessel right now.
Dizzy: すいません。すっかりお世話になって……。?
I'm sorry for making you do all this...
May: 何、言ってるの!ボクたち、同じクルーだよ。?
What're you talking about? We're all part of the same crew, you know.
Dizzy: はい……ありがとうございます。?
Right... Thank you very much.
May: だ・か・ら。こんなの当たり前のことだからさ。そんなに恐縮しないでよ。?
C'mon, don't worry about it! I'd do this for anyone. You don't have to feel like you owe me anything.
Dizzy: はい。?
May: それじゃ、帰ろうか。みんな待ってるよ。?
Well! How about we start heading back, then? Everyone's waiting for us.
Dizzy: ええ!?
Potemkin: ……。?

May Path 2

After Millia in Path 1:

May: やっぱりおまえか!?
It's you! I knew it!
I-No: ちっ。ウザいガキが来やがった。?
Oh, great. Not this kid again.
May: ボクの仲間になんてことするんだ!?
What the hell are you doing to my friend?!
I-No: そうね、まずはあの気持ち悪い羽根をむしろうかしら。それとも尻尾が先かな?人間の真似してるバケモノにはお仕置きが必要でしょ。?
Hmmm... Well, for starters, I could rip off those weird-looking wings of hers. Or maybe I should go for the tail first? This monster's trying to act human... I'm just trying to beat some sense into it.
May: ディズィーはバケモノなんかじゃない!?
Dizzy isn't a monster! She's not a monster at all!
I-No: あぁん?ギアのどこがバケモノじゃないってんだよ??
Oh? And what exactly makes a Gear anything but a monster?
May: ボクの仲間を悪く言うやつは許さないよ!?
I'll pummel anyone who talks trash about my friend!
VS Bridget
May: ディズィー平気だった??
Dizzy, are you okay?
Dizzy: ええ……大丈夫です。?
Yes... I'm fine.
May: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Thank goodness. Alright, let's go home.
Bridget: 待ってください!?
Wait just a minute!
May: え??
Bridget: その賞金首はウチが狙ってたんです。?
I'm going after the bounty on that girl's head.
May: 賞金なんて……まだあったっけ??
Bounty...? I didn't realize you still had one.
Dizzy: 私もそう言ったんですけど……聞いてくれなくて。?
I tried to tell her that myself... but she wouldn't listen to me.
Bridget: とにかく、その人はウチが当局に引き渡します。?
I don't care what you say, I'm gonna take that girl back to the authorities.
May: ちょ、ちょっと待ったぁ!ディズィー!向こうに船が来てるから先に帰っててくれる??
Hey! Hold on there, buster! Dizzy! The ship's gonna be here soon, so you go on ahead, okay?
Dizzy: すいません。先にいきます。?
Okay. Sorry about all this...
Bridget: あっ!待てぇ!?
Hey! Wait!
May: あのね。その手配書はもう無効なの。?
Look, that bounty list of yours is totally outdated.
Bridget: え?やだなぁ。これは警察の手配書ですよ。?
What? No way... This is a police blotter. Just because the reward changed doesn't mean it's invalid all of a sudden, right?
May: 賞金額は変わっても無効になるわけがないじゃないですか。?
Well, normally, yeah. This is more of a political situation, though...
Bridget: そうなんですか??
Oh... Really?
May: そう。色々あってあの子はもう死んだことになってるから。よそで話さないでね。?
Right. As far as the world is concerned, this girl's dead. So don't tell anyone, okay?
Bridget: でも……。?
May: それにね。ディズィーは最初から悪いことなんてしてなかったの。信じてくれる??
Oh, and one more thing. Dizzy's never done anything bad in her lifetime. Ever. Do you believe me?
Bridget: ……信じます。ご迷惑かけてすみませんでした。これからは、ちゃんと新しい手配書で頑張ります。?
...I believe you. I'm sorry to put you through all this trouble. I'll make sure to keep my list updated from now on.
May: よろしい!?
Bridget: そういえば……錨を持った女の子の指名手配が……。?
Come to think of it... There was a call earlier for a girl with an anchor...
May: な、なんのことかな?ボク錨なんか持ってないし……。?
Uhh... really? I wonder who it could be? I certainly don't carry anything like that around...
Bridget: ……まぁ賞金首だからって悪い人ばかりじゃないみたいですね。?
...Well, I guess having a bounty on your head doesn't necessarily make you a bad person.
May: そうだよ!だってジョニーなんてすっごい賞金だけど……あわわわ。?
Right, right! Exactly! I mean, Johnny's got, like, zillions on his... whoops.
Bridget: メイさんは賞金首に詳しいんですね。よかったら色々教えてください。?
You know, May, you sure know a lot about the bounty situation. Could you tell me about some of them?
May: えーと……その……。ま、まかせてよ!?
Ah, well... uh... Sure... No problem!

May Path 3

VS Anji
May: もう……ディズィーはどこに行ったのかな??
Sigh... Where on earth did Dizzy run off to?
Anji: おっとお嬢さん、何か悩みでも?あれ?アンタ、確かジャパニーズの……?
Hey there, little lady... What's troubling your mind today? Oh, hold on... You're that Japanese girl, aren't you?
May: ジャパニーズ??
Anji: ……ととと、いけねぇ。?
...Oh. Never mind.
May: そういう言い方は気になるなぁ。?
What's that mean? I've been wondering about that...
Anji: いやちょっと大人の話しでね。?
Oh, um, it's a grown-up thing.
May: ボクは大人だよ!教えてくれないとひどいよっ!?
I'm a grown-up! If you don't tell me, I'll have to hurt you!
Anji: ひどっ!?
[Fight ensues.]
May: それで??
Anji: ……ま、いいかジャパンってな、聖戦で消えてなくなった島国でね。?
Sigh... Japan is the name of an island nation that was destroyed during the Crusades.
May: それだけなの?じゃぁどうしてジョニーは秘密にするんだろう……。?
That's it? Then why did Johnny keep it a secret from me all this time...?
Anji: ジャパンの生き残りはな。希少だってんで、保護施設に入れられるんだ。俺は脱走組。うかつに話すと警察が飛んでくるぜ。?
Because of the Japanese survivors. They're so scarce that they were all put into protective custody. I managed to escape. If you blab about it carelessly, the police will come running.
May: そう、だったんだ……。?
So that's how it is...
Anji: ま、その先は自分で調べるんだな。?
I'll let you find out the rest for yourself.
May: ありがと、おじさん!?
Thanks, pops!
May: すっかり道草食っちゃった。ディズィーは……あ、いた!?
That took up way too much time... Hey! There you are, Dizzy!
I-No: ちっ。ウザいガキが来やがった。?
Oh, great. Not this kid again.
May: ボクの仲間になんてことするんだ!?
What the hell are you doing to my friend?!
I-No: そうね、まずはあの気持ち悪い羽根をむしろうかしら。?
Hmmm...Well, for starters, ...
[Repeats dialogue from encounter in Path 1.]
VS Robo-Ky
Johnny: よう、無事で何よりだ。?
Yo. Glad to see you safe.
May: ただいま。?
Sorry I took so long.
Johnny: ディズィーの傷もたいしたことはないそうだ。?
Looks like Dizzy wasn't seriously hurt, either.
May: ……よかった。?
Johnny: 元気がないがどうした??
What's wrong? You don't look too happy.
May: あの……うーんとね。ボクは、昔のこと覚えてないんだ。それでもいいと思ってたんだけど……。でも、やっぱり知りたくなって?
Um... well... It's just that... I don't remember a thing about my past. And, I mean, I used to think that was fine and all... but lately, I've been realizing that I want to know what happened.
Johnny: そうか。?
May: 違うの!ボクの家族はジェリーフィッシュのみんなだよ。それに、ジョニーはいつだってボクの大切な人だしあああ何言ってるんだろボク。?
Wait! No! The Jellyfish Pirates... I know that's my REAL family. And you, Johnny, you always look after me so much, and... and, and, auuggh, what am I saying?!
Johnny: わかってるさ。?
I understand.
May: わかってない!ボクはね……。ジョニー??
No, you don't understand! Listen... ...Johnny? [Explosion.]
Robo-Ky: ターゲット発見!コレヨリ攻撃ニ移ル!抵抗ハ無意味ダ。即座ニ降伏セヨ……ン??
May: もぉぉぉぉ!何て時に出てくるのよ!いきて帰れると思わないでねっ!?
I can't believe this!! Why'd you have to show up at a time like this?! I'm not gonna let you go home without paying the price!
May: もー最悪!どうしていつもこうなっちゃうんだろ??
This is horrible!! Why does everything always turn out like this?
Johnny: やれやれ。すっかりご機嫌斜めだな。?
Now, now. You're in a bad mood, aren't you?
May: ぐすっ。いいんだ、どうせボクなんか。?
Sniff... Just forget about me, alright?
Johnny: メイ。?
May: あ……。?
Johnny: お姫様、一曲踊ってくれませんか??
My little princess... Would you care to dance?
May: ……喜んで。?
...I'd be happy to.


Report ♯0409

終戦管理局報告書:第0409号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #0409
Name: Faust? Faust
Height: 282cm? 9'3"
Weight: 55kg? 121 lbs.
Birthday: Unknown? Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown? Unknown
Race: Human(?)? Unknown/Unknown
Recently divulged information has led to a renewed interest in this subject, a well-known rogue physician. Using his skills in medicine, the subject can change bodily shape and even engage in teleportation and other occult arts. His skills remind us of a certain project of ours that ended in failure.
If our hunch is correct, then the subject's capture is a matter of great urgency. Otherwise, he shouldn't pose too much of a threat.
Risk Rating: B

Harm prevention

Faust: 「医者は、治すのが仕事です。」?
"A doctor's job is to cure."
Faust: そこを行くお嬢さん。そんなに血の臭いをさせてどこへ行きます??
Excuse me, miss. Where do you plan on going with that smell of blood upon you?
I-No: あら、そういうあなたも血の臭いがぷんぷんしてるわよ??
You reek of blood, yourself.
Faust: 私は、これでも医者ですから。?
Well, I am a doctor, after all.
I-No: へぇ、お医者さんなんだ。私のあとについてくる?そうしたら大もうけできるわよ??
Oh? You're a doctor, eh? Would you like to tag along with me? You'll probably be able to make a fortune.
Faust: 治療より予防が大事ですよ。あなたのねじ曲がった性根を治療してさしあげましょう。?
It is my belief that prevention is more important than cure. I'm going to do you a favor and cure that personality of yours.
I-No: 吐いてろっ!?
Take this!
VS Jam
I-No: ちっ。こんなとこで油売ってる暇ねぇっての。?
Bah, I don't have time for this.
Faust: ……逃がしはしませんよ。?
...I won't let you get away, you know.
Jam: ……そこの変体袋頭!?
Hey, you! Crazy bag man!
Faust: わたしのこと……ですか??
Are you... referring to me?
Jam: アタシの店燃やしたのアナタアルカ??
Did you burn down my restaurant? Come on, spill it.
Faust: 違いますとも。今、人を追っているので失礼しますよ。?
Of course not. Now, if you don't mind, I have someone I must catch up with.
Jam: 逃げるとは怪しいアルネ。ちょっと待つアル!?
Hah! You wouldn't be running away if you didn't have something to hide! Wait just a minute!
VS Dizzy
Dizzy (Necro): KWOOOOOON!?
Faust: ……お久しぶり、と言える状況ではなさそうですね。これも、あの女の仕業ですか。ちょっとした荒療治になりますよ!?
Long time no see... But, it doesn't look like you're in the mood to chat. Is this also that woman's doing? I'm afraid I m going to have to use some of my strongest medicine!
VS Slayer
Dizzy: ううん……。?
Faust: もう大丈夫ですよ。?
You should be fine now.
Slayer: ほう、あれを止めるのは私の仕事と思ったが。?
Well, now. I thought it was going to be my job to stop her.
Faust: どちらさまですか??
And who might you be?
Slayer: こちらが聞きたいくらいだ。ギアでなし、人でなし、何者だね??
I'd like to ask you the same question. You're neither a Gear nor a human. What are you?
Faust: これでも人ですよ。あなたこそ、ギアでなし、人でなし、カラクリでなし。?
I am human, thank you very much. What about you? Neither Gear, nor human, nor machine...
Slayer: 利害が一致したな。君の正体確かめさせてもらう。?
Looks like we have a common interest. I think now would be a good time to see just what you're made of.
Faust: 良いですとも。解剖学的な興味があります。?
Fine by me. I'd like to dissect you, as well.

Faust Path 1

Faust: 異種、ですか。話には聞いていましたが、素晴らしい代謝構造だ。?
So, you're a Nightwalker...I have heard of your kind before. Your regenerative abilities are amazing.
Slayer: 妙な誉め方をするな。そっちこそ人間がそこまで研鑚できるとはな。?
I can do without the odd compliments. What about you? It's unusual for a human to have attained such unique abilities.
Faust: 医師が医師たらんとすればこうならざるを得ません。そんなわけで、ちょいと失敬。?
As a doctor, it is my duty. Well then, I must be off.
Slayer: 面白い男だ……。あれも人の未来の形の一つなのか??
What an interesting man... Is he also one of the forms humanity will take?
VS Chipp
Faust: ちょっとそこをゆく御仁。ずいぶんと怪我をされているようですな。?
You there, sir. You look to be in need of medical attention.
Chipp: るせぇ。俺は医者と薬が大っきらいなんでい。?
Shut up. I hate doctors and I hate medicine.
Faust: その瞳、その覇気。大きな戦いに赴くつもりでしょう。?
Those eyes, that ambition... You are headed off to battle, are you not?
Chipp: だったらどうした??
What if I am?
Faust: その傷でゆくのは無茶というものですよ。?
You cannot fight in that condition.
Chipp: テメェに関係ねぇだろ。?
It's none of your business!
Faust: そうは行きません。時間はとらせません。治療して差し上げましょう。?
I can't allow that. I won't take much of your time. Allow me to cure you.
Chipp: 治療ってな、その人斬りメス使うのか??
'Cure'? With that killer scalpel?
Faust: 遺憾ながら。?
I m afraid so.
VS Eddie
Eddie: アノ女ノ言ッタ通リダ。貴様ノヨウナ人外コソ我ガ殻ニフサワシイ。?
Faust: いけない!その病状では絶対安静ですよ。?
Oh, no! With symptoms like that, you must stay in bed!
Eddie: ソウダ!ソノからだヲ寄越セェェ!?
Faust: ……残念です。?
...This is very unfortunate.
Faust: あなたを止めねばなりません。?
I must stop you.
I-No: いつから医者が正義の味方になったんだい??
Since when did a doctor like you become the defender of justice?
Faust: 医師ではありません。人として、です。死と苦痛を撒き散らすのを看過できません。?
I do this not as a doctor, but as a man. I cannot turn a blind eye to the spreading of suffering and death.
I-No: この袋頭の変体白衣殺人鬼が。?
What are you talking about, you bag-headed, perverted, white-smocked psychopath!
Faust: うっ!??
I-No: 知ってるぜ。テメェが笑いながら何人も何人も切り刻んだのをなぁ。今さら罪滅ぼしのつもりかよっ!?
I know all about you. You carved up untold numbers of people, laughing the whole time. Are you saying you're trying to redeem yourself after all that?
Faust: 奪った命は償えません。……だが私はもう一度逃げるわけにはいかないのです。?
I cannot make up for the lives I took... But I will not run away again.
Ending 1
I-No: ……けっ正義面しやがって。?
...Hmph. You hypocrite.
Faust: しゃべってはいけない。?
Don't speak.
I-No: テメェ、今でも本当は好きなんだろ?血を浴びながらはらわた、えぐるのがよっ……。?
The truth is, you still enjoy it, don't you? Bathing in blood as you rip through people's organs! [Smack.]
Faust: 今は、眠りなさい。確かに、死と破壊の喜びは未だ、この手の中にあります。とはいえ人は選ぶことができる。血にまみれた手でもどこかでは必要とされている。その喜びこそが、私には大切なのですよ。?
Now, it is time for you to sleep. It is true... The joy of death and destruction is still with me. But people have the ability to choose. And my hands, blood-stained as they may be, are needed somewhere. The joy of knowing that is far more important to me.

Faust Path 2

VS May
Faust: あれが、異種、というものでしたか。研究のしがいがあります。?
So that's what they call a Nightwalker... Looks like he'd make for a fascinating research subject.
May: ……あのぉ、そこのおじさん??
...Excuse me, pops?
Faust: 何でしょう、お嬢さん。?
What can I do for you, miss?
May: こ、この近くでボクの仲間、見なかった?こんな制服で。もも、もしかしたら羽根とか生えてて。?
D-did you see one of my friends around here? Wearing this uniform. P-perhaps with wings?
Faust: ……ええ、見ましたとも。その方でしたら……。?
...Yes. Indeed, I did. If you're looking for her, she's...
May: あああっ、もう我慢できない。寒気がして鳥肌が……。あなた、もしかしなくてもハゲ?ハゲでしょ!?
Ahhhh, I can't stand it any longer! I'm starting to get the chills, and I've got goosebumps popping up all over my body... You, you must be bald! You're bald, aren't you?!
Faust: ……もしもし??
...Hello? Are you listening to me?
May: ごめんなさい、ハゲは苦手なの。?
I'm sorry, I can't stand baldies.
Faust: いえ、お仲間の消息を……。?
No, I mean, don't you want to find your friend?
May: 来ないでぇぇぇ!?
Get away from me!!!
VS Zappa
Faust: ……やれやれ。元気なお嬢さんでした。少しだけ、あの娘に似ていた、かな。我が秘術を以て毛生え薬の完成を目指すべきですかね??
...Well, she was certainly a lively one. She reminds me a little of that girl... I wonder if I should use my special medical techniques to research a hair growth formula?
Zappa: あ、あ、あ、やっと会えました!?
Ah! Ah! Ah! I've finally found you!
Faust: ……どなたですか??
...And who might you be?
Zappa: ファウスト先生を探してました。あの、この病気がですね。急に意識が遠くなって気が付くときぃぃぃぃぃ!?
I've been looking all over for you. There's something wrong with me... Every now and then I lose consciousness, you see... And then. when I wake up... [possessed] KYYYARRRRRRGGGGHH!
Faust: なるほど、これは根が深い。?
...I see. That's pretty serious.
Faust: 全く興味深い症状です。人体の可能性に新たな地平を切り開いていますな。正直なところ治療するのがもったいない貴重な症例です。でも心配はいりません。この私でも、治療方法がさっぱりわかりませんから。ほんとに、この人何なんでしょうねぇ。?
Those are fascinating symptoms... This raises the human body's potential to a whole new level. To be honest, I feel it would be a waste to cure such an important medical discovery... But then, there's no need to worry about that right now, because even I don't know how to cure this. I truly wonder what his story is...

Faust Path 3

After May in Path 2:

VS Eddie
May: きゃぁっ……。?
Faust: お、お嬢さん。大丈夫ですか??
Miss, are you alright?
May: うん、大丈夫。?
Yeah, I'm fine...
Faust: 血が……赤い血が。とまらないぃぃ。?
Blood... The red, flowing blood...!
May: お、おじさん、平気??
Um, pops? Are you okay?
Faust: はぁ、はぁ……。取り乱しましたね。平気です。?
Huff, huff... Ah, I seem to have lost control for a moment. I'm fine.
May: じゃぁボクはこれで。教えてくれて、ありがと。?
Alright... Well, I have to go now. Thanks for telling me about my friend.
[Some time later...]
Faust: 潮時かもしれませんね。私としたことが、医師の道に安住しそうになっていました。あの時、誓いを立てたはずだったのに……。アサシン組織総帥ザトー=ONE。あなたに聞きたいことがあります。?
It looks like my time may be up... I've gotten too used to living peacefully as a doctor. Despite the oath I swore upon back then... Zato-One, boss of the Assassins Guild. There is something I wish to ask you.
Eddie: ククククク。バカメ。ザトーハ死ンダゾ!?
Faust: では邪魔です。どきなさい。?
Then you are in my way. Get out of it.
Eddie: 逃ガスカ!貴様ノ身体、貰イ受ケル!?
VS Venom
Venom: 闇医師殿が何の用だ??
What does a renegade doctor want with me?
Faust: 組織の暗殺記録、それを拝見したいと思いまして。?
I wish to have a look at the Guild's assassination records.
Venom: 戯れ言を。人に見せられると思うか??
Absurd. Do you really think we'd show you that?
Faust: ならば……頂戴するまでです。?
Well then, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take them.
Venom: ……何が望みだ?いや、言わなくてもわかっている。確かに、アサシン組織は医療過誤を装って少女を抹殺したことがある。?
What do you want to know? No... I think I already know. It is true that the Guild once murdered a girl under the guise of a medical mishap.
Faust: あなたがっ……!?
So it was you...!
Venom: 命を下したのは私ではない。私が奪った命の数などあなたに比べれば微々たるものだ。ドクター……?
I am not the one that gave the order. The number of lives I have claimed pales in comparison to you. Doctor Ba-- [Smack.]
Faust: 命は、数ではありません。そして、その名で私を呼ばないでください。で、依頼主は??
The value of life is not measured in numbers. And I would appreciate it if you did not call me by that name. So, who hired you?
Venom: 信義に賭けて言えぬ、といいたいところだが。直接の依頼主は貴様の同僚だ。だが、そいつは傀儡だ。終戦管理局、という名を聞いたことがあるかね??
I'd love to say that. I can't tell you because of my loyalty... But the actual assignment came from one of your colleagues. He was merely a puppet, though. Have you heard of the Postwar Administration Bureau?
Faust: 初耳ですね。?
I'm afraid not.
Venom: 国連の上を探せ。やつらはそこにいる。?
Search out the head of the United Nations. You'll find them.
Faust: いやにあっさりしゃべりますね。?
Why are you suddenly being so open with this information?
Venom: なぁに、どうやら我が組織も、お払い箱にされたようでね。?
Well... It would seem that they've decided to do away with the Guild.
Faust: これは!??
What the...?! [They are surrounded by a Robo-Ky army.]
Venom: 生き延びたらゆっくり教えてやろう。かの組織の実態をな。?
If I survive, I'll tell you everything you want to know. About the truth of that organization.
Faust: こうなった以上、死なせはしませんよ。医者は生かすのが仕事です!?
Now that we've come this far, I won't let you die. Saving lives is what a doctor's job is all about!


Report ♯9989

終戦管理局報告書:第9989号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #9989
Name: Potemkin? Potemkin
Height: 245cm? 8'0"
Weight: 656kg? 1,446 lbs.
Birthday: 10/18? Oct. 18
Blood Type: ? O
Race: Zepperian? Human/Zeppian
旧ツェップ帝国における先頭奴隷として第二次聖騎士団団員選考武道会に参加。 帰国後、叛乱の先鋒をつとめ、ツェップ科学王国の建国に貢献する。?
Former slave to the empire of Zepp, subject was the vanguard of the Zepp revolution, and currently works for the new government.
With his giant frame and mastery of Zeppian combat, his sheer battle power is comparable to that of an entire ground-based army division.
一方、大局的に見た場合、当該個体はツェップの一士官であり、その忠誠心は絶対であるが故に、制御しやすいとも言える。 むしろ、彼の師にして現ツェップ大統領であるガブリエルとの繋がりが注目に値する。 これらを考慮し、 危機ランクはBとする。?
However, as an officer of Zepp, he can be easily diverted due to his loyalties towards his country. The real danger lies in his ties with Gabriel, Zepp's current president. With this in mind, he is considered to be a moderate threat.
Risk Rating: B

Gear protection

Potemkin: 「この拳は大義のために。」?
"My fist is clenched for justice."
VS Slayer
Potemkin: こんなところに何の用だ??
What are you doing here?
Slayer: ガブリエルの弟子か。噂は聞いているよ。?
Gabriel's apprentice... I've heard about you.
Potemkin: 今は弟子ではない。部下としてツェップの治安を預かる立場だ。?
I am no longer an apprentice. I serve the public of Zepp and protect the peace.
Slayer: 面白い。治安のほどを見せてくれたまえ。?
Fascinating. Show me this 'peace' of yours.
[Fight ensues.]
Potemkin: それにしても今さら何をしに来たのだ??
So why did you come here all of a sudden?
Slayer: そりゃぁ星が綺麗だったからさ。?
Ah, well, the stars were quite beautiful tonight.
Potemkin: ……。?
Slayer: ……に加えて、旧友に一つ忠告をな。?
...That, and I wanted to convey a warning to an old friend.
Potemkin: 大統領にか??
To the President?
Slayer: かの一なるギアが今、どこにいるか知っているかね??
Do you know where the last remaining Gear is now?
Potemkin: 公式にはもはや存在しない。?
Officially, she no longer exists.
Slayer: その存在しない場所と連絡を取ってみたまえ。でわ、さらばだ。?
Oh? Perhaps you should try looking up the place where this "nonexistent" girl was staying. Farewell.
VS Baiken
Potemkin: 所詮、空賊は空賊か。身柄一つ預かれぬとは……。そこの剣士殿。待たれよ。?
I can't believe they couldn't even take care of one girl. I guess pirates are nothing but pirates, after all... You there, swordswoman. Wait a moment.
Baiken: なんだい、デカブツ??
What do you want, ya big freak?
Potemkin: 訳は言えぬがここから先は控えてもらえぬか??
I'm afraid I can't explain why, but I need you to turn around and leave this place immediately.
Baiken: ……聞けると思ってんのか??
...What, do you think I'm gonna just pick up and go based off that?
Potemkin: ふむ、それもそうだ。?
Hrm. I suppose you're right.
VS Testament
Potemkin: ……なぜ貴様がここにいる??
...Why are you here?
Testament: それはこちらの言い分だ。人間共に任せて見ればこのざまだ。?
That's my line. I left things to the humans, and look how they turned out.
Potemkin: ……詫びのしようもないな。?
...I don't know how to begin apologizing.
Testament: では、そこをどけ。?
Then move.
Potemkin: もう一度だけ、人間にチャンスをくれぬか?この通りだ。?
Could you give humans just one more chance? I beg of you.
Testament: くどいっ!?
VS Eddie
I-No: あら、あなた、イイ身体してるのね。?
My, that's a nice body you've got there, big boy.
Potemkin: 媚びは無用だ。赤い女楽師。貴様が襲撃者と聞いている。?
I'm not interested in flirting with you.
The musician in red...I've heard you're the one responsible for all this.
I-No: ……あぁらお見通しってわけ??
...Oh dear, so you already know me?
Potemkin: 重要参考人として拘束させてもらう。?
I'm afraid I'll have to take you into custody.
I-No: はんっ!テメェなんざアタシが踏む価値もないね。さぁおゆきっ!?
Hmph! You aren't even worth the trouble of stepping on. Go on, go get him!
Eddie: ぎあハ……渡サヌ。?
Potemkin: 下郎が。人の命を弄ぶな。?
I'll teach you not to play with people's lives, dog.

Potemkin Path 1

VS Dizzy
Potemkin: さて、あの女はどこへ行った??
...Now where did that woman go? [Explosion.]
I-No: ……くっ。?
Potemkin: 報い、というものだな。?
I guess she's getting what she deserved.
Dizzy (Necro): 殺ス、殺ス、殺ス!?
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Potemkin: なるほどそういうことか。さて、どうしたものか。?
I see, so that's it. Just what should I do next, I wonder?
VS Johnny
Potemkin: ……許せよ。?
...Forgive me.
Dizzy: きゃぁっ!?
Johnny: ディズィー!アンタ、うちの団員になんてことしてくれたんだ??
Dizzy! You! What have you done to my crewmember!
Potemkin: そもそも貴様の管理が甘いせいだ。?
You didn't do a very good job of keeping your subordinate under control.
Johnny: そうか……ツェップはまだギアを狙ってたってわけか??
Is that so... So is Zepp still after the Gear?
Potemkin: 空賊風情に預けるのは狂気の沙汰だ。?
It would be madness to leave it in the hands of a bunch of air pirates.
Johnny: そういうことなら容赦はできねぇなぁ。?
If you've come to take her, I'll spare you no mercy.
Potemkin: ほざくな!?
So be it!
Johnny: ……認めよう。重い拳だ。だが……エレガントじゃぁないなっ。?
...I'll give you credit for your strength. But that's not a very elegant way to fight.
Potemkin: ……ならば……これで……どうだっ!?
...Well then... How about... this!
Dizzy: あ、あの……。?
Ah, excuse me...
Johnny: 拳で押さえ込む大義じゃぁ……人は幸せにはできんのよ。?
Forced justice isn't going to bring people happiness.
Potemkin: ……国に……たかるダニが何を言うかっ?
...I don't need a parasite like you to to lecture me!
Dizzy: 何してるんですか??
What are you doing?
May: ……あ、無事だったんだディズィー。?
...Oh, Dizzy, you're alright!
Dizzy: あの二人が……。?
Those two are...
May: ほっといたほうがいいと思うよ??
Really, I think we should just leave them alone.
Potemkin & Johnny: うぉぉぉぉ!?

Potemkin Path 2

I-No: ちっ。もう追いついてきたのかい??
Bah, did you catch up with me already?
Potemkin: 怯えた獣が足止めになると思ったのか??
Did you think a frightened beast like that would slow me down?
I-No: おおやだやだ、汗くさい野郎なんざ触りたくもねぇ。せめて血でも流しな!?
Eww, keep away from me! I hate sweaty men. Come here, I'll wash you off with your blood!
VS Bridget
Potemkin: また見失ったな。ディズィーはどこだ??
I've lost Dizzy again. Where did she go?
Bridget: あ、おじさんもギアの賞金を狙ってるの??
Hey, pops. You chasing the Gear as well?
Potemkin: (聞かれたか。迂闊だったな……)まぁ、そんなところだ。?
(He overheard me... I mustn't be so careless...) Yes, something like that.
Bridget: だめだよ。その賞金、ウチがもらうんだから。?
Well, you can't. That's my bounty.
Potemkin: 悪いことは言わぬ。やめておけ。?
I don't mean to be rude, but you'd best give up on that and run along.
Bridget: それは、ちょっと虫が良すぎませんか??
Don't you think that's a little bit selfish?
Potemkin: 待て!沼地か。誘い込まれたというわけだな。?
Wait! [runs] A bog... You led me here, I see.
Bridget: 不本意ながら。ウチみたいな軽い子はともかく、ここはおじさんには足場が悪いんじゃないですか??
Well, I didn't want to, but I had no choice. It's not really a big deal for a light kid like me, but... I think perhaps someone of your stature might have a little trouble keeping their feet above ground...
Potemkin: 天晴れな戦術だが安心するにはまだ早いぞ。?
Your strategy is commendable, but don't let your guard down just yet.
Bridget: そうですね。楽しんで行きましょう。?
Of course. Now come on, let's have a good time!
Bridget: え?賞金ってもうかかってないんですか??
Eh? The bounty was lifted?
Potemkin: あぁ、そのギアは既に消滅している。?
Yes, that Gear is already dead.
Bridget: 困ったなぁ。ウチ、どうすればいいんだろ??
That's no good. What am I supposed to do now?
Potemkin: その腕があれば困ることなどあるまい。?
With your skills, you can do anything you want.
Bridget: そうですね。賞金首は他にもいますし。?
I guess you're right. There's other bounties and all.
Potemkin: なんなら我が国に講師として招聘してもよいが。?
Why don't you come and work for my country as a trainer?
Bridget: え??
Potemkin: その玩具。なかなかに痛かったからな。?
That toy of yours is quite powerful.
Bridget: あ、これですか?これはこうやるんですよ……。?
Oh, this? You use it like this...

Potemkin Path 3

After Dizzy in Path 1:

VS May
Potemkin: ……許せよ。空賊の者はおらぬか。まずは本国へ帰るしかないな。?
Forgive me... No pirates here... I'd better return to the base for the moment.
[Sometime later.]
May: ……。?
Potemkin: 迎えに来たか。まだ眠っているから起こさぬようにな。大統領の命令故引き渡すが、このようなことが続いては……。?
So you've come, have you. She's still sleeping, so don't wake her. I'll turn her over, as per the President's order. But this cannot continue...
May: ……。?
Potemkin: ……貴様、何者だ??
...Wait, who the hell are you?
VS Robo-Ky
May: いたたたたたた……。?
Ow ow ow ow...
Potemkin: 正気に返ったか。?
I see you're back to your senses.
May: あれ、ボクどうしたのかな??
Ugh. Wh-what happened to me?
Potemkin: あとでゆっくり説明しよう。今は、うしろにいろ。?
I'll explain later. For now, get behind me.
May: う、うん。?
Potemkin: そこの男よもや逃げられるとは思っておらんだろうな??
You there. You don't really think you're going to get away, do you?
Robo-Ky: ギギギ……。?
May: 思い出した!ボク、こいつにやられたんだ。?
I remember now! I lost to that thing!
Potemkin: 機会人形相手なら遠慮はいらぬな。?
Well, fortunately I don't need to show any mercy to a mechanical doll.
May: どういうこと?これはいったい何なの??
What's going on? What is all this?
Potemkin: 回復したようだな。ここから跳べるか??
Looks like you've recovered. Think you can jump from here?
May: え??
Potemkin: ディズィーを連れて跳べるかと聞いている。?
I'm asking if you can jump down from here. And take Dizzy with you.
May: う、うん。?
Ah... okay...
Potemkin: ジョニーとやらに伝えておけ。「終戦管理局」が動いたとな。?
Give a message to Johnny for me: Tell him that the Postwar Administration Bureau has begun to move.
May: わかったけど……。?
Well, okay, but...
Potemkin: そら、行け!?
That's all. Now, go!
Robo-Kys: ギ・ギ・ギ・ギ・ギ・ギ・ギ。?
Potemkin: 数は力なり、か。だがツェップの信念は違う。両の足に勇気を込め両の拳に大義を込め抜山蓋世の気を持ってツェップ国一級戦士ポチョムキンお相手申し上げる。?
Strength in numbers, huh... But you underestimate the conviction of a Zeppian soldier. With courage in my legs, justice in my fists... And a spirit greater than the tallest mountain... You will now face Potemkin, First Class Guard of the Zepp Republic! I accept your challenge!


Report ♯5236

終戦管理局報告書:第5236号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #5236
Name: Chipp=Zanuff? Chipp Zanuff
Height: 183cm? 6'0"
Weight: 67kg? 148 lbs.
Birthday: 2/9? Feb. 9
Blood Type: ? B
Race: American? Human/American
Born as an orphan, subject grew up to become an illegal drug trafficker and narcotics addict.
He was saved by a man named Tsuyoshi, who taught him the basics of Ninjutsu combat.
Subject is the only known man alive who still uses this Japanese form of attack. He also uses the force of Ki in his moves, presumably taught to him by Tsuyoshi as well.
It is safe to assume that the subject has had extensive training with Ki force.
If we can procure this fighting style for our own use, the benefits would be immeasurable.
Although a highly skilled fighter, subject is a very straightforward man who has little in the way of mental defenses. A swift capture is highly recommended.
He is considered to be moderately dangerous.
Risk Rating: B

Assassin hunting

Chipp: 「師匠、見ててくれよ!」?
"Master, watch me now!"
VS Dizzy
Chipp: ……ここんとこ組織の動きが変だな。どうせ一もめあったんだろうが……師匠の仇を討つなら今ってことか。…って何だありゃ?…痛っ!んっ……って、こいつはどっから堕ちてきたんだ?おい、どうした。大丈夫か??
...The Guild's been acting pretty strange lately. They're probably infighting again... If I'm ever going to avenge my master, now's my chance. ...Hmm? What's that? ...Oww! Huh? Where did she fall from? Hey, are you alright?
Dizzy (Necro): KISYAAAAHH?
Chipp: HOLYZEN!なんて傍迷惑な野郎だ?
Holy Zen! Talk about your neighborhood menace!
VS Bridget
Chipp: ウ、灰になるかと思ったぜ。?
Phew, I thought I was done for.
Bridget: あのぉ、チップ=ザナフさんですか??
Excuse me, are you Mr. Chipp Zanuff?
Chipp: そうだが、誰だよ??
Yeah, that's right. Who are you?
Bridget: ジャパン伝来の浸入暗殺術に長けた一級テロリスト?
"A Class 1 terrorist, proficient in the ancient Japanese arts of infiltration and assassination."
Chipp: HUH?人を勝手にテロリストにすんじゃねぇ!?
Huh? Who you calling a terrorist?!
Bridget: でもでもここに……?
But, that's what it says right here...
Chipp: ん??
Bridget: 使命手配されてますよ??
There's a reward for your arrest.
Chipp: JESUS!一体何がどうなってんだ??
Jeez! What the hell is going on?

Chipp Path 1

Chipp: …誰かが裏で俺を狙ったってことか。いったい誰だ?
...Someone must be targeting me from behind the scenes. But who could it be?
Ky: チップ=ザナフ。あなたには、第一級殺人の容疑が…。?
Chipp Zanuff. You're wanted under suspicion of first-degree murder...
Chipp: テメェかっ!覚悟しやがれ!?
Oh, so it's you! Prepare yourself!
Ky: かかっていますがこれは何かの間違いだと…?
...However, I believe that this is likely some kind of mistake...
Chipp: おじけづきやがったな!?
What, you gettin' chicken now? Let's go!
Ky: いいから話しを聞きなさい。それ以上公僕侮辱罪になりますよ。?
Look, just listen to what I have to say. If you continue, I'll have to arrest you for insulting an officer of the law.
Chipp: 最初からそういやいいんだよ。いくぜっ!?
You should have said that to begin with. Let's get moving!
[Fight ensues.]
Chipp: なるほど……誰かが賞金かけたかテメェも知らねぇってわけだ。?
I see... So you don't know who put a price on my head, either.
Ky: ええ、ですが警察機構に圧力をかけられるところからして……。?
Right. However, given that they have enough power to put pressure on the police...
Chipp: アサシン組織の仕業だな!?
It must be the Assassins' Guild!
Ky: …ということは考えにくいのですが……。?
...That is exceedingly unlikely...
Chipp: 畜生。やつら先手を打ちやがったかっ?
Damn them! So they've made a move against me first, eh?
Ky: ……勝手にしてください。?
...You're not listening to me.
Chipp: たたじゃおかねぇぜ!?
They won't get away with this!
VS Faust
Faust: ちょっとそこをゆく御仁。ずいぶんと怪我をされているようですな。?
You there, sir. You look to be in need of medical attention.
Chipp: るせぇ。俺は医者と薬が大っきらいなんでい。?
Shut up. I hate doctors and I hate medicine.
Faust: その瞳。その覇気。おおきな戦いに赴くつもりでしょう。?
Those eyes, that ambition... You are headed off to battle, are you not?
Chipp: だったらどうした??
What if I am?
Faust: その傷でゆくのは無茶というものですよ。?
You cannot fight in that condition.
Chipp: テメェに関係ねぇだろ。?
That's none of your business!
Faust: そうは行きません。時間は取らせません。治療して差し上げましょう。?
I can't allow that. I won't take much of your time. Allow me to cure you.
Chipp: 治療ってなその人斬りメス使うのか??
'Cure?' With that killer scalpel?
Faust: 遺憾ながら。?
I'm afraid so.
VS Eddie
Chipp: えれぇ医者だな。かえって傷が増えたじゃねぇか。テメェがザトーだな。師匠の仇討ちだ。覚悟しやがれ!?
That's some doctor. Now I'm hurt even worse! So, you're Zato. I will avenge my master! Prepare to die!
Eddie: ?タダノ人間カ。餌ニモナラヌ。死ニタイナラ止メハセヌゾ。?
VS Venom
Chipp: ?タダノ人間カ。餌ニモナラヌ。死ニタイナラ止メハセヌゾ。影が本体だったのか。外れだな。?
...What's up with this guy? He's a corpse. So his shadow is his real self... Looks like I messed up on this one.
Venom: そこまでにしておけ。?
That's enough.
Chipp: ちょうどいい。師匠の仇。今度こそ討たせてもらうぜ。?
Good timing. This time I'll avenge my master for sure!
Venom: 貴様は知るまい。今、私がどれほど怒りに燃えているか。ザトー様の御身体を傷つけた罪しかと償ってもらうぞ!?
You cannot possibly comprehend the level of anger I am feeling right now. You shall pay for the crime of harming Master Zato's body!
Venom: 殺すか??
So you'll kill me now?
Chipp: その前に吐いてもらおうか。師匠を本当に殺したのは誰だ??
You're going to tell me what you know, first. Who really killed my master?
Venom: フッ。言っても分かるまい。?
Hmph. Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand.
Chipp: んだと??
What did you say?!
Venom: アサシン組織はただの刃に過ぎぬ。また刃を振るう者がいる限り組織は何度でも生まれるだろう。?
The Assassins' Guild is nothing more than a weapon. As long as someone remains to wield that weapon, the Guild will easily be revived.
Chipp: 偉そうに!テメェらが下っ端ってだけだろうが!…けどまぁそうかもしれねぇな。ただの仇討ちじゃ師匠も喜ばねぇ。きっぱり世直しするためには……俺が大統領になるしかねぇ。やぃヴェノム!テメェの命は預けといてやる。その分、俺が大統領になった時は一働きしてもらうぜ。?
Don't try to sound all smart! All you're saying is you're just a bunch of hired goons! ...Still, you may be right. Simply avenging my master's death wouldn't be what he wants. If I'm really going to change the world, I'm going to have to become the President myself. Venom! I'll spare you your life. But once I become President, I'll expect you to work for me!
Venom: フ、フフフ。ハハハハハ。?
Heheh. Hahahahaha.
Chipp: 何笑ってやがる!?
What are you laughing at?!
Venom: よかろう。貴様が僚倖に恵まれ、大統領になることがあれば我が組織の力を存分に使うがいい。?
Very well. If you are somehow blessed with the luck to become President... You may use my Guild as you see fit.
Chipp: よぉし!その言葉、忘れるなよ!?
Alright! That's a promise!

Chipp Path 2

After Eddie in Path 1:

VS Slayer
Slayer: そのへんにしておいてもらえるかね??
I think that's enough.
Chipp: 何者だテメェ??
Who the hell are you?
Slayer: 君の追う組織の元締めだ。組織に対する仇討ちなら私が相手をするのが筋だろう。?
The former boss of the Guild you've been chasing. If you wish revenge against the Guild, then I am the opponent you seek.
Chipp: そういうことなら容赦しねぇぜ。?
In that case, I'll show you no mercy!
Chipp: ちっ。 テメェ、MONONOKEじゃねぇか。?
Are you some kind of monster, or what?
Slayer: ふむ、その通りだ。風雅な言葉だな。?
That's right. My, what an elegant term.
Chipp: なめやがって!?
Shut up!
Slayer: 落ち着き給え。組織を解体する。そのために私は来たのだ。?
Settle down. The Guild is disbanding. That's why I'm here.
Chipp: なんだと??
Say what?
Slayer: 法で裁けぬ者に制裁を与える。それが本来の組織の理念だ。だが、水は低き所に流れた。今、組織の有りようは私も不本意なのだよ。?
The Guild's real purpose was to punish those who are above the law. But the inevitable came to be. The Guild has turned into something not even I wanted.
Chipp: 人殺しの親玉が偉そうに!?
Oh, please. You're just a murderer trying to justify himself!
Slayer: その私一人さえ止められぬ君は何者だね?本気でその手で何かを成し遂げたことがあるのかね??
What do you think you can do? You couldn't even take me on alone. Have you ever really accomplished anything at all?
Chipp: 何だと!??
Slayer: 憤っているだけでは何も動かないのだよ。?
Rage alone will change nothing.
Chipp: 待ちやがれ!畜生……。何かを成し遂げるだと?上等だ。見てやがれ!?
Stop! Come back! Damn! Accomplished anything... Fine then! I will! Just you watch!

Chipp Path 3

VS Robo-Ky
Chipp: ……口ほどにもねぇガキだ。しかし……賞金ってな誰の仕業だ?ぐっ!テメェ、いつの間に!?
...What a wimp. Still... Who's the one who put the price on my head? Whoa! Where the hell did you come from?!
Robo-Ky: ギギ……ターゲット補足!コレヨリ攻撃ニ移ル。?
Chipp: なんだこいつ……毒か。早いとこ決着つけねぇとな。?
What the...? It's poison. I'd better end this quick.
[Fight ensues.]
Chipp: ……畜生。力が……抜けやがる?
...Damn. My strength is... fading...
Robo-Ky: 捕獲完了。コレヨリ洗脳ヲ開始スル。?
VS Anji
Chipp: みと=あんじさん??
Mr. Anji Mito? Might I have your attention for a brief moment?
Anji: なんでぇ馬鹿丁寧に?また日本語を教えて欲しいってか??
Heh, what's with the super-politeness? You want me to teach you more Japanese or something?
Chipp: そうなんだ。?
That's right.
Anji: 悪いが今ちょっと……うっ!?
Sorry, right now I'm a little.... Ugh!
Chipp: 貴様ヲ連行スル。?
Anji: そういうことかい。今、正気に返してやるぜ!?
Ah, so that's it, huh? Don't worry, I'll return you to your old self right now!
VS May
May: おーいディズィー??
Hey, Dizzy?
Chipp: じぇりーふぃっしゅ団のめいさん、ですね??
You're May, from the Jellyfish Pirates, right?
May: (この人目が変だよ)あの、大丈夫ですか?何するのよ!?
(This guy's got a strange look to him...) Umm, are you okay? Hey! What was that for!
Chipp: 奇襲シッパイ。コレヨリ攻撃ニ移ル!?
VS Johnny
Johnny: そこまでにしときな。?
I think that's enough.
Chipp: 邪魔ヲ、スルナ。?
Johnny: なんだ傀偶か。とっとと目を覚ましな!?
Oh, heh. It's just a puppet. Time for you to wake up!
[Fight ensues.]
Johnny: 気分はどうだ??
How do you feel?
Chipp: 最低だぜ。チクショー。世話ンなったな。?
Terrible. Damn it all... Sorry about all that. Thanks for your help...
Johnny: わかってりゃいいさ。?
No problem.
Chipp: 借りは返すぜ。そのうちな。?
I owe you one. I always repay my debts.
VS Robo-Ky
Chipp: ここにいやがったか??
There you are!
Robo-Ky: ホウ。洗脳ガ浅カッタカ。?
Chipp: このポンコツめ。今度こそバラしてやる。?
You hunk of junk! I'll pulverize you!
Robo-Ky: 貴様ノ動作ハ全テ分析ズミダ。?
Chipp: YOU ALRIGHT?テメェはまだ何も見ちゃいねぇ。毅流忍術奥義、今こそ見せてやるぜ!?
Are you nuts? You haven't seen anything yet! I'll show you the power of Tsuyoshi-ryuu Ninjutsu!
Robo-Ky: ……ギギ。?
Chipp: ざまぁみやがれこの人形がっ!テメェはどいつの差し金だ??
Take that, you puppet. Who sent you, anyway?
Robo-Ky: カカカ。コレデ逃ゲラレタト思ウナヨ。終戦管理局ハ……決シテ負ケヌノダ?
Chipp: 週瀬管理局……だと?フザケンなよ!どこのどいつだか知らねぇが……かならず締め上げて後悔させてやるぜ!?
Postwar Administration Bureau...? Bleh, whatever! I don't know who you're talking about, but... I'm gonna catch 'em and make 'em pay, no matter what!


Report ♯1573

終戦管理局報告書:第1573号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #1573
Name: ZATO-1? ZATO-1
Height: 181cm? 5'11"
Weight: 68kg? 150 lbs.
Birthday: 1/28? Jan. 28
Blood Type: ? A
Race: Spanish? Human/Spanish
A former assassin, the subject was implanted with a Forbidden Beast in order to measure his abilities.
The Beast is a type of parasitic animal built from Gear technology, which allows it to partially exist away from the body.
With the Beast's power, he became the head of the Assassins' Guild, eventually disappearing after the first Sacred Knights tournament.
Although the subject has yet to be recovered, we have succeeded in retrieving the Beast's data.
The subject has either passed away or had his mind taken by the Beast. In either case, there is little to worry about, as the Beast's lifespan is inherently limited.
Thanks to the subject's disappearance, the Assassins' Guild has lost much of its power.
Therefore, he is not considered dangerous.
Risk Rating: C

Ideal body

Eddie: 「認メヌゾ!人ノ仕組ンダ死ナド!」?
VS Faust
Faust: ……率直に申し上げましょう。手遅れです。?
...Allow me to be frank. You're too late.
Eddie: フム。?
Faust: 細胞が自壊し始めています。兵器としての暴走を防ぐためと考えられます。?
Your cell structures are already beginning to disintegrate... I believe in order to keep your innate abilities as a weapon from falling out of control...
Eddie: ニンゲンメ。ソレデ私ヲ出シ抜イタツモリカ!?
Faust: 力を使わねば、人間並には長生きできますよ。?
...If you don't exert your body, you'll still be able to live a completely normal life.
Eddie: ……ソウカ。?
Faust: 何をするつもりですか?気持ちはわかりますが、野放しにはできません。?
So what do you plan to do? I understand your feelings, but I cannot allow you to roam free.
Eddie: 貴様ハモウ用無ナシダ。立チフサガルナラ死ヲ見ルガイイ。?

Eddie Path 1

Eddie: 医者ゴトキト甘クミタガ……意外ト手間取ッタナ。?
I-No: 聞いてたわよ??
I heard that.
Eddie: 何者ダ??
I-No: 誰だっていいじゃない。いいこと教えてあげる。?
What's it matter to you? Let me tell you something good.
Eddie: ホウ??
I-No: 身体を取り替えれば寿命も延びるわ。?
If you switch bodies now, you'll be able to live a while longer.
Eddie: ダメダ。既ニ人間ノ身体デハ拒否反応ヲ起コス。?
I-No: 並みの人間ならね。人外の肉体なら……あなたを受け入れら・れ・る・か・も??
Yeah... A normal human body... But maybe if you found someone 'unhuman,' you might just be able to make it work.
Eddie: 人外カ……ナラバオマエデモヨイワケダナ。?
I-No: なぁに、それ??
What's that supposed to mean?
Eddie: 貴様ノオーラガ常人ノモノニハ見エヌ。確カメサセテモラウゾ。?
VS Baiken
I-No: ああ、もう。がっついたらだめよ。手順ってものがあるでしょ??
Jeez, all right! You don't need to go all-out like that. There's a certain way of going about these things, you know?
Eddie: ドウスルツモリダ??
I-No: あなたの器になりそうな人を私が、誘う。それをあなたが片づけるってわけ。?
I'll lure someone who'll make a good carrier for you. Hopefully you can take care of the dirty work after that.
Eddie: ソレデ貴様ニ何ノ得ガアル??
Baiken: ……何くっちゃべってやがる。そこを退け。その女は俺の獲物だ。?
...What the hell are you people yammering about? Get out of my way! That girl's mine!
I-No: そうねぇ。お代に、ああいうのを片づけてくれるってのはどう??
Hmm... Hey, how about you deal with people like that for me from now on?
Eddie: ヨカロウ。?
Eddie: ……ダイブ弱ッテキタナ。?
Ky: ここにいたか。あなたを逮捕します。?
There you are! You're under arrest.
I-No: ほら。また来たわよ。?
Whoops! Here's another one for you.
Eddie: 人使イノ荒オ女ダ。?
VS Zappa
Eddie: デ、人外ハドコダ??
I-No: あれなんかどう??
Well... How about someone like that?
Zappa: す、すいません。もしもしこのへんでお医者様を見ませんでした??
Umm, pardon me... You haven't seen a doctor around here, have you?
Eddie: 普通ノ人間デハナイカ。?
I-No: 見てなさい。こうすると……。?
You think so? Then watch this... [Smack.]
Zappa: ひぃぃぃぃぃ!?
[possessed] EEEEEEEEE!
Eddie: ナルホド、オモシロイ。?
VS Sol
I-No: これもダメ??
What's wrong? Not good enough for you?
Eddie: アレハ精神寄生体ダナ。素体ハタダノ人間ダッタ。?
I-No: 任せて、とっておきのがくるから。?
Well, don't you worry. I've got just the thing for you now.
Sol: 死に損ないが。こんなとこで何してやがる??
What're YOU doing here? You should've been long dead by now.
Eddie: ホウトッテオキダナ。?
VS Slayer
I-No: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
That's no good either, huh?
Eddie: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Slayer: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
What's going on over here?
I-No: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Here, check this guy out. I heard his friend has a completely immortal body.
Slayer: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Well, of all things... Look, you're not laying a finger on Sharon as long as I'm around.
Eddie: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Slayer: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
You're like a cornered rat... And I'd be betting on the house cat right about now.
Eddie: 何ト美シイ肉体ダ。?
Sharon: ……。?
Eddie: コノ光ハ!解ケル……身体ガ溶ケテユク!?
I-No: さすが不老不死。病気も寄生体も寄せ付けないってわけか。?
Hah. Told ya she's immortal. Illness, parasites... Nothing sticks to her.
Eddie: 貴様知ッテイタノカ!??
I-No: ま、あんたもすいぶん役に立ってくれたよ。安心して土に還りな。?
I gotta hand it to you, you really helped me out today. Good work. Rest in peace.
Eddie: ニンゲン……ゴトキニィィィィ!?

Eddie Path 2

Ky: 元アサシン組織リーダーザトー=ONE、ですね。?
You're Zato-ONE, aren't you? Former leader of the Assassins' Guild.
Eddie: ソレハ死者ノ名ダ。ヤツノ罪ハワガ罪ニアラズ、ダ。?
Ky: あなたには宿主を死に至らしめた罪があります。同行願いましょう。?
No, but you are guilty of bringing your carrier to an early death. Please come with me.
Eddie: バカメ!?
VS Chipp
Chipp: BLIND TURTLE BUMPS HEAD!モウキノフボクウドンゲノハナ!ここで会ったが百年目だ!師匠の仇討ちだっ。いざ尋常に勝負しやがれっ!?
Well, would ya look at that? Imagine running into you, of all people, at a time like this! Today must be my lucky day! But I'm afraid YOUR luck has run out! It is time to avenge my master! Stand and face my challenge!
Eddie: 仇討チカ。見上ゲタ心ガケダ。トデモ言エバイイノカネ??
VS Millia
Eddie: ゴ機嫌ヨウ。ワガ麗シキ姫。?
Millia: その顔で笑ってほしくはないわね。?
Quit smilin' at me like that.
Eddie: 我々ハ記憶ヲ共有シテイタ。知ッテイルゾ。ヤツガオマエニ何ヲシタノカ。?
Millia: それで私を怒らせてるつもり?死にたいなら協力はしてあげるけど。?
So, what, are you trying to make me mad? If you wanna die, I'd be more than glad to help.
VS Venom
Eddie: アトワズカ、カ。?
Venom: その口を閉じろ!それ以上あの方の身体を辱めるな。?
Shut your mouth! Don't you dare desecrate his body any more!
Eddie: 哀レナ犬メ。飼イ主ガ死ンデモ首輪ハ外サヌカ。?
Venom: もう一度言う。その口を……閉じろ!?
I'll tell you one more time. Shut... your... mouth!
Eddie: 吠エルナ、犬コロガ。?
Eddie: 殺シハシナイ。?
Venom: 貴様……?
You son of a...
Eddie: 心底見下ゲ果テタ 犬コロダナ。頭サエ撫デレバ 何デモスル。?
Venom: 何っ!?
Eddie: オット、コレハ ザトーノ台詞ダッタ。?
Venom: 黙れ!あの方が…… そんなことを 言うはずはない!?
Shut up! He... He would never say anything like that!
Eddie: 一瞬、躊躇ッタナ。?
Venom: 待て!逃げるな!?
Wait! Get back here!
Eddie: ……ソウダ モット恨メ。滅び行く この身ならば……貴様ノ心ニ ワガ生ヲ刻ンデヤル。憎シミコソハワガ絆。 傷跡コソハワガ証。我ヲ追E。 ソシテ殺セ!ソノ刹那コソガ存在ノ証明ダ……。?

Eddie Path 3

After I-No in Path 1:

VS Potemkin
I-No: なかなかやるじゃない。あなたにぴったりの身体があるの。?
You re pretty good, you know that? I've got the perfect body lined up for you.
Eddie: ホウ??
I-No: でも……あなたに勇気があるかしら??
Just one problem... are you brave enough to take it?
Eddie: モッタイブルナ。早ク言エ。?
I-No: 地上最強のギア。ディズィーよ。?
I'm thinking about Dizzy. The strongest Gear on earth.
Potemkin: ……その名を聞いては帰すわけにはゆかぬな。?
...I can't let you leave after hearing that name.
Eddie: マズハ貴様カラダ。デカブツ!?
VS Johnny
Johnny: おーいディズィー!?
Yoooo! Dizzy!
Eddie: ホウ、ディズイーハコノヘンニイルノカ??
Johnny: ……アンタ何者だ?うちの団員に手を出す気ならあきらめたほうがいいぜ。俺は嫉妬深いんだ。?
...Who're you? If you're trying to get your hands on my crew, you'd best give up now. I can be a very jealous man.
Eddie: 好キナダケ悶エルガイイ。地獄デナ!?
VS May
May: ジョ、ジョニー!?
Eddie: 同族愛……カ。私ニハ遠イモノダ。兵器ニ同型ハアッテモ同族ハナイ。?
May: それはね、寂しいって気持ちだよ。?
You know what? I think you're just feeling sad and lonely.
Eddie: フ、ソウナノカ??
May: でも……ジョニーを傷つけられたボクだって、寂しいんだ!?
But... My Johnny has been hurt, and so I'm sad too, you know!
Eddie: カクテ人ハ傷ツケアウ、カ。?
VS Dizzy
Eddie: ヨウヤク会エタナ。?
Dizzy: あなたは……??
Who are you...?
Eddie: 細胞ガ言ッテイル。貴様コソワガ敵ニシテワガ希望。?
Dizzy: 私も……感じます。 禁獣は対ギア兵器として開発された。でも、私たちが闘わなくてもいいはずです。?
I... I can feel it, too. I know the Forbidden Beasts were developed to fight against the Gears. But there's no reason why we have to fight at all.
Eddie: ソウトモ。貴様ヲ襲ウノハ私自身ノ意志ダ!?
Dizzy: 残念です。本当に……。?
Such a shame... I really regret this.
Eddie: ヨウヤク……身体ガワガ手ニ……。?
I-No: おっと、そこまでだ。そのギアはアタシがもらうよ。?
Just a second there, partner. I'm gonna be taking in this Gear for myself.
Eddie: 貴様、話ガ違ウゾ!?
I-No: 今頃気が付いたのかい、このウスノロがっ!?
Oh, you finally noticed? Sheesh! It's about time.
Eddie: 負ケハセヌ!アト一歩ナノダ!?
I-No: テメェそろそろ寿命だろ。大人しくドブ底になってな!?
You haven't got much longer to live, do you? Why the hell don't you just lie down and die?!
Ending 3
That Man: ……ギアに禁獣、か。イノめ、ずいぶんと引っかき回してくれたな。……ほう、まだ息があるか。ディズィーを倒したとなると並みの禁獣ではないな。レイヴン??
...A Gear and a Forbidden Beast, huh. I-no's certainly stirred up a lot of trouble... ...Well. It looks like he's still breathing. This isn't any normal Beast we're dealing with. He defeated Dizzy, after all. Raven!
Raven: お側に。?
Right here, sir.
That Man: この男をサンプルとして持ち帰ってくれ。?
Take this man back as a sample.
Raven: はっ。?
Yes, sir.
That Man: 私は……少しギアと話してゆく。……生体兵器がそのスペックを超える。これもまた進化と呼ぶべきか……。?
As for me... I think I'll chat with that Gear for a little while. ...These living weapons are exceeding their given specifications. Perhaps this too is what one might call "evolution"...


Report ♯8127

終戦管理局報告書:第8127号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #8127
Name: Millia=Rage? Millia Rage
Height: 169cm? 5'7"
Weight: 48kg? 106 lbs.
Birthday: UNKNOWN? Unknown
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Russian? Human/Russian
Formerly a hired assassin, the subject is now working with the IPF to dismantle the Guild and capture Zato-One in exchange for her acquittal.
The test case for an undisclosed new form of occult art, she uses her hair as a weapon.
It is believed her hair falls under the same classification as Gears and Forbidden Beasts.
She can be easily controlled if her desire for revenge against Zato is used against her.
Although she is not a major threat, her capture and dissection will offer insight into the forces that drive her hair.
Risk Rating: C

Crimson bait

Millia: 「あなたは、死んでも私を悩ませるのね」?
"Why must you torment me, even after death?"
Millia: そこにいるのは、誰??
Who's there?
I-No: きゃぁっ!?
Millia: え、何??
Uh, what?
I-No: 誰か、助けて??
Please, someone save me!
Millia: 何するの!?
What are you doing?!
[Fight ensues.]
Millia: まったく、何よ??
What was that for?!
I-No: (ちっ。まだ息があるか)ごめんなさい。取り乱しちゃって。?
(Damn, she's still alive.) I'm so sorry I panicked like that.
Millia: どうしたの、いったい??
What's wrong?
I-No: さっき、向こうで黒い獣に襲われて、慌てて逃げてきたんです。?
I was attacked by a black beast over there and I just didn't know what to do with myself!
Millia: 黒い……獣?ねぇ、それどこにいたの??
Black... beast? Could you tell me where it was?
I-No: あっちです。?
Over that way.
Millia: ありがと!?
Thank you!
VS Bridget
Millia: おかしいわね。このへんのはずだけど。?
That's strange. She said this was the place.
Bridget: あ、いたいた。ミリア=レイジさんですか??
Ah, there she is. Ms. Millia Rage, I presume?
Millia: そうだけど、あなたは誰??
Yeah but who are you?
Bridget: ウチはブリジット、賞金稼ぎをやってます。?
I'm Bridget. I'm a bounty hunter.
Millia: ふうん、その賞金稼ぎが何の用??
Um, okay. So what does a bounty hunter want with me?
Bridget: もちろん賞金首を捕まえるためです。えっと、金髪の女豹アサシンのミリアさんで間違いありませんね。男女構わず誘惑し、変幻自在の髪を用いて仕留める淫扉な魔女、ですよね??
Well, I'm here to catch you, of course. Let's see... "The assassin Millia, a.k.a. The Blonde Huntress." Yep, no question about it. "A brazen witch who uses her transformable hair to seduce men and women."
Millia: ……はぁ。どこからつっこめばいいのかしら。?
...Oh, brother. I don't even know where to begin with that one.
Bridget: では行きますよ!?
Well, here we go!
[Fight ensues.]
Millia: その手配書は変よ。私は確かに、昔アサシンだったけど、賞金は解除されてるはずよ。情報が古いんじゃなくて??
Something's wrong with your contract. It's true I was once an assassin, but that bounty's been lifted from my shoulders for a long time now. You sure your information isn't outdated?
Bridget: おかしいな。最新の情報って聞いたんですけど。?
That's weird... I heard this was the latest info.
Millia: まぁいいわ。人違いには気をつけてね。?
Sigh... Oh well. Just be careful about picking the wrong target.
Bridget: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Sorry about that...
VS Jam
Jam: 見つけたアルヨ!変幻自在で淫扉な魔女!覚悟するヨロシ!?
Ah-hah! I have you now! You brazen transformable hair witch! Let's do this!
Millia: ……痛感するわね。女性に必要なものは慎みだわ。?
...That hurts, you know. There's nothing more important to a woman than her modesty.

Millia Path 1

VS Venom
Millia: 誰かの恨みを買ったってところかな??
Does someone have a grudge against me or something?
Venom: 恨みを買うのは家業の内だろう。たとえ元アサシンでもな。もっとも手配書は私の仕業ではないがね。?
Earning grudges is just a part of the job. Even for an ex-assassin. Although the contract that's out on your head wasn't my doing.
Millia: また、あなたね。正直言って、退屈なのよ。?
Oh, it's you again. You know, I'm getting real tired of you.
Venom: 自覚はしているよ。……だが、ザトー様を殺したのはおまえだ。?
I'm well aware... But you are the one who killed master Zato.
Millia: そうね。恨んでる??
This is true. You holding a grudge about that?
Venom: あの方のために恨むのは私の特権だ。?
It is my privilege to hold grudges on his behalf.
Millia: そんなくだらない執着に私を巻き込むつもり?あなた、ザトーに似てきたわね。?
And you're planning on involving me in your obsession with him? You've come to resemble Zato, you know.
Venom: 何とでもいえ。私には守りたい想いがある。すべてを捨てた貴様には分かるまいがな。?
Say what you will. I will uphold my loyalty. I don't expect someone like you, who threw everything away, to understand.
Millia: 迷惑な話ね。?
What a pain...
VS May
Millia: ザトー……いえ、あの影はどこへ行ったのかしら??
I wonder where Zato... no, rather, I wonder where that 'shadow' went?
May: はぁ、はぁ。ここまでくれば大丈夫かな。?
Huff... huff... I think I'll be okay. I made it this far, after all.
Millia: あら、お嬢さん。こんなところでどうしたの??
Well, hello there. What are you doing here, child?
May: よかった……ハゲじゃない。?
Ah, thank goodness... You're not a baldy.
Millia: ちょっと……ハゲって何よ?子供でも言っていいことといけないことがあるわよ。?
Now wait a second... What do you mean, 'baldy?' Child or not, you shouldn't go saying things like that.
May: ごめんなさい。そんなつもりじゃ……。?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like--
Dizzy: きゃあっ!助けて!?
Kyaah! Help!
Eddie: 貴様ノ身体ヲモラウ!?
Millia: あの声は……ザトー!??
That voice... Zato?!
May: ディズィーだ!?
Hey, it's Dizzy!
Millia: どうしてついてくるの??
What're you following me for?
May: え??
Millia: ザトーは……ヤツは私の獲物。子供に見せるものじゃないわ。悪いけど、ここで待っててくれない??
Zato... he's my target, alright? This isn't something a child should see. So how about you just be nice and stay here for a while?
May: そうはいかないよ!うちのクルーが……?
I can't do that! My crew is in danger!
Millia: ごめんなさい。私、本気よ。?
Sorry, kid, but I'm not playing around here.
VS Slayer
Slayer: ミリア=レイジ君だな。?
Millia Rage.
Millia: そこを退けっ。やつが逃げる。?
Come on, move. He'll get away.
Slayer: ……あの哀れな生き物はもう寿命だ。?
...That sad animal is already at the end of its life.
Millia: 何っ!?
Slayer: 君が手を下すまでもない。放っておいたらどうだね??
There's no need for you to get involved. How about you just leave him be?
Millia: いいえ。とどめはこの手で刺すわ。?
No. I must finish him with my own hand.
Slayer: ザトーは死んだぞ?死者への執着は何も生まない。?
Zato is dead, Millia. There's no need to obsess over a corpse.
Millia: ……言いたいことは分かったからそこを退いてくれる??
...Look, I listened to what you had to say, so would you please move now?
Slayer: 聞けぬな。これでも組織の創立者としての責任がある。?
I'm afraid I can't do that. I still have my responsibility as the founder of the Guild.
Millia: ……そう、あなたが。髪が怯えるわけね。だからって、今さら出てきても困るのよね。?
...So, it's you... No wonder my hair is restless. But really, at this point, there's no need for me to be worrying about you.
Millia: ……私じゃ、殺しきれない、か。?
...Is killing you beyond my power?
Slayer: 残念ながらそのようだな。?
I'm sorry, but it would appear so.
Millia: 時間稼ぎだったわけね。あの獣をどうして庇うわけ??
This was just a bid for time, wasn't it? Why do you protect that beast?
Slayer: ヤツを庇ったわけではない。気づいているのだろう?あれは君自身の未来でもある。?
I am not protecting him. Surely you've realized it? He represents your future form as well.
Millia: 私は……ヤツのようにはならない。?
I will not become like him!
Slayer: 今はそうかもしれん。だが時は貴様を蝕むぞ。今ならまだ間に合う。目の前の道を見直すことだな。?
Perhaps that is true, for now. But time will have its way with you. You can still save yourself, if you change the path upon which you tread.
Millia: 道、か……。?
My... path...?

Millia Path 2

After Slayer in Path 1:

VS Eddie
Slayer: ぐっ!?
Millia: やっと効いたみたいね。そこ、退いてくれる??
Looks like I've finally gotten through to you. Now, will you move?
Slayer: 行かせたくはないのだがね。その髪が生きていることを知らぬわけではあるまい??
I don't want to let you pass. Surely you realize that that hair of yours is alive?
Millia: ……ええ。誰よりも知ってるつもりよ。?
...Of course. I know it better than anyone.
Millia: ……確かに哀れね。引導、渡してあげる。?
...He really is a sad being. I'll put you out of your misery.
Eddie: GYAHH!?
Millia: ……ふん、こんなものか。少し……力を使いすぎたな。く……まだだ。私はアイツとは違う。やっと……私の人生を取り返したんだ。これからだ……。これからが……私の……未来?
...Well, that settles that. I think I... used too much of my power. Argh... No. I can still make it. I'm not like him yet. I've finally gotten my life back. It starts here. The future... starts here.

Millia Path 3

Jam: それが慎み深い戦いアルカ!?
You call that modesty?!
Millia: 負けるほうが無様だわ。それより……私、賞金首じゃないんだけど。?
The loser will always look worse. Enough about that... Anyway, there's no bounty on my head.
Jam: そんなはずないアル!こ、この手配書に……。?
That can't be! The contract says...
Millia: それ……誰からもらったの??
Hey, who gave you that?
Jam: 赤い服着た女アルヨ。?
A woman in red clothes.
Millia: 赤い服……ひょっとして楽器を持ってた??
Red clothes... Did she perhaps have a guitar?
VS Sol
Sol: ……なんだテメェは??
...What the hell do you want?
Millia: 奇遇ね。紅の楽師を追ってるのだけど。もしかして、あなたの関係??
Well, look who it is... Hey, I'm chasing after a musician in red. Is she perhaps an acquaintance of yours?
Sol: ……手を引け。?
...Give up and go away.
Millia: やっぱり、かあなたの邪魔だけはしたくなかったけど今度は別。?
I thought so. I didn't want to interfere with you, but you're making it awfully difficult this time.
Sol: どうなってもしらんぞ……。?
Don't blame me for what happens to you...
VS Eddie
Millia: これが……私の追ってたもの?もう死にかけてるじゃない。哀れなものね。安心して。痛くはしないわ……。?
Is this really what I've been chasing? It's already on the verge of death. What a sad sight. Don't worry. I'll make it painless...
I-No: あーあー見てらんないね。?
Oh, brother. I can't help watching this.
Eddie: ギョォォォォ!?
I-No: 役に立たねぇ野郎だ。共倒れどころか傷もつけてねぇ。?
What a worthless creature. I wanted you to kill each other, and you didn't even hurt her.
Millia: そっかやっぱりね。手配書もエディもあなたの差し金だったってわけ??
I knew it was you who was behind this. The contracts and Eddie were both your doing, I assume?
I-No: く、く、く。虫けらどもが潰し合うのを見るのが楽しみでね。?
Heheheh. It's so much fun to watch the little bugs squash each other.
Millia: お礼を言うわ。色々、不愉快なことがあったけど……。あなたを倒せばすっきり眠れそう。?
I give you my thanks. I've experienced much trouble because of all this. But I have a feeling that if I just defeat you, I can finally sleep in peace.
I-No: ほざくな、色ボケがっ!?
Oh you're gonna sleep in peace, alright!
Ending 3
Millia: ふぅっ。これで全部、終わったかな。復讐なんて終わってみると虚しいものね……。まぁ最初からわかってはいたことだけど。おやすみ、ザトー。多分これからもあなたを忘れることはできない。アサシンのミリアは常にあなたと共にあるわ。あなたは私を救い、育て、汚し、そして愛した。だから、これはあなたのもの。ふふ、身が軽くなったわ。風が……吹いてる。いい風ね。さぁ、これからどこへ向かおうかしら??
Phew. It's finally over. Revenge sure leaves one feeling empty when it's finally done. Not that I expected anything more. Rest in peace, Zato. I'll never forget you. The assassin Millia will always be with you. You saved me, raised me, dirtied my soul... and loved me. So this is yours. Heh... I feel as if I've finally been freed from a heavy burden. Ahh, the wind... What a pleasant breeze. Well, then... Where shall I go from here?


Report ♯5470

終戦管理局報告書:第5470号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #5470
Name: Axl=Low? Axl Low
Height: 179cm? 5'10"
Weight: 78kg? 172 lbs.
Birthday: 12/25? Dec. 25
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Human/English? Human/English
Subject claims to have jumped into this era from the 20th century. Although this claim is unsubstantiated, he is confirmed to carry certain vital information on past events.
His skill with fire helped him earn a spot in the second Sacred Knights tournament.
秘匿情報の独占を守るためにも、当該個体の早期獲得と情報抽出が必要とされる。 それを考慮して、危険度認定はA+ とする。?
Considering his high physical strength and the danger his unfettered knowledge presents, he should be handled with extreme caution.
Risk Rating: A+

Possible answers

Axl: 「今日もいいことありそうだ!」?
"Looks like it's gonna be another good day!"
Axl: お、いい女……。そこのカノジョ。綺麗な髪じゃん??
Whoa, what a babe... Hey, girl! That's some pretty hair!
I-No: それって誘ってるつもり??
Are you trying to hit on me?
Axl: そのしとやかな黒髪と挑発的なボディ!キミとはゆっくり話し合ってみたいなぁ。?
That elegant black hair! That seductive body! I'd like to take some time to get to know you better.
I-No: ふふ、いいわよ。じっくり教えてあげる。?
Heh heh, okay... I'll teach you all there is to know.
[Fight ensues.]
Axl: どうよ、俺の腕前は?つきあう気になった??
Well, what did you think? Will you go out with me now?
I-No: 悪いけど、まだまだね。それと、先約があるの。?
Sorry, you've still got plenty to learn. Besides, I've already got someone.
Axl: ちなみにそれ、どんなヤツ??
And who would that be?
I-No: ソルって男、知ってる??
You ever heard of a man named Sol?
Axl: なぁんだダンナのお知り合いだったの?どうりでお強い……。?
Oh, so that's it. You're friends with him? No wonder you're so strong...
I-No: 会ったら伝えといて。イノが探してたって。?
If you run into him, tell him I-no's looking for him.
Axl: はいはい……。?
VS Sol
Axl: はぁー。か弱い女性ってなもう時代遅れなのかねぇ。おっ旦那。いいところで。?
Sigh. I guess there just aren't any calm, gentle women around these days. Oh, hey. Good timing.
Sol: 何だぁ??
What is it?
Axl: いや、ほんのちょっと前、ダンナの知り合いに会ってさ。なんかダンナを探してたよ。赤い服と赤い帽子のじゃじゃ馬。?
I happened to run into an acquaintance of yours just now. She seemed to be looking for you. A woman in red... Not half bad, either.
Sol: ……どこへ行った??
...Where did she go?
Axl: っと、その前に、一手お手合わせどう??
Hold on there! How 'bout a quick match first?
Sol: ちっ。しゃぁねぇな。?
Geh. Whatever.

Axl Path 1

VS Anji
Axl: ダンナの知り合いか……あの剣幕からして、やっぱ「あの男」の関係かね。?
So she's a friend of Sol's... Considering her attitude, I bet she's involved with 'that man' as well.
Anji: あ、「あの男」ってな、「あの男」のことかい??
Oh? By 'that man,' do you mean... 'that man?'
Axl: いきなりだな、おい。闇慈……だったっけ?アンタも変なもの追ってるとソルのダンナに焼き殺されるぜ。?
Where the heck did you come from? Anji, right? If you go getting involved as well... You'll get fried to a crisp by Sol!
Anji: なぁに、そいつは承知の上よ。それより、その鎖がまの腕は上がったかい??
Bah, I'm not worried about him. But enough about that. Have you gotten any better with that chain and sickle of yours?
Axl: 見たけりゃ見せてやるよ。そらっ!?
You really want to know? Here, let me show you!
VS Baiken
Baiken: テメェか、やつを追ってるのは。?
So it's you. The one who's chasing him...
Axl: まぁね。ちょいとワケアリでね。?
Ah, well, I've got my reasons.
Baiken: 悪ぃが、あいつは俺の獲物だ。?
Sorry, but I'm afraid he's MY prey.
Axl: え、えものってどうすんの??
What do you mean 'prey'? What are you going to do with him?
Baiken: 斬る。?
Kill him.
Axl: まてまて、そりゃ困る。そりゃぁ困る。?
Whoa, whoa, wait just a second. I can't let you do that.
Baiken: アレに味方するってのか?なら容赦しねぇぞ??
Oh, so now you're on his side? In that case, I'll spare you no mercy either.
Axl: まいったな。別に味方するわけじゃ……。?
Ah... argh. It's not that I'm on his side...
Baiken: 違うなら、三つ数える内にさっさと消えな。三、ニ、一……。?
In that case, you'd better disappear before I count to three. One... two... three!
VS Johnny
Axl: ふぅ、ふぅ……。ここまでくりゃ大丈夫か。今日はついてないねぇ。?
Huff, huff... I think this is far enough. Man, this is just not my day.
Johnny: おいアクセル?なぁんでおまえまでこんなところに来てるの??
Yo, Axl. What are you doing here?
Axl: よっ。ジョニーの団長。ちょいと人探しでね。?
Yo, Johnny. I'm just lookin' around for a certain someone.
Johnny: おまえひょっとして赤い服の女楽師を見たか??
Did you happen to come across a female musician in red clothes?
Axl: 見た見た。いい女だった。?
Oh yeah, I saw her! She's quite the babe...
Johnny: 悪いこた言わんから、忘れて帰れ。?
I'll be straight with you. Forget about all this and go home.
Axl: そういうわけには……。?
Uhh... I can't really do that...
Johnny: いくんだな、これが。……そのうち埋め合わせはしてやるからな。?
I was afraid you'd say that. ...Sorry, man. I'll make up for this sometime.
Axl: ひどっ!?
What the?! Hey!!
VS Testament
Axl: どんだけヤバイか知らないがみんな心狭すぎ!?
I don't know how dangerous this guy really is, but everyone is giving me way too hard of a time!
Testament: それは面白い見解だな。?
That's an interesting point of view.
Axl: で、でたっ!?
Aaarrgh! It's a ghost!
Testament: これより先に行くなら、私より、もっと忌まわしい者を見ることになるぞ??
If you continue down the path you now travel... You'll run into something far more abominable than myself.
Axl: な、なに??
Testament: やめておけ。人の子には過ぎた運命よ。?
Turn back now. It's not the kind of fate a mere mortal can handle.
Axl: 運命ってのはよく知らんけどさ。誰でも一度くらいは約束ってやつをするだろ。?
I don't know anything about fate. But everyone makes a promise at least once in their lives.
Testament: 時は過ぎ、言葉は虚しくなるものだ。?
Time passes, and words lose their meaning.
Axl: そりゃ真実かもしれんけどね。そゆこと言ってるとモテないよ?俺は、めぐみのところへ帰る。絶対にな。そう約束したんだ。自分にな。いつか治療法が見つかったらお邪魔しますよ。?
That may be the way things really are, but... With an attitude like that, you'll never be popular with the ladies. I'll make it back to Megumi. No matter what. That's the promise I made. To myself!
Axl: 忌まわしいもの……忌まわしいものねぇ。何だろ??
'Abominable' eh? Abominable... Wonder what he meant.
I-No: テメェかよ!?
It's you!
Axl: よぉ、カノジョ。また会ったね。きっと僕たちの間には小指に赤い糸が……。?
Oh, hey babe. Looks like we meet again. We must be bound by invisible threads of fate...
I-No: せっかく張った網をめちゃくちゃにしやがって……。?
You ruined the perfect trap I'd laid.
Axl: 網?なんのこと??
Trap? Huh?
I-No: もういいっ。テメェの首だけもらってやる。?
Forget it. But I won't let you get away without paying for it!
Axl: ちょっ!待っ!わぁっ!?
Whoa!! Wait! Hey!!
Axl: 姉さん、落ち着いてよ。?
Babe, settle down!
That Man: 部下が迷惑をかけたようだな。?
Looks like my subordinate has been causing you some trouble.
Axl: アンタが……ソルのダンナの知り合いかい??
Are you... one of Sol's acquaintances?
That Man: そんなところだ。私に用があるのだろう??
Something like that. I hear you want to speak with me?
Axl: あ、俺、こう見えてもタイムスリップ体質ってやつでさ。どうにかしたいんだが。アンタもそうなんだろ??
I know it sounds crazy, but... I seem to randomly slip through time. I want to do something about it. I heard you have the same problem.
That Man: いや、私はただ少し長生きなだけだ。時空を超えることはできんよ。?
Ahh, not so. I'm afraid I've just been alive a little bit longer than most. I don't have any ability to travel through time.
Axl: あちゃー、そうなの?医者に聞いたらさぁ。俺の「どういつそんざい」ってのがいて、それが原因だって。?
No way! Are you serious? I asked a doctor about it, you know? And he said it was caused by the existence of an 'other me.'
That Man: ああ、それならば心当たりがある。レイヴン??
Ahh... Now that, I may be familiar with. Raven?
Raven: おまえが……私の。?
So you're my...
Axl: ……まずい、なんか飛びそうな感じ。?
...Whoa. I feel like I'm about to slip any second!
That Man: 当然だ。同一存在同士が近づけば斥力が働く。この時空に、二人の君がいる。そのせいで、片方は一ヵ所に留まれない。片方は消えることができない。?
Of course. When two identical existences approach, they naturally repel each other. The two of you are together in the same time and space. Because of that, one of you cannot stay. And the other one can never disappear.
Axl: いいいったい、どうしてそうなったのよ??
How in the world did things wind up like this?
Raven: おまえがそれを言うのか??
I can't believe you can ask that!
That Man: ああ、もとはといえば、それは君のせいだ……?
Yes. After all, it IS your fault...
Axl: えっ!何それ!うわぁっ!?
What? What does that mean?! Uwaaaaahh!!
That Man: ……もっとも、まだ先のことだがな。?
...Of course, it hasn't actually happened yet.

Axl Path 2

After Testament in Path 1:

VS Zappa
Axl: すっかり遅くなったな。さぁて忌まわしいものって何が出てくるのかね。?
It's getting late. I wonder what this 'abominable' thing is gonna be all about...
Zappa: ねぇ、そこの旅の人。?
Pardon me, traveler.
Axl: ん?どうしたんだい??
Yeah? What's up?
Zappa: ファウストというお医者様を……。?
Could you help me find a doctor named Faust...?
Axl: あのヤブになんか用??
What, that wacko? What do ya need from him?
Zappa: ……末代まで祟ってくれるぅ!?
Axl: ……あー、こりゃ忌まわしいわ。?
...Ah, yeah. This is pretty abominable, alright.
Axl: 生きてる??
Still alive?
Zappa: ……。?
Axl: 気弱そうな顔してんじゃん。どういうことすりゃここまで恨まれるのかねぇ。……あいつ、今頃何してるかな?俺のこと恨んでるかな?めぐみ……。?
You don't look so tough now. I wonder what this guy did to draw such hatred from that girl? ...Speaking of girls, I wonder what she's doing right now. Does she hate me, too? Megumi...

Axl Path 3

Axl: ダンナの知り合いか……あの剣幕からして、やっぱ「あの男」の関係かね。しとやかでいい女ってのはこの時代にいないのこね。あれ、いたいた。おーい。?
So she's a friend of Sol's... Considering her attitude, I bet she's involved with 'that man' as well. Aren't there any nice, sweet babes in this time period? Oh, hey, there she is now. Hey!
I-No: 誰だぁ??
Who are you?
Axl: 誰はないだろ、誰は。アクセル様だよ。ダンナなら……。?
What do you mean, who am I? It's me, Axl! If you're looking for Sol, he's...
I-No: なにタメ口きいてんだよ?潰すぞ??
How dare you speak to me like that! I'll squash you!
Axl: え、ちょっと!?
Eh?! Hey!
VS Sol
Axl: あぁひどい目に遭った。どうしたってんだよ。?
Man, this just isn't my day. What in the world is going on?
Sol: こんなとこで何してやがる??
What are you doing here?
Axl: 何してるも何も。?
Huh? You shouldn't have to ask that.
Sol: 何だと??
Axl: ダンナの追ってる赤い服の女。?
The woman in red clothes you're chasing.
Sol: ……どこで知った??
...How do you know about that?
Axl: え??
Sol: なぜ……俺がイノを追ってるとわかった??
How'd you know I was looking for I-no?
Axl: だって、さっき聞いたじゃん。?
Um, 'cause I just heard about it earlier?
Sol: 盗み聞きか?見損なったぜ。?
So you've been eavesdropping, eh? Hmph. I thought better of you.
Axl: なぁんでこうなるの!?
What the...??
VS Sol (loop)
Axl: あぁひどい目に遭った。どうしたってんだよ。……これ、さっきも言ったな。なんだかイヤな予感。?
Man, this just isn't my day. What in the world is going on? ...I just said that, didn't I? I've got a bad feeling about this...
Sol: こんなとこで何してやがる??
What are you doing here?
Axl: やっぱりだ!時間を戻ってるんだ!?
I knew it! I'm going back in time!
Sol: 何だと??
Axl: 何が原因なんだ?いったい、いつからこうなったんだ??
What's causing this? When the heck did it start?
Sol: ごちゃごちゃうるせぇ!?
Stop spouting nonsense already!
VS Axl
Axl: ソルのダンナはパワーがでかいからな。そこに俺っちの奥義がぶつかって、そのせいで時間が巻き戻ったのかな。なら、これで元にもどる……といいなぁ。おーいダンナ~。よしよし、いないな。?
Sol's pretty powerful and all... I wonder if maybe, when my moves collided with his... it caused me to travel back? If that's the case, maybe I can get back home this way... Hey, Sol! Well, looks like he's not here.
Future Axl: (わっ!)?
Axl: うわぁっ!脅かすなよっ……って、俺??
Ack!! Don't do that! ...Hey, it's me!
Axl: そうそう、ちょいと未来からね。?
Yep, from a little ways into the future.
Future Axl: 長居は出来ないんだが、ちょっと顔を見たかったんだ。さ、構えな。?
What do I want with me? I can't stay for long -- I just needed to speak with you real quick. You ready for a match?
Axl: よぉし!手ぇ抜くなよ!?
You're on! Don't hold back!
Axl: で、話って何よ??
So, what was it you wanted to tell me?
Future Axl: ……まぁ、何だ。その色々あって心細いと思うが。気を落とさないで頑張れよってな。?
...Well, it's just, I'm sure you're feeling down, what with all that's happened and all, but don't let it get to you.
Axl: 俺は気なんか落としたことないぜ??
Hey, I don't ever let it get to me.
Future Axl: 隠したって無駄だぜ。こっちは覚えてるんだからな。?
It's no use trying to hide it. I have your memory.
Axl: ……そりゃそうか。何だかやりにくいな。?
...Oh, yeah. Hrm, kinda hard to talk to you, heh.
Future Axl: あきらめなきゃ、最後はハッピーになれるぜ。俺が言うんだから間違いない。?
As long as you don't give up, you'll get to your happy ending. I'm saying it, so you know it's true!
Axl: そりゃ、いい知らせだ。なぁ、まためぐみに会えるのかな??
Well, that's good news. So... will I get to see Megumi again?
Future Axl: あんまり詳しいことは言えないんでね。まぁ、俺を信用しとけ。じゃぁそろそろ帰るぜ。?
I'm afraid I can't give you any details. Just trust me, alright? Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get going.
Axl: そうか……会えてよかったぜ、俺。?
I see... Well, pleased to have met you, Axl.
Future Axl: ああ、俺もな。?
Me too, Axl!
Axl: よし、いっちょ頑張るか!?
Alright then! Time to get going!


Report ♯3360

終戦管理局報告書:第3360号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #3360
Name: Testament? Testament
Height: 185cm? 6'1"
Weight: 73kg? 161 lbs.
Birthday: 5/9? Mar. 9
Blood Type: UNAPPLIABLE? Unanalyzable
Race: Swisser? Gear/Swiss
One of the few humanoid Gears, and one of the few Gears to retain a sense of self after the Gear cell-grafting process. He became an enemy of the human race after aligning with Justice.
Subject organized the first Sacred Knights tournament in an attempt to revive Justice.
Currently, he is still evading capture.
One account mentions a link with Commander Gear Dizzy, but this has yet to be confirmed.
His pure hatred of man and incalculable power make him one of the most dangerous living beings on Earth at the present time. He should be viewed as a major threat.
Risk Rating: S

Human failure

Testament: 「薄汚い人間どもが!」?
"Damn dirty humans!"
VS May
Testament: ここが……ジェリーフィッシュか。……騒がしいな。?
So this is the Jellyfish... [Explosion.] ...Certainly is noisy.
May: ……痛たたた。?
Ow ow ow...
Testament: どうした。ディズィーはどこだ??
What's wrong? Where is Dizzy?
May: あっ!どうして、おじさんまでこんなところに?もしかしてあいつとグル??
Ahh! How did you make it in here? You aren't in cahoots with her, are you?
Testament: 非礼を詫びる間もなく濡れ衣を着せるか。少々甘やかされすぎているようだな。?
Without even pausing to apologize for your rudeness, you're already accusing me of false offenses? You've been spoiled a little too much, young lady.
May: なんだとー??
Testament: やはり、しつけが必要か。?
I think it's time for a little disciplinary action.
VS Johnny
Johnny: そこまでにしときな?
You'd better quit while you're ahead.
Testament: 教育が行き届いてないぞ。?
You've done a poor job of raising her.
Johnny: ……連絡もせずに乗り込んでくるお前が悪い!?
...It's your fault for barging in here without telling anyone!
Testament: 神出鬼没が信条でな。?
I prefer to show up... unannounced.
Johnny: ま、せっかく来たんだから……と言いたいところだが取り込み中でな。あとにしてくれ。?
...Well, I'd like to welcome you with open arms... But we're all in kind of a tizzy right now, so could you come back later?
Testament: この有様を見ればわかるが……。おまえに預けたあいつはどうしている??
I think I already know the answer to my question, but... What happened to the person I allowed you to keep here?
Johnny: ……それが……ちょっとな。?
...Welllll... You know, this and that.
Testament: どうしているかと聞いている!?
I said, what happened to her?!
VS Venom
Testament: 行方不明だと?所詮、人間など信頼に足る存在ではなかったということか。?
She's missing? This is what I get for entrusting her with a group of mere humans.
Venom: ……ここにいれば会えると思っていた。?
...I figured I'd find you here.
Testament: 貴様は確かアサシンの……。何のつもりだか知らぬが殺人の技では私は殺せぬぞ。?
...You're that bastard from the Assassins' Guild. I don't know what you want from me... But you're going to need more than stealth to defeat me.
Venom: ……だからいい。人ならぬ者を殺す技。その実験台になってもらおう。?
...That's not a problem. You'll make a fine experiment. I've always wanted to try killing someone who isn't human.
Testament: 愚かしい真似を……。?
Soon you'll regret that foolish desire...
VS Axl
Testament: 人は、戦い、殺すことしか考えられぬのか??
Do people think nothing but war and killing anymore?
Axl: あれ……やっぱりアンタも来てたのかい??
Hey...Looks like you're here after all, huh?
Testament: やっぱり、とは何だ??
What do you mean, after all?
Axl: いや、ダンナもいるし「あの男」も来てるし、その関係かな、と。?
Well, I mean, Sol's here, 'that man' is here... I figured it's probably all related somehow...
Testament: ……ソルに「あの男」だと??
...Sol and 'that man' are here?
Axl: ……あ、知らなかったんなら今のナシ。ってダメ??
...Oh, you didn't know? Uhh, how about you just forget what I just said, okay?
Testament: その話、少し詳しく聞かせてもらおう。?
No, how about you tell me a little more instead?

Testament Path 1

VS Potemkin
Testament: 人間ごときにてこずったな。……しかし、どういうことだ?なぜ「あの男」が絡む??
These humans are far too much trouble for me. But still.... Why did 'that man' get involved in all of this?
Potemkin: 止まれ。あのギアは貴様の手元を離れたのだろう??
Halt. That Gear has left your custody, hasn't she?
Testament: ふん、人間風情に任せておけばこの有様だ。ディズィーはもう一度取り戻す。?
Hmph... This is what I get for entrusting her to humans. I'm going to take Dizzy back for the last time.
Potemkin: 遺憾なこととは思うが、ここは……?
While I regret your unexpected loss, I'm afraid that Zepp...
Testament: ツェップがしゃしゃりでる幕ではない!?
Zepp has no business meddling in this affair!
VS Anji
Testament: ……また繰り返しか。人の目に映るギアは道具に過ぎぬ。身に過ぎた権益を追い求め、もろともに滅びる。?
So, history repeats itself once more... People see Gears as nothing but tools. They long after power too great for their own bodies and end up destroying themselves.
Anji: いいこというねぇ。ま、そういうヤツばかりでもないと思うけどな。?
Well said, there. Though I gotta say... We're not all like that, you know.
Testament: ……そう、さもなくば貴様のようなやつだ。知識のための知識を求め悲劇に向かう力を笑って解き放つ輩だ。こをどくがいい!?
...No. At least, people like you aren't. Pursuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge... You cheerfully unleash unforeseen tragedy into the world. Now get out of here before you do it again!
VS Johnny
Dizzy: ……。?
Testament: どうした?しっかりしろ!……何が、あった??
What's wrong? Hang on! ...Did something happen to you?
Johnny: ……一足、遅かった。犯人は、斬った。?
...You're a little late. I already killed the one responsible for this.
Testament: ……。?
Johnny: すまん……この通りだ。?
Sorry... I did what I could.
Testament: 生まれてからずっと人に虐げられたあいつが……それでも人を信じた。その返礼がこれか!今わかった。人は、悪しか生まぬ、と。ギアとはその悪を滅ぼす鉄槌であったのだ。?
All her life, this girl has received nothing but abuse from the human race... But she still believed in them with all her heart. Look at what it got her! Now I know for sure. Humans are bred for nothing but evil. The Gears exist to deliver pain and defeat to this supreme evil.
Johnny: 卑怯な言い方だが……あの娘は、そんなことを望んでいないはずだ。?
I know this sounds mean... but I don't think that's what she wants out of life.
Testament: ディズィーは死んだ!?
Dizzy is dead!
Johnny: ……そうか。だがな、穢れてようがなんだろうが。人として今のお前は見逃せねぇ。?
...Is that so. I know we're supposed to be dirty humans and all that... But as a person, I can't let you get away now.
Testament: 安心しろ。私も見逃すつもりはない。地獄に堕ちるのは貴様からだ!?
Don't worry. I have no intention of letting you go anywhere, either... Because in just a few moments, you're going straight to hell!
Johnny: ぐっ、ふっ。?
Oooh... Ugh.
Testament: 己の悪業を悔いるがいい。?
Feel the pain for what you have done, human!
May: ジョニー!?
Johnny: くっ……。おまえら、逃げろ。!?
Ooooh... Get away! All of you!
Testament: ……ディズィー、しばらく耳をふさいでいてくれ。いずれ静寂が戻る。そうしたら、あの森に帰ろう。おまえが好きだった、あの森に。森の囁きに木々の葉擦れ。そんなものに囲まれて我らは憩うとしよう。さぁ叫べ!逃げまどえ!海原の果てから天の彼方まで人という人を焼き尽くしてくれる。それこそが我らの生まれた訳なのだから!?
...Dizzy, cover your eyes for a little while. The world will return to tranquility soon... And then we can finally return to the forest. The forest that you loved so much. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the trees... We'll be surrounded by it once more. Go ahead, humans! Scream! Run for your lives! From the edges of the ocean to the boundaries of heaven... You'll all be burned away soon. That's the reason we were put on this earth!

Testament Path 2

After Potemkin in Path 1:

VS Slayer
Slayer: ほう、そやつを一撃で仕留めるとはなかなかの腕。?
Well, well, well... You must have some skill if you can defeat him with just one hit.
Testament: ……何者だ??
...Who are you?
Slayer: かつて人類の天敵だった者さ。?
Oh, just a former enemy of the entire human race.
Testament: 異種か。人類の天敵が何故滅ぶ??
A Nightwalker... If you were really the humans' enemy, why were you all destroyed?
Slayer: ふむ。心当たりがないかね?人が己の天敵を自ら生み出したからだよ。我らの後継者に挨拶を、と思ってな。?
Can't you guess? It's because the humans gave birth to their own worst enemy. I just figured I'd drop by and pay my respects to our successors.
Testament: 老いたる吸血鬼よ。繰り言は控えられよ。私には火急の任務があるのだ。?
Don't waste your breath on me, ancient vampire. I have far more pressing concerns on my mind.
Slayer: 若いの。先達の誘いを無碍にするもんじゃぁない。さぁ、かかってこい!?
Listen, kid, you shouldn't treat the invitations of your predecessors so lightly. Come on, let's go!
[Fight ensues.]
Testament: これで満足か、ご老体??
Are you satisfied now, old man?
Slayer: うむ。褒美に一つ教えてやろう。貴様をギアに変えた組織……またぞろ動き始めたぞ。?
Mmm. I'll tell you one more thing as a reward. The organization that turned you into a Gear... It's starting to function again.
Testament: ……まさか。終戦管理局は解体されたはずだ。?
...You're kidding me! I thought the Postwar Administration Bureau was taken apart.
Slayer: いずれ、わかる……。?
Oh, you'll learn the truth eventually...
Testament: つかみどころのない男だ……。?
Why must he be so damn mysterious...
VS Sol
Sol: ……どけ。?
...Not you again.
Testament: しつこい男だ。なぜおまえはギアを狩る??
Well, you're an obstinate one. Why are you still hunting down Gears?
Sol: 知ったことじゃねぇな。?
Why the hell should you care?
Testament: あくまで無頼を気取るか。その目を覚まさせてやる。?
Still playing the lone swordsman role, are you? Let me open up those eyes for you.
Sol: ちっ。テメェとやりあってる場合じゃねぇ。?
Sigh, I don't have time to be messing with you.
Testament: ……ならばこの件から手を引け。?
...Then why don't you get out of my affairs?
Sol: ……それじゃ同じだろがっ。?
...YOU need to get out of MINE.
Testament: そもそも貴様の目的はなんだ??
What are you doing here, anyway?
Sol: ……「あの男」が動いた。?
...'That man' has returned.
Testament: ギア・メーカーがか?それを先に言え。?
The Gearmaker? Why didn't you say so earlier?
Sol: ……ヤツは渡さん。?
...I'm not handing him over to you.
Testament: ふん、勝手にしろ。ギア・メーカーといい終戦管理局といい……なぜ、この時期に??
Hmph. Whatever. The Gearmaker, the Postwar Administration Bureau... Why is everyone moving at the same time?
Sol: さぁな。だが同じ過ちは……?
Who knows. Just remember this: This mistake...
Testament: 繰り返すわけにはいかぬ、か。ふむ。貴様を屠るのはその後だな。?
...Cannot be made again, right? Hmph. I'll beat you down after I'm done with the others.
Sol: 言ってろ。あばよ。?
Just try it. Later.
Testament: フ、空言で終わるつもりはないぞ。だが、その時までは、さらばだ。我が……修羅なる友よ……。?
Pfft. I didn't want to end this without finishing you off, but... Farewell. Until the time comes. ...My friend of war.

Testament Path 3

I-No: ちぃっ!なんてぇパワーだい。?
Bah! That girl's too damn powerful!
Testament: 待て。女、どこへいく??
Stop right there, woman. Where are you going?
I-No: 化け物には化け物の連れ合いってわけかよ!?
Hah! So you two monsters hang out together, huh?
Testament: 貴様……あの娘に何をした??
You.... What did you do to the girl?
I-No: 腐れギアがいっちょまえに人間面してたから本性引きずり出してやったんだよ。見ろよ!あれがテメェのお姫様の実態だぜ!?
That stupid Gear was trying to pretend she was human... So I just dragged out her true form. Have a look! Here's what your lovely princess really looks like!
Testament: 耳も目も腐っているようだな。あれは彼女の悲鳴だ。無垢なるが故に人を傷つける時に涙と血を流すのだ。笑いながら痛みを貪る人間よ!化け物は貴様のほうだ!?
Your ears and eyes must have rotted away. That was merely her call for help. Her pure innocence makes her cry and bleed in the heat of battle... And you feast on her pain for your own amusement! YOU are the real monster!
I-No: はっ。泣き言を言うギアかよ。こりゃケッサクだぜ!?
Hah! A Gear, complaining to me about life... This is absolutely hilarious!
VS Dizzy
Dizzy (Necro): KYOOOOOH!?
Testament: 大丈夫だ。涙をおさめるがいい。おまえの怒りも悲しみも全て受け止めてやる。この命、ある限りな。?
It's alright. You can hold back your tears. I'll take in all your anger and sadness... As long as I have the ability to do so.
Dizzy: あれ、私……これは夢なんですか??
Huh...? Is this a dream?
Testament: 悪夢はもう終わった。?
Your nightmare is over.
Dizzy: テスタメントさんが……どうして??
Testament? How did you get here...?
Testament: 心配して来てみたらこのざまだ。?
I was worried about you. When I came up to check up, this was how it looked.
Dizzy: ごめんなさい。?
I'm sorry.
Testament: なに、おまえを責めているわけではない。人間におまえを託した己が愚かしいだけだ。?
No, I'm not blaming you for anything. It was my fault for letting these humans take you in.
Dizzy: あの……ジェリーフィッシューの人も悪気はなかったんです。船から落ちたのも私の不注意ですし……。?
But... The people in Jellyfish, they really aren't bad. I just lost my balance when I fell off the ship...
Testament: ……おまえは、森の外に出て、幸せだったか??
...Are you happy now, living outside the forest?
Dizzy: ええ。面白い人ばっかりで。?
Yes! Everyone's so fun to be with.
Testament: そうか……。もし何か、つらいことがあればいつでも戻ってこい。あの森は、おまえのために守っておく。?
I see... Well, if you run into anything, you can come back to me anytime. I'll still be protecting the forest for you.
Dizzy: ありがとうございます。つらくはないですけど……あの……。時々、遊びに行ってもいいですか??
Thanks... I appreciate it. I'm not sad or anything, but... Would you mind if I came to visit every now and then?
Testament: む?乗組員達が来たようだな。私は消えたほうがよさそうだ。?
Hmm? It looks like your friends are here. I'd best be leaving soon.
Dizzy: せっかくだから、挨拶していきませんか??
Why don't you say hello to them? You've come all the way here...
Testament: 挨拶なら先刻済ませた。?
That's alright. I've already taken care of the greetings.
Dizzy: え?え??
Testament: さらばだ。達者で暮らすがいい。?
Farewell. Take care of yourself. [Leaves.]
Dizzy: あのぉ!テスタメントさーん!ほんとに遊びに行きますからねー!?
Wait! Testament! I'll come visit you soon, okay?!
May: あ、いたいた!?
Hey, there you are!
April: ね、このエイプリル様の目を信じてよかったでしょ??
See? I told you to trust me!
Dizzy: メイ、それにエイプリルまで!?
May! And April, too!
May: みんな心配してたんだよ。さ、帰ろ!?
Everyone's worried about you! C'mon, let's go!
Dizzy: ありがとう、みんな。そして……ありがとう、テスタメントさん。?
Thanks, you guys. [To herself.] And thanks... Testament.


Report ♯6661

終戦管理局報告書:第6661号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #6661
Name: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) Justice
Height: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) 7'7"
Weight: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) 487 lbs.
Birthday: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) Sep. 2
Blood Type: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) Unknown
Race: ! (Invalid use of Template:J) Gear/Unknown
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
A fully sentient Gear, and the instigator of the holy war between Gears and humans.
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Most Gears are programmed to destroy everything in their path. Some humanoid Gears, though, can acquire the ability to reason.
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
In addition to its sentience, Justice held the power to control every Gear in existence, no matter their origin. This made Justice the only 'complete' Gear man has ever created.
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Sealed in another dimnesion, it managed to escape but was soon destroyed by Sol Badguy.
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
As such, a risk assessment is unnecessary.
Risk Rating: None

Last battle

Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
"My mission... is genocide."
That Man: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Him... and you. I curse my powerlessness. But there is no other way.
VS Kliff
Kliff: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
How many times have we met like this?
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Kliff: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Excellent. Let us make today the last day of the Crusades!
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
How can you think you can win with that aging body?
Kliff: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Because there are others who will take my place. That is the strength that we humans have.
Ky: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Master Kliff!
Kliff: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
There are those who can carry on both my technique and my spirit.
Ky: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
You! Justice!
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
You show a good spirit in your eyes. The pretty eyes of someone who knows nothing yet but battle.
Ky: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
What nonsense!
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
...Of course, I still have no intention of losing to you.
VS Sol
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
...That was a merciless enemy. Mankind is blessed with much greater skills as a fighting species than mere Gears. Or perhaps, it was for precisely that reason that they created us. To provide a release for their urge to fight, instead of destroying each other. ...If that were true, it would be the ultimate irony. Don't you agree, Immoral Flame?
Sol: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
...I've heard enough of your ramblings. Prepare yourself!
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Hmm... That mark on your forehead... You're... a Gear, aren't you. A surviving humanoid Gear that I was unaware of. Now this is a surprise. Very well, then. Join with me and revel in destruction!
Sol: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Justice: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
[Clash.] ...How dare you! Why do you disobey my orders?!
Sol: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
[Clash.] You can ponder that in hell!
[Fade to black.]
That Man: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Eventually, heaven and earth will fall, and man and beast will be no more. If this succeeds... You will surely be known as the greatest traitor of all time. I have no right to apologize to you. All I can do is pray. Frederick... You are the world's only hope...
[Fade to black.]
Ky: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
...What in the world is this? Justice is losing power? This fire and lava... It must be... Attention, all support units! The time has come to engage and seal away Justice!
[Fade to black.]
Narrator: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
After a hundred years, two pillars of hope met on the battlefield. In the year 2175, with the sealing of Justice, the Crusades finally came to an end. Once again, mankind began to walk along the road to peace. Still, even to this day... There are very few who know the truth... About the bloody tragedy that stood behind those fateful events.


Report ♯2043

終戦管理局報告書:第2043号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #2043
Name: Baiken? Baiken
Height: 162cm? 5'4"
Weight: 45kg? 99 lbs.
Birthday: 3/5? Mar. 5
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Japanese? Human/Japanese
Subject is a Japanese woman on the run from the authorities. She is still deeply traumatized from the loss of her parents during the war.
All of her movements revolve around her ultimate goal of revenge. Her current target is the one she regards as the creator of the Gears.
Although her skill with a Japanese sword is great, she is no match for our military might.
Additionally, her desire for revenge makes her easy to control. Even if she manages to find the Gears' creator, it would only help our mission.
She should not be viewed as a serious threat.
Risk Rating: C

Avenging obsession

Baiken: 「逃がしゃしねぇよっ、斬!」?
"You can't escape. Die!"
I-No: 若い身空で復習の旅?流行らないわね。?
A journey of revenge at such a young age? That'll never catch on.
Baiken: テメェ、何モンだ??
Who the hell are you?
I-No: …店あら、あんまり若くもないみたいね。?
...Hrm, never mind. You're not so young after all.
Baiken: ツベコベ言ってっと叩っ斬っぞ!?
If you keep talking like that, I'll cut you to pieces!
I-No: 嬉しいわね。そのたくましい腕で可愛がってちょうだい!?
Oh, would you? Show me what you can do with those strong arms of yours!
VS Robo-Ky
I-No: ふぅ、気持ちよかった。?
Ahh.. That felt so good.
Baiken: ……ちっ、手加減はしてねぇつもりだが?
Grrr. You should be in pieces.
I-No: でも、その程度じゃあの人には会えないわよ。?
But you'll never be able to meet That Man at your level of skill.
Baiken: ……畜生、待ちやがれ!?
...Damn you! Wait! Come back here!
Robo-Ky: 待ツノハ貴様ダ!?
Baiken: ん?警察……のまがいもんか??
Hmm? A... fake police officer?
Robo-Ky: マガイモノト呼ブナ!?
VS Zappa
Robo-Ky: キノウテイシ……ショキカショリ……エラーハッセイ!エラーハッセイ!?
Baiken: ちっ、手間ぁ取らせやがって。?
What a waste of my time.
Zappa: そ、そ、そこのお武家様??
Ex-excuse me. Miss samurai?
Baiken: 武家じゃねぇよ、なんだい??
I'm not a samurai. What do you want?
Zappa: この近くにファウストというお医者様がいると……?
I've heard there was a doctor named Faust somewhere around here...
Baiken: あの妖怪医者か?テメェも物好きだな……?
That demon doctor? You're a strange one, are't you...
Zappa: ど、ど、どこですか?早くしないと……うらめしぃぃぃ!?
Wh-where is he? I have to hurry or... [possessed] Arg, arrrrrggghhhh!
Baiken: ……なるほどそういうわけか。妖怪医者にかかる道理だ。?
...I see. So that's it. No wonder he's trying to find that demon doctor.
VS Bridget
Bridget: そこをいくお姉さんちょっと待って下さい。?
You there, miss. Please wait a moment.
Baiken: 次から次へと……厄日か、今日は??
They keep coming one after another... This is turning out to be a bad day...
Bridget: 賞金首として、ウチのお縄にかかってください。?
There's a bounty on your head, so why don't you step over here and let me catch you?
Baiken: 今年は厄年だったか??
...More like a bad year.
[Fight ensues.]
Baiken: おら、とっとと消えな。若いうちからヤクザな仕事してっとロクな死に方しねぇぜ。?
Now get lost! If you get involved in that kind of work at your age... You'll just end up dying a pathetic death.
Bridget: 末路哀れは覚悟の上、ですよ。これでも芸人ですから。?
I'm prepared for my last days to be miserable. After all, I may not look like it, but I'm actually an actor.
Baiken: 芸人が人様襲ってんじゃねぇよ!?
Last I checked, actors don't go around attacking people!
VS Anji
Anji: よ、姐さんお久しぶり。?
Well, well. Long time no see.
Baiken: ……もっと末路哀れな野郎が来やがった。?
...Heh. Speaking of miserable.
Anji: いや「あの男」の行方を聞いたんでね。?
Uh... so, I got some info on where I might be able to find 'that man.'
Baiken: 赤い楽師の死なねぇ女か??
From the red musician woman who won't die?
Anji: や、一足遅かったみたいだな。?
Hrm. Looks like I'm a bit late.
Baiken: そういうことだ。さっさと消えろ、でねぇとロクな死に方しねぇぞ!?
You got that right. Now get lost. Or you'll end up dying a pathetic death too!

Baiken Path 1

VS Potemkin
Baiken: テメェがいると道が狭ぇんだよ!?
I can't get through with you in the way!
Potemkin: それは失礼した。だが退くわけにはいかぬ。この先に潜む赤い楽師、それを逮捕するのが我が使命だ。?
I apologize. However, I cannot back down. The red musician who lurks beyond here... I am under orders to arrest her.
Baiken: 嘘が下手だな。?
You're a poor liar.
Potemkin: 何だと??
Baiken: 心配そうな顔してるぜ。誰か人質に取られてんだろ??
Your face shows concern. Someone's being held hostage to force you to act, right?
Potemkin: そうだとしても貴殿の関知するところではない。?
Even if that were true, it's none of your business.
Baiken: まだるっこしぃ。俺が取り返して来るからそこを退きな!?
You're wasting my time! I'll rescue your damn hostage if it means you getting out of my way!
Baiken: ようやく追いついたぜ。手こずらせてくれたな。?
I finally made it. You've given me a lot of trouble.
I-No: そんなチンケな道具でアタシをヤレるつもりかい??
You're going to fight me with that wimpy weapon?
Baiken: 斬られたくらいじゃ死なねぇってか?そりゃご愁傷様。?
What, getting sliced into little pieces isn't enough to kill you? I pity you, then.
I-No: あぁん??
Baiken: 微塵に刻んでばらまいてやるよっ!?
I'll slash you into dust and scatter you to the winds!
I-No: 吹いてんじゃねぇよっ!?
Oh, whatever!
Baiken: そこの男、出てきな。?
You there. Show yourself.
That Man: 部下が失礼をしたようだ。?
Looks like my subordinate was being somewhat rude.
Baiken: やっぱりテメェだったか。その顔は忘れねぇ。?
I knew it was you. I'll never forget your face!
That Man: ……?
Baiken: 父上母上の仇討ちだ。楽に死ぬか苦しんで死ぬか。今すぐ選びな。?
You're going to pay for my parents' deaths! Do you want it quick? Or slow and painful? Take your pick.
That Man: 死は選択ではない、あきらめだ。私が選ぶ道は苦しんで生きることだ、今しばらくはな。?
Death is not a choice. Death is giving up. I choose to live, slowly and painfully. At least for now.
Baiken: 往生際が悪ぃぜっ!畜生っ!畜生っ!なぜ、殺した!なぜ、燃やした!?
Shut up and die like a man! [Block.] Dammit! Dammit! [Clash.] Why did you kill them?! Why did you burn them?!
That Man: 天にあっては神罰、人にあっては原罪、私にとっては……反逆だ。これくらいでいいだろう。?
For the heavens, it was divine punishment. For men, it was original sin. For me... It was rebellion. Surely that's enough. [Explosion.]
Baiken: ぐぅっ……?
That Man: いつか……いつか我が命が尽きる時汝の怒りが癒されんことを。……すまない。?
Someday... Someday, when my life finally ends, I pray that your anger will fade. ...I'm sorry.

Baiken Path 2

VS May
May: ばいけん...さんですか??
Miss Baiken, I presume?
Baiken: 気持ち悪い呼び方するねい。何の用だ、ちびっこいの??
You presume? What kind of weirdo talks like that? What do you want, little one?
May: あの……おはなしがあるんです。?
Miss, I have a matter I wish to discuss.
Baiken: あらたまって、なんだ?言ってみろ。?
You're being awfully formal. What do you want?
May: あのね……しんでください!?
Um, if you don't mind... Please die!
Baiken: ガキ使って油断させたつもりかい?だが奇襲させるにゃこいつの得物はちっとばかりでかすぎたな。まってな、すぐそっちに行ってやるぜ。?
Did they think they could catch me off-guard by using a kid? And an anchor isn't exactly the best choice of weapon for a surprise attack. Hold on a second. I'll be right there.
May: 死んで!死んで!死んで!?
Please die! Please die! Please die!
VS Robo-Ky
Baiken: 汚ねぇ手ぇ使いやがって。?
They're really playing dirty.
Robo-Ky: 降伏シロ!?
Baiken: ……さっきは尻尾巻いて逃げたくせに。どの口でいいやがる。?
...Didn't you just run away in fear a few minutes ago? What are you doing back?
Robo-Ky: 貴様ノ技ハ全テ分析ズミダ。無駄ナ抵抗ハ時間ノ無駄ダダダ!?
Baiken: なぁるほど、少しはやるようだな。だが「画竜点睛」を見切ったくらいでいい気になるんじゃねぇ!このポンコツが。奥の手って言葉、教えてやるぜ!?
Well, well. Looks like you're not too bad. But just because you've grasped Garyou Tensei doesn't mean you can beat me! You little piece of junk. I'll teach you what the phrase 'secret move' really means!
Robo-Ky: ガガガ……薄汚イジャパニーズメ……終戦管理局ハアキラメヌゾ。?
Baiken: しゅうせん……かんりきょくだぁ??
Postwar... Administration Bureau?
Robo-Ky: 貴様モアノオトコサエモ管理局ノ駒ニスギナイ。?
Baiken: テメェはもう黙っとけ。終戦管理局だかなんだか知らねぇが。宣戦布告ってやつだ!?
You can shut up now. I don't know about this 'Postwar Administration Bureau 'business, but... as far as I'm concerned, it's a declaration of war!

Baiken Path 3

Baiken: 俺としたことが手間取ったな。闇慈の野郎、どこへ行きやがった??
I've wasted a lot of time. Where the hell did Anji go?
I-No: そこの腐れジャップ!何してやがる!?
Hey, dirty Japanese girl! What do you think you're doing?
Baiken: さぁて、手こずらせてくれたな。覚悟はできてんだろうなぁ??
You've been a pain in the neck. I hope you're ready for what you've got coming!
I-No: へっ、血が出るまでヤリたいってかぁ?望み通りにしてやるぜ!?
Hah. So, you wanna do it until the blood starts flowing? My pleasure!
VS Anji
Baiken: さて、と……いるんだろ??
Alright I know you're here.
Anji: ああ、悪いがここから先は進ませねぇ。?
Yeah. I'm sorry, but I can't let you go any further.
Baiken: 寝ぼけてんのか??
What's wrong with you?
Anji: 「あの男」に会った!?
I met 'that man!'
Baiken: で??
Anji: まだ、姐さんにあいつを斬らすわけにゃいかないんでね。?
I can't let you slice him up just yet.
Baiken: 短い付き合いだったな……?
I see. It was nice knowing you...
Anji: そうはいかないな!奇門遙甲 八卦照応 姐さん、そこ鬼門だぜ。?
Not so fast! Kimontonkou Hakkeshouou! You're standing in the unlucky corner, friend.
Baiken: 土頓の封か。こざかしい真似を!?
A ninjutsu earth bind... Cut the crap and fight like a man!
Baiken: これだけのことしたんだ。素っ首落とされても仕方ねぇなぁ。?
After all the things you've pulled... You'd better be prepared to pay with your life.
Anji: ああ、この御津闇慈、姐さんの手にかかるなら本望さ。?
I'm ready. I can't think of a better way to go than by your hand.
Baiken: ったく調子のいい野郎だ。なんて顔してやがる。仕方ねぇ、あの男が何て言ったかいいやがれ。それでチャラだ。?
Oh brother... What kind of a line is that? Fine, fine. Just tell me what that man said. Then I'll call it even.
Anji: よっ!弁天娘!大和撫子!?
Alright! You're a goddess! A Japanese beauty!
Baiken: ……だが、二度目はねぇぞ。?
...But just this once!


Report ♯7505

終戦管理局報告書:第7505号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #7505
Name: Johnny? Johnny
Height: 183cm? 6'0"
Weight: 72kg? 159 lbs.
Birthday: 10/24? Oct. 24
Blood Type: ? O
Race: American? Human/American
Subject is the leader of the Jellyfish air pirates, and a key underworld figure.
His mastery of Japanese swordfighting makes him extremely dangerous in one-on-one combat.
His true power, however, lies in his personal ties with Zepp's president Gabriel and the IPF's Ky Kiske. It is highly likely that the Jellyfish are far more than a mere gang of thugs.
A self-styled noble bandit, he always tries to help those less fortunate. Capturing a hostage may be the best way to control his actions.
His overall clout makes him a major threat.
Risk Rating: A

Crimson distraction

Johnny: 「俺様は、パーーフェクトだぜ?」?
"I'm absolutely perrrrfect!"
I-No: ふーん。こんなボロ船にいるんだ。?
Well, imagine that! Finding that girl in a rusty old ship like this.
Johnny: ご婦人といえどボロ船たぁ聞き捨てならねぇなぁ。どっから入ってきた??
While you may be a fine woman, I'm afraid I simply cannot ignore that remark of yours. Where did you come from, anyway?
I-No: いいじゃないそんなこと。こんないい女を見て他にすることないの??
What's it matter to you? There's a beautiful woman in front of you. Aren't there more pressing matters on your mind?
Johnny: そいつぁ魅力的な……?
Well, I must admit, I'm charmed by your...
May: ジョニー!何言ってんの!?
Johnny! What are you doing?!
Johnny: いやいや。不法侵入はお引き取り願おう。?
...I mean, I'm afraid I'll need to punish you for breaking into my ship.
I-No: そんなこと言う人、きらいよ。ゆっくり反省してね。?
It's a shame you had to go and say that... Prepare to regret it... for a long time to come!

Johnny Path 1

VS Testament
Johnny: 並の手練れじゃねぇなぁ。何の用か、じっくり聞く必要がありそうだ。?
You're no ordinary fighter, that's for sure... I'd like to take a moment or two to find out what your problem is with us.
I-No: 私の用は簡単。?
Oh, it's quite simple.
Dizzy: え?私?きゃぁっっっ!?
Huh? Me? Kyaaaaaaaaaahhh! [Smack.]
Johnny: ディズィー!何てことしやがる!?
Dizzy, no! Hey, what the hell was that for?!
I-No: 自分で振っといて追いかけるなんて無粋な人。?
You turned me down and now you're going after me again? That's not very refined of you... [Explosion.]
April: ジョニー!機関部が、爆発したわ。?
Johnny! The engine's exploded!
I-No: じゃあね!?
Catch you later!
Johnny: ちっ。逃げられたか。不時着しろ……。?
Damn! She got away. Land this thing somewhere!
[Some time later.]
Testament: 何の冗談だ、これは??
What is this, some kind of joke?
Johnny: ん?悪いが取り込み中でな。あとにしてくれないか??
Huh? Sorry, but we're busy now. Can you come back later?
Testament: ディズィーに会いに来た。あいつはどうしている??
I'm here to see Dizzy. What happened to her?
Johnny: ディズィーなら……その……なんだ。?
Dizzy, huh... Well, uh... Hmm. How should I put it...
Testament: どうしたのかと聞いている。言わないつもりならこちらにも考えがあるぞ。?
I said, what happened to her? If you don't want to tell me, I'll just have to force it out of you.
Johnny: ……さっき奇襲されて高度六千メートルから墜っこちたんだ、これが。?
...She was attacked and fell off the ship from about 20,000 feet up. Alright?
Testament: 貴様にディズィーを預けたのが間違いだった。この下衆がっっ!?
It was a grave mistake to leave Dizzy in your custody. You bastards!
[Fight ensues.]
Johnny: すまねぇなぁ。あいつは俺が助けてみせるさ。?
Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm going to save her. Don't worry about a thing.
VS Bridget
Johnny: さぁてどこに墜ちたんだ??
First thing's first... Where did she land?
Bridget: あのそこのおじさん。?
Excuse me, mister...
Johnny: ダンディなお兄さん…… ……と呼んでくれれば何でも聞いてやるぜ??
Call me 'Studmaster'... and I'll listen to whatever you have to say.
Bridget: じゃぁダンディなお兄さん。お縄についてください。?
Alright then, Studmaster... Let me tie you up.
Johnny: なにぃ!??
Bridget: 約束したじゃないですか!?
Hey, you promised you'd listen to me!
Johnny: くっ……このジョニー、レイディとの約束は裏切れねぇ。?
Argh... I can't break a promise made to a woman.
Bridget: ……ウチ男ですけど。?
...I'm a guy.
Johnny: た、助かった……。?
Oh, well in that case...
VS Jam
Bridget: 大人って……ひどい。?
Man, I hate adults... They're all terrible.
Johnny: にしてもお縄につけはないだろ?アンタ、賞金稼ぎかい??
Well, you're the one who tried to haul me in, no? What are you, a bounty hunter or something?
Bridget: そうです。ジェリーフィッシュのジョニーならいいお金になるって。赤い女の人が言ってました。?
Right. This lady in red told me about Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates. She said he'd fetch a lot of money if I could take him to the authorities.
Johnny: 赤い女?変な帽子とギターのか??
A lady in red? Did she have a guitar and a weird hat, too?
Bridget: そうです。?
Yeah, she did.
Johnny: ありがとよ……。っったくせこい真似しやがって。今度会ったら……?
Alright, thanks. Man, what a conniving little... If I ever see her again...
Jam: そこの賞金首、止まるアル!?
Stop right there! You're a wanted man!
Johnny: ……またぁ??
...What, again?
VS Eddie
Johnny: 白狼稼業たぁ言うもののこりゃちょっと卑怯じゃないかい??
I know I'm nothing but a lowdown bandit anyway... But I'm starting to get a little sick of myself.
Eddie: ソコノ黒服。止マレ。?
Johnny: ひょっとして、アンタも差し金?……ま、男なら遠慮なくやれるな。女とガキをやるのは正直うんざりだ。?
Hmm? You trying to start something? ...Well, if you're a guy, I'd be more than glad to take you up on the offer. If I have to fight another lady or little squirt, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
VS Dizzy
Johnny: ……そろそろだな。お、いたいた。ディズィー!?
She should be somewhere around here... Ah-hah! There she is. Hey, :Dizzy!
Dizzy: ……。?
Johnny: ひでぇ怪我だな。畜生、あの女。とっちめてやる……。?
You're pretty badly hurt. Damn, that stupid wench... I'll get her for this...
Dizzy (Necro): SIGYAAAAAH!?
Johnny: なんてこったい!?
Whoa, what the hell?!
Johnny: よくも俺様をさんざん引っ張り回してくれたな。……いやそれより何よりオマエは俺のクルーを傷つけた。悪いが今度ばかりは容赦しねぇぜ??
You've really put me through a lot of crap, you know that? ...But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is, you hurt one of my crew. I'm sorry, but not even I have the patience to go easy on you now.
I-No: 何気取ってやがる。カッコツケの黒コートが!自慢の顔を引き裂いてラクガキにしてやるぜ。?
What're you going on about, you big trenchcoat fake?! I'll rip apart that face of yours and turn it into a graffiti scrawl.
Johnny: そりゃぁ止めたほうがいい。なんてったって世界的な損失だからな。?
Oooh, now that's a bad idea. If something happens to my face, the world may never recover...
I-No: ギャァァァァァ!?
Johnny: くっ……。?
Dizzy: 大丈夫ですか??
Are you alright?
Johnny: なぁに心配いらねぇよ。黒コートのハンサムは負けないって決まってるんだ。それより心配なのはおまえさんだ。あんなところから墜ちて平気か??
Ahh, this is nothing worth worrying about. The tall, dark stranger never loses a fight. That's just how it is. I'd be more worried about yourself, Dizzy... Are you really okay? That was a pretty nasty fall, you know.
Dizzy: たいしたことありません。でも足がちょっと……。?
It was nothing serious. My leg hurts a little, though...
Johnny: ……そうか。よっこらせっと。?
Well, in that case... Up you go!
Dizzy: きゃぁ!あ、あの。重く……ないですか??
Agh! Um... I'm not too heavy for you, am I?
Johnny: なぁに、軽い軽い。?
You kidding? This is no problem.
Dizzy: そ、そうですか……。?
Ah... okay...
Johnny: それにな。家族の重さってなありがたいものさ。?
Besides, we're family. The ties that bind us together, and all of that.
Dizzy: 家族……なんですよね。?
Family... We're all family.
Johnny: そうそう。さぁ、待ち合わせの場所までひとっ走りだ。?
Right. And now, I think we should start heading for the rendezvous point.
Dizzy: はい!?

Johhny Path 2

After Jam in Path 1:

Johnny: さぁて……このへんのはずだが??
Alright, then... This should be the place.
I-No: どけっ!?
Johnny: なんだアンタか。退けと言われて退くほど俺も素直じゃないねぇ。?
Oh, you again? I'm not dumb enough to follow your orders.
I-No: 畜生!くだらねぇ時にくだらねぇ野郎が!?
Man! Of all the people in the world I could've run into, why you?
Johnny: いいか。俺の船はボロ船じゃねぇ。?
And listen up: My ship isn't rusty. Or old.
I-No: るせぇんだ、このナルシストがっ!?
Shut up! I'm sick of your stupid narcissism!
VS Testament
Johnny: ……ずいぶん傷を負っていたみたいだが。?
Hmm. She looked like she was already pretty wounded...
Testament: 貴様か。何をしていた??
You... What were you doing here?
Johnny: アンタだったのか。うちのクルーは無事かい??
So you found her, huh? Is she alright?
Testament: 無事だ。だが私がいなければどうなっていたことか?
She's fine. I'm just relieved someone else didn't find her first.
Johnny: ……すまねぇ。礼を言う。?
Testament: 人に預ければ災いが起きる。所詮、ギアと人とは交わってはいかんのかもしれんな。?
This disaster was caused by letting her live with humans like you. I suppose humans simply cannot engage normally with Gears after all...
Johnny: ……そりゃぁ違う。?
...That's not true.
Testament: 口先なら何とでも言える。貴様の覚悟はどこにある??
You can say whatever you want... But are you ready to back up your words?
Johnny: 覚悟、か腕尽くでいいのかい??
Back them up, huh? I'm ready to go all-out if you are.
Testament: 構わんが、ここは我が結界の内だ。それでも意地を張れるものか見てやろう!?
Fine by me. Just keep in mind that you're in my world now. If you think you can take it, feel free to test yourself against my will!
Johnny: これでどうだ??
That good enough for you?
Testament: よかろう。その覚悟であいつを守るがいい。……だが次はないぞ。こんどあいつが傷つくようなことがあれば。貴様ら人類は生きる価値がないということだ。?
Alright. Keep that up, and I'll let you protect her. ...But no more second chances. If you do anything to hurt her again... That'll be the last day I bother tolerating the human race.
Johnny: 肝に銘じておくよ。余裕のないやつぁこれだから困るねぇ。?
I'll keep that in mind. Man, he's uptight... There's just no dealing with guys like that.
Dizzy: ううん……。あれ、私……?
Ugh... What... happened to me?
Johnny: ディズィー?さ、帰るぜ。?
Dizzy? Come on, let's go home.

Johnny Path 3

VS Slayer
I-No: 旗色が悪いみたいね。このへんにしとくわ。チャオ!?
This isn't looking good for me... I think I'll bail for now. Ciao!
Johnny: ああ、いいからさっさと消えてくれ。なんだったんだ、あいつは??
Whatever. Just get out of my face. Man, who on earth is she, anyway?
Slayer: ふむ、あれを退けるとは運がいい。?
You're a very lucky man... Fending her off like that.
Johnny: ……なんなんだテメェは??
...Who the hell are you?
Slayer: なぁに通りすがりの善意の忠告者だよ。?
Oh, just a humble advisor who happened to be passing by.
Johnny: どいつもこいつも……。俺の船を遊び場にするんじゃねぇっ!!?
Man, what is with all these people today... This ship isn't your personal playground!!
Slayer: 遊び場とは言い得て妙だな。?
This ship, a playground...? A very apt turn of phase, I must say.
Johnny: 野郎、ピンピンしてやがる。?
You're really getting me riled, you know that?
Slayer: いずれこの船は列強の遊び場となるぞ。?
This ship will soon become one of the great pleasure centers of the world.
Johnny: どういうこったい??
What're you talking about?
Ky: こちら国際警察機構カイ=キスク。貴船の停止を求めます。?
[transmission] My name is Ky Kiske, International Police Force. Please stop your craft right now.
Slayer: そういうわけだ。異能者に人外。それにジャパニーズ。人狩りが始まっておるぞ。?
See what I mean? The supernatural, the unhuman, the Japanese... The hunt for human life has begun.
Johnny: ……ジャパニーズ、だと??
Did you say... Japanese?
Ky: 貴船に所属のメイ殿の身柄をお引き渡し願います。?
[transmission] Please turn May over to me. I believe she is with your ship?
Slayer: まぁそういうことだな。では、さらばだ。?
Anyway, that's the way it is. Have a nice trip.
Johnny: 待て!?
April: ジョニー、どうするの??
What'll we do now, Johnny?
Johnny: 向こうの船に飛び移る。全速前進。寸前で機首を返せ。?
Storm that guy's ship, that's what. Full-speed ahead. Turn the nose around when we get close enough.
April: アイアイ!?
Aye-aye, sir!
VS Chipp
Ky: くっ!?
Johnny: そのへんにしときな。アンタ、やる気ねぇだろ??
Alright, that's enough. You're not even trying, are you?
Ky: ええ。勝ちは譲ります。私にとっても疑問のある指令でした。?
Okay... you win for now. I must admit my own doubts about this mission as well.
Johnny: 少しは融通が効くようになったってわけか。で、どこまで聞いてんだ??
Finally found some room for other people's opinions, eh? How much have you heard?
Ky: メイさんの身柄を確保せよ、ということだけです。?
All they told me was to track down May and capture her alive.
Johnny: 何考えてやがんだが。……そこだっ!?
What the hell're they thinking... ...?! Hey, you there!!
Chipp: じょにー、ころす!じょにー、ころす!?
Johnny: ……このボキャブラリーに乏しいお方は何者だ??
...Who's this knob? He doesn't seem to have much of a vocabulary.
Ky: 指名手配犯です。留置場に入れておいたはずなんですが……。注意してください。やつは「気」を使います。?
He's a wanted criminal... That's odd. I thought he was already in jail. You'd best be careful. He can use Ki force.
Johnny: ジャパニーズに「気」の使い手か。だんだん読めてきたぜ。?
First the Japanese, now a Ki user... I think I can see where this day is going.
VS Robo-Ky
Robo-Ky: ターゲット、戦闘能力分析完了!?
Johnny: ……アンタの親戚か??
...A relative of yours?
Ky: 冗談を言わないでください!?
Please, don't even joke about it!
Robo-Ky: 降伏セヨ!貴様ノ手ノ内ハ全テ分析ズミナリ!?
Johnny: 頭の固そうなとこは一緒だな。?
Well, you've both got that same stubborn streak, I see.
Ky: な!?
Johnny: 幻影博文派燕月剣。ジョニー、参る。?
Worry not, friend. The master swordsman is here!
Robo-Ky: コレデ……オワリデハナイゾ!終戦管理局ハ決シテ貴様ラヲ逃シハセヌ!?
Ky: 法と秩序を汚す醜い人形め!?
A mere automation! Why did I let him so deeply disgrace the name of law and order?
Johnny: ほぉ!こっち側に来る覚悟ができたかい??
That's the spirit! So, you ready to jump over to our side?
Ky: そうはいきません。私は警察機構の中で戦いますよ。?
Oh, I can't do that. I'll fight my way in through the proper authorities.
Robo Ky #2: レイ・ディバイダー!?
Robo Ky #3: スタン・エッジ!?
Ky: しまった、こいつ一機ではなかったのか。数が多いな。手伝ってもらえますね??
Oh, great... There's more than one of him. Indeed, there seems to be more than I thought. Would you mind helping me out?
Johnny: ……やだ。エイプリル!戻るぜ準備はいいか??
...Forget it. April! We're going back. You ready?
April: [via comm] オッケー。現在そっちの真下300メートルぴったりつけてるわ。?
A-okay! I've tacked us on from 300 meters below.
Johnny: そういうことで、じゃぁな!?
Well, I guess that's it, then. See ya later!
Ky: ……あ、待ってください。?
...Wait. Please.
Johnny: ま、なんだ。盗人と警察がなれ合うなんざ最低だろ??
Oh, come now. You really think thieves can be friends with the police?
Ky: わかりましたよ。では、この件が片づいたら……いつか逮捕にいきますよ。?
I know. I know. Just remember... Once I'm through with this, I'm coming over to arrest you.
Johnny: おう。いつでも来い。?
Go ahead. Anytime.
[Some time later.]
Johnny: ふぅ……。そろそろあいつに……話してやる時期なのかな。なぁ、おまえはどう思う??
Whew... I guess it's about time I told her the truth... What do you think?
Janis: ニャァ。?
Johnny: ……ま、そうだな。?
...Yeah, I guess you're right.


Report ♯4385

終戦管理局報告書:第4385号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #4385
Name: Venom? Venom
Height: 179cm? 5'10"
Weight: 66kg? 146 lbs.
Birthday: Unknown? Unknown
Blood Type: ? A
Race: English? Human/English
Subject became the top-ranking official in the Assassins' Guild after Zato's disappearance. He leaves most Guild work to his subordinates.
His fighting style, using a pool cue and ball as its main components, makes use of multiple objects not normally treated as weapons - a trademark of his assassin upbringing.
While lacking in close-combat experience, his skills as an assassin are top-notch. But his loyalty towards Zato makes him easily malleable.
As the leader of one of the world's most influential guilds, he poses considerable risk.
Risk Rating: B

Guild protector

Venom: 「ザトー様の組織……守ってみせる!」?
"Zato... I'll protect the Guild for you!"
Slayer: ああ、私だ。スレイヤーだ。ギルドの創始者として全メンバーに告ぐ。組織は解散する。以上だ。?
Attention, everyone. It is I, Slayer. As founder of the Guild, I hereby make the following announcement to all members: The Guild is now dissolved. That is all.
Venom: ……老害が、好き勝手なことを。だが……ヤツと闘うにはまだ早い。 仕留めるには準備が必要だな。?
...What's that senile old coot think he's doing? I'm not good enough to take him on myself, though... Before I can bring him down, I need to prepare myself.
VS Jam
Jam: そこの男、神妙にお縄につくアルネ!賞金は私のものアルヨ!?
You there! Stand still for a minute while I tie you up! That bounty's mine for sure now!
Venom: ほう、賞金稼ぎか。悪いが、実験台になってもらおう。?
A bounty hunter, huh? Sorry, but I'd rather make you my sparring partner.
VS Chipp
Venom: 気功を交えた拳法か。ヤツの闘法も素手だった。いい参考になったよ。?
Chinese martial arts with a pinch of Ki force... His combat skills were based on hand-to-hand combat as well. That was definitely useful practice for me.
Chipp: ……そこを動くんじゃねぇ。師匠の仇、取らせてもらう!?
...Don't move. I'll make you pay for what you did to my master!
Venom: ふむ。速度だけは人外の域に達しているな。ちょうどいい。見切れるまでつきあってもらおう。?
Hmm. Your speed is practically superhuman... I think I'll take you on so I can get used to it.
VS Faust
Venom: 医師のファウスト殿だな。?
Doctor Faust, right?
Faust: ずいぶんと思い詰めたご様子ですが何の用ですか??
You appear to be troubled. Is something the matter?
Venom: 暗殺術は解剖学と力学に基づく技だ。間接と重心で決まる動きを見切り、急所を突く。だが、ヤツ相手ではそんな先入観が邪魔となる。?
The art of assassination is based on anatomy and dynamics. We anticipate the opponent's movements, based on his center of gravity, and then strike at a vital point. But when facing him... This knowledge proves entirely fruitless. It's a hindrance.
Faust: ほうほう。?
I see, I see...
Venom: 人体の摂理を裏切った予測不可能な戦いをする相手が必要だ。ファウスト殿。しばしおつきあい願うぞ。?
So I need to find someone who's so separated from human decency that his moves are totally unpredictable. Doctor Faust... Please allow me to fight with you.

Venom Path 1

VS Dizzy
Dizzy: ……あのどなたですか??
...Umm, who's there?
Venom: 小手先の技よりも何よりも、そのあらゆるものを圧倒するギアとしての力。死を招く力の奔流に遭ってこそ我が腕は鍛えられる。?
The sheer power of a Gear completely overwhelms an assassin's cheap tricks. Drowning myself in a torrent of power like yours should be perfect for my training.
Dizzy: きゃぁっ!何するんですか。?
Argh! What are you doing?
Venom: 悪いが、実験台となってもらおう。?
Sorry, but I need you to further my training.
VS Testament
Testament: ディズィーに何をした!?
What'd you do to Dizzy?!
Venom: 死んではいない。実験台となってもらった。?
She's not dead. I just used her as a test case.
Testament: 実験台だと??
A test case?
Venom: 歴戦のギアの邪悪な技。学ばせてもらおう。?
I need to learn the moves that put the Gears on top in so many battles.
Testament: 抜かせ。地獄で後悔するがいい!?
Draw your weapon! And prepare to burn in hell!
VS Sol
Sol: ……んだぁ??
Venom: これだ。離れても伝わる「死」そのものの熱気。?
This is it. The hot blast of death that attracts me from afar.
Sol: ……。?
Venom: 悪いが相手になってもらう。?
I'm sorry, but I need an opponent.
Sol: ……ざってぇな。?
...Get outta my face!
VS Slayer
Slayer: 君が……確かヴェノム君か。?
You are... Venom, are you not?
Venom: ザトー様亡き今、組織を預かる者だ。?
I'm the man who took charge of the Guild after Master Zato passed away.
Slayer: 組織はもうないはずだが。?
The Guild no longer exists, you know.
Venom: そうはさせん。組織こそがザトー様の形見。貴様を殺してでも組織は守ってみせる。?
I can't let that happen. The Guild is a shining monument to Master Zato's power. I must protect it, even if it means killing you in the process.
Slayer: ふむ。見上げた心がけだ。だが人の手にかかるほど甘くはないつもりだ。?
Heh. You've got spunk, I'll give you that much. But I don't consider myself weak enough to lose to a human.
Venom: 貴種よ。その奢りが命取りだ。既に人外を滅ぼす技は我が手の中にある。?
That overconfidence of yours will cost you your life... I have moves in my repertoire that can destroy any enemy... human or not.
Slayer: それは興味深い。さっそく拝見するとしよう。?
How fascinating...Let's have a look, then.
Venom: ゆくぞ!?
Slayer: 言うほどのことはあるな。だが滅ぼすにはまだ力が足りぬようだな。?
You certainly have the skill to back up your words... But I'm afraid you'll need a bit more power before you can destroy me.
Venom: 滅ぼせずとも封じることはできる。ザトー様を貶めた貴様には、長き後悔の時間を与えよう。?
If I can't destroy you, I can always seal you away. I'll give you an eternity to think about what you've done. You deserve it for looking down at Master Zato like that.
Slayer: やれやれ退屈責めというわけかね?因果応報としておこう。?
What, are you trying to bore me to death now? I suppose I should just blame this on karma.
Venom: 貴殿には過ぎた運命と申し上げよう。……人は貴種の導きなどいらぬのだよ。?
It'd be far too good a fate for you. Humans have no need for the so-called 'guidance' of the Nobles. The age of nobility is about to expire.

Venom Path 2

VS Eddie
Venom: だいぶ弱っているようだな。寿命か??
Great. Why did I waste all that time on a stupid doctor... Hmm... What is that?
Eddie: 貴様ノッ肉体ヲ寄越セ!?
Venom: あさましい。貴様ごときがザトー様を汚すとは……。さぁ。もはや逃げも隠れもできぬぞ。?
Don't you dare desecrate his body any more!
Eddie: ギャオオオオ!?
Venom: 逃がすか!?
Too late to run now!
Ky: 待ちなさい!暗殺者組織のヴェノムですね。 警察機構として逮捕します。?
Halt! You're Venom of the Assassins' Guild, correct? I hereby place you under arrest under the law of the land.
Venom: 邪魔立てするなっ!?
Get the hell out of my way!
Venom: ……女。生きた影は来なかったか??
...Woman. Did you see a living shadow pass by just now?
I-No: え?知らないわよ。?
Huh? Whatever are you talking about?
Venom: 隠すとためにならぬぞ。?
Are you hiding something? If you are, I'm going to make you regret it.
I-No: あん?どうためにならねぇのか見せてみやがれ!?
Oh, really? Then why don't you step on up and show me how!
VS Eddie
Venom: だいぶ弱っているようだな。寿命か??
I can see you're getting weaker... I guess you're running out of time.
Eddie: 貴様ノッ肉体ヲ寄越セ!?
Venom: あさましい。貴様ごときがザトー様を汚すとは……。さぁ。もはや逃げも隠れもできぬぞ。?
This is pitiful. I can't believe someone like you managed to defile Zato... Let's go. You've got no place to run, and no place to hide.
Eddie: ギヨォォォォ!?
Venom: ふん。浅ましい腐肉喰らいめ。……だがそれにしても疲れた。少しだけ……眠るとしよう。ザトー様……今、お側にまいります。?
Hmph. Disgusting cannibal. ...Anyway, I feel so tired. I think... I think I'll just rest up for a bit. Zato... I'll be by your side soon.

Venom Path 3

After I-No in Path 2:

VS Millia
Millia: 遅かったわね。?
You're late.
Venom: ミリア??
Millia: やつは私が片づけた。?
I already took care of him for you.
Venom: ……。?
Millia: あなたはどうするつもり??
So what're you gonna do now?
Venom: ザトー様の遺志を継ぐ。組織を拡大して見せるとも。?
Follow Master Zato's legacy. I'll make sure the Guild continues to expand its business.
Millia: 組織の拡大?あの男が本当にそんなことを願っていたとでも?あれはただの臆病者。組織なんて身を守る鎧に過ぎなかった。?
Expand its business? Do you really think that's what that man really wanted? He was a stupid coward! The Guild was just a shield to protect himself with.
Venom: 女、口を慎め。組織の長として裁く。これより貴様に組織を裏切った罪、つぐなってもらう。?
Watch your mouth, woman. As Chief of the Guild, it's time for me to pass judgment upon you. Prepare to receive your punishment for betraying the Guild!
Millia: 死ぬのも生きるのも人のためってわけ?悩みが少なそうでいいわね。?
So life and death revolve around you now, do they? It must be nice to have so few worries in life.
Venom: その通り。今の私に迷いはないぞ!?
That's right. I'm confident in the path I have chosen.
Ending 3
Millia: 不覚を……取ったわ。?
You... you defeated me...
Venom: ミリア……。おまえは結社を抜け光と自由を得ながらこうしてザトー様の元に戻ってきた。私は、といえばザトー様に身も心も捧げたつもりがザトー様を失い、未だ生き恥をさらしている。今にして思えば我らは引き裂かれた双子だったのかもしれん。?
Millia... You were supposed to be free of the Guild... But you kept on going back to Zato. I wanted to devote my heart and soul to that man... But now I have to face the embarrassment of his loss every day of my life. Although we took different paths in life, we're really not all that dissimilar. Kind of like twins separated at birth.
Millia: ぞっとしないわね。……死ね!?
Lord, I hope not. ...Die!
Venom: ままならぬものだな。これでまた、私一人か。ザトー様。この空虚な生をあなた様への償いとしましょう。私の命ある限り組織は力を得て、世界すら支配しましょう。たとえあなたの魂がいずこにあろうとも我が供物の届かんことを。?
It's a shame things had to be this way. And with that, I am once again alone. Master Zato... Please consider this empty life my offering to your soul. As long as I have life, I swear I will bring the Guild to new heights of power. May this offering make it to your soul... No matter where it may be.


Report ♯4152

終戦管理局報告書:第4152号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #4152
Name: Anji=Mito? Anji Mito
Height: 183cm? 6'0"
Weight: 68kg? 150 lbs.
Birthday: 1/1? Jan. 1
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Japanese? Human/Japanese
Subject is an escaped Japanese who has been evading arrest with the help of the Zessen fan weapon he somehow acquired along the way. A man of pure Japanese descent, his dance-like moves are like poetry in motion.
Although his motives are unclear, it is believed he is searching out the Gears and their creator--not out of spite, but out of sheer curiosity.
Regardless of his intentions, the danger of leaving a Japanese man unattended is profound.
As such, he is to be viewed as a major threat.
Risk Rating: A

Truth seeking

Anji: 「天地に無双の舞、とくとごそうじろ」?
"Gaze upon my peerless dance!"
Ky: 御津闇慈さん、ですね。お聞きしたいことがあります。?
Mr. Anji Mito, I presume. I wish to ask you something.
Anji: 警察の御仁が何の用だね??
Well hello, Mr. Police Officer. What do you want with me?
Ky: あなたは……今、ジャパニーズとして指名手配されていますが……。?
Well... As a Japanese, you are currently wanted by the authorities. However...
Anji: とと、そういうわけか。まぁ、そっちも仕事だもんな。だが、俺もただでは捕まらないぜ。?
Heh, so that's it, huh? Well, I guess you're just doing your job. But if you think I'm going to surrender quietly, I've got news for you!
Ky: 待ってください。そういう意味では…。?
Wait, please! That's not what I meant!
[Fight ensues.]
Anji: んじゃ、悪いけどまたな。?
Well, 'fraid I gotta be going. See ya.
Ky: 待ってください。話を……。?
Wait, please! Listen to me!
VS Zappa
Anji: ここで捕まるわけにはいかないな。あの男には聞きたい話がたっぷりあるからな。?
I can't let myself get arrested now. I have too many things I need to ask that man.
Zappa: あ、あの、そこの人??
Um... sir?
Anji: 何だい?お、あんた重そうなの肩にのっけてるね。?
Yeah? Hey, what's that heavy-looking thing on your shoulder?
Zappa: きぃぃやああああ!?
[possessed] KIYAAAAAAHHHH!
Anji: って聞こえてないか。?
...I guess he can't hear me.
VS Axl
Anji: アンタがここにいるってことは。?
If you're here, that must mean...
Axl: そ。あいつの居場所なら掴んだぜ。?
That's right. I've figured out where that man is.
Anji: それは重畳。ご一緒してよろしいかな??
That's excellent. Would it be alright for me to accompany you?
Axl: 男二人で並んで歩く趣味はねぇや。場所は教えてやるからどっちが先に行くかはこれで決めるってなどうだ??
Sorry, but I'm not in the habit of walking hand-in-hand with another guy. I'll tell you where he is... And then we'll see who gets there first. [Clash.] How's that sound?
Anji: その話、乗った!?
You're on!

Anji Path 1

VS Baiken
Anji: さぁて、こっちのほうだと聞いたんだが……?
Alrighty! I heard it was this way, but...
Baiken: 待ちな、どこへ行く気だ??
Wait. Where do you think you're going?
Anji: こりゃ久しぶり。追っかけてるのは姐さんと同じ男だと思うよ。?
Well, well. Long time no see. I think I'm chasing the same guy you are.
Baiken: 余計な手出しはご免だぜ。?
I don't want any interference.
Anji: それだけは約束できないな。?
I'm afraid I can't promise that.
Baiken: 命まで取ろうたぁ言わねぇ。さっさと消えな!?
...I won't go so far as to take your life, but... Get out of my sight!
VS Testament
Testament: ここから先は行かせぬ。?
You shall not pass.
Anji: なんでよ??
Why not?
Testament: 定命の者が見ていいものではないぞ??
What lies beyond here is not something a mortal should see.
Anji: 寿命の長さで区別してどうするよ?見たいものは見る。そいつが長生きの秘訣だぜ??
You shouldn't discriminate against people based on how long they live. I look at what I want to see. Don't you know? That's the secret to a long life.
Testament: ふん……屁理屈を。長生きは保証せんぞ。?
Hmph... What splendid logic. Well, I certainly can't guarantee YOUR long life.
VS Sol
Sol: 帰れ。?
Anji: ったく、お前もそれかよ。?
Man, is that all you people can say?
Sol: ん??
Anji: 俺は話聞きに行くだけだぜ??
I'm just going there to have a chat.
Sol: 闇に葬る秘密もある。?
There's a secret there, buried in the darkness.
Anji: 秘密なんてものはな、ぱーっとお天道さんの下に晒してみんなで聞けばいいんだよ。そうすりゃ、殺し合いもなくなるってもんだ。?
I'll tell you what I think about 'secrets.' It's best to bring them out into the sun and let everyone see them. Then no one needs to fight over them anymore, right?
Sol: ……達者な口だ。?
...What pretty logic.
Anji: 通さないってんなら腕のほうもお目にかけるぜ!?
If you don't let me through, you'll get to see my pretty moves, too!
Sol: 通さん!?
You will not pass!
Anji: 上等!?
Come on!
Anji: さぁて、そこのお嬢さん。俺は闇慈ってもんだ。ちょいとあのお方にお目通り願いたいんだが??
Alright, then. Say, miss... My name is Anji. Could I perhaps have a short visit with that man?
I-No: あぁん?勘違いしたジャパニーズが何いきがってんだよ?この変態露出野郎が、潰すぞ??
What? What's a clueless Japanese like you doing trying to look smart? You perverted exhibitionist, if you bug me, I'll squash you.
Anji: な、な、な、ナニィ!やや、勝手に押し掛けて悪かった……とも思ったが、こうなりゃこっちも意地だ。あの男に会えるまでテコでも動かねぇぜ。?
What the?! I'm very sorry to have intruded. ...Is what I would've said, but if you're gonna be like THAT, then I'm not backing down either! I'm not moving an inch until I get to meet That Man!
I-No: よし、そこを動くんじゃねぇぞ!?
Alright, just stay right there!
Anji: イテッ!?
Anji: 危ねぇとこだった。さすがの闇慈様もちっと肝が冷えたな。?
That was close. Even the great Anji got a little scared with that one.
That Man: 全くジャパニーズとは興味深い人種だ。神器を操りイノを倒すとはな。?
The Japanese race never ceases to fascinate me. You come wielding a Sacred Weapon, you defeat even I-no...
Anji: あんたがひょっとして……ギアを作った男かい??
Are you the one? The man who made the Gears?
That Man: そうとも言えるな。?
You could say that.
Anji: 前々から聞きたかったんだけどさ。ギアってやつ……あれ、本当に兵器なのかい??
I've been wanting to ask you for a loooong time... The Gears... Are they really meant to be weapons?
That Man: ほう??
Well, now. That's not a question I expected to hear.
Anji: 色々なギアに会ったけどな。性格がねじ曲がってるのは別にして、ギアになって長生きできるってのはいいニュースだ。それを支える生態系もギアで強化すれば問題ない。エネルギー問題は法力で解決済み。地球が満杯になったら宇宙に行きゃあいい。そう考えると辻褄が合うんだよな……そいつがなんで!あんなことになっちまったんだい??
I've met a variety of Gears, and aside from the fact that they've got some pretty odd personalities... I'd say the fact that you can live longer if you become a Gear is great news. And if you strengthen the ecology using Gear technology, that certainly wouldn't hurt. The energy problem has already been solved thanks to magic... If the Earth gets full, we can just move to space. If you look at it that way, this whole thing makes sense... So why?! Why did it wind up like this?!
That Man: 天罰……いや原罪か。?
Divine punishment... no, perhaps original sin.
Anji: 具体的なとこは??
Could you be more specific?
That Man: 神と世界に刃向かうつもりがあるのなら、私と共に来るがいい。さぁ。?
If you're prepared to defy both heaven and earth, then come with me. Well?
Anji: お、俺は……?

Anji Path 2

VS May
May: あ、いたいた。そこのオジサン。ちょっと。?
Ah, there he is. Hey, pops!
Anji: オジサン……は耳に痛ぇな。お兄さんでどうだ??
'Pops'...? I m too young to be called that, don't you think?
May: ボクより年上でしょ??
You're older than me, right?
Anji: ま、まあな。?
Well, yeah, but...
May: ジョニー以外の年上なんてオジサンでいいのよ。?
Except for Johnny, any guys older than me are just 'pops.'
Anji: 待て待て。そいつぁ譲れねぇなぁ。せめて、俺の舞を見てから決めてくれ。?
Now hang on. I can't just accept that. At least check out my dance before you make up your mind.
May: 舞い?オジサンくさい趣味ぃ。?
Dance? If that doesn't scream 'pops,' I don't know what does!
[Fight ensues.]
May: ね、オジサン。ジャパニーズって何?ジョニーに聞いても教えてくれないんだ。?
So, pops. What's 'Japanese' mean? I asked Johnny, but he wouldn't tell me.
Anji: ……ま、いいか。ジャパンってな聖戦で消えてなくなった島国でね。?
...I guess it's okay to tell you. Japan is the name of an island nation that was destroyed during the Crusades.
May: それだけなの?じゃあどうしてジョニーは秘密にするんだろう…。?
That's it? Then why did Johnny keep it a secret from me all this time...?
Anji: ジャパンの生き残りはな。希少だってんで保護施設に入れられるんだ。俺は脱走組。うかつに話すと警察が飛んでくるぜ。?
Because of the Japanese survivors. They're so scarce that they were all put into protective custody. I managed to escape. If you blab about it carelessly, the police will come running.
May: そう、だったんだ…。?
So that's how it is...
Anji: ま、その先は自分で調べるんだな。?
I'll let you find out the rest for yourself.
May: ありがと。おじさん!?
Thanks, pops!
VS Bridget
Bridget: そこの指名手配の方。止まってくださいね!?
Hey, you! The wanted criminal! Hold up!
Anji: ……って俺か?指名手配っていつのまに??
...Are you talking to me? Wanted criminal...? When did that happen?
Bridget: まぁまぁ驚くのはわかりますが、武器を置いてください。お上にも情けはありますよ。オジサン??
Ah, well, I certainly understand your surprise and all... But I'm going to have to ask you to lay down your weapon. If you surrender now, I'll be merciful. Alright, pops?
Anji: ヌガァッ!?
VS Chipp
Anji: ほんとに指名手配されてんなぁ。一体どうしちまったんだ??
So I really am a wanted man. What in the world is going on?
Chipp: みと=あんじさん??
Mr. Anji Mito? Might I have your attention for a brief moment?
Anji: なんでぇ馬鹿丁寧に?また日本語を教えて欲しいってか??
Heh, what's with the super-politeness? You want me to teach you more Japanese or something?
Chipp: そうなんだ。?
That's right.
Anji: 悪いが今はちょっと…うっ!?
Sorry, right now I'm a little.... Ugh!
Chipp: 貴様ヲ連行スル。?
Anji: そういうことかい。今、正気に返してやるぜ!?
Ah, so that's it, huh? Don't worry, I'll return you to your old self right now!
VS Robo-Ky
Anji: 指名手配だけじゃないってわけかい。しっかしチップほどの手練れがあれじゃあ油断できねぇなぁ。?
Looks like there's more than just a simple warrant for my arrest. Still, if they can get to someone as skilled as Chipp, I'd better keep alert.
Robo-Ky: ヤァ、闇慈クンドウシタンダイ??
Anji: って油断も何もあからさまに怪しいじゃねぇか!テメェも洗脳…いや改造されたクチか??
What the...? Alert or not, anyone could see there's something wrong with you! So you too have been brainwashed... Or should I say 'modified?'
Anji: この俺を狙うやつがいる、と。いったい何物だ??
So someone's after me. Who in the world is it, though?
Robo-Ky: グググ……ジャパニーズ……回収……?
Anji: まだ動くか、この!……待て、ジャパニーズ?とすると姐さんが危ない!待ってろよ!?
Gah, give it up already! Wait a second... 'Japanese?' That means... Baiken's in danger as well! Hold on, I'm on my way!

Anji Path 3

After Chipp in Path 2:

Anji: 指名手配だけじゃないってわけかい。しっかしチップほどの手練れがあれじゃあ油断できねぇなぁ。?
Looks like there's more than just a simple warrant for my arrest. Still, if they can get to someone as skilled as Chipp, I'd better keep alert.
Robo-Ky: ヤァ、闇慈クンドウシタンダイ??
Anji: って油断も何もあからさまに怪しいじゃねぇか!テメェも洗脳…いや改造されたクチか??
What the...? Alert or not, anyone could see there's something wrong with you! [Slash.]
Ky: 危ないところでしたね。これは偽物です。どうやら終戦管理局が……?
That was close. This is a fake. It would appear that the Postwar Administration Bureau is behind this...
Anji: 手の込んだ真似してくれるねぇ。だが、それしきの芝居で闇慈の目はごまかされねぇぜ。?
You certainly put a lot of effort into that. But it'll take more than a show like that to fool the great Anji into trusting you!
Ky: ……弱りましたね。?
...This is depressing.
Anji: わかった、わかった。アンタが本物なのは納得したって。?
Okay, okay. I believe it's the real you now.
Ky: 最初に会った時、不覚を取りましたからね。それでも追いかけてお話しようとしただけでこの仕打ちですか。?
You caught me off-guard the first time we met. But I followed you anyway just so I could talk to you, and this is what I get?
Anji: 悪い。この一件、恩に着らぁ。それで、話ってのは何だい??
Sorry. I owe you one. So, what is it you wanted to talk about?
Ky: お気づきでしょう。ジャパニーズを狙う組織のことを。?
As you can see, there is an organization targeting the Japanese.
Anji: 追われてるのはよくわかったよ。?
I'd say I'm well-aware I've been targeted by someone, yes.
Ky: 私の調べたところでは「終戦管理局」を名乗っています。?
My investigation has revealed that they call themselves the Postwar Administration Bureau.
Anji: 管理もなにも……とっくに聖戦は終わってるじゃねぇか。?
Administration...? What are they administrating? The war ended ages ago!
Ky: ……わかりません。あるいは、まだ、戦いは終わっていないのかもしれません。私も調べてみますから今は、無理をせずに気をつけてください。?
...I do not know. Perhaps the battle is not yet over. I'll continue my Investigation, so for now, lay low and be careful.
Anji: 終戦管理局、ね。イヤな響きだぜ。?
The Postwar Administration Bureau... I don't like the sound of that.


Report ♯7403

終戦管理局報告書:第7403号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #7403
Name: Kuradoberi=Jam? Jam Kuradoberi
Height: 163cm? 5'4"
Weight: UNKNOWN? Unknown
Birthday: 2/8? Feb. 8
Blood Type: ? B
Race: Chaina? Human/Chinese
Though she is a chef, subject is one of the world's most proficient wielders of Ki force.
Of the five occult arts, the field of 'Ki' energy is the least explored and understood.
Most of its users are of Eastern descent, aiding the theory that heredity plays a role.
当該個体の目的は、常に良い料理を提供することにあり、 そこから制御するのは容易であろう。?
Subject's life goal is to discover new and useful cuisines. Control will not be an issue.
Although she poses little threat in and of herself, her capture is still desirable. Therefore, she should not be taken lightly.
Risk Rating: C

Arsonist pursuit

Jam: 「アタシの技は天下無双! 唯一無二の味アルヨ!」?
"My abilities are unmatched! Have a taste for yourself!"
VS Robo-Ky
Jam: 大変、火事アル。アタシの店が……。?
Oh, no! Fire! My restaurant...
Robo-Ky: ギギギ。?
Jam: 誰アルカ??
Who's there?
Robo-Ky: 逃ガシハシナイゾ……。?
Jam: ゴホン、ゴホン、煙が……。息ができないアル。?
Cough, cough... Ugh, I can't breathe. There's too much smoke...

Jam Path 1

VS Sol
Robo-Ky: ……コレヨリ現場ヲ撤収スル。?
Jam: 待つアルヨ、放火魔!あ、いかにも放火魔!?
Hold it, fire-boy! [Later.] Ahhh, that stupid arsonist!
Sol: ん??
Jam: もしかして……アタシの店に火をつけたのはアナタアルカ??
Wait a minute... Are you the one who set fire to my restaurant?
Sol: ……どけ。?
Jam: 逃がさないアルヨ!?
You're not getting away from me!
VS Faust
Jam: 逃げ足の早い男アルネ。他に怪しいヤツはいないアルカ?…………イタ!超々怪しい男アルヨ!……そこの変体袋頭!?
Man, that guy sure knows how to run... I wonder if there're any other suspicious characters around... Ah-hah! That guy's about as suspicious as they come! Hey, you! Crazy bag man!
Faust: わたしのこと……ですか??
Are you... referring to me?
Jam: アタシの店燃やしたのアナタアルカ?
Did you burn down my restaurant? Come on, spill it.
Faust: 違いますとも。今、人を追っているので失礼しますよ。?
Of course not. Now, if you don't mind, I have someone I must catch up with.
Jam: 逃げるとは怪しいアルネ。ちょっと待つアル!?
Hah! You wouldn't be running away if you didn't have something to hide! Wait just a minute!
Ky: もしもし、少しお話を……。?
Pardon me. May I have a word with...
Jam: アイヤー!放火魔の正体アナタだったアルカ!?
Aiyahhh! I've found the arsonist! It was you all along!
Ky: はい?放火魔??
Arsonist? Excuse me?
Jam: その制服、あの時確かに見たアルヨ!のこのこ出てくるとはいい度胸アル!覚悟するアル!?
That uniform! It's the same one I saw before! You've got a lot of nerve, returning to the scene of the crime like this! Prepare yourself!
Ky: ……神よ。これもあなたの与え給うた試練ですか!?
...Heavenly Father, are you testing my willpower yet again?
VS Slayer
Jam: コイツも違うアルカ?ホントにどこいったアルカ??
That wasn't him either, huh? So who the heck was it, then?
Slayer: ふむ、これは興味深い。?
Well, well... How fascinating.
Jam: ……そこ、何者アル??
...Huh? Who's there?!
Slayer: ほほう、君も「気」を使うか。狙われるわけだ。?
I can see you use Ki force as well... It's no wonder you've been targeted.
Jam: 狙う?アナタが火をつけたアルカ??
Targeted? So it was you who started the fire?
Slayer: 違う、といっても信じまい。正直に言えばその技に興味もある。?
No... Although I suppose you won't believe me. Actually, I am here because I am interested in your technique.
Jam: なら中華四千年の技を喰らうアルヨ!?
Oh yeah? Then taste the fighting arts of 4,000 years of Chinese history!
[Fight ensues.]
Slayer: 堪能させてもらった。大陸の技はひと味違う。?
Thanks for the display. The secrets of the Orient are like nothing I've seen.
Jam: オマエが放火魔アルカ??
Are you the arsonist?
Slayer: どう見えるね??
Do I look like one?
Jam: あの時は……火と煙でヨク見えなかったけど……違う。アナタ、放火魔じゃないアルネ。?
Well... It was too dark and smoky to see very well, but... No. I guess it wasn't you after all, was it?
Slayer: 忠告しておくが君の持つ「気」の技を狙う輩がいるらしい。店を焼いたのもそいつらだな。?
There is a group that is pursuing those who can use Ki force. They're the ones who burned down your restaurant.
Jam: そうだったのアルカ。?
Really? Are you serious?
Slayer: では、さらばだ。気をつけてな。?
Farewell for now... Be careful.
VS Chipp
Chipp: {{{1}}}?
You're Jam Kuradoberi, aren't you?
Jam: 誰アルカ??
Who're you?
Chipp: オイノチチョウダイ!?
Jam: コイツ「気」ヲ使うアルカ!?
You're... You can use Ki force too?!
VS Robo-Ky
Jam: そこに隠れているのはお見通しアル!?
Hey, come out of there! I see where you re hiding, buster!
Robo-Ky: ギギギ……ヨクゾ見破ッタ。抵抗ハ、無意味。タダチニ降伏セヨ。?
Jam: 焼けた店弁償するヨロシ!?
I'm gonna make you pay for my restaurant!
Robo-Ky: バカメ!貴様ノ技ハ全テ学習済ミダ!?
Ending 1
???: ふむ、面白いサンプルだ。?
Hmm.... What an interesting sample.
Jam: や、や、や、トウ!?
Yah! Yah! Yah! ...Tohhhh!!
Robo-Ky: ……ギギギ。?
???: さっそく解析して開発部に回せ。次のシミュレーション体はこいつがいいかもしれんな。?
Analyze it and take it over to the development staff. This information could be useful for our next simulation subject.

Jam Path 2

Jam: アイヤー、店が全焼アル!?
Aiyahhh! My restaurant's been burned to the ground!
I-No: あら、程良く焼けていい匂い。?
Mmmm, I love the smell of freshly burnt wood.
Jam: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Who are you?
I-No: みすぼらしいお店がなくなって、このへんもすっきりしたわね。?
This area looks much nicer, too, now that the ugly restaurant's out of the picture.
Jam: 何を言うアルカ!ひょっとしてアナタさっきのやつの仲間アルカ??
What did you just say?! I bet you're with the ones who were responsible for this!
I-No: だったら、どうする??
And if I was?
Jam: チョト警察まで来てもらうアル!?
Then I'm hauling you over to the police!
[Fight ensues.]
Jam: 無念アル……?
Ahh, how humiliating....
I-No: そんな顔しないで。ちょっとからかっただけだから。?
Oh, quit feeling sorry. I was just picking on you a little bit.
Jam: え??
I-No: 仲直りのお礼に、これあげる。?
Here, take this. Maybe it'll make you feel better.
Jam: これは……手配書??
What's this? ...A wanted list?
I-No: お金がいるんでしょ。その腕なら立派な賞金稼ぎになれるわよ。?
You need money, right? With your skills, you could become a great bounty hunter.
Jam: それはモウ経験済みアル……。また、あの生活に逆戻りアルカ……。?
I've already done that before... Don't tell me I have to go back to THAT lifestyle again...?
VS Venom
Jam: そこの男、神妙にお縄につくアルネ!賞金は私のものアルヨ!?
You there! Stand still for a minute while I tie you up! That bounty's mine for sure now!
Venom: ほう、賞金稼ぎか。悪いが、実験台になってもらおう。?
A bounty hunter, eh? Sorry, but I'd rather make you my sparring partner.
VS Millia
Jam: まずは……一人目。次の賞金首は……コレ、金髪の女豹にするアルネ。男女構わず誘惑し、変化自在の髪を用いて仕留める淫靡な魔女。ヒドイやつネ。?
Bounty number one... Check. Hmm... I think I'll make this "Blonde Huntress" girl my next target. "A brazen witch who uses her transformable hair to seduce men and women." What a horrible lady!
Millia: 誰??
Who's that?
Jam: 見つけたアルヨ!変化自在で淫靡な魔女!覚悟するヨロシ!?
Ah-hah! I have you now! You brazen transformable hair witch! Let's do this!
Millia: ……痛感するわね。女性に必要なものは慎みだわ。?
...That hurts, you know. There's nothing more important to a woman than her modesty.
VS Johnny
Johnny: ……とと。こいつは何の騒ぎだ??
Well, well... What's going on here?
Jam: あ、オマエも賞金首アルネ!?
Hey! You're on my bounty list, too!
Johnny: 嬉しいねぇ。積極的なアプローチは嫌いじゃないぜ。?
Well, I can't argue with that. I like it when a woman takes the direct approach.
[Fight ensues.]
Jam: ええっ!賞金首じゃないアルカ??
How can this be?! You're saying you're NOT wanted?
Johnny: ああ、アンタの手配書は間違いだらけだ。ミリアの賞金はとうの昔に解除されてるぜ?(もっとも俺の賞金は本当だけどな)?
Yep. That list of yours is chock full of mistakes. Millia hasn't had a bounty on her head for ages now. ('Course, I can't really say the same for myself, but...)
Jam: ショックアル……。?
I don't know what to say...
Johnny: アンタ、誰かにハメられたんだな。心当たりは??
Look, someone's obviously trying to play you for a fool. You got any idea who?
Jam: ……あの女……許さないアルヨ!?
...That woman...! I'll get her for this!
I-No: どう?賞金稼ぎははかどってる??
Well? How's the bounty hunting coming along?
Jam: ヨクモ騙してくれたアルネ??
You thought you could pull one over on me, didn't you?!
I-No: やっと気付いたか。この料理馬鹿が!アンタのおかげで虫けらどもがいい具合に潰し合ってくれたよ。さぁてあとはまとめて焼き捨てるだけだ。?
So you finally figured it out, huh? Stupid cook! Thanks to you, I was able to squash all the little bugs standing in my way. Now all I have to do is gather 'em up and throw 'em in the incinerator.
Jam: そうはさせないアルヨ!?
Not if I can help it!
Jam: ホントに迷惑かけて申し訳ないアル……。せめてものお詫びにご馳走するアルネ!?
I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused you... The least I can do is prepare a good meal for you!
Johnny: たおやかなレイディー達との食事は望むところさ。なぁミリア君?痛たっ!?
I'd love nothing more than to share a moment at the table with you, my gentle ladies. How 'bout it, Millia? ...Oww!
Millia: ……汚い手で私に触れないでくださる??
...Would you mind not touching me with your dirty hands?
Johnny: 失礼した。君の美貌に酔ったようだ。?
Pardon me. I appear to have gotten drunk off your immaculate beauty.
Venom: 美貌だと?この女の本性を知らないからそんなことが言えるのだ。?
Beauty? Easy for you to say... You have no idea what she's really like.
Millia: 今、何て言った??
What did you just say?
Jam: 二人とも……お酒はそれぐらいにしたらどうアルカ??
Look, you two... How about you lay off the wine for now, huh?
Venom: うるさい!おまえのせいでザトー様は……。?
Shut up! It's all because of you that Zato's gone now...
Millia: 私が生きるためよ。あんな男、何度だって殺すわ。?
I had to do it to keep on living. I'd do it again, you know.
Venom: 貴様!?
You bastard!
Johnny: っとぉ!せっかくのディナーだ。無粋な真似は、なしにしようぜ!?
Whoa there, man! We're trying to have a nice dinner here... Can't you save that for later?
Millia: うるさいわね!そこをどきなさい!?
Would you shut up?! Get out of my way!
Johnny: まま、そう言わずに。?
Hey, hey, no need to lose your cool...
Venom: 食らえ!デイムボゥガー!?
Take this! Dim Bomber!
Johnny: おおっ!??
Millia: きざめ!アイアンメイデン!?
I'm gonna cut you to pieces! Iron Maiden!
Johnny: ええっ!??
Whaaa?! [Explosion.]
Jam: ……ああ、屋台が……屋台が……。もうダイナシアル!?
...Ahhhhh... My stand... It's completely ruined!

Jam Path 3

After Chipp in Path 1:

VS Robo-Ky (x4)
Jam: そこに隠れているのはお見通しアル!?
Hey, come out of there! You think I can't see you?
Robo-Ky: ギギギ……ヨクゾ見破ッタ。?
Jam: 性懲りもなく、またヤラレに来たアルカ??
So you've come back for more, eh? You're not even one bit sorry, are you?
Robo-Ky: ターゲットノ戦闘能力ハ計算済ミ。集団戦闘ガ適切ト考エラレル。?
Jam: アイヤー!何体いるアルカ?か、片っ端からかかってくるアルヨ!?
Aiyaah! How many of you are there? I'll... I'll destroy every one of you, one by one!
VS May
Robo-Ky: ギギギ!?
Jam: き、きりがないアル!?
They just keep coming and coming!
Robo-Ky: ギギギ……支援を要請!?
Robo-Ky #2: 支援機参上!?
Robo-Ky #3: 参上!?
Robo-Ky #4: 参上!?
Jam: ま、まだこんなにいるアルカ!??
Why the heck are there so many of them?!
Ky: そこまでです!?
Stop right there!
Jam: まだ新手が??
Oh, great, another one?
Ky: 違いますよ。助けに来ました。?
No. I'm here to help you.
Jam: アナタは、あ、あの時の!?
You... you're... You're the guy from the fire!
Ky: 来るのが遅れてすいません。こいつらの相手は私に任せてください。?
I apologize for not coming sooner. Please allow me to take care of these robots.
Jam: わかったアル!?
You got it!
Ky: 気をつけてください。他にも洗脳された者がいるみたいですから。?
Be careful, though. There may be some other brainwashed victims around.
May: こ・ろ・す!?
Must... kill... you...!
Jam: これがそうアルネ。こっちは引き受けたアルヨ!?
And there's one right now. I'll take care of this one for you!
Ky: ありがとうございます。おかげで助かりました。?
Thank you very much. You really helped me out.
Jam: お、お礼を言うならこっちアルヨ!?
No way! I'm the one who should be thanking you!
Ky: いえ民間人に累を及ぼしたのは我々の落ち度です。終戦管理局という団体が政府の上層部にまで食い込んでいるようなのです。?
No, no... It was entirely our fault for bringing trouble to others. The Postwar Administration Bureau has sunk its claws into the highest levels of our government.
Jam: 元気ないアルネ。?
That doesn't sound good.
Ky: 情けないのです。やつらが法と正義を腐らせているというのに私ときたら……何も有効な手を打てないでいる。?
It's terrible. They're decaying the very ideas of justice and law... And the worst part is... I can't do a single thing about it.
Jam: そうやって落ち込んだら負けネ。そういう時は、おいしい物を食べるのがいいアルヨ!?
Don't let yourself get so depressed. You'll never win if you do. You know what's good when you re feeling down? Some really yummy food!
Ky: そ、そうかもしれませんね。?
Hmm... Perhaps you're right.
Jam: せっかくいい日和アル。食べにいかないアルカ??
Come on, it's such a nice day today! Why don't we go out to eat?
Ky: し、しかし仕事がありますので……。?
But... I... I still have work to do, so...
Jam: えぇぇぇ……。?
Ky: ……ご迷惑をかけたお詫びです。ご一緒しましょう。?
...Well, I guess I do need to repay you for all your trouble. Alright then, allow me to join you.
Jam: そう来なくちゃ!ささ、元気だすアルヨ!?
That's the spirit! Here, bear up a little!


Report ♯6690

終戦管理局報告書:第6690号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #6690
Name: Dizzy? Dizzy
Height: 167cm? 5'6"
Weight: 56kg? 123 lbs.
Birthday: 12/25(Presumed)? Dec. 25 (Presumed)
Blood Type: Nuanalylizable? Unanalyzable
Race: Non-Human? Gear/Unknown
! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Though her identity is unknown, sources say this subject is a mix of both human and Gear.
All known Gears, including Testament (see file #3360), were subordinates under the control of Commander Gear Justice. As a result, most of the Gears ceased functioning after Justice was slain in battle.
This one, however, was not affected, possibly due to her genetic makeup. In fact, she may have the ability to actually reawaken downed Gears.
Eyewitness accounts place her as working together with the humanoid Gear, Testament.
One report says that the subject was recently destroyed by the bounty hunter, Jam, but this may be a fabrication of events.
If she is still alive, her quick capture and disposal take precedence over all matters.
Risk Rating: S++

Unwilling rampage

Dizzy: 「力に振り回されるのは、止めにしました」?
"I won't let my power control me any longer."
I-No: カワイイ船ね。壊すのがもったいないくらいだわ。?
What a cute boat. It's a shame I have to wreck it.
Dizzy: あのぉこの船は快賊船です。勝手に乗船しないでください。?
Excuse me.... This is the Jellyfish Pirates' ship. Please don't come aboard without permission.
I-No: あなた、邪魔よ!?
You're in the way!
Dizzy: きゃぁぁぁぁぁぁぁっ!?
[falling] Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!
VS Chipp
Chipp: 痛っ! んっ……て、こいつはどっから墜ちてきたんだ?おい、どうした、大丈夫か??
Ow! Man... Where the heck did she fall from? Hey, are you alright?
Dizzy (Necro): KISYAAAAHH!?
Chipp: HOLY ZEN!なんて傍迷惑な野郎だ!?
Holy Zen! Talk about your neighborhood menace!
VS Venom
Dizzy (Necro): SYAAGYAAA!?
Venom: ほう……手負いのギアか。願ってもないことだ。我が技を試すには絶好の好機。手元が狂っても恨むなよ!?
Well, well... A wounded Gear. I couldn't have wished for more. The perfect opportunity to test my technique. Don't get too upset if I can't control it perfectly.
Dizzy (Necro): KYOOOOO!?
VS Faust
Faust: ふむ、妙に手練れの怪我人が多いと思ったら元はあなたでしたか。まぁとかく人の世は住み難いものです。何があったかは聞きませんが……?
I was wondering who was laying waste to all these skilled fighters. I imagine you have a difficult time living in the human world. I won't ask you to tell me what happened, but...
Dizzy (Necro): コロスコロスコロォォス!?
Kill kill kill!!!
Faust: 自棄になるのはいただけませんよ。?
I cannot allow you to wallow in despair.

Post-fight 1:

Dizzy: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Eh...? Doctor, what's wrong?
Faust: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Dizzy: ! (Invalid use of Template:J)
Oh, no! Did I...? Thank goodness... He's still alive. I don't know what to do. Where am I?

Post-fight 2:

Faust: 治療終了!?
Treatment complete!
Dizzy: あれ……私……。そうだ。メイシップの甲板から突き落とされて。?
Eh? Wha...? I... Oh... I remember! I was knocked off the deck of the Mayship.
Faust: なるほど!そのショックでしたか。?
I see! So it was from the shock.
Dizzy: あ、お医者様。助けていただいたんですか??
Doctor, did you save me?
Faust: さいわい大きな怪我はないようですね。予後は良好でしょう。?
Fortunately, you didn't suffer any major injuries. You should be fine from now on.
Dizzy: ええ。みんなはどこへ行ったんだろう……。?
I wonder where everyone went...
Faust: そういえばさきほどメイさんに会いましたよ。?
Now that you mention it, I ran into May a few moments ago.
Dizzy: ありがとうございます。そっちへ行ってみます。?
Thank you very much. I will head in that direction.
VS Slayer
Dizzy: あのぉ、このへんで、錨を持った女の子を見ませんでしたか??
Excuse me, have you seen a girl with an anchor around here?
Slayer: それはまた……個性的な友人だな。?
Well, that certainly sounds like an interesting friend.
Dizzy: ええ、とっても明るくて、楽しい人なんですよ。?
Yes, she's a very cheerful and fun person.
Slayer: フム。会うことがあれば君が探していたと伝えておこう。お嬢さん?名前は何だね??
I see. If I meet her, I will let her know that you are searching for her. What is your name, miss?
Dizzy: えっと……。あの。秘密です。?
Um... well... It's a secret.
Slayer: 失敬。君の噂は聞いているよ。ディズィー君。私の名はスレイヤー。お見知り置きを。?
I'm sorry. I'm afraid I've already heard about you, Dizzy. My name is Slayer. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Dizzy: スレイヤーさん。私のこと、誰にも言わないでくださいますか??
Mr. Slayer, will you please keep my identity a secret?
Slayer: そうさな、君が勝ったら考えよう。?
Hmm. Well, if you win, I'll think about it.
Dizzy: ……わかりました。でも危なくなったらすぐ言ってくださいね。?
...Understood. Please tell me as soon as you want me to stop.
[Fight ensues.]
Slayer: まいった!?
I give up!
Dizzy: あなたも……人間ではないんですね。?
You... You aren't human either.
Slayer: 加えて言えば人の産物でもない。まぁ例外というやつだ。?
I'm not synthetic, though. I'm... an 'exception,' if you will.
Dizzy: 私……ずっと自分だけが例外だと思ってました。今は違うんですけどね。?
I... always thought of myself as the only exception. But I don't feel that way anymore.
Slayer: 我らのような者は少ないが探せば案外いるはずだ。?
Well, there aren't many of these exceptions, but if you look around, you'll find them.
Dizzy: いつか探してみます。?
Someday I'll do just that.
Slayer: ……それもいいだろう。では、さらばだ。?
...That's a good idea. Farewell.
VS Baiken
Dizzy: このへんのはず……だけど。?
This should be the place, but...
Baiken: ん?いつかのギアじゃねぇか。?
Hmm? Hey, it's that Gear from last time.
Dizzy: そ、その節はどうも。?
Ah, h-hello again.
Baiken: 気に入らねぇなぁ。何でテメェまでいる?あの赤い楽師とつるんでんじゃねぇのか??
I don't like it. Why are you here, too? Are you working with that red musician?
Dizzy: 赤い楽師ってギターを持った人ですか??
Red musician? Does she have a guitar?
Baiken: やっぱりか!覚悟しやがれ!?
I knew it! Prepare yourself!

Dizzy Path 1

VS Eddie
Dizzy: ああ、驚いた。いきなり襲わなくてもいいのに。?
Wow, that was startling. She didn't have to attack so suddenly.
Eddie: デハ、挨拶シヨウ。空前ニシテ絶後ナルギアノ姫ヨ。?
Dizzy: 誰……??
Who are you...?
Eddie: 我ハ影!心ニ潜ミ身体ヲ奪ウ禁獣!ソノ体ヲ渡スガイイ。?
Dizzy: なんだろうこの気持ち……。遠い昔の憎しみと記憶。?
What is this feeling... Hatred and memories from the distant past.
Eddie: 覚エテイタカ。我ラガ戦ウノハ戦術的必然ナノダ。?
Dizzy: でも……戦争は終わってます。こんな気持ちは偽者です。?
But... the war is over. These feelings are artificial.
Eddie: 人工ノ運命ダ。覆セルモノナラ覆シテミロ!?
I-No: また会えたわね。?
We meet again.
Dizzy: どうして……あんなひどいことをするんですか??
Why do you do such cruel things?
I-No: それそれ、その顔。ぞくぞくしちゃう。そんな顔してくれるなら何度でも虐めちゃうわ。?
Ah, that's it! That face! Ahhh... I get goosebumps just looking at it. If you'll only keep showing it to me, I'll tease and bully you as much as your heart desires.
Dizzy: 失礼します……。?
Excuse me, I need to be going now...
I-No: 逃げられると思ってるとこがまた可愛いわ……。?
It's so cute how you think you can just run away from me!
I-No: はっはっは。ざまぁないね!ギアだろうが何だろうが……あのお方の邪魔になるやつは生かしちゃおかないよ。?
Hahaha... See what you get! It doesn't matter if you re a Gear or whatever... Nobody who interferes with the master's work gets away alive!
That Man: イノ……。?
I-No: はいっ!?
Yes, sir!
That Man: 私はおまえにこんなことを望まなかった。少し、眠っていろ。処遇は後で考える。……ほう、あいつの面影があるな。?
[Smack.] This is not what I wished you to do. Sleep for a while. I'll decide what to do with you later. ...Hmm? You have his face.
Dizzy: ……誰……。?
That Man: ディズィー、光と闇の結晶よ。おまえは我が思惑さえ超えた世界の希望。その身が恐怖と悲しみを呼ぼうとも決してくじけてはならない。?
Dizzy, child of light and darkness... You are the hope of the world, beyond even my expectations. Your body may bring you fear and grief, but stand strong and do not give up.
May: おーい!ディズィー!?
Hey! Dizzy!!
That Man: ゆけ。我が祝福と共に。?
Go. With my blessing.
April: ほら、いた!?
See, here she is!
May: ディズィー無事だったんだ!みんな心配してたんだよ!?
Dizzy, you're okay! Everyone was worried about you!
Dizzy: みなさん!来てくれたんですね。今……ここに誰かいませんでした??
Hey, everyone! You all came for me? Was there... Was there someone here just now?
April: ?誰もいなかったよ??
Huh? There wasn't anybody here.
Dizzy: そうですか。?
I see...
Johnny: よぉ!無事で何よりだ。ん、どうした??
Yo! Glad to see you're safe! Hmm? What's wrong?
Dizzy: なんか……涙がでてきちゃって。?
For some reason... I'm crying.
Johnny: ノンノンノン。涙の似合うレイディもいるがそうじゃないだろ?オマエの笑顔は何よりも美しい。?
Non, non, non. There are ladies for whom tears are fitting, but that's not the case here, I don't think. Your smiling face is the most beautiful thing in the world.
May: もぉ、ジョニーはすぐそうやってカッコつける。?
Oh brother. You always have to try and sound cool, don't you?
Johnny: 悪ぃ、悪ぃ。オマエさんの笑顔も素敵だぜ。?
Ah, heheh... Sorry. Your smile is wonderful, too.
Dizzy: ふふ。うふふふ。みなさん、ただいま。?
Hehe. Hehehehe. It's good to be back.
Jellyfish crew: おかえりなさい!?
Welcome home!!

Dizzy Path 2

After I-No in Path 1:

Dizzy: はぁ……はぁ……。お願いです。退いてください!?
Huff... huff... Please! Back down!
I-No: 糞がぁっ!何をえらそうに!その羽根むしって骨にしてやる!?
You little... Don't tell me what to do! I'll strip your feathers to the bone!
Dizzy: もう……これ以上は手加減できません!?
I can't... hold back my powers any longer!
I-No: 知るかぁ!?
Who cares!
Dizzy: ち、力が……。止まらない!誰か……助けて!?
My power... It won't stop! Someone, please... Help me!
Sol: ……。?
[Fade to black.]
Dizzy: ……あれ?私、どうしたのかな?なんだろう、この気持ち。力を使った後なのに、とても……暖かい。?
...Hmmm? What happened to me? I feel so... What is this? I used all my powers, and yet... I feel so... warm...
April: あ、いたいた。やっぱりここだった!?
Ah-hah! There you are. I thought you might be around here!
Dizzy: エイプリル!?
April: あれディズィーどうしたの??
Hmm? What's wrong, Dizzy?
Dizzy: どうしたのかな?涙が……止まらないんです。?
I... I don t know. I can't stop crying.
April: 悲しいことでもあったの??
Did something sad happen?
Dizzy: いえ、夢を見たんです。何か……とっても懐かしい夢でした。?
No, I had a dream. A very... nostalgic dream.
April: きっとそれ、お母さんの夢じゃないかな?あ、お父さんかもしれないね。?
It must have been a dream about your mother. Or, I know... Maybe it was about your father, huh?
Dizzy: ギアに……生みの親っているんでしょうか??
Do you think... Gears like us really have any parents?
April: あっ……。うん、大丈夫。きっといるよ。そうね。今度、みんなで探しに行くのはどう??
Ah... well... Sure. Don't worry. I mean, you've got to! Yeah... So how about we go searching for them together sometime?
Dizzy: ありがとう。なんか……元気が出てきました。本当に……会えるといいな。?
Thank you. I feel better already. I really hope... I can meet them someday.
Jellyfish crew: おーーーい!?
April: あ、来た来た。みんな、こっち!さっ。帰ろ??
Oh, here they are. Hey, you guys! Over here! You ready to go?
Dizzy: はい!?

Dizzy Path 3

VS Bridget
Dizzy: ああ、驚いた。いきなり襲わなくてもいいのに。それにしても……ここはどこなんだろ??
Wow, that was startling. She didn't have to attack so suddenly. Anyway... What is this place?
Bridget: 見つけましたよ、賞金首さん!?
I've found you, Miss Bounty!
Dizzy: どなたですか??
Who are you?
Bridget: ウチですか?通りすがりの賞金稼ぎです。?
Me? I'm just a passing bounty hunter.
Dizzy: 賞金首って……ひょっとして私ですか??
By 'Miss Bounty,' you don't mean me, do you?
Bridget: やだなぁ。決まってるじゃないですか。さっ。行きますよ。?
Don't be silly. Of course I mean you! Now, please come along quietly.
Dizzy: お仕事ご苦労様。でも、世間の厳しさを教えてあげます!?
I don't mean to criticize your work, but... I'm about to teach you just how tough the real world is!
Bridget: なんだ。賞金首さんじゃなかったんですね。?
...Oh. So there's no bounty on you after all.
Dizzy: そうですよ。人違いです。それに……どこで聞いたか知りませんが、もう、その情報は古いです。その賞金首さんはもうお亡くなりになりました。?
That's what I've been saying. You've got the wrong person. Besides... I don't know where you got that information, but it's outdated. That bounty has already passed away.
Bridget: え、そうなんですか??
Huh? Really?
Dizzy: 仕事する時はそういうとこしっかりしないとだめですよ。今日みたいに間違って襲ったら大変でしょ??
You need to take more care in your work. If you were to attack someone by accident like you just did to me, that would be terrible!
Bridget: はぁい。以後、気をつけます。?
Yes, ma'am! I'll be more careful from now on.
Dizzy: わかってくれればいいんです。?
As long as you understand, it's okay.
Bridget: ご迷惑おかけしました。?
I'm sorry to have caused you trouble.
Dizzy: じゃぁ一つお願い聞いてもらえますか??
Will you grant me a favor then?
Bridget: いいですとも。何ですか??
Of course. What is it?
Dizzy: 私、迷子なんです。ここ、どこですか??
I'm lost. Could you tell me where I am?


Report ♯3309

終戦管理局報告書:第3309号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #3309
Name: Slayer? Slayer
Height: 185cm? 6'1"
Weight: 70kg? 154 lbs.
Birthday: 10/31? Oct. 31
Blood Type: Unanaylizable? Unanalyzable
Race: Non-Human? Non-Human/Transylvania
当該個体について特筆すべき点は、それが既知のあらゆるカテゴリーに当てはまらない知的生命体である、という点である。 人間ではなく、またギア由来の生体改造物でもない。人間とは全く違う遺伝子構造を持つ、全くの異種である。?
Subject is an entirely different form of life, completely inapplicable to any previously known categories. Neither Human nor Gear in origin, his DNA structure bears no relation at all to anything currently on record.
It is unknown how many other beings like this one are in existence, and whether or not they have any relation to the human race.
Besides his name (Slayer), all we know about the man is that he founded the Assassins' Guild.
His battle abilities and his combat style have no known method of suppression, making him an unmatched threat of the highest caliber.
Risk Rating: S+

Daylight visit

Slayer: 「久しぶりの下界だな」?
"It's been a while since I've walked the earth."
Slayer: 警察機構のカイ殿とお見受けする。?
I'm looking for a police officer named Ky.
Ky: いかにもカイですが何のご用ですか??
I am Ky. What can I do for you?
Slayer: なに、ちょっとした挨拶だよ。 夜の王が陽光を浴びる時は昼の守人に断るのが慣わしだ。?
Nothing special. I've just come to pay a visit. It is customary for the king of the night to request permission from the protector of the day before venturing into the sunlight.
Ky: ……その口上は、もしや、異種??
...That speech... Are you a nightwalker?
Slayer: 無粋な名だが、いかにも。まずは、その腕を見せてもらう。?
That's not the most elegant way to put it, but... yes. Now, let me test your skill.
[Fight ensues.]
Ky: ふむ。無様なところをお目にかけましたね。?
Hmph. I've shamed myself in front of you.
Slayer: 何の。これほどとは。?
No, not at all. You're quite impressive.
Ky: それにしてもなぜ、あなたが??
Still, why are you here?
Slayer: 陽光が陰れば月が昇るが道理。これを見たまえ。?
When the sun sets, the moon rises... Here, have a look at this.
Ky: 手配書ですか……。これは!??
A bounty list... Wait a minute, this says...!
Slayer: その通り。増えた名に作為を感じないかね。?
Exactly. Doesn't it seem a little suspicious that those names are on this list?
Ky: ご忠告感謝しましょう。早速、調べなければ。?
I am in your debt. I will investigate this matter at once.
VS Faust
Slayer: さて天が下に新しきものなしとは言うが……。天ならぬ我が身には見知らぬ者とてあるということだな。?
Now, it's been said that there's nothing new under the sun... But even where I live, where the sun doesn't shine, I've never run into anything like THIS before...
Faust: それはこちらもご同様ですよ。 人を超えた者や人であった者は見ましたが人にあらざる人型にお目にかかるのはこれが始めてです。?
Then it would seem we've got something in common. I've seen those who've gone beyond human and those who've lost their humanity altogether... But this is the first time I've seen one who actually looks human and yet is not.
Slayer: 人語を解するとは面妖だな。他に何ができるか見せてもらおう。?
I'm surprised you even understand human speech. Show me what else you're capable of.
Faust: いでしょう。生物学的な興味は私にもあります。?
My pleasure. I'm interested in your anatomy as well.
VS Potemkin
Slayer: まったく時の流れもたまには面白いものを見せてくれる。?
I must say, the passage of time never ceases to produce new and interesting things.
Potemkin: 貴殿がスレイヤーか?大統領から伝言がある。?
Are you Slayer? I bring a message from the President.
Slayer: して、その内容は??
Well, what is it?
Potemkin: 俺から奪ってみろ、とのことだ。?
I'm afraid you'll have to take it from me.
Slayer: ガブリエルも相変わらず人が悪い。?
It's so like Gabriel to it this way.
Potemkin: どういう意味だ??
What do you mean by that?
Slayer: 弟子に稽古をつけさせたいならそう言えばよかろうに。では、行くぞ!?
If he wanted me to train his apprentice, he could have just said so. En garde!

Slayer Path 1

Potemkin: 俺の負けだ。?
You win.
Slayer: なに、君はもっと強くなれる。?
Don't worry, you still have plenty of room to grow stronger.
Potemkin: そのつもりではあるが。?
And I intend to.
Slayer: して伝言はなんだね??
Now, what was that message?
Potemkin: 最も新しいギアが野放しになった。?
The youngest of the Gears has been let loose in the wild.
Slayer: そうか……。肝に銘じておこう。?
I see. I'll keep that in mind.
VS Chipp
Slayer: 老人の繰り言、とは思ってほしくないが。?
I don't want to sound like a crotchety old man, but...
Chipp: やいやいやい、そこのテメェ!?
Hey, you! Over there!
Slayer: 無礼な時代になったものだな。?
...People were certainly more polite back in my day.
Chipp: テメェがアサシンのトップか!?
It's you, right? The head of the assassins!
Slayer: 控えるがいい、小僧。古のエレガンスを叩き込んでくれるわ。?
Tremble before me, boy. I will rend your soul with the elegance of the ages.
[Fight ensues.]
Slayer: その年にして「気」を使うとはな。なかなかのものだ。?
I'm impressed at your ability to wield Ki force at such a young age.
Chipp: テメェが毅師匠を!?
You're the one who killed Master Tsuyoshi!
Slayer: ふむ、仇討ちか。見上げた心がけではあるな。ならばこのスレイヤー信義にかけて誓おう。貴様の生きている間は貴様以外の手にかかって死にはせぬよ。腕を磨いて出直してくることだな。?
Revenge? An admirable motive. In that case, I will swear upon my honor. As long as you live, I will not die at the hand of anyone but you. Polish your skills and face me again.
VS Jam
Jam: 何者アル??
Who are you?
Slayer: ほほう、君も「気」を使うか。狙われるわけだ。?
I can see you use Ki force as well... It's no wonder you've been targeted.
Jam: あなたも賞金稼ぎアルカ??
Are you a bounty hunter as well?
Slayer: 違う、といっても信じまい。正直に言えばその技に興味もある。?
No... although I suppose you won't believe me. Actually, I am here because I am interested in your technique.
Jam: なら中華四千年の技を喰らうアルヨ!?
Oh yeah? Then taste the fighting arts of 4,000 years of Chinese history!
[Fight ensues.]
Slayer: 技は古くとも研鑚が足りなかったようだな。あと百年も修行すれば私を倒せるかも知れんぞ。?
The arts are indeed ancient, but it seems your study of them is lacking. If you train for another hundred years or so, perhaps you'll be able to beat me.
Jam: ……アタシをどうするつもりアルカ??
...What are you going to do to me?
Slayer: どうもせんよ。ただ忠告しておく。君の持つ「気」の技を狙う輩がいるらしい。賞金をかけたのもそいつらだな。?
I'm not going to do anything. But I will leave you with a warning... There is a group that is pursuing those who can use Ki force. They're the ones who placed the bounty.
Jam: そうだったのアルカ。?
Really? Are you serious?
Slayer: では、さらばだ。気をつけてな。?
Farewell for now... Be careful.
VS Dizzy
Dizzy (Necro): KYSYAAAAH!?
Slayer: ブリエルの手助けをするのは癪だが。こんな面白いものは余人には任せられぬな。来い!ギアとて人の化生には違いあるまい。人の天敵たる異種の力を見せてくれる。?
It irritates me to think I'll be helping Gabriel by doing this. But I can't leave something this interesting to be handled by others. Come! You may be a Gear, but you are the offspring of humans. I shall show you the power of the humans' archenemy: We who walk the night!
[Fight ensues.]
Dizzy: 私、また力を……。?
I used my power again...
Slayer: あー、寝ていたまえ。おっつけ、お仲間が迎えに来るだろう。?
Sleep now. Your friends will come for you soon.
Dizzy: あの、もしかしてあなたが助けてくださったんですか??
Are you the one who rescued me?
Slayer: 手荒い真似をしてすまなかったな。では、さらばだ。?
I apologize for the rough treatment. Farewell.
VS Eddie
Slayer: さぁ、最後のけじめをつけるとするか。?
Now, let's put an end to this.
Eddie: 知ッテイルゾ。貴様ノ伴侶ヲ。不老不死ノ肉体コソ我ガ殻ニフサワシイ。?
Slayer: ザトーよ、すまなかったな。墜ちたりといえども組織の長。このスレイヤーが丁重に弔ってやろう。……それと。シャロンに手を触れるには四百年早い。?
Zato... I'm sorry. Even though you have fallen, you were still the leader of the Guild. I will give you a proper burial. ...As for YOU... You're about 400 years too young to even consider touching Sharon.
Eddie: GYOOOWW!?
Slayer: 哀れな男だった。人の族は、分というものを知らぬ。それ故に栄え、また栄える影で苦しむ。我らが黄昏に追い立てられたのも、また必然と言うべきか。だがなに、日が陰れば星も照らす。月光に映える花もある。つまるところそれが幸せというものだろう。なぁ、シャロン??
What a sorrowful man... Men do not know their place in the world. Because of that, they prosper, only to end up suffering in their prosperity. Perhaps it was necessary that we were cast out into the twilight. For when the sun sets, the moon rises... And some flowers shine their most beautiful under the moonlight. In other words, that is where true happiness lies. Don't you agree, Sharon?

Slayer Path 2

After Jam in Path 1:

VS Millia
Millia: 組織の創始者、スレイヤー。伝説だと思っていたけれど。?
Slayer... Founder of the Guild... I thought you were only a legend.
Slayer: 察するところ君がアサシンのミリア君だな。ザトー君には悪いことをした。?
You must be Millia, the assassin. I apologize for what happened to Zato.
Millia: 元、アサシンよ。今頃出てきて何をするつもりなの??
Ex-assassin, thank you. Now, what are YOU doing here, after all this?
Slayer: ザトー君を弔おうと思ってね。?
I came to bury Zato.
Millia: 残念だけど、それは私の仕事。?
I'm afraid that's my job.
Slayer: ほう。君にとってやつは何だね??
Oh? What does he mean to you?
Millia: いくら憎んでも憎み足りない男よ。?
I couldn't possibly hate him enough.
Slayer: それだけかね??
Is that all?
Millia: 無駄話はいい加減にして!?
Enough talk!
VS Venom
Millia: ザトー……。?
Slayer: ……禁呪か。己だけでなく部下にまで強制したとはな。そこまで組織は腐っていたか。?
Dark Magic... You used it not only on yourself, but on your subordinates as well... Has the Guild fallen that far?
Venom: スレイヤー殿か。お名前はかねがね。ザトー様亡き後、組織を預かる者です。?
Slayer... I've heard so much about you. I'm the man who took charge of the Guild after Master Zato passed away.
Slayer: ヴェノム君といったな。形だけの敬意は必要ないよ。君は今、殺気を抱いている。?
Venom, right? I have no need for false words of respect. I can feel your hatred.
Venom: あなたは……組織をどうするおつもりか??
What do you intend to do with the Guild?
Slayer: 無に返す。?
Eliminate it.
Venom: では、それを許すわけにはいかない。?
Then I cannot allow you to proceed.
Slayer: 大胆な望みだな。なまなかなことでは私は死なぬぞ。?
That's a bold statement. It'll take quite a bit to finish me off.
Venom: ご老体。人の知恵と技は進化しているのだ。?
You're old. Human knowledge and technique have evolved.
Slayer: 人の手になる技などたかがしれておる。来なさい、若造。種の格の差というものを教えてやろう。?
Human techniques can never exceed my own. Come, young one. I will teach you the difference between man... and immortal.
Venom: あなたの勝ちだ。?
You win.
Slayer: つまらん勝利だ。技を磨いたかも知れぬが心に迷いを抱えて私に勝てるものかね。?
An unsatisfying victory. Your moves are well-honed, but you cannot beat me with that hesitation in your heart.
Venom: 私に……迷い??
Hesitation? Me?
Slayer: わからぬなら考えることだ。組織は貴様に預けておこう。死者に人生を捧げようとは愚かなことだ。組織がどうなろうが死人は喜びも悲しみもせん。あの若者も気付いてないわけではないのだろうが……。……とはいえ、人の命など高々百年足らず。全て迷いに費やしてみるのも人らしい、と言えなくもないか。なぁシャロン、おまえはどう思う??
If you do not understand, keep pondering it until you do. I will leave the Guild to you. [Some time later.] It is foolish to spend one's life for the sake of the dead. Regardless of what becomes of the Guild, the dead will neither rejoice nor grieve. I imagine that young one knows that in his heart... But a human lives a hundred years at best. It's not unusual for a human to spend that entire time hesitating. What do you think, Sharon?

Slayer Path 3

VS Sol
Sol: ……誰かと思えば。?
Well, well, I didn't expect to find you here.
Slayer: 呼ぶつもりはなかったのだがな。目敏い男だ。?
I didn't intend to get your attention, actually. You're quite perceptive.
Sol: ……ならもう少し静かに戦っとけ?
...Then fight a little more quietly, would ya?
Slayer: 相変わらず面白いことを言う。まだヤツを追っているのかね??
Hah. I see your tongue is as sharp as always. Are you still pursuing that one?
Sol: 何が言いたい??
What is it you want to say?
Slayer: 完全独立型ギアを叩き落とせる者はそうそういないと思うのでね。?
There are very few people on this earth... who can take out a fully Independent Gear.
Sol: 灰になりてぇのか??
You wanna be reduced to ash, don't you?
Slayer: 相変わらず身勝手な男だ。?
I see your temper hasn't changed a bit, either...
I-No: ロートルが何しに来やがった??
What's an old geezer like you doing here?
Slayer: 見物といったところだ。?
I've come to watch.
I-No: なにぃ??
Slayer: こうも無闇に場を荒らすのはあの男の流儀ではない。物知らずの三下が先走ったと見た。あの男がどう仕置きするのか楽しみでね。?
It isn't That Man's style to cause this kind of random destruction. I assumed it had to be a clueless underling gone wild. I'm looking forward to see how he punishes you.
I-No: テメェ、殺すっ!燃やして!灰にして!水撒いて!泥団子にして!豚に喰わして糞にしてやる!?
That's it, you're dead! I'll burn you to ashes, dissolve you into water, turn you into a mud pie... feed you to pigs, and turn you into excrement!
Slayer: まったくもって魅力的なもてなしだな。とはいえ見知らぬ豚に迷惑をかけるのも心外だ。いやはや。?
Well I must say, you're quite the hospitable one. But it'd be quite rude to bother a pig with all that. Don't you think?
I-No: ぐたぐた言ってねぇでさっさと死にな!?
Shut up and die!
That Man: 世話をかけたようだな。貴種殿。?
I'm sorry for the trouble, Noble one.
Slayer: それは捨てた名だ。異種で結構。?
I've abandoned that name. 'Nightwalker' is fine.
That Man: 失礼した。時の流れは貴殿さえ変えるということか。?
I apologize. So the passage of time affects even you, I see.
Slayer: 化石のように言われるのは心外だな。とはいえ、それは、その通りだ。君は変わったのかね?目に見えぬ絶望と戦い未だ来たらぬ希望を求め、世界の全てを敵に回すのはつらかろう。?
I'm not made of stone, you know. Still, it is as you say. Have you changed as well? Fighting hopelessness that the eye cannot see, seeking a hope that does not come... Turning the whole world into your enemy... Surely, it must be difficult.
That Man: 私に変わることは許されん。たとえ貴種が人狩りを止めようと、これだけは変えられぬ。?
Change is not an option for me. The Noble ones may cease their manhunting, but I myself could not change. Ever.
Slayer: 贖罪に生きる、か。理解できぬ感傷だが、まぁ、それも人間らしさとしておこう。いずれまた会うだろう。さらばだ。?
So you live only for atonement... I don't understand that kind of sentiment, but... I'll chalk it up as human nature and leave it at that. I'm sure we'll meet again. Farewell.
That Man: ……贖罪か。償えるようなものは罪とは言わぬ。罪ありき、ギアか。?
...Atonement... If it can be atoned, it is not truly a sin. A sinful Gear... hmm...


Report ♯7404

終戦管理局報告書:第7404号? Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #7404
Name: Bridget? Bridget
Height: 158cm? 5'2"
Weight: 50kg? 110 lbs.
Birthday: 10/26? Oct. 26
Blood Type: ? O
Race: English? Human/English
Normally, we would not even bother with such a simple bounty hunter.
However, this one bears mention because of his multi-millionaire father and the fact that he is currently searching for a Commander Gear.
While Commander Gear Dizzy is thought to be dead, this account has certain flaws which we have pointed out in a previous report.
Any information on the fate Dizzy that the subject may contain could be indispensable.
Due to an issue involving twins, the subject (a man) was raised as a woman by his family. He could be brought to our side via relatives.
Using a yo-yo as his weapon, he has fair skills as a bounty hunter, but nothing worthy of special mention. His threat is minimal.
Risk Rating: D

Innocent criminals

Bridget: 「ウチの芸を見てください!」?
"Please watch my act!"
Bridget: あのぅ、もし