Guilty Gear X Drama CD Vol.2 is a drama CD based on Guilty Gear X and written by Daisuke Ishiwatari and Kaihou Norimitsu. Following the first volume, the story is about how Sol is drawn into a struggle for Black Tech. It also contains a side story about how Testament and Dizzy first met each other.

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  1. Prologue (イントロダクション~プロローグ?) - 2:31
  2. Dry Gin (第一話「ドライ・ジン」?) - 7:09
  3. Bourbon Rock (第二話「バーボン・ロック」?) - 6:12
  4. Boilermaker (第三話「ボイラーメーカー」?) - 8:18
  5. Crime & Justice (第四話「罪と正義」?) - 9:35
  6. The Grave, the Girl, the Flowerbed (前編「墓標と少女と花束と」?) - 9:38
  7. Deep Forest & Deep Wounds (中編「深い森と深い傷と」?) - 7:04
  8. Deep Wounds & Two Eyes (後編「深い傷と両の眼と」?) - 21:31

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  • The narrator, Takehito Koyasu, would go on to voice Zato-1 on the Xrd games.

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