Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Sound Track of Dreamcast!! is the soundtrack from the Dreamcast version of Guilty Gear X.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Soul Dealer"
  2. "No Mercy"
  3. "Keep Yourself Alive II"
  4. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)"
  5. "Blue Water Blue Sky"
  6. "Writhe In Pain"
  7. "Feel A Fear"
  8. "Burly Heart"
  9. "Suck A Sage"
  10. "The Original"
  11. "Momentary Life"
  12. "Babel Nose"
  13. "Liquor Bar and Drunkard"
  14. "Make Oneself"
  15. "風雅" (Fūga)
  16. "A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return"
  17. "Bloodstained Lineage"
  18. "Awe Of She"
  19. "Fatal Duel"
  20. "Still In The Dark"
  21. "Primal Light"
  22. "Calm Passion"
  23. "Walk In the Dusk"

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