Guilty Gear X Plus is the fifth entry in the Guilty Gear series. It is a Japan-exclusive enhanced port of Guilty Gear X for the PlayStation 2, containing two extra characters, several new features and a Wonderswan Color link with Guilty Gear Petit 2.

Although released around the time of the North American and European PlayStation 2 releases, these are ports of the Dreamcast version.[1] Plus was released in two editions: regular and deluxe, with the latter containing Guilty Gear-related special products, including a DVD with a five-minute animated trailer.[2]

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  • Kliff Undersn and Justice are added.
  • All characters includes three different modes—Normal, Extra and G.G.—, each having a different set of moves. Extra and G.G. versions of fighters can be unlocked by beating the respective versions of characters in Survival Mode.
  • In addition, Black select and Gold select versions of the characters can be chosen independently for increased powers.
  • Mission Mode is added.
  • Story Mode was enhanced drastically: every character now has three paths and endings each they can complete.
  • A password mode was added that utilized codes found in Guilty Gear Petit 2.
  • Gallery Mode was added, compiling artwork earned in missions.


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