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Guilty Gear X Plus (ギルティギア ゼクスプラス, Giruti Gia Zekusu Purasu) is an enhanced port of Guilty Gear X, containing two extra characters and a gallery. It was released on the PS2 in Japan only. The PS2 version released in the United States and Europe is simply a bare-bones port of the Dreamcast version, and does not contain the added features found in the Japanese release.

New characters include Kliff Undersn and Justice. Each character includes 3 different modes: Normal, Extra and G.G. Each version gives a different set of moves. Extra and G.G. versions of fighters can be unlocked by beating the respective versions of characters in survival mode. In addition to 3 character modes, black select and gold select versions of the characters can be chosen independently for increased powers. Story Mode was also enhanced, and a password mode was added that utilized codes found in Guilty Gear Petit 2.






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