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Guilty Gear X ver 1.5 is a updated version of Guilty Gear X running on the Sammy Atomiswave arcade hardware.

It features balance changes and new moves to make it more similar to XX.

There is a common misconception that GGX v1.5 contained Justice and Kliff as playable characters. That is due to the fact that GGX v1.5 is easily confused for GGX Plus on PS2, which is a rerelease of the PS2 port of GGX, with Justice and Kliff being extra playable characters as well as a Story Mode. However, since that was made prior to XX, it did not contain the new additions featured in v1.5.


Guilty Gear X 1.5 retains many of the original mechanics; main changes to the game were performed in the field of character balance.







Guilty Gear X DifferencesEdit

Only some characters have the GGX version combined with their GGX2 moves and this is the list of them

Sol BadguyEdit

  • Fenrir added
  • Faint Gun Flame added
  • Can hold K during Bandit Revolver as a prototype Bandit Bringer
  • Dragon Install buffed to 12 seconds lenght

Ky KiskeEdit

  • Standing HS changed to GGX2 version
  • Forward HS changed to GGX2 version
  • Greed Sever added QCB+HS
  • Saced Edge added with Ride the Lighting Sound

Johnny SfondiEdit

  • Esenga added

Anji MitoEdit

  • Tenjinashi added


  • F.D.B. added
  • Forward K and Forward HS from GGX2 added

Chipp ZanuffEdit

  • Air Taunt added
  • Air Down K added


  • Have changed his boss normals to GGX2 Normals and Command Moves
  • Grave Digger changed to GGX2 version


  • Jumping Down HS added
  • Triple Jump nerfed to Double Jump

Arcade Mode TriviaEdit

  • Testament and Dizzy have a special graphic introduction but they lost their intro songs(Keep the Faith and Grief respectively).



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