Guilty Gear X ver 1.5 is the eighth entry in the Guilty Gear series, and a updated version of Guilty Gear X running on the Sammy's Atomiswave arcade system. Announced in February 2003 at the Amusement Expo,[1] its main changes were in the field of character balance, adding moves to make it more similar to the recently-released Guilty Gear XX.

Unlike the previous Guilty Gear X Plus update, Ver. 1.5 does not include an enhanced Story Mode nor Justice or Kliff Undersn as playable characters.


Guilty Gear X ver 1.5 does not contain any new additions to the story.

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  • Many character's command lists are combined with their Guilty Gear XX versions:
    • Sol: Fafnir, Gun-Flame Feint added. Can hold Kick during Bandit Revolver as a prototype Bandit Bringer. Dragon Install lasts longer (12 seconds).
    • Ky: Standing Heavy Slash and Right + Heavy Slash changed to XX versions. Greed Sever added DownDown-LeftLeft + Heavy Slash. Sacred Edge added with Ride the Lighting sound.
    • Potemkin: F.D.B. added, alongside Right + Kick and Right + Heavy Slash from XX.
    • Chipp: Air Taunt, and aerial Down + Kick added.
    • Johnny: Esenga added.
    • Anji: Tenjinashi added.
    • Testament: His boss normal attacks are changed to those from XX, as is his Grave Digger move.
    • Dizzy: Aerial Down + Heavy Slash added, and can no longer Triple Jump, only Double Jump.
  • During Arcade Mode, Testament and Dizzy have a special graphic introduction, but they lose their intro songs ("Keep the Faith" and "Grief", respectively).

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  1. サミー、「AOU2003」出展タイトルを発表 会場で「ギルティギア ゼクス ver.1.5」が体験できる!

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