The following is a list of trophies for PlayStation Network and achievements for Steam available in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- and its update, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Trophies/Achievements Edit

Name Image Requirement Type
The Absolute World GGXrdR trophy 1 Obtained all trophies. Platinum
How Many Burgers Can I Buy? GGXrdR trophy 2 Spent 500,000 World Dollars. Gold
Novice Angler GGXrdR trophy 3 Fished for the first time. Bronze
King of Anglers GGXrdR trophy 4 Fished 100 items. Silver
And Today's Look Is...? GGXrdR trophy 5 [AVATAR] Edited your avatar. Bronze
They Call Me... The Revelator GGXrdR trophy 6 [Episode] Completed the mode with any character on any difficulty. Bronze
Wanna Be Crazy GGXrdR trophy 7 [Episode] Completed the mode with 20 characters on any difficulty. Silver
Puberty GGXrdR trophy 8 [M.O.M.] Class increased. Bronze
Scorer GGXrdR trophy 9 [M.O.M.] Passed Lv 50. Silver
Spray and Pray GGXrdR trophy 10 [M.O.M.] Maximum combo damage exceeded 1,000. Gold
Besties GGXrdR trophy 11 [Versus] Played against a friend offline. Bronze
Emotional Destination GGXrdR trophy 12 [Story] Watched everything. Silver
License to Train GGXrdR trophy 13 [Tutorial] Completed your training. Bronze
Wicked Sick Time, Bro! GGXrdR trophy 14 [Tutorial] Completed the second round of tutorials within the time limit. Silver
Meister GGXrdR trophy 15 [Combo] Solved 100 problems. Bronze
The Path to Passion GGXrdR trophy 16 [Combo] Solved 200 problems. Silver
Combo Master GGXrdR trophy 17 [Combo] Solved 400 problems. Gold
Practice Makes Perfect GGXrdR trophy 18 [Mission] Completed 30 missions. Bronze
To the Real World! GGXrdR trophy 19 [Mission] Completed 70 missions. Silver
Knowledge... Is Half the Battle GGXrdR trophy 20 [Training] Trained against 20 or more characters. Bronze
Image Training GGXrdR trophy 21 [Replay] Viewed at least 5 replays. Bronze
First Time Shopping GGXrdR trophy 22 Purchased content with World Dollars for the first time. Bronze
Commentator GGXrdR trophy 23 [Player Match] Used the comment feature. Bronze
Lobbying GGXrdR trophy 24 [Online] Fought a total of 100 matches from the Lobby. Silver
Emotions Are... Important GGXrdR trophy 25 Used your first "emotion." Bronze
Freshman GGXrdR trophy 26 [Ranked Match] Celebrated your first victory. Bronze
Red Belt GGXrdR trophy 27 [Ranked Match] Increased to Rank 20. Silver
Fearless GGXrdR trophy 28 [Ranked Match] Fought a total of 200 matches. Silver
Everyone's Welcome GGXrdR trophy 29 [Player Match] Fought over 20 different characters. Silver
You Come Grand Opening! GGXrdR trophy30 [Player Match] Hosted your own room. Bronze
Pankration GGXrdR trophy 31 [Player Match] Fought three times in a room set to M.O.M. Mode. Bronze
An Ounce of Practice... GGXrdR trophy 32 [Player Match] Played Online Training. Bronze
Roleplaying GGXrdR trophy 33 [Player Match] Used the character's persona voices 10 times. Bronze
Key to the Future Is in the Past GGXrdR trophy 34 [Player Match] Spectated a total of 20 matches. Bronze
Wilson, Noo-! GGXrdR trophy 35 [Player Match] Kicked a ball for the first time in a room. Bronze
New Type GGXrdR trophy 36 Played using Stylish Type. Bronze
Medal of the Holy Order GGXrdR trophy 37 Collected a total of 150 badges. Silver
Crossroads GGXrdR trophy 38 Witnessed the Dramatic Finale. Bronze
Was That a Conversation? GGXrdR trophy 39 Tuned into Ramlethal and Lucifero's conversation during matches. Bronze
Throwing $$ at the Problem... GGXrdR trophy 40 Threw away valuable items taken in a Treasure Hunt. Bronze
You've Been... Served GGXrdR trophy 41 Blew up a Servant using Organ Controls. Bronze
Covered in Dust GGXrdR trophy 42 Earned the badge, "Brand of War." Bronze
Battle Overload GGXrdR trophy 43 Cumulative Total damage is over 100,000! Silver

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