The following is a list of trophies for PlayStation Network and achievements for Steam available in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.

Trophies/Achievements Edit

Name Image Requirement Type
Xrd Times The Charm GGXrdS trophy 1 Unlocked all trophies. Platinum
Cash On The Table GGXrdS trophy 2 Collected 1,000,000 World Dollars. Silver
Game Install GGXrdS trophy 3 Fired up the game. Bronze
Gear Up GGXrdS trophy 4 [ARCADE] Finished any one of the characters' stories. (Any difficulty). Bronze
Guilty Until Proven Innocent GGXrdS trophy 5 [ARCADE] Finished all 14 characters' stories. (Any difficulty). Silver
You've Got A Peel GGXrdS trophy 6 [M.O.M.] Slipped on a banana. Bronze
But This One Goes To 14 GGXrdS trophy 7 [M.O.M.] Unlocked class 14. Gold
A Man of Wealth and Taste GGXrdS trophy 8 [M.O.M.] Collected all items. Gold
Shoulder to Shoulder GGXrdS trophy 9 [VERSUS] Fought a match in local versus mode Bronze
Cradle Will Rock GGXrdS trophy 10 [STORY] Finished the entire story. Silver
Basically GGXrdS trophy 11 [TUTORIAL] Finished all the basic training. Bronze
Radio Edit GGXrdS trophy 12 [TUTORIAL] Finished the second round of basic training within the designated time. Silver
Groupie GGXrdS trophy 13 [CHALLENGE] Cleared 50 challenges. Bronze
Roadie GGXrdS trophy 14 [CHALLENGE] Cleared 150 challenges. Silver
Soloist GGXrdS trophy 15 [CHALLENGE] Cleared 300 challenges. Gold
Gold GGXrdS trophy 16 [MISSION] Completed 5 missions with Rank S. Bronze
Platinum GGXrdS trophy 17 [MISSION] Completed 30 missions with Rank S. Silver
Training Kept A Rolling GGXrdS trophy 18 [TRAINING] Trained for more than 1 hour. Bronze
Profligate Profiling GGXrdS trophy 19 [DATABASE] Edited your profile. Bronze
I Got It On Tape GGXrdS trophy 20 [DATABASE] Watched at least 10 replays. Bronze
That's How It Starts GGXrdS trophy 21 [DATABASE] Purchased your first piece of content in Gallery Mode. Bronze
 :D GGXrdS trophy 22 [Player Match] Used the in-game comment functionality for the first time. Bronze
Record Deal GGXrdS trophy 23 [Ranked Match] Your first victory. Bronze
Single GGXrdS trophy 24 [Ranked Match] Promoted to Rank 11. Bronze
Album GGXrdS trophy 25 [Ranked Match] Fought a total of 100 matches. Bronze
World Tour GGXrdS trophy 26 [Ranked Match] Defeated a higher ranked opponent. Silver
Everyone's A Critic GGXrdS trophy 27 [Player Match] Made 50 comments while spectating Player Matches. Bronze
Matchless Skill GGXrdS trophy 28 [Player Match] Fought a total of 100 matches. Bronze
Ourcade GGXrdS trophy 29 [Player Match] Hosted a room. Bronze
Tie Your M.O.M. Down GGXrdS trophy30 [Player Match] Fought in a room set to M.O.M. mode. Bronze
We're Getting The Band Back Together GGXrdS trophy 31 [Player Match] Played the online training. Bronze
In A Different Key GGXrdS trophy 32 [Player Match] Used the alternate character voice greetings. Bronze
I'll Be Watching You GGXrdS trophy 33 [Player Match] Observed 10 matches. Bronze
Pitch-Perfect GGXrdS trophy 34 Scored a perfect victory in a proper match. Bronze
Killing, For Instants GGXrdS trophy 35 Landed an Instant Kill in a proper match. Bronze
I Been Here For Years GGXrdS trophy 36 Got a come-back victory in a proper match. Bronze
When In Rome GGXrdS trophy 37 Used all the colors of Roman Cancels during a proper match. Bronze
Turn of the Century GGXrdS trophy 38 Used 100 Roman Cancels during proper matches. Bronze
Aegis GGXrdS trophy 39 Successfully executed a Blitz Shield Reversal in a proper match. Bronze
Aeplusgis GGXrdS trophy 40 Successfully executed a total of 100 Blitz Shields during proper matches. Bronze
Handy With The Steel GGXrdS trophy 41 Landed an Overdrive Special from a disadvantageous situation in a proper match. Bronze
Illyria Calling GGXrdS trophy 42 Triggered Danger Time during a proper match. Bronze
I'm Mortal GGXrdS trophy 43 Landed 10 Mortal Counters during a proper match. Bronze
Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind GGXrdS trophy 44 Landed a 100% combo. (Excludes Instant Kills). Bronze
Communication Breakdown GGXrdS trophy 45 Listened to Ramlethal and Lucifero's conversation. Bronze
Take Me Out To The Ballgame GGXrdS trophy 46 Hit a home run with Faust. Bronze
Gimmie a Head with Hair GGXrdS trophy 47 Witnessed Ky let his hair down during a proper match. Bronze
Sins of the Father GGXrdS trophy 48 Used Sin for the first time in a proper match. Silver

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