Megadeath Hydra (2019)

Hydra battling Kliff Undersn

The Hydra is the monstrous Megadeath-Class Gear.


The Hydra has the appearance of the five headed and four legged serpent.


The Hydra is highly aggressive and loves to destroy what ever it wishes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Because of its massive body, the Hydra is capable of destroying an entire metropolis of one million in under an hour. When the Hydra's head was cut off, ten will grow in its place of the lost one and when its legs were cut off it regenerates. It can release oscillating shock waves from any of its five mouths, which are powerful enough to eradicate buildings and when combined with its five heads, can wipe out city blocks. It also fights using seven massive sword-like limbs and can produce large parasitic Gears from its body, which are capable of flooding an area with miasma or firing powerful bolts of Lightning magic at their opponents.


Hydra attacks London. The Sacred Order were unable to defeat it as it rampaged for a day and a night. Kliff Undersn single-handedly fights the Gear for seven days and nights only to sever three of its five heads and four of its limbs. When the Hydra attempts to grow it's ten heads and regenerate it's limbs, the Order takes advantage of the weakened state of the beast and seals it. Years after, a village would be built on top of its dormant body.


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