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Sol triggering "Sakkai" to unleash his Instant Kill in Guilty Gear.

An Instant Kill (一撃必殺技, Ichigeki Hissatsu Waza?, lit. Single Blow Sure-Killing Art) is a type of special move, the character's ultimate attack, in the Guilty Gear series. As its name states, it will defeat the opponent instantly if it hits.

They are performed by entering Instant Kill Mode and then inputting the given character's correct attack command. If successful, the opponent will be "DESTROYED".


Instant Kills first appeared in the original Guilty Gear. In this game, defeating an opponent with an Instant Kill will end the match immediately, regardless of its round or the opponent's health. The player presses Punch + Kick as the Instant Killer starter attack. If it connects, the screen turns red for a few seconds, a state which is called "Sakkai" (殺界?, lit. "Killing Realm"). The move must then be completed with DownDown RightRight + any attack button (Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash). The defensive player can escape the Kill by reacting quickly and pressing DownDown LeftLeft + any attack button. An Instant Kill can also be activated by guarding attacks at the right moment.

In subsequent games, they are more difficult to perform, as Instant Kill Mode must be activated first by pressing Punch + Kick + Slash + Heavy Slash. Upon the activation, the Tension Gauge will change to the Instant Kill Gauge, at the same level as Tension was. It decreases with time, and any Tension-required move cannot be used (e.g. Overdrive Attacks, Force Breaks, etc.). When the Tension Meter is emptied, characters will gradually lose health. Killing oneself is not possible as some HP will be left, but the next hit or any chip damage will finish the character off. By pressing all four attack buttons again, one returns to an empty Tension Gauge state.

Unleashing an Instant Kill attack is generally done by pressing DownDown RightRightDownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash, and it completely depletes the gauge. Regardless of success or failure, the Tension Gauge is lost for the rest of the round—that is, actions that require Tension cannot be used. The player will also be unable to perform another Instant Kill. It is worth noting that in GG Mode of all Guilty Gear XX titles, the original iteration of this mechanic returns in the form of the Sakkai state now being its own special move (localized as "Morbid World"), replacing the character's current Instant Kill.

Instant Kills so far in the Guilty Gear series do not appear in Guilty Gear Isuka, Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-, and Guilty Gear -Strive-.

Instant Kills

Character Progression
Sol Badguy/Order-Sol (EX Mode) All Guns Blazing » Napalm Death » Branding Breach
Ky Kiske Zwei Voltage » Rising Force
Robo-Ky Rising Force » 13 Luck-KY
May May Catapult » May and the Jolly Crew » And Then She Said... Farewell
Dr. Baldhead/Faust Shouten Ochigoku » This Week's Yamaban » This
Potemkin Nuclear Hammer » Magnum Opera » Infernal Tour
Chipp Zanuff Zenten Zenchi Musou Kijin » Delta End » Raisetsudan
Zato-1/Eddie Fear of the Dark » Black in Mind » Guzmania Magnifica
Millia Rage Bug Bite » Iron Maiden
Axl Low Rengoku Renzan » Rensen Ougi: Midare Gami » Amphora Conflagration
Kliff Undersn Pulverizing Dragon's Roar
Baiken Tate Shunmaku » Garyou Tensei
Testament Soul Vise » Seventh Sign
Justice X Laser
Johnny Joker Trick
Venom Dimmu Borgir » Giga Machina System
Anji Mito Zetsu
Jam Kuradoberi Gasenkotsu
Dizzy I can't... contain my strength » Emotional Gamma Ray
Fanny Call 119
Slayer All Dead
Bridget Shoot the Moon
Zappa I'm Scared...
I-No Last Will and Testament » Megalomania
A.B.A Darkness of Ignorance
Sin Kiske Raiden
Raven Sehnsucht
Bedman Theater of Pain
Leo Whitefang Windrad des Weltraum
Ramlethal Valentine Animo Estingi
Elphelt Valentine Magnum Wedding
Jack-O' Valentine I Want Out
Kum Haehyun Sundering Chord
Answer Summoner: The Basilisk