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The following is a list of Izuna's commands throughout the series.

Guilty Gear 2

The following is Izuna's action list in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.

Type Name Effect/Command
Skills Dharma Summons Summons a magic minion.
Deutzia Temporarily turns you invisible, making it harder for foes to spot you. However, its magic will be cancelled if you make fast movements.
Celestial Chrysanthemum Disperses a projectile that enhances allies. Any allies that touch it will have their offensive and defensive powers increased.
Plastic Pomegranate Dispels negative effects on nearby allied units. Can also dispel enemy traps and minions.
Special Steel Wasabi LS ↑ + Y
Holy Mustard LS neutral + Y
Dashing Camellia LS ← or → + Y (midair also)
Spiraea Thunbergii LS ↓ + Y
Iron Wire Seal Neutral Y in midair
Nanba Step During a step, you can initiate additional steps.
Overdrive Laurel Edge X + A (during max tension)