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Jam Kuradoberi is a recurring playable character since Guilty Gear X.



Jam is an excellent choice for those who want to focus on melee and rushdown attacks, as well as aerial combos. Jam is one of the best characters for various combos and maneuvering as she can be watched flying across the screen and also possessing some solid frame data. Most of her attacks would require her to charge, ensuring that moves such as Ryuujin do more damage. Jam's special attacks can be linked to one another, similar to Chipp's, and can be comboed to do larger amounts of damage. Her overdrives, such Renhoukyaku make an excellent finisher and has a fast summon rate. Her Asanagi no Kokyuu move is the primary focal point of her gameplan, where she often needs to land knockdowns in order to safely use the move to charge up her three signature kick moves (Ryuujin, Kenroukaku and Gekirin) by one level each. From there, she is able to use enhanced versions of the said moves in order to recreate a variety of combos and/or safely form unique blockstrings for pressure.

Jam has decent mobility and easy combo followups, but while charging she is vulnerable, and can be interrupted, making it hard for the player to do full damage with her special attacks. But overall, she is an easy character to pick up an play with only attention to be paid on combos. Another weakness of hers is that she tends to have very limited range compared to many weapon-based users of the cast, which makes it a chore to both get in and to extend most of her grounded gatling combinations. But once she does get in, Jam is often a constant threat due to her frame traps and counter hit possibilities.

In Jam's EX mode, her gameplay becomes almost completely consistent of melee, losing all her aerial moves with the exception of Youeikyaku, which becomes one of the worst Overdrives in the game, doing little damage and having a limited range. Her advantages in EX mode is that Jam's special attacks will specialize in knocking back the opponent, preventing a quick recovery.



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