Kakusei Ky, which means "Awakened Ky" in Japanese, is an awakened EX version of Ky Kiske that only appears in Guilty Gear Isuka. He is one of two bosses in its GG Boost Mode, the other being Kakusei Sol.

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Kakusei Ky uses a blue awakening power coupled with a permanent Dragon Install-like effect (which however, has to perodically refresh, making him enter a pseudo-stunned state at times), fast-regenerating Tension and impressive lightning techniques. Defeating Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky on the last stage of GG Boost mode unlocks Zako 1, 2, and 3.

In order to unlock him, the player must first have Ky's EX version unlocked by beating Arcade Mode. Playing Boost of Scramble as Robo-Ky II in RKII Factory Mode on at least Normal difficulty, one must defeat Kakusei Sol and Ky in Stage 5-E (Last Dance) with 1,400,000 points or more and not have used any warp points. One must then choose not to return to the factory and a giant Robo-Ky II ("Robo-Ky II Substance") will appear. Defeating it unlocks Kakusei Ky and Sol.

To select him, the player must simply highlight Ky Kiske on the Character Select Screen and press Start twice. Kakusei Ky can be unlocked also through beating the Robo-Ky II Substance first and unlocking EX Ky later.

Kakusei Ky normally has a moveset mirroring Ky's EX moveset, mainly with these specific differences:

  • Stun Edge Charge Attack now is fired like its normal counterpart, albeit with the 3-hit projectile version coming out instead of a plain Stun Edge and mapped to DownDown RightRight + Slash.
  • Robo-Ky's old Ray Divider (also known as Stun Edge Production in this case) replaces the original Stun Edge Charge input (DownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash), and starts up faster. Instead of an electric tall vertical barrier, a brief lightning sphere is unleashed instead. Via the in-game moveset, this move is somehow unlisted.
  • Midair Stun Edges now fire off 2 at once, with both of the projectiles flying along the original Slash and Heavy Slash version angles. The Slash fires them both at a slow speed while Heavy Slash at a fast speed.
  • Heavy Slash version of Vapor Thrust now automatically follows up with a midair Crescent Slash into a Greed Sever at its peak, which plummets the foe.
    • However, Kiriharai can no longer be performed on either version of Vapor Thrust (nor the midair version), and only on Grand Vapor Thrust.
    • Both versions of Slash and Heavy Slash Vapor Thrust function relatively the same in midair.
  • The EX version of Ride the Lightning, unlike with EX Ky, can only be performed in midair as the grounded version is a new move.
  • Sacred Edge while having the same EX version input (RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Punch), now instead has Ky perform a Ray Divider animation just after his circling-hand-motion (the startup flash animation), which also instead unleashes a row of lightning bolts that travel forward and past-full-screen.
  • Via paralleling Kakusei/Bousou Sol's unlisted midair Overdrive, the grounded input for EX Ride the Lightning (RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash) is now an unlisted move, but in actuality is the original Robo-Ky's Aces High attack, albeit modified and referred to as Ride the Lightning (Reverse).
    • First off, the startup flash now involves the Grand Vapor Thrust/Impala Hunt slashing animation like with Robo-Ky's Ky-Kokoro no Ichigeki.
    • Second, while it behaves like the original version if it whiffs (though it has a shorter maximum peak), it radically changes upon the upward rise connecting at any point, where Ky rises a bit higher while the lightning sphere coating him does more than one hit, and he performs a 3-attack combo at the near-peak of his rise in this order:
      • A midair Vapor Thrust animation.
      • Kiriharai, which is the same as done during the classic Aces High.
      • A midair Greed Sever, which unlike the Heavy Slash Vapor Thrust, inflicts a wallbounce and leaves behind a spark that's the same as the one left behind by his jumping Dust.

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