The following is a list of quotes attributed to Kliff Undersn.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "Fool! You try to copy me with such a shoddy beard!?"
  • Sol: " shouldn't have hidden your true power..."
  • Ky: "Still a bit too early for me to retire, eh, Kiske?"
  • May: "This battlefield is no place for a child."
  • Baldhead: "One of the last doctors has lost his mind...tragic."
  • Potemkin: "Raw force alone cannot triumph over sheer will!"
  • Chipp: "What a punk! I'll teach you some manners!"
  • Zato: "As long a I live, evil will never prosper!"
  • Millia: "Don't show me your gams, toots."
  • Axl: "What an old-fashioned lad you are..."
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