Leo Whitefang is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. Leo is one of the three Allied Kings of the United Kingdom of Illyria, governing a part of Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Also an accomplished warrior in his own right, he shares a friendly rivalry with Ky Kiske.

Design[edit | edit source]

Leo is a very tall and somewhat rugged-looking man with shoulder-length, unkempt blond hair, a beard, and blue eyes. The jacket he wears is much more sophisticated than his fellow Kings' outfits as an orange, fur-laced coat bearing several belts and crosses. Each pant leg also has a cross to match the jacket. He also wears black fingerless gloves. "Noblesse oblige" and "Ignorance may kill a lion" are written throughout his outfit and weapons.

His -STRIVE- design gives him a far more down-to-earth look by changing his color scheme from orange and black to brown. He now wears a simple white open-collared shirt below a black double-breasted waistcoat with rectangular lapels, as well as a light-brown flannel trousers. His brown trenchcoat still keeps the light orange fur collar—yet no longer cape-like as before—and fur cuffs.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Leo has a rather boisterous attitude and he tends to come off as the type to shoot first, ask questions later. But in reality, he is exceptionally cautious, and is always trying to see things from different perspectives. His pride is far higher than the average man's, however, and hates losing above all. To compensate for this problem, he is constantly and overwhelmingly intimidating. Despite this, he is not arrogant, at least not in aggregate: he is a harsher critic of himself than he is of anyone else.

Leo's pride seems to have originated in his childhood as a by-product of his great fighting aptitude, and made him "self-centered" and ready to write off anybody—which was everyone—he thought was inferior. Meeting Ky Kiske humbled Leo, and led him to try and improve himself.

He is in the process of writing his personal dictionary, titled The Royal Illyrian Dictionary, and tends to redefine words as he sees fit. For example, his sister's name is the definition for "devil", while "dandyism" is just his own name.

Story[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Born sometime during the Crusades, Leo was a gifted combatant since he was a kid. Leo thus joined the Sacred Order of Holy Knights in the fight against the Gear menace that threatened to drive mankind to extinction. At some point he met the young prodigy Ky Kiske, whom he fought alongside on the battlefield. They would become friends, though Leo would later call him an "inspiration" instead. Angry at Ky's friendly attitude and superiority in every regard, Leo cheered himself up by writing down Ky's name next to the entry for "bambino" in his dictionary, but changed his arrogant behavior.

During the war, Leo was stationed in the Australian theater. Near the end of the conflict, humanity's strategic point in the Tasmanian Islands was attacked, endangering the perimeter it maintained. However, Leo was sent to lead the charge to secure the border. He and his unit faced what appeared to be certain death, but his leadership allowed them to escape and succeed in their endeavor.

When the Crusades came to an end, his and Ky's paths would seldom cross, until they were both elected as kings of the United Kingdom of Illyria, founded sometime before 2185. As the Second King, Leo began overseeing the local government of more than twenty nations in the European and Asian regions of Illyria. He was responsible for brokering an alliance with the Federation of China.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-[edit | edit source]

In October 21, 2187, when Ky departs to confront Ramlethal Valentine on Japan, Leo assumes command of Illyria Castle's war room. There he witnesses the tragedy of Babylon as the Cradle materializes. He issues evacuation orders, notices to world leaders and a media blackout when Ky calls Leo to request his approval in order to release Elphelt Valentine. Leo refuses, but Ky releases her anyway, which leads to Ramlethal's capture. Leo soon has a conference with Colin Vernon to exchange information.

Eight days later, the Cradle appears over the Black Sea. Major Lyle's battalion comes across it and relays their plan of attack to Leo. Leo orders him to keep a safe distance away until they can analyze it, but Lyle attacks anyway. The war room loses communication with the battalion, so Leo dispatches a recon team to find any survivors. Leo asks the recording of the encounter to be turned over to him and then wiped. He sends it over to Ky and helps him contact Zepp.

In Leo's next conference with Ky, the latter confirms the Conclave's involvement and asks Leo to release Dr. Paradigm. The doctor then devises an ambush plan on the Cradle. Leo oversees the operation at the projected target area, and manages to delay Bedman from destroying the last beacon with the help of Johnny. Ultimately, That Man and Sol Badguy destroy the Cradle's Felion defense, but the attack is unsuccessful as the Conclave gets away with Justice's body. Ramlethal then finally reveals their plan of using St. Elmo's Fire to awaken Justice. Upon evacuating the capital, Leo stays behind and helps guard Paradigm and Dizzy's location with Ky and Sin, while Sol removes Chronus from Justice. Leo, separated from the others during the Opus attack, is assisted by Elphelt, but her programming activates and attacks Leo. In the aftermath, Leo tries to warn the others, but Justice and the unwilling Elphelt are recalled by her "Mother".

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-[edit | edit source]

After the incident, Leo found himself buried in paperwork, and reads a strange report from an outpost in Finland. After getting intelligence from Vernon regarding the colonies, Leo himself travels to the colony to investigate the Conclave's activities there. By chance, he comes across Faust and Chronus, who are also looking for answers; Leo tries to capture them but they get away. He soon comes across Johnny and May, who'll let themselves be "captured" to share intel. However, Kum Haehyun intervenes and requests that he let the duo go; because of her status, Leo accepts, and learns of a disturbance in the Colony. Haehyun says she'll investigate and keep him informed.

Leo then returns to the Illyrian capital. He informs Vernon via magic-com about what happened; in turn, Vernon asks if Sol can be trusted. Leo says that if Ky trusts him, so does he for the time being. After Sol is almost killed by massive Gear, Leo and Paradigm discuss about the correlationship between these events and the Universal Will, when they notice Zappa and Faust at the castle's entrance. Leo lets them in and, with their help, the team ascertains the nature of Information Flares. Upon concluding the meeting, Leo calls Sol (having learned from Ramlethal's reports about his past) and orders him to save the world, trying to treat him as human and not a god out of concern; while Sol says he will seal Justice only to save Elphelt, Leo is satisfied.

Later on, he allows Ramlethal and Sin to check Scandiva where Elphelt's ID has been detected, but it is a trap and Ramlethal goes MIA. Almost immediately, Leo, Ky, Sol and Paradigm have a meeting with That Man and Jack-O' Valentine, who disclose details of the Absolute World and that Ariels is the Universal Will. In the plan to stop Ariels, Leo and Ky confront her at the celebration of victory to obtain a blood sample and track her signal. Weakened by her attack, Leo remains behind to oversee the war room while Ky, Sol, Sin and Jack-O' ambush Ariels over the Northern Sea. Daryl then calls Leo to relay his contingency plan in case Jack-O's fusion with Justice doesn't work out: destroying them with Collider Cannons. Determined to not let Sol die, Leo tries to have Daryl removed from his post as Third King, but Ky refuses. Ultimately, Sol and Jack-O' survive and complete her fusion thanks to Axl Low and a weakened Ariels.

In Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2's After Story A, Leo is in the war room to help deal with the aftermath of the events while reluctant of returning to his own jurisdiction due to the vast amount of paperwork amassed in his absence. But he receives a call detailing Asuka turning himself in to the U.S. government and tells Ellsworth to turn on the radio to confirm the Gear Maker’s public surrender.

Guilty Gear -STRIVE-[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

In terms of combat prowess, Leo has always been proficient in both magic and swordmanship; as a kid and up until he joined the Holy Order, he was "always the best" until he met Ky Kiske. The gap between them made Leo reflect on his skills and incited him to train and work on bettering himself since then. Leo doesn't seem particularly versed in magical theory—at least, in comparison with the likes of Dr. Paradigm, Zappa, Ky and Sol—, but he may simply be more of an intuitive user. Leo's combat skill and tactical acumen, however, are remarkable, as in one pivotal moment during the Crusades, his unit faced what appeared to be certain death, but Leo's skills allowed them to survive.

His weapons, dual greatswords held from the underside, are capable of harnessing powerful energy that can be launched in waves. These blades have been shown to shrink down to a more portable size to be placed on his waist, or they can even take alternate shapes, such as a lion's face as shown in his Instant Kill. His fighting style is unique: He prefers a stance where his face faces the opponent, and holds his twin blades ready to strike at any moment.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • Stolz - Guilty Gear Xrd

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • Leo's name and surname might be a reference to Danish-American band White Lion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Answer's System Voice, Leo is known to leave his jurisdiction numerous times.
  • Leo's nickname for Ky Kiske is Bambino (which is Italian for "infant"), but claims he only uses it to mean "inexperienced". He also claims his dictionary has a picture of Ky next to the entry for "problem child".
  • His English voice actor, Jamieson Price, also voiced Raven in Guilty Gear 2: Overture.
  • Leo has made a guest playable appearance in the game Brave Frontier.

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