The following is a list of Leo Whitefang's commands throughout the series.

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

The following is Leo's move list in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, -REVELATOR- and REV 2:

Type Name Command
Normal -- Right + Punch
Right + Kick
Right + Heavy Slash
Special Graviert Wurde Left (hold), Right + Slash or Heavy Slash
Eisen Sturm Down (hold) Up + Slash or Heavy Slash
Kaltes Gestöber Erst DownDown-RightRight + Slash
→ Zweit DownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash during Kaltes Gestöber Erst
→ Dritt DownDown-LeftLeft + Slash during Zweit
Kaltes Gestöber Zweit DownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash
Brynhildr Stance Hold Heavy Slash, or Right + Heavy Slash (hold)
→ Kahn Schild Dust during Brynhildr
→ Kaltes Gestöber Dritt DownDown-LeftLeft + Slash during Brynhildr
→ Blitzschlag DownDown-LeftLeft + Heavy Slash during Brynhildr
→ Cancel DownDown during Brynhildr
Siegesparade DownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash in the air
Overdrives Stahl Wirbel RightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeftRight + Slash or Dust (post-REVELATOR)
Leidenschaft Dirigent RightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash
Instant Kill Windrad des Weltraum Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown-RightRightDownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash

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