Leon Mining is a non-playable character in the Guilty Gear series, a top official in the Post-War Administration Bureau.

Originally a soldier of Zepp, he escaped during Gabriel's coup. Mining became a military advisor in the Carlloni Kingdom. Out of concern for the nation, he attempted to assassinate someone within Carlloni royalty. The attack failed, but Mining's involvement was never exposed. He has continued in his post, and the Carlloni Kingdom has seen unprecedented prosperity.

Mining came up with the idea for what became the Post-War Administration Bureau, as he believed an organization for displaced veterans of the Crusades was a necessity. His attempts ran afoul of the Assassin's Guild, but Zato-1 ultimately chose to let Mining live, saying, "Competent evil is much more useful than incompetent good."


The full extent of Mining's powers remains unknown, but in "Knight of Knives Vol. 1," he was revealed to be powerful enough to incapcitate Millia Rage with one blow.


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