Libraria is a member of the Conclave and one of the Apostles.[1]

Character DesignEdit

Similar to the other three members of the Conclave, she covers her face and body with a metallic mask, a trenchcoat, and a hat. Her mask has the roman numeral 'II' on it.


Libraria alongside Chronus, Axus, Baldias and Ariels was one of the Original's five Apostles who spread the arcane knowledge and influence of magic around the world. Then the Apostles (excluding Ariels) formed the group known as the Conclave with Chronus as their leader, who act as the advisers to the Sanctus Maximus Populis.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-Edit

In the final battle in Illyria's Castle when Justice rejected Chronus and after the final blow, Chronus told Libraria to escape, find the Gear Maker and preserve humanity. But Libraria replies that that's his duty and then proceeds to teleport him away and her into the machine, dying in Chronus' place.

She is later seen as a spectre along with Axus and Baldias in the Opera House in Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR.


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