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Lucifero is a supporting character in the Guilty Gear series. He is a balloon-shaped familiar used by two characters, Valentine and her successor Ramlethal Valentine.


United, Lucifero appears as a circular creature with small wings to fly around. One of his eyes are completely shut as his eyes are sown in, with him primarily seeing with his other eye. In Overture, he has a black pupil with black wings. He also possess a right red side with the two halves of him being sew throughout his entire body.

His appearance received an overhaul in Guilty Gear Xrd, with him halves now being black-and-white rather than black-and-red (his right wing now being white as well) and his pupil color changing to red. The sew lines in the center of his body is gone (the sew lines in his eye are noticeably different from how it appeared in GG2) as well and him now possessing a mark on the center of his forehead.

When Lucifero splits, the white and black parts of him are split into different personalities known as "Venus" and "Velva", and are often seen carrying Ramlethal's swords. Venus and Velva both lack eyes, but they retain the forehead marking that Lucifero possesses. Their wing color also matches with their respective part rather than it being split into different colors like Lucifero.


Very confident of himself, Lucifero incorrectly believes he is suave and has a way with the finer sex to the point where he even thinks the Valentines have fallen for him at times. Despite that though, he genuinely cares for Ramlethal well-being and follows her orders, and he even checks on her.


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On his own, Lucifero is strong enough to be swung around by Valentine to deal damage to his opponents and is capable of flying on his own to great speeds. He is also shown feats of transforming into different weapons (eg. spike balls, cannon, swords), detonating himself and regenerating from it in Overture.

In later games, his gripping strength is much more highlighted as he and his split parts are often seen carrying stuff ranging from a small child to Ramlethal's dual swords. He is capable of teleportation as well as firing green lasers (shown in Ramlethal's Calvados).


  • As Lucifero has memories dating the Valentine during the Baptisma 13 event, it is belived that the Lucifero in GG2 is the same one as the one that appears in Xrd and Strive despite the difference in designs.