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Magnolia Éclair is the name for two weapons in the Guilty Gear series, used by Ky Kiske as replacements for the Thunderseal. The first Magnolia Éclair is a rifle that he wields in Guilty Gear Vastedge XT, whereas Magnolia Éclair II is the sword he uses in the Xrd games.


The first Magnolia Éclair is the rifle-like weapon with a blue and white color scheme.

Magnolia Éclair II is a sword with a fine, delicate blade, and is balanced to be carried with one hand. "Magnolia Éclair II - Patented Nov, 20 , 21xx" and "Glory be to the Kingdom" are etched along the blade, and the scabbard bears the text "Tirana Fact Made in Trana, Illyria Since Apr, 1986".[1]


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  • The date, November 20, etched on the blade of Magnolia Éclair II is Ky's birthday.



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