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May is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. She is the young-looking and spunky first mate of the Jellyfish Pirates and is utterly dedicated to Johnny, her captain and the man who raised her after she was orphaned.


May is portrayed in the games as a young girl with brown eyes and waist-length hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Despite the series' chronology spanning seven years, she seems to never age.

Her usual outfit consists of an orange coat, with a skin tight body suit underneath, and big orange boots. She wears an orange pirate tricorn hat and fingerless gloves with silver plating over them. She is seen easily carrying a ship's anchor of about her own size. In the Xrd games, May's waist cape loses the cloth in the front, and her tights are replaced with orange pants. The rest of her design remains relatively the same.

In Strive, she maintains her fingerless gloves, boots as well as her trademark orange pirate hat, but she now wears an orange hooded sweatshirt and black lycra shorts, and carries a beige Chimaki-themed backpack.


May is cheerful and openhearted,[9] but also childish in her way of thinking.[11] Being something of a plucky girl, May uses the pronoun (boku?), primarily used by boys and young men. Per her own words, all she does is enjoy the simple life with her friends,[12] and her motivations are rather simple: they revolve around protecting her family,[13] the Jellyfish Pirates—going so far as to part ways with them if that means their safety, no matter how much she wants to be with them[14]—, and getting Johnny's attention.[6]

For her captain and savior, May has an intense and abiding love,[9] usually measuring the value of things in relation to Johnny,[11] and often boasts that if it came down to Johnny or the world, she would choose Johnny every time. She is anxious to become a woman so that he might notice her, but so far has met with little success on that front.[9]

A spunky[10] and energetic[11] soul, May likes pranks,[11] and never sweats the small stuff. She believes in taking action first, and thinking later,[9] and oftens drags her friends along with her impulsive behavior.[10] At the same time, her positivity is infectious, and no one can be around her for long without feeling buoyed by her enthusiasm,[9] even if it sometimes gets to the point it becomes exhausting.[10] May also has an irrational fear of bald people or peladophobia, and can sense them from a distance. Because of this, she is wary of Faust,[13] although she does trust his medical expertise.



Found by Johnny.

Born to parents who belonged to one of the colonies,[12] May lost her home and entire family to the Crusades[9] at a young age,[6] and wandered the battlefield afterwards.[9] Her original name, birthday or nationality lost to her, all she would ever remember of her infancy is Johnny whisking her away from the savage battlefield[5] in 2174.[15] Johnny took her in, and named her "May" after the month of endless rain, during which she was found. He gave her a new home aboard the May Ship, and the Jellyfish Pirates became her family.[5] She grew to be a integral member of the crew,[16] and was named first mate.

Throughout the long years of living aboard the airship, May developed a fierce love for Johnny: He was part father figure, part brother, and perhaps even part boyfriend to her. However, one day, in 2180, Johnny—who primarily stole from the well-off to aid those in need—was caught in the act and was incarcerated, and was given a long sentence.[5]

Guilty Gear

May and her fellow crew members immediately began planning an elaborate breakout. The day before the plan was to commence, April asks if it is too late to change the plan. May learns of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, in which the winner gets to make any wish. Thinking they can ask for Johnny to be released, May enters the tournament.[5]

Unbeknownst to May, the tournament is a farce to free Justice from her dimensional prison,[17] but the Gear commander is defeated by Sol Badguy.[18] Even though May doesn't win, Johnny manages to bust himself out of prison. In May's ending, Justice realizes that May is Japanese, but is cut short by the arrival of Johnny and the rest of the crew. When May asks what the Gear had called her, Johnny dismisses Justice's words, and proposes that they celebrate his return instead.[17]

Guilty Gear X

In 2181, May hopes to give Johnny a birthday present,[6] separate from the rest of the crew,[16] but she realizes he doesn't have any money. Hearing of the huge bounty put on a Gear,[6] May heads off to the U.S.[16] to capture her.[6] In one ending, May fights Anji Mito, who recognizes her as Japanese. It prompts May to ask Johnny about it, but he blows it off, not wanting to tell her the truth yet.[19] In the other ending, May manages to reach Dizzy and both fight. May realizes that Dizzy isn't a bad person, and invites her to join the crew, which would be May's "present" to Johnny: a new member.[20]

Canonically, it was Johnny who found Dizzy and invited her to join their crew.[21][22] Having failed to capture her bounty, May returns to find herself a crew mate; although sad at being unable to give Johnny a gift, May contents herself with gaining a friend in Dizzy, teaching her how to survive on a ship.[16]

Guilty Gear XX


A few weeks later, I-No attacks the May Ship, denting it, and then knocks Dizzy off the ship[13] in order to lay a trap for Sol.[23] Testament shows up unannounced to visit Dizzy, and attacks May thinking that they were the ones to push Dizzy off the ship.[13] After the fight, the entire crew begins their search for Dizzy.[13][24][25][26]

In one path, May is delayed by Eddie, and Dizzy is nowhere to be found; Potemkin shows up and explains that he took care of the one responsible. In a misunderstanding, May attacks Potemkin and, with April's help, takes Dizzy back to the May Ship.[27] In another path, May subdues Dizzy but, upon their return, they run into Bridget, who believes that Dizzy still has a bounty on her. May remains behind to fight, and explains that Dizzy no longer is a wanted person; May and Bridget thus become friends.[28] In her third path, while May is searching for Dizzy, she runs into Anji, who explains the current status of the Japanese. Back on the May Ship, May tells Johnny that she wants to know about her past. They are interrupted by a Robo-Ky, with Johnny asking the frustrated May if she would like to dance, and May obliges.[1]

Though it is smooth sailing for the crew, May is feeling a little down, having begun to wonder about her past ("...What exactly am I?"). After a visit from Bridget, May and Johnny arrange for Dizzy to visit Testament. However, Dizzy's powers go out of control again and Johnny disappears; leaving Dizzy in Ky Kiske's care, she looks for Johnny.[22] Regardless of choices, May meets Anji. May either goes with Anji to learn more about her ancestry,[29] or Anji advises May that she ask the person she trusts the most. Upon finding Johnny, she asks him, and he reassures May that no matter what happens they are family.[30]

Guilty Gear Xrd

In October 2187, May begins to suffer from strange headaches, and Johnny takes it upon himself to find Faust,[31] leaving May in charge of the May Ship II.[32] After Ramlethal Valentine declares war on entire world,[33] May decides to beat her up as she feels it is the right thing to do, despite her crewmates' worries. On her way to Japan, Chipp Zanuff makes May realize that her friends are worried about her, and then names himself as her chaperone.[32] May is shocked to hear from Ramlethal that she is a "disease" because of her heritage.[32]

May and crew reunited.

Not wanting to cause harm to her family, May runs away from the ship. After getting lost in the Uighur mountains, May is on a bridge when it snaps, but she is saved by Chipp. Following a conversation with Chipp about how families solve their problems together, May finds the courage to face Johnny and the crew. When they are reunited, May apologizes in tears, but everyone is relieved to see her safe. Faust then arrives and gives May some medicine, and advises them to stay away from the colony.[14] Faust's suspicions attract Bedman's attention, who knocks the doctor out. With Chipp staying behind to buy them time, the pirate crew escapes on the May Ship II with the unconscious Faust.[34] Aware of Bedman's existence and the Illyrian efforts, May, Johnny and the crew assist Faust in installing a beacon to ambush the Cradle near the Black Sea.[35]

On November 11, in hopes of finding a cure for May and to investigate the disturbances in the colonies, Johnny arranges to rendezvous there with his old friend, Kum Haehyun, and Faust.[36] A week later, May and Johnny arrive at the colony, where they are almost apprehended by Leo Whitefang. Haehyun intervenes, however, and asks Leo to let them go free, which he agrees to. May later thanks Haehyun for the help; as May is one of Johnny's girls, Haehyun shows May her true identity, surprising May.[37] Johnny soon departs to take care of other business.[38]

At the sacred tree.

Thanks to undergoing suppressive treatment, May doesn't suffer due to the Information Flares but the colony's residents become ill. When Haehyun expresses her concerns about the situation, May gives her a good luck charm—a small anchor made in Russia—as a "thank you" for protecting her parents' former home. Reflecting on her simple life so far, wanting to do something to help prevent the end of the world, May leaves to find the colony's "power spot".[12]

May calls Baiken over and explains about the Universal Will's threat. Baiken takes May and Haehyun to a sacred tree infused with the ki of her people during generations.[3] In the following crisis, May, Baiken and Answer protect Haehyun from the Phalanx while she uses the tree's energy to suppress the Information Flares.[39] They hold off for at least 40 minutes[40] until harmony is restored the moment the Illyrian main team defeats Ariels, the Phalanx soldiers deactivate, and Justice merges with Jack-O' Valentine.[41]

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Three weeks later,[42] May is celebrating alongside April, Johnny, Leap, March doing the laundry, and Augus, having landed the May Ship II somewhere.[43]


May is rather powerful herself,[16] and Faust, even before learning that she is Japanese,[31] stated that a great deal of power is hidden within her.[29] May fights with a massive ship's anchor, which she is able to swing with ease despite her small stature, displaying superhuman strength.[7] Regarding magic spells, May is capable of momentarily summoning aquatic animals—such as Mr. Dolphin, the otter Abgehts, or the killer whale Mr. Goshogawara—to attack her opponents; some consider summoning to be the ultimate magical skill.[16] Due to her Japanese heritage,[7] May is presumed to have been born with the ability to control the Ki element;[16] however, she has yet to display any overt control over it in comparison with the likes of Chipp, Jam, or Haehyun.

Despite her childish frame and demeanor, May is older than she looks and behaves. Having barely aged during the seven-year time gap between the original Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear Xrd, her real age is a mystery. May once whispers her age to Chipp Zanuff when he assumes she is only a child, making him scream in amazement.[14] Whether or not this is connected to her hidden power or genetics remains to be seen.

Gameplay-wise, May is defined by her exceptional normal attacks, extremely good air mobility, and her oceanic moveset. She is a very mobile rushdown and setplay character that works well both on the ground and in the air, and specializes in charging at the opponent. May's downsides are her lack of damage conversion outside of the corner without meter, and not-great options against long-range characters.


  • Unidentified Child - Guilty Gear  
  • Blue Water Blue Sky - Guilty Gear X  
    , Guilty Gear XX  
  • Get Out of My Way - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST  
  • Exceptional Routine Work - Guilty Gear Isuka  
  • Starry Story - Guilty Gear Xrd  
  • The Disaster of Passion - Guilty Gear -Strive-



  • The only thing that seems to be a musical reference is May's name, most likely inspired by Brian May, member of the group Queen.
  • Her "Blue Water, Blue Sky" theme appears to be inspired by the Skid Row song "Forever".


  • Despite her profile height not changing, in Guilty Gear X Potemkin states that May has gotten taller since he last saw her at the tournament.
  • May has attempted to imitate Johnny's special moves at least three times: her Mist Finer from Guilty Gear and EX mode, her Jackhound in the Λ Core updates, and Ensenga? from Guilty Gear Xrd.
  • May seems to like men who are much older than her, having told Ky Kiske (at the time aged 23–24) that he needed five or ten years more, but it may just be May comparing him to Johnny.
  • The day May was found is the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.
  • May's stance, weapon and occupation are somewhat akin to the Sengoku BASARA portrayal of the historical Motochika Chousokabe from Sengoku BASARA X, which was also developed by Arc System Works.
  • May is, along with a Robo-May counterpart, the host of ExplaMaytions with May.
  • A costume based on May's Strive look, belonging to Patty Fleur, appears in Tales of the Rays.
  • May has made guest appearances in the following games: Lost Saga, Mabinogi Duel, Fantasy War Tactics, Last Period, Brave Frontier, Crusaders Quest, #COMPASS, Elemental Battle, Code Shifter, and Counter:Side.


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