May and The Jolly Crew is May's second Instant Kill, replacing May Catapult in Guilty Gear X. It was replaced by And Then She Said... Farewell in the Xrd games.

May grabs her opponent and jumps high, throwing her opponent down to the ground while she stays in midair. The crew of Jellyfish Pirates stampedes her opponent. As Leap tramples the enemy, March trips and cries behind her. Leap runs back towards March but she trips on the enemy's body and falls on it, crushing the opponent under her, sending him/her sliding back. March laughs and May lands to the ground, while Leap scratches her head due to being clumsy.

It does not use the universal input used by others, using a double Half Circle Forward instead. As of Guilty Gear XX, Dizzy can be seen among the crew running over the opponent, unless of course the victim is Dizzy herself.

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