Megalomania is I-No's iconic boss attack in several iterations of Guilty Gear XX, where she preps for an attack that summons an array of magical energy bolts/balls with hearts inside of them that pelt her opponents relentlessly.

However, it later appears in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- as her second known Instant Kill, which functions the same only it happens in a cinematic.

When used by boss-version I-NoEdit

First appearing in Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival and all other revisions for whenever I-No is fought as a boss, I-No will first fly away to her corner of the screen depending on where she is upon taking damage during specific intervals. She will then emit a glyph and a pair of floating speakers each with a large white wing as she'll create an array of red-square reticles with an X on them and the word "CAUTION" labeled in the center of each square, all in one of three chosen patterns. After a set amount of time during this state, I-No will then fire the aforementioned energy balls along the path of the red-reticle formation, prompting the player to avoid them in manners specific to each array setup.

While I-No is in her Megalomania state:

  • She becomes exposed to hits, but has armor to prevent the animation from ever being interrupted while also taking reduced damage.
  • I-No is immune to being thrown.
  • Jumping over I-No results in the balls all instantly homing in on the player regardless of not being within targeting range, should there be enough space behind her if she's not in an actual corner of the screen.
  • If she has meter (as in most boss fight cases she'll have an infinite amount), she can Force/False Roman Cancel during an array setup in order to switch to a new pattern of squares to throw the player off, though there is enough time to think ahead to avoid it.

In regards to the balls themselves, they all inflict 1 one of damage each, and if hit by just one of them also causes all other balls (even those that have already passed by or left the screen) to instantly home in and strike the victim silly. While they can be blocked, they are flagged with a special property that prevents their chip damage from being negated by Faultless Defense (which can greatly raise the defender's Guard Balance to full), as well as ignoring any defensive modifiers upon inflicting direct damage.

As a result, avoiding the attack entirely is the only option lest one suffers major damage that can easily cost them a round/match due to their overall damage potential as the attack can easily exceed 60 hits even.

However, moves that can completely negate projectiles can easily shield against the array of energy balls with ease, such as Sol's Tyrant Rave, or either Dizzy or Justice's Gamma Ray, if timed right (the latter move can also hit through the balls and hit I-No directly to deal sufficient damage). Otherwise, it's better to avoid the attack outright.

The patterns/trajectories for the balls fired are chosen are as follows:

  • An upward curve line. The best way to avoid this mainly standing at the far end opposite corner away from I-No, though larger characters such as Potemkin and Justice need to crouch.
  • A zig-zag pattern. Head to the exposed upward curve and as the balls are being fired, move along the said curve by walking towards I-No, then away for later variations on this pattern. Crouch with larger characters if you must during certain pauses.
  • A vertical fanning pattern, which basically fills the screen in near-entirety. While this pattern seems the most intimidating to avoid, the best solution is to move near I-No and simply double jump just as she's about to fire the balls. The barrage lasts much shorter than the other two patterns, but take care to not jump over her on accident during this.

When I-No is selected as either the EX or Gold version of herself, she is able to use Megalomania the same way, but only with a full Tension and Burst gauge as the cost.

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