...No matter what, I won't give up on living.

Millia Rage is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. A former member of the Assassin's Guild, she fights with the skills of her old occupation in search of a better life. Wielding her cursed hair as a weapon, she is able to give it any shape and form that she desires.


Millia has long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes with dark eyelashes. Millia's hair in her in-game stance is seen tied in a ponytail, but given its properties, it changes shape frequently, from cut short to very lengthy, and can take any shape, even that of decorative flowers.

Millia's classic outfit consists of a white blouse with light blue hemlines and a collar that covers the whole of her neck; there are also two straps that run across her collar bone right above her chest. She also wears a leotard under her blouse, padded arms, whole length gloves, and a light blue headband across her forehead and her legs are also bare.

In Xrd, Millia's design has drastically changed, as she now wears a yellow blouse with black hemlines, complete with a matching pillbox hat that has a sign saying "zl-28" and "13", black leggings, white fingerless gloves and peach colored ballet shoes. In Strive, she now wears a short trench coat, with a light orange shawl over her shoulders and a fur hat with the Xrd sign attached to it. She wears a P.W.A.B. armband on her left arm, black gloves and boots.


Millia is elegant and feminine, but does not hesitate to fight when necessary. Cold and somewhat silent,[4] she was molded by years of assassin conditioning,[4] with an upbringing apparently bereft of much affection.[6] Of serene reactions that show little interest in anything, Millia doesn't feel at disadvantage for being a woman, and makes decisions solely on the basis of cost and benefit.[7] Yet under her cold exterior, she has not completely lost her humanity;[7] she is compassionate, especially to children—she cannot bring herself to harm them[8]—, and believes the life of an assassin to be loathsome.[3]

Perhaps because of her complex relationship with Zato—her savior, teacher, lover,[4] and enemy[3]—, Millia seems to hold men in low regard, thinking them to be selfish,[9] and is not afraid to voice her biting opinions of them.[10][11] As for her decision to leave the Guild[12] (which, no matter what, she sees as her home[13]), Millia chose to do so after a greal deal of thinking, as she didn't want to "keep hating what she hated", and the only way out was betraying Zato.[12] No matter her feelings for him, Millia prioritizes her own will above all,[8][3] and wishes to find happiness. Settling her past, however, has led her to obsession at times.[1][14]

After leaving the Guild[3] and living among ordinary people,[4] Millia remains a lonely individual,[6] but she has learned to tap into a wider range of human emotion, making her more considerate of others, and more compassionate.[15] She also makes sure the danger that follows her does not spread to others. An yet, in situations she doesn't know how to handle, she will sometimes act more like a young girl than the woman she has become.[4]



Born in Russia, Millia lost both of her parents to the Crusades at an early age.[3] In 2173,[16] she was found in the ruins of a village and taken in by the Assassin's Guild,[3] now under the recently-appointed[16] leader, Zato-ONE.[4] Taken to be trained as an assassin, Millia activated the 6th Forbidden Spell[17] in 2175,[16] although whether she took the curse freely or if it was forced upon her is unknown.[17] She was then trained to use her hair as a lethal weapon, but Millia wanted no part of such a loathsome life, and tried to commit suicide several times.[3] At the same time, her relationship with Zato evolved from savior, to teacher, to lover, even as she questioned her life as an assassin.[4] Venom, ever protective of Zato, knew of their nights together and treated Millia coldly.[18]

The Guild was then hired to assassinate Duke Dorian Scaburi of Castellia. During the party in honor of King Saltelia I, Millia met Slayer, unaware of his status as the Guild's founder. Later that night, Millia killed the duke in his quarters, but Slayer soon appeared before her. He learned from her that the Guild was not following the code, and asked if Millia was actually happy with the current organization before disappearing. Due to his meddling, Millia was captured by Leon Mining.[18]

Illustration with Zato.

In captivity, Millia realized that she didn't want to die, associating that fate with Zato's path. Slayer then reappeared, and freed her as an "apology". Millia returned to find that Zato—unaware of Slayer's actions—agreed to kill Saltelia I to save her from Mining. When she and Zato reached the infant king's room, Millia struck Zato and fled, snatching the baby away,[8] and informed Venom of his death. Yet, upon hearing that Zato was still alive but surrounded by Mining's forces, they both went to his (and Slayer's) rescue. After Mining's defeat, Millia was forgiven by Zato. Taking responsibility for the baby, she found him a foster home with Johnny's help.[19]

Millia, Zato and Slayer would later cooperate again in the Mount Rosa Operation,[20][21] but Millia ultimately decided to cut her ties, and leave the Guild.[4] In 2178,[16] secretly working with the IPF to dismantle the Guild and capture Zato in exchange for her acquittal,[14] Millia took part in a high-risk[16] operation led by Zato, during which she was to act alone. She took the opportunity to flee. Her escape threw the assassin into chaos, allowing them to be caught red-handed, and Zato was arrested and imprisoned. Since then, Millia lived on as a fugitive and resorted to killing her pursuers when backed into a corner.[3]

Guilty Gear

In 2180, Millia hears from one of her unlucky pursuers that Zato has escaped from his dimensional prison and is entering the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament. Millia decides to enter as well. Feeling she will never be free until he is dead, Millia is determined to end his life once and for all, and as the tournament's winner, she could use her wish to end the organization forever.[3]

During the tournament, Millia defeats Zato,[22] but is unable to kill him. The blood shed during the tournament releases Justice from her seal,[6] but she is promptly destroyed by Sol Badguy.[23] Millia, for her part, remains a fugitive but from her insistent admirer, who has been following her for six months.[6]

Guilty Gear X

Given the complex feelings—both guilt and dread[7]—she experiences as a result of her battle with Zato in the last tournament, Millia feels it is time to settle the score once and for all.[22] Prior to October 2181, Millia informs Venom—the assassins' leader in Zato's absence[24][25]—that his mission regarding Faust is meant to keep him away while certain members try to assassinate Zato in a bid for power. She thus convinces Venom to help her find the missing Zato, even as she openly vows to kill him herself.[26]

Unbeknownst to them, Zato has been possessed by Eddie, who is following the scent of a newly-discovered Gear.[22] In one ending...[27] What is true is that Zato perishes and Eddie takes control of his host's corpse.

Guilty Gear XX


A few weeks later, Millia is minding her own business when she is attacked by I-No, who claims that she "panicked" due to a black beast attacking her. Millia then sets out to find Eddie.[1] In one path, Slayer prevents her from reaching Eddie, and warns that she might end like the dying shadow if she doesn't change the path upon which she treads.[28] In her second path, she bests Slayer and subsequently kills Eddie; fatigued and relieved, Millia returns to her new life.[29] In her third path, I-No is disappointed to see that Millia and the defeated Eddie couldn't kill each other; after defeating the musician, she buries Zato's body, leaving her hair and his blindfold as a memento; despite everything, she thanks him and leaves.[30]

Sometime later, while her revenge against Zato is complete, the Guild is still intact, and Millia is determined to live no matter what. On her way to the Guild's headquarters to settle the matter, Slayer appears to warn her that her hair's forbidden magic might soon corrupt her.[31] In one path, she arrives and attacks Venom; she defeats him but spares his life, making Venom promise that he won't bother her again. Her naivety reminding him of Zato, Venom lets Millia go, making peace with each other. Millia then comes across Eddie, who asks that Millia remember him as he, too, finally dies.[25]

In her other path, she loses control of her hair and ends up accidentally killing Bridget. Her admirer then stabs her, saying it is Millia's fault for never looking at him, and Millia feels content as she dies as herself, not a monster.[9]

Guilty Gear Xrd

After years of living among more normal people,[4] in September 29, 2187, Millia is informed by Venom that Zato has been resurrected by the Conclave. Millia investigates their laboratory, the Opera House, guarded by Venom.[32][33] They are reunited with Zato, who vows to protect Millia and warns that war is coming.[32] While surprised by his change in personality, Millia is relieved to see him.[4] After they are joined by Slayer,[34] Zato leaves for Japan to investigate,[35] while Millia, Venom and Slayer agree to deliver such information to an appropiate party, King Ky Kiske of Illyria.[10]

Millia, Venom and Slayer are immediately attacked by Bedman,[10] who teleports himself and their unconscious bodies to near Uighur where Faust, Chipp Zanuff and the Jellyfish Pirates are gathered. Bedman backs off, recalled by his ally, when Zato comes to their aid.[36] The Guild's information ultimately reaches Ky on November 1 when Zato manages to meets with him, Sol and President Gabriel at Zepp.[37]

Around November 7,[38] King Daryl hires the Guild as "soldiers",[39] and Millia convenes with the others at Slayer's mansion—all four working to rebuild the Guild. Although she doesn't quite agree with eliminating Bedman for humiliating them, she plays along.[11] Slayer questions if she really wants to lead a so-called "normal" life,[38] and Millia admits that she doesn't want to be left behind. Privately, Millia acknowledges that normal for her is life in the Guild, but she won't return to a dark void; she will create a place for others to return and vows to become the next leader of the Guild.[13]

Thanks to Zato's abilities, they locate Bedman, and Slayer engages him in a fight, but Millia stops him before long as they are just testing Zato's accuracy.[40] It is Venom and Robo-Ky who take down Bedman[20] at the same time that Millia, Zato, Slayer and the other assassins participate in the defense of the capitol against the Universal Will's forces.[41] Fighting for their future,[20] the battle comes to an end when Ariels is defeated and Jack-O' Valentine merges with Justice.[42]

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Millia became the director of the Post-War Administration Bureau and helped orchestrate security for the G4 Summit from Illyria. During Happy Chaos's terrorist attack she and Zato coordinated with Leo Whitefang and other government leaders to help bring the crisis to a conclusion.[source needed]


Taken by the Assassin's Guild at young age, Millia has received extensive training that has molded her into a deadly weapon.[12] In Vastedge, she is also shown to carry a pair of guns on her outfit, suggesting that she is also proficient with firearms.

Having activated the experimental[14] 6th Forbidden Magic Spell, Angra, for which she paid a steep, but unknown price,[43] Millia is able to freely manipulate and control her hair[17] and use it as a lethal weapon.[3] It is alive,[29] even becoming restless in the presence of someone like Slayer,[28] and can be thought of as an equivalent to a Gear or a Forbidden Beast.[14] As a forbidden magic, there is a possibility that she could be corrupted by it,[31] and lose herself to the magic that gave her her power, as it happened with Zato.[4][28] As it is much more stable than Eddie,[12] this has yet to occur.

Her hair is capable of assuming a myriad of odd shapes such as a sword, a harp, a unicorn, or even wings (which allow her to briefly fly), or to control it even after the strands are no longer attached to her head, as seen in her Iron Maiden technique. Millia's hair shines with golden lights when attacking, and appears able to use magic to create orbs, discs, or spikes to attack her enemy.

Gameplay-wise, Millia's playstyle focuses completely on melee and speed. She has simple attack controls for her special moves, yet due to her low defense, she must make up for it with continuous attacks. She is able to easily build meter, and has a lot of mobility to create combos on the ground or in the air.

Musical themes

Rivalry themes
  • Still In The Dark (vs. Zato) - Guilty Gear X  
  • Existence (vs. Eddie, Slayer & Venom) - Guilty Gear XX  
  • The Spider's Thread (Do you know?) (vs. Zato) - Guilty Gear Xrd  
  • When Life Comes (vs. Slayer & Venom) - Guilty Gear Xrd  



  • Millia's name comes from Meliah Rage, a American thrash-metal band from the 1980s. It was named after the Meliah tribe, who used opium before battles to fall in a battle rage. Rage is also a German metal band, which had a solid success in Japan.
  • Millia's Iron Maiden is named after the famous English metal band.
  • Winger, one of her Overdrives, is the name of an American hard-rock band, while Emerald Rain is a Canadian melodic-rock band.
  • The name of her Forbidden Spell, Angra, is a reference to a Brazilian power-metal band of the same name.
  • Millia's hair pin in Xrd has a "Lady Sun" inscription, which is a song by the band Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • Longinus is the name given to the unnamed Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus with a lance, and is considered to be the first Christian according to some circles.
  • Her Overdrive Septem Voices shares its name with a Russian symphonic/gothic metal band.


  • Millia's favorite flower is the Easter Lily, which to Millia means "Do what you will."[32]
  • Millia's clothing are seemingly designed by Lady Ivy Traditional, as labeled in her Xrd outfit.
  • Since Millia's birth date is unknown (due to her being an orphan), the ArcSystemWorks twitter account proposed April 20 as Millia's non-official birthday.[44]
  • In Guilty Gear -Strive-, Millia will sometimes perform a Post-War Administration Bureau Risk Rating assessment of her defeated opponent as a win pose.
  • Millia has made guest appearances in the following games: Lord of Vermilion III, Brave Frontier, Mabinogi Duel, #COMPASS, Crusaders Quest.

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