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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -12 - Nagoriyuki

Nagoriyuki is a playable character in Guilty Gear -Strive-.



Nagoriyuki is a mid-range character. Seomthing of a combination between Slayer and A.B.A, he has a reactive gameplan that is designed to punish misses often, while also possessing an extra meter that gives access to a double-edged tool, the blood rage gauge. All his specials (except for Bloodsucking Universe) fill up the gauge which, upon getting filled, will severely restrict Nagoriyuki's attacks and put him in a vulnerable state for a few seconds. When this meter is filled, it gives him a boost at the cost of rapidly draining health. He becomes incapable of performing special moves, but gains more potent, longer slashes and a Overdrive Attack that he cannot use normally, Zansetsu. The gauge can be reduced via two methods: one is successfully landing Bloodsucking Universe, and the other is using Heavy Slash attacks while keeping a distance.

His normals, aside from having ridiculously good range, push him and the opponent towards the corner. He also has no dash and moves extremely slowly. However, he has to special move called Fukyo, which lets dash forward or backward similar to a teleport, granting him invincibility and letting him cross up the opponent multiple times.



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