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Order-Sol is a playable character in the Guilty Gear series. He is a past version of Sol Badguy back when he was enlisted with the Sacred Order of Holy Knights towards the end of the Crusades, circa 2172 AD.


Physically, he looks the same as his current self: long, spiky brown hair held together by his trademark headband with the "Rock You" inscription, a muscular build, and eyes that are usually brown in color, but sometimes turn gold with slit pupils.

His outfit is the standard, red based version of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights uniform, fastened together with his belt plate inscribed with the word "FREE", also wearing a tight sleeved blak and white undershirt. Order-Sol's design also contains white based with black finger gloves. He wears red boots that are extremely similar to those he wears in Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear X.


Order-Sol's personality is similar as the present one: both being sullen and unrefined, speaking to others only when absolutely necessary.[3] Despite being the same person, Sol seems more irritable and bitter, but is not as openly rude to others as the present Sol.

Within the Order's organization, heeding the word "FREE" as his motto, Sol is a lone wolf and rarely works alongside others,[3] with his missions being mostly guerrilla-style attacks,[6] and disobeying direct orders so as to kill Gears on his own as he always has.[7] Despite being acknowledged as a great fighter, many of his fellow knights are said to bear him "little more than ill will".[4] Nevertheless, perhaps because of his skill or his close ties to Kliff and Ky, many refer to Sol as "sir" (さま, sama?) despite Sol—presumably—not being a ranking officer.[8]



In 2172, rumors of Sol as an immensely skilled lone-wolf bounty hunter reached Kliff Undersn, the old commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights.[4] Having been saved by Sol in his youth,[9] Kliff was interested in recruiting him, and spared no means in finding Sol.[4] During the meeting, Kliff invited Sol to become a member,[4] and told Sol a rumor about a "prodigy swordsman". Sol couldn't care less about that,[10] but joined the Holy Order to obtain information on Gears.[1]

Sol soon met the "prodigy", Ky Kiske, whose skills on the battlefield surpassed all of his expectations, and thought the young knight to be a "killing machine". One day, Ky challenged Sol to a duel; Sol was terrified, thinking Ky had figured he was Gear and had come to kill him. Sol was ready to fight with everything he had, but Ky fought Sol as if he were human and lost. Sol took it as an insult, thinking Ky hadn't taken their fight seriously.[10] Assigned under Ky's command,[7] Sol's penchant for insubordination[7] led to a growing tension between the two,[4] though it seems he took steps to understand the young Ky.[6] During his short tenure, his unruly personality earned him the nickname "God of War", becoming something of an urban legend in the Holy Order, and many knew not to directly ask Sol his history.[2]

In 2173, sometime after the Battle of Rome, at a point when Sol was starting to get frustrated[1] with the Order's strict rules,[6] Sol faced Justice for the first time. Even though he put up a good fight, he lacked the power necessary to defeat her, and Justice spared his life, amused at his recklessness. Sol realized he needed the Fireseal after all. Left with no other options, Sol returned to camp and stole the Sacred Treasure[1] that he had created long ago.[9] Ky caught Sol during the act, felt he wasn't worthy of one of the Order's treasures, and fought him, although Sol easily defeated him and left.[1] Ky was about to call reinforcements to catch Sol for his desertion, but Kliff stopped him and told Ky not to say a word of the incident to anyone.[11] Kliff then caught up with Sol and explained he would let Sol have the Fireseal, as he was going to give it to him anyway, but first, Sol had to prove himself with the sword. After the fight, Kliff told Sol he was "family" and Sol went on his way, leaving the Order behind.[1]

Guilty Gear XX

In 2181, I-No manipulates time to bring Sol from AD. 2172 and the present Sol face to face at an unknown point in time. The collision between the two Sols ends with loss of Order-Sol, giving I-No the opportunity to kill the past Sol. In one ending, this destroys the present Sol despite That Man's pleas that he live on,[12] while in another, Sol is simply returned to the present only to fight Ky and settle their score.[13]


Sol's weapon of choice during this time is a rugged, improvised weapon that is nonetheless quite effective against multiple opponents.[6] Because of the difficulty in channeling his powers, he needs to concentrate in order to release their full potential. Of a somewhat sluggish movement than his present self, Order-Sol uses a more all-out fighting style with a majority of his attacks being prototypes for his future moves, to be refined upon obtaining the Fireseal.

Because of how more refined-yet-toned-down (out of being less inclined and jaded over the years) his present-self is, Order-Sol's fighting style can be compared more as "all-over-the-place", involving more roughness and desperation in his motions/actions.


  • Get Down To Business - Guilty Gear XX  
Rivalry themes
  • Keep The Flag Flying (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear XX  



  • His physical appearance and uniform appear to based on Lars Ul from the series Bastard!!.
  • Fafnir, written as Fáfnir or Frænir, is the son of the dwarf king Hreidmar of Norse mythology. Through Andvari's ring and gold curse, Fafnir was transformed into a dragon and slain later by Sigurd.
  • EX Order-Sol's Instant Kill, used by his present self in the first Guilty Gear, is All Guns Blazing, a song by Judas Priest.
  • Order-Sol's Rock It move may be an allusion to the Queen song, "We Will Rock You".
  • Order-Sol's Dragon Install: Sakkai is not only a callback to the "Sakkai" mechanic for triggering Instant Kills in the first Guilty Gear game, but it may also be a reference to the Fatal Fury series, as its sequence is very similar to Geese Howard's Deadly Rave.
    • Order-Sol also has a very low jump arc fit for aggressive jump-ins, as a possible nod to the mechanics from The King of Fighters (as the series allows for short hopping to advocate for such offensive approaches compared to other fighting games).



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