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The following is a list of Order-Sol's commands throughout the series.

Guilty Gear XX

The following is Order-Sol's move list in Guilty Gear XX Slash, Λ Core, Λ Core Plus and Λ Core Plus R.

It should be noted all of Order-Sol's special moves can "Charge Keep" by using the Dust button with the input of any attack that depletes the Charge meter to be powered up (such as DownDown RightRight + Punch + Dust) in order to use the Level 1 version at Level 2 or 3. The only exception to this rule is Gun Blaze, as its command overlaps with the Charge command. An alternate method is to perform Charge-draining moves while holding Dust instead, which also works for Gun Blaze.

Changes between releases include:

  • The Charge meter gain in Slash could be charged slowly by normally holding Dust, and can be charged at a faster rate by tapping Dust rhythmically. This function is removed in Λ Core in favor of a slightly faster meter charge rate the more Sol charges. The Charge Gauge also became a single three-section gauge.
  • Charge input motion changed from RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeft to DownDown LeftLeft, Fafnir Prototype and a new standing far Slash added in since Λ Core.
  • In Λ Core Plus R, the Charge meter drain rate is decreased, which allows Order-Sol to use two non-Level 1 versions of his special moves in quicker succession of each other. Dragon Install: Sakkai originally consumed 100% Tension, but it now consumes half like most Overdrives.

Note: GG and GGX Order-Sol have no Force Breaks; GG Order-Sol adds Charge (Heavy Slash + Dust), and All Guns Blazing is replaced by Morbid World (Punch + Kick + Slash + Heavy Slash). The following chart uses the most recent, localized names from Λ Core Plus R.

Type Name Command
Normal Mode EX Mode
Personal Special Skill -- RightRight + Punch or Kick
-- Right + Punch
Right + Kick
Right + Heavy Slash
Right + Punch
Right + Heavy Slash
Special Block Head Buster DownDown RightRight + Punch --
Gun Blaze DownDown LeftLeft + Slash --
Storm Viper RightDownDown Right + Heavy Slash (also in mid-air) --
Bandit Revolver Prototype DownDown RightRight + Kick (also in mid-air) --
Gun Flame -- DownDown RightRight + Slash or Heavy Slash
Volcanic Viper -- RightDownDown Right + Slash or Heavy Slash (also in mid-air)
Bandit Revolver -- DownDown RightRight + Kick (also in mid-air)
Riot Stamp -- DownDown LeftLeft + Kick
Rock It DownDown RightRight + Slash DownDown LeftLeft + Slash
Charge RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeft + Dust (hold) » DownDown LeftLeft + Dust (hold) (post-ΛC) --
→ Charge Burst Heavy Slash during Charge --
→ Action Charge Dust after a Special Move (Blockhead Buster, Storm Viper, Bandit Revolver, or Rock It) during jump --
Force Break Fafnir LeftDown LeftDownDown RightRight + Dust (post-ΛC) RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeft + Dust (post-ΛC)
Gun Flame -- DownDown RightRight + Dust (post-ΛC)
Volcanic Viper -- RightDownDown Right + Dust (post-ΛC)
Overdrives Savage Fang RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Punch --
Tyrant Rave ver. Ω/Omega RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash --
Tyrant Rave -- RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash
Dragon Install RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Slash*(requires Level 3 Charge) RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRightDown RightDownDown LeftLeft + Slash
→ Morbid World Punch, Kick, Slash, Heavy Slash, Dust, Kick, Slash, RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash
Instant Kill All Guns Blazing -- Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown RightRightDownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash