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Order-Sol is a playable character from Guilty Gear XX Slash to Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R.



Order-Sol was added in Guilty Gear XX Slash and shares some of present-Sol's moves, but in "incomplete" versions and/or with more roughness and less control. He is a rushdown character who has a faster running speed than his said present-self, but his jumping height is rather low which causes his air combos to require more complex execution with usage of jump installing. However, said low jumping height allows him to be more aggressive with his jump-ins (where he can easily fish for either instant-overheads or fuzzy mixups), on top of having some unconventional/un-intuitively-schemed normals such as his crouching Heavy Slash being an overhead.

His Gun Blaze move also gives him a solid wakeup offense with cross-up potential (albeit with specific spacing required) and his Storm Viper being a serviceable anti-air. However, Order-Sol much like his present-self, lacks long-range projectiles, relying on his aggressive mobility, moves such as his Bandit Revolver Prototype (which hits overhead unlike its present version) and Rock It to close the gap.

Specifically for any shared normal moves with his present-self, he has these specific differences along with other perks:

  • Grounded throw is more aggressive in nature, which causes a more fierce hit effect (wallbounce in Slash, and wallstick in Λ Core).
  • Standing Kick appears to be akin to the knee attack he performs for his "Sakkai" trigger back in the first Guilty Gear game.
  • His old standing Slash back in Slash uses the animation for his Fafnir and GGX Tyrant Rave punch.
  • His standing Dust is Sol's Line-Booting/Line Blow Attack from Guilty Gear Isuka, reworked into how all standing Dust moves normally work (hitting overhead and having a launching effect specific to it).
  • Crouching Dust scoots Order-Sol forward slightly.
  • Jumping Kick seems to be a midair version of present Sol's standing Kick.
  • Jumping Heavy Slash becomes the animation for Bandit Bringer.
  • Right + Punch is a more "flashier" version of the present-self version, with it occurring in an instantaneous flash as he also draws back his fist sooner. The force is enough to negate projectiles (though it causes stagger in Λ Core instead of retaining the wallbounce in Slash).
  • Right + Heavy Slash does one hit instead of two, with it being more of a "clubbing" impact on hit instead of the usual "slashing" impact with the present-version.
  • Blockhead Buster appears to be a prototype version of his present-self's iconic Gun Flame, with Gun Blaze also providing a similar basis and seemingly being a prototype of All Guns Blazing.
  • Bandit Revolver Prototype seems to be the animation that will become his present-self's jumping Slash. Its Level 2 followup becomes the present-version heel drop finisher ("somewhat" shared with Level 2 Storm Viper, the prototype to Volcanic Viper), while its Level 3 followup is the animation for his present jumping Dust.
  • Tyrant Rave ver. Ω/Omega makes use of all his Tyrant Rave animations so far in the series; Level 1/first portion involves the β/Beta version second punch (albeit with an inverted palm thrust instead of an actual punch), while Level 2-to-3 (the second and third portions) followup with the Guilty Gear X animation.
    • Unlike present versions of Tyrant Rave, the Ω/Omega version lets loose small yet potent flame bursts as opposed to larger flame blasts that his present self is able to achieve.
  • Order-Sol also has access to present-EX Sol's Savage Fang as a default Overdrive; initially, its appearance at both Level 1 and 2 seems akin to a Dragon Install-empowered Gun Flame, though the strongest version at high Charge Levels uses the same exact animation that EX Sol's does via the Dragon Install animation and Napalm Death-flame effect.

Order-Sol however, comes with a unique mechanic that differs from the present Sol: the Charge mechanic carried over from the very first Guilty Gear installment that improves his attacks, up to three power levels now shown on a visible gauge, which he must fill up by using his Charge and Action Charge moves. Every time a Charge-strengthened attack is launched, the gauge is consumed at a different rate, depending on its level: 0%, 100% and 200% for level 1, 2 and 3, respectively, in Λ Core. Because of this, Order-Sol is also rather resource intensive, as even his Overdrives can be powered up by charge levels.

Higher-charge level moves can be used subsequently/fast-enough if the gauge isn't lowered enough yet, while his Action Charge (done during any special move that involves consuming the Charge Gauge) increases the the charge gauge a bit, essentially allowing it to "cashback" his charge level, though all Level 1 moves have no consumption whatsoever.

However, by holding down Dust during moves or combining their button ending-inputs with the said button, Order-Sol can perform Level 1 moves no matter the level of Charge (known as "Charge Keep") which makes it an invaluable technique to learn for preserving higher-level moves for more vital moments. The latter method of holding down Dust is required for Gun Blaze due to its motion overlapping with the original Charge input.

He has the unique Dragon Install: Sakkai, in which the player must input a series of commands for a number of attacks, and is in place for its usual Instant Kill conditions when the move is used on a low-health opponent.

In Λ Core however, not only did Sol gain a new far standing Slash and having his Charge input and the gauge's design changed, he has a new Force Break in the form of Fafnir (likely a prototype version of the move of the same name for the present Sol), which is a hard-hitting-mid-range-low-attack option that does not require Charge Gauge.

In EX Mode, Order-Sol's moveset changes to become a near-full copy of present-Sol's original Guilty Gear moveset, removing the charge gauge altogether (with Λ Core Plus converting Charge-version specials into Force Breaks). He also possesses two new unique command normals that are done while dashing akin to the first game's dashing moves (which interestingly, count as special moves that do chip damage on block). To make up for the lack of his followups on his version of Volcanic Viper, EX Order-Sol has an FRC point on it unlike the present version. Likewise, Order-Sol also gains a universal Instant Kill activation and standard Instant Kill move activated like all other characters.

As a boss and in Gold Mode, Order-Sol has access to a new Overdrive, Flame Distortion—a Dragon Install of sorts with an extended startup flash. It heals his health (only on difficulties higher than the lowest one) and gives him an infinite Charge Gauge and tension for the duration.



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