The following is a list of quotes attributed to Order-Sol.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

  • Self: "It's the same old shit...You get on my nerves..."
  • Sol: "Punk..."
  • Ky: "Why's a kid like you, who can't even protect himself, trying to tag along, eh, Captain?"
  • Robo-Ky: "I gotta say, you're not bad for a robot, but looking at you just pisses me off for some reason."
  • May: "If you're just messing with me, that's about to end."
  • Faust: "What the hell are you thinking...?"
  • Potemkin: "You're slow and you're getting on my nerves, chunky."
  • Chipp: "You're gonna buckle after that? Grow some balls, kid."
  • Eddie: "Since you're already halfway to hell, why don't I cremate you, huh?"
  • Millia: "It's hopeless. You can't beat me."
  • Axl: "You again, huh?"
  • Kliff: "I don't think we're ever gonna get along, old man. I'd better leave."
  • Baiken: "I dunno what your beliefs are, but I'm not the type to go easy on you."
  • Johnny: "Damn you...Fight seriously for a bit."
  • Venom: "Cut the crap already. You want me to grill you?"
  • Anji: "Quit your squawking. You're annoying."
  • Jam: "You're pretty damn feisty...Gimme a break."
  • Dizzy: "...Get lost..."
  • Testament: "What the hell!? Punk..."
  • Justice: "There's a lot I'd like to tell you, but stopping you is more important. Don't worry, I'll make it quick. Soon enough, you'll be nothing but dust."
  • A.B.A: "A homunculus, huh? Now that's rare."
  • Slayer: "I have no time to waste on an old man like you."
  • Bridget: "Piss off, kid."
  • Zappa: "I want nothing to do with you. Seriously."
  • I-No: "I'm gonna burn you to ashes..."
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