The Outrage is an extremely powerful amplification device meant to channel and magnify magic energy. Designed as an anti-Gear weapon, it was created in 2073 by Frederick Bulsara in retaliation against the restart of the Gear Project and the imminent creation of Justice.

It is based on technology derived from the Saint Oratorio Project, which researched magical energy in order to create the ultimate spell. The Outrage's power is such that it has no predetermined limits on how much mana it can generate, and can potentially destroy the world if not properly regulated. Given the difficulty in controlling the sheer volume of magical energy produced, the Outrage was broken up into eight components or Sacred Treasures (神器, Jinki?) by the United Nations.

It is said that the Outrage and its individual components have no initial or set form. In their inert state, they take on the metaphysical form of blank glowing orbs. Depending on the intentions of their users, they can shift their form and function to better meet the requirements of their users. They might possibly be sentient as well. Wielders of the Sacred Treasures require tremendous physical and mental stamina in order to harness their immense power, or the magical energy could discharge prematurely or misfire when executing a spell, causing grievous harm to the wielder. Aside from their ability to amplify and channel magical potential within a wielder, they also serve specific purposes.

The known parts of the Outrage are the following:

  • Fireseal (封炎剣, Fūenken?, lit. Sealing Flame Sword) - Channels and amplifies fire magic. Used by Sol Badguy.
  • Thunderseal (封雷剣, Fūraiken?, lit. Sealing Thunder Sword) - Channels and amplifies lightning magic; capable of suspending the flow of time within a given area or individual. Used by Ky Kiske.
  • Zessen (絶扇, Zessen?, lit. Suppressing Fans) - Channels and amplifies wind magic; can create extra-dimensional barriers. Used by Anji Mito.
  • Flashing Tooth (閃牙, Senga?, lit. Flash Fang) - Channels and amplifies light magic. Used by Sol Badguy.
  • Dominator (益篤, Ekitoku?, lit. Profiting Fervor) - Unknown traits. In the possession of the Conclave.
  • Baikal (湖上白, Kojouhaku?, lit. White on the Lake) - Unknown traits. In the possession of the Conclave.
  • Slayer's dagger - Unknown characteristics, but is said to be able to cut through the most intricate of spells. It was able to cut through Millia Rage's hair, which is infused with Angra.


  • It is suspected that each Jinki is a representative or sub-representative of the Five Element Configuration (Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Ki).
  • The exact relationship between the Outrage and Gears is uncertain, but the Outrage symbol has appeared on Gear-incubating tanks in several illustrations. Half-Gear Dizzy has the Outrage symbol in her magic rings, together with the Gear mark and her name. In the Guilty Gear Xtra, Tyr's awakening caused a resonance in Thunderseal, Fireseal and Zessen. Justice's armor is based on the Outrage, though it is of That Man's design.


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