The following is a list of quotes attributed to Potemkin.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "I never imagined there were others that were like me."
  • Sol: "I salute you, warrior. It was a fine battle."
  • Ky: "I had no wish to fight a hero. Forgive me."
  • May: "Forgive me, little one. I do this for my comrades."
  • Baldhead: "Those who can't even master themselves have no chance."
  • Chipp: "If you value your pride, don't challenge me again."
  • Zato: "Your cheap tricks have no effect on me."
  • Millia: "Usually, I'd never harm a woman..."
  • Axl: "I'm not used to long-range bouts. You should have won."
  • Kliff: "After this tournament, I will pay for my sins..."

Guilty Gear X Edit

  • Self: "You're a fool if you thought you could deceive me. There isn't enough room in this world for two of us."
  • Sol: "Patriotism is my driving force. I'll never lose to someone who doesn't have anything to protect!"
  • Ky: "Don't be so reserved. I will always accept a request for a rematch."
  • May: "Don't stare at me like I'm some mythical beast..."
  • Faust: "What a fighting style! There was no hesitation at all...A difficult battle indeed."
  • Chipp: "The will to never give up is admirable, but it's still good to know when to quit."
  • Zato: "Leave me! I can't stand the sight of someone who has no honor or dignity."
  • Millia: "I'm not used to three-dimensional battles, so I couldn't quite pace myself...Are you OK?"
  • Axl: "Don't you have a sense of crisis? You will never be able to beat me if you don't fight seriously."
  • Kliff: "Those techniques! Such boldness! You showed no signs of aging. I am truly impressed."
  • Baiken: "Those eyes know what it means to fight to the death... She has the mind of a great warrior."
  • Johnny: "Your sword skills are devastating, but you talk way too much."
  • Venom: "Regardless of the strength of its current, no stream can keep the salmon from returning home. Our fight was the same."
  • Anji: "It's refreshing to see someone like you who fights with such childlike glee. I haven't had this much fun in a long time."
  • Jam: "An ambitious fist can defeat any weapon, but you've shown me that gender has no bearing on integrity."
  • Testament: "You have an interesting technique, but unless you put your heart into it you'll never defeat me."
  • Dizzy: "Forgive me. Master has his own ideas...but we will not let you down."
  • Justice: "I am sorry, but mankind must survive."

Guilty Gear XX Edit


Note: Quotes against self, Sol, Ky, May, Faust, Chipp, Eddie/Zato, Millia, Axl, Kliff, Baiken, Johnny, Venom, Anji, Jam, Testament, Justice are the same as in Guilty Gear X.

  • Order-Sol (post-Slash): "Ohhh, you're not bad at all! But you're still not good enough to beat me."
  • Robo-Ky: "What!? A machine!? Impossible! I hear they're having trouble making AI in my country...I think I'll take your head back."
  • Dizzy: "I'll dispense with formalities. If you've found your comrades, you should go with them."
  • A.B.A (post-Slash): "...I'm not like you! Don't look at me like that!"
  • Slayer: "It's not how many skills you possess; it's what's in your heart that determines the result."
  • Bridget: "What brilliance and tenacity! I can't call your determination mere child's play anymore."
  • Zappa: "What an impressive feat! I acknowledge your guts, but this battle is mine."
  • I-No: "You should choose your opponents with care. Even in the battlefield, you should have some courtesy."

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "You should fully commit."
  • "Engaging hostile."
  • "Contact."
  • Ramlethal (-SIGN-): "DEFCON, status: zero."
  • "All clear." (Gabriel: "Well done. Begin phase 2.")
  • "Hostile neutralized." (Gabriel: "Copy that. We'll debrief at oh-eight-hundred.")
  • "Target decomissioned." (Gabriel: "Understood. Please proceed.")
  • Instant Kill:
    • "Prepare yourself! The final phase..."
    • "No escape! Try to stay conscious..."
    • "I've got you. I bid you farewell..."
    • "Mission complete. Continuing to next target."
    • "Surrender now."
    • "Feeling ill?"
    • "Pay your own return bill..."
    • "This goes on your bill."
  • Faust's Fist of Annihilation:
    • "That area isn't for training...!"
    • "Too firm!"
  • Instant Kill reactions:
  • Self: "Only a third-rate fraud would attempt to assume my appearance. You should know this is the result of considerable compression."
  • Sol: ""
  • Ky: ""
  • May: ""
  • Faust: ""
  • Potemkin: ""
  • Chipp: ""
  • Zato: ""
  • Millia: ""
  • Axl: ""
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): ""
  • Johnny: ""
  • Venom: ""
  • Jam: ""
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): ""
  • Slayer: ""
  • I-No: ""
  • Sin: ""
  • Ramlethal: ""
  • Leo: ""
  • Elphelt: ""
  • Bedman: ""
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): ""
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): ""
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): ""
  • Answer (post-REV 2): ""
System Voice
  • "Prepare for deploy."
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