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Burst Gauge (full, disabled) in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core.

Psych Bursts (サイクバースト, Saiku Bāsuto?) are a gameplay mechanic introduced in Guilty Gear XX, and a system created to turn matches around in various situations and further permit the use of a wide range of strategies. By using Bursts, not only can the player knock back opponents but also increase their character's Tension to "MAX" by meeting certain conditions.

Overview Edit

The usage of Bursts depends on the Burst Gauge (バーストゲージ, Bāsuto Gēji?), located below the Health Gauge. The gauge fills over time, and when taking damage. In the XX games, it becomes full at 15000 units, and its fill rate every 10 seconds depends on the character's health: 600 units at 100%-51% health, 1200 units at 50%-26%, and 1800 units at 25%-0%.

Whenever a player takes damage, the player will also gain some Burst. The formula that determines exactly how much Burst gained is:

$ (100 + Move Damage × 3) × (1.0 + Combo Count × 0.03) $

In the Xrd games, the gauge's fill rate is unknown, but it is likely similar to how it works in XX. In any case, when the gauge is full, a Burst can be performed by pressing Dust + any attack button (Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash). The resulting Burst type will depend on the character's current state.

Types Edit

Gold Burst Edit

GGXXAC Gold Burst

Sol doing a Gold Burst in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core.

A Burst will be gold if performed while the character is in a neutral state, and it is not possible to combo into a Gold Burst. Hitting an opponent with a Gold Burst will instantly give the character full a Tension Gauge, ignoring any Tension Gain penalty, while at the same time it will knock the opponent down. Regardless of whether the Gold Burst hits or misses the opponent, the Burst Gauge will be refilled to 30%.

Gold Bursts are invulnerable to strikes, but at any point in the air during or after the character can be air thrown, even on startup with perfect timing.

Blue Burst Edit

A Burst will be blue when performed while in a defensive state: being hit, while blocking, while knocked down, etc. Its major drawback is that its recovery is completely vulnerable, meaning that if the opponent anticipates and blocks the Burst, they are free to punish the Burst miss as they fall. Blue Bursts can also be air thrown at any point—even on startup.

If the Blue Burst hits the opponent, the Burst Gauge will refill to 30%. If it misses or the opponent blocks, then the Burst Gauge will be completely emptied. Using a Blue Burst can often save a player from taking massive damage, or ultimately receiving the round-ending blow. They will be disabled, signalled by a red X, even with a full gauge while: being thrown, getting hit by an Overdrive or Instant Kill, bear stunned (dizzied), or getting hit by certain attacks.

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