The following is a list of Ramlethal Valentine's commands throughout the series.

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

The following is Ramlethal's move list in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, -REVELATOR- and REV 2:

Type Name Command
Normal -- Right + Punch
Right + Kick
Down-Right + Kick
Deploy Giant Sword Right or Down + Slash or Heavy Slash
Retrieve Giant Sword Left + Slash or Heavy Slash
Special Dauro RightDownDown-Right + Punch
Flama Kargo DownDown-RightRight + Kick near opponent
Sildo Detruo DownDown-LeftLeft + Kick (also in mid-air)
Cassius DownDown-LeftLeft + Punch
Marteli DownDown-LeftLeft + Slash with sword (S) equipped (also in mid-air) (post-R2)
Forpeli DownDown-LeftLeft + Heavy Slash with sword (HS) equipped (also in mid-air) (post-R2)
Overdrives Calvados RightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash or Dust (post-XrdR) with both swords equipped
Trance RightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash with both swords deployed
Explode DownDown-RightRightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeft + Kick
Instant Kill Animo Estingi Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown-RightRightDownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash

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