The following is a list of quotes attributed to Raven.

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "Can you really keep me alive?"
  • "I look forward to your insanity."
  • "Do as you please..."
  • "An unpleasant victory..."
  • "I am, after all... Not alive."
  • "A battle that was never meant to be won..."
  • Self: "The more valuable a resource, the less people appreciate it. The sun... Oxygen. Because they take it for granted. Do you understeand my meaning?"
  • Sol: "How unfortunate for you... I-No could use that "seed" infinitely better."
  • Ky: "I've no interest in a warrior who does not even deceive his opponents. I would choose a weaker opponent with a hint of insanity any day over you."
  • May: "Those who don't understand the value of today... Maybe foolish but not necessarily unfortunate. We must pity those who have truly lost all value. Like your fighting spirit..."
  • Faust: "I had high hopes for you... A few years ago."
  • Potemkin: "Be it resolution or a strong fighting spirit... I shall not care."
  • Chipp: "A taste of fear that the outcome will not change... It doesn't matter how much faster you move, you simply cannot kill me."
  • Zato: "Losing one's senses can be even more painful than death. I sympathize with you."
  • Millia: "You have talent for this kind of abuse... Might I suggest you continue polishing your strong suit?"
  • Axl: "You are truly our last hope... that is what I believe."
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): "Yes... Yes yes yes yes! This is good. Excellent! You're amazing! Throw away all that stands in your way and come at me with that burning rage. Slash me!"
  • Johnny: "Your swordmanship is to precise... I can barely feel any pain. Next time, bring a battered sword."
  • Venom: "One can grow tolerance for pain... Might I suggest you to increase the velocity of your attacks and not its volume?"
  • Jam: "Your use of ki is truly staggering..."
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "If someone tells you you're going to die today, then I'm sure you would try to make a dream come true. But, if someone tells me I am to die today, then... I may finally abandon my unrealized hope. Do not argue semantics with me..."
  • Slayer: "A very pointless battle, for both of us. Yet somehow you found enjoyment in it... A lonely road I walk."
  • I-No: "Ahh you are the only one who can smother me in such a wonderful murderous intent... But it's a shame. I fear I've grown accustomed to your style."
  • Sin: "Regrettable... If only you were even younger and didn't know the meaning of holding back... You may have been able to end me."
  • Ramlethal: "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice."
  • Leo: "Defeat stings more for those who seldom lose... But you are still better off than those who do not feel the weight of defeat. Struggle often and prosper."
  • Elphelt: "As long as you rely in your weapons firepower... Your sense of pain will never grow."
  • Bedman: "I thought that you might just destroy me. If we were in your dream... But I loathe to say we are at odds with each other. Hence, I cannot lose this match."
  • Jack-O': "You are complete, are you not...? Then perhaps you know the answer to... 42."
  • Haehyun: "I'm quiet interested in your art of tuning... What happens if you tune a non-existent entity... A "zero?""
  • Answer (post-REV 2): "I've got to hand it to you, I'm impressed. Even knowing I couldn't die, you came at me with everything you had until the very end..."
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