Robo-Ky is the name used by the many robotic copies of Ky Kiske, thus referring to several characters in the Guilty Gear series. The first, original model of Robo-Ky appears in Guilty Gear X Plus as Ky's "GG Mode". This imitation-series army was created by the Post-War Administration Bureau, who deploy them against anyone they consider a threat and/or an asset to their goals.

An upgraded model, created by a rogue scientist, appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear Isuka.

Design Edit

All Robo-Ky models wear the Sacred Order of Holy Knights uniform that Ky Kiske himself wears only in a different shade and without the fingerless gloves. As of #Reload, the word "ENNUI" is etched onto their belt buckle in the place of Ky's "HOPE". In Guilty Gear X Plus, Robo-Ky's sprite was simply a palette-swap of Ky's, furthermore Robo-Ky in the normal Ky's story mode always uses a specific palette swap color due to not being considered his own character slot just yet (as he was originally an alternately-selected-version of normal Ky).

However, all Robo-Kys have a metallic face with nails and bolts. Their rectangular mouths, with a white teeth-like plating, have visible joints lines, while their eyes are bright yellow lenses. Sporting the same blond hairstyle as Ky, they have winding keys like those of a wind-up toy on the side of their head (which so far only appear in artworks and not the sprites).

The most notable difference between the original model and posterior versions is their "skin" (or more accurately, plating) color. The first Robo-Ky had Ky's fair skin color, while subsequent models are colored light-turquoise, and later grey green. In Guilty Gear XX, several characters mistake Robo-Ky with Ky, but by Λ Core Plus, all characters are clearly able to tell he is a robot. On his chest underneath his clothing, is a Hercules beetle emblem (also seen on a switch that can be revealed on their ankles) that seems to be the primary engine they run on, the Hercules Engine.

Personality Edit

Robo-Ky in X Plus was shown to have a grudge against the normal Ky, stating that defeating the original is a reason for its existence. In XX, the Robo-Kys are loyal to the Post-War Administration Bureau, while mocking and looking down upon the other characters and proving to them the "might, order and superiority" of the P.W.A.B. As of #Reload, in its gameplay and in-battle quotes, Robo-Ky gains somewhat of a more comical personality, which is expanded upon in Λ Core Plus.

The Robo-Ky shown in the story modes of Λ Core Plus is a perverted, womanizing, sleazy, and seemingly defective model. "Ennui" is etched onto his belt, which suggests he may be acting out of boredom. He is both an archaic model and a "fake", meaning he is not registered. Likewise, he often refers to himself by the Japanese pronoun of "washi" (a self-referring pronoun commonly used by elderly men) as a unique way of speaking compared to other characters with more generically used pronouns.

He doesn't appear to like characters who aren't human, but openly appreciates strong women like Jam and Baiken while also being quite perverted and petty in several of his in-battle quotes (with some being a play on his original). A common tic of his is calling humans "no good/defective", most of which is directed towards his opponent and his creator.

The last remaining Robo-Ky unit in Xrd is taken almost as seriously as its models from Λ Core; loud-mouthed and somewhat in the slumps, it/he has nonetheless gained much more insight and newfound ideals that make him radically different from its prior personality, despite some comical trails still being prevalent. He is able to see through Bedman's wicked farce while stating that "despite so many complicated ideologies people don't need, they can still connect" while also expressing a sense of gratefulness to society, and is shown to encourage Venom to care more about himself.

Story Edit

Backstory Edit

The Robo-Ky army was created by the scientist Crow. They were a prototype guard unit for the Post-War Administration Bureau, programmed with Ky Kiske's battle data from the Second Sacred Order Selection Tournament. While they managed to prove their loyalty and made use of their impersonations of the original Ky Kiske to cause chaos and disorder, they later on gradually turned out to be defective and unstable, developing their own radical personalities.

Guilty Gear X Edit

Guilty Gear X Plus Screenshot

Robo-Ky vs. Ky in Guilty Gear X Plus.

Robo-Ky appears in Guilty Gear X Plus as one of Ky's opponents in one of his story routes, likely as a prototype unit. Initially, Robo-Ky first finds Ky in a deserted location and scans him from afar. The robot then starts to declare that it must defeat the original to prove itself, causing Ky to sneeze out of an old wives' tale.

In their story battle intro, Ky is kneeling down, seemingly unaware of the robot. The Robo-Ky moves closer towards him at a slow pace just before crawling towards him fully, then hitting Ky as he notices and thus turns around. Due to this, Ky will always lose a portion of his health before the fight begins.

In one of Ky's endings, Ky discards his shoulder cape in order to divert the robot, while hiding just to regain himself. Ky then comments that the robot is very persistent, even when it lost the battle.

This particular Robo-Ky always uses a specific color palette as well, and due to not having a separate character slot on his own, the original mirror duel BGM will play in the fight.

This very Robo-Ky is carried over into both Guilty Gear X Advance and Guilty Gear Petit 2 (which are both alternate port versions of the original Guilty Gear X), though in the former game Robo-Ky is instead selected as "EX Ky" with his Aces High Overdrive having a revised input and one new unnamed laser beam Overdrive move (based on his win animation against Sol). The original EX Ky in Plus for the Advance version is instead swapped over to GG Ky with the correctly allocated moveset and perks.

Robo-Ky curiously enough in the latter game (Petit 2), makes use of Ky's first Instant Kill, Zwei Voltage. Despite being a separate character slot with his own portrait and artworks clearly showing he is a robot, Robo-Ky/GG Ky has the same dialogues, arcade conflict vs. Sol and ending as normal Ky in Guilty Gear Petit 2.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

Robo-Ky eventually is unveiled as his own character in this game, with his own character slot and dialogues despite reusing all of normal Ky's in-game voice clips albeit distorted. He does not have a story mode, but it along with several copies of itself appears in several others' story modes. The conditions for defeating them vary for each story mode and path; some versions are fought normally, while some only take damage from special moves or Overdrives due to them analyzing their opponents' moves prior.

It is from there that the Robo-Kys cause chaos from behind the shadows on behalf of the Post-War Administration Bureau, examining the characters' actions from afar and trying to gather info on any particular ones who can use Ki. Because of how much they resemble Ky Kiske, many characters mistook the two separate entities for one another which worked in the favor of compromising the International Police Force's integrity and much the original Ky's chagrin; in Ky's own words in one of his story path endings, he assumes that the "Post-War Administration Bureau still has a lot more things they want to learn about me".

Even with the introduction of a newly-reworked playable version from #Reload on top of a completely new voice actor for his in-game battle clips, the role of the Robo-Kys in story mode is largely the same as in the first XX game (dialogue and distorted voice in all). However, Robo-Ky unlike the first XX game's story mode, has completely-reworked-yet-somewhat-comical unique story intros against the various characters it encounters unlike with the original Robo-Ky.

Λ Core PlusEdit

Though by the time of Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus however, it would appear that the new animations for the current version of Robo-Ky begin to coincide with the story itself; said Robo-Kys begin to act very radical and develop sleazy personalities of their own.

Through this whole ordeal, Crow is contacted by the PWAB about the issue with the defective models, and that the more missions the Robo-Ky line fails, the likely they will have to scrap producing the series of robots altogether for a replacement.

Regardless, seeing as Robo-Ky should still be sent on a mission, the robot was unaware of this being his last chance to redeem himself. On account of this, Crow attempts to send Robo-Ky to attempt different missions through this "last chance", trying to indirectly send him to his destruction. However, Robo-Ky seems to turn crazier with the passing time, hitting on women and wanting them to become his wives.

In one ending, he after going on a series of skirmishes (even to encountering his original and fighting him out of his own personal whim) continuously causes some breakdowns in his processors despite refusing to come back for repairs (Crow assumes it's mainly due to the robot getting into heated fights his specs were not up-to-date for). However, in the end, he gets into a set-up scuffle by Crow with a Justice clone, but the final result is the destruction of both via Robo-Ky getting caught in a self-destruct sequence. Free from Robo-Ky, Crow shows his new prototypes, the P-series ("Robo-temkins"), whom he assumes will be more loyal than the prior K-series line.

However, in another ending, Robo-Ky instead upon deciding to receive repairs manages upon Crow's request to hold back Sol Badguy and then Johnny who intrudes into their current quarters. Despite not having his repairs complete yet, Crow is impressed with Robo-Ky's efforts in repelling both of them in two separate encounters and continues on with his missions, up until he encounters Dizzy who is running errands. However, the prior Justice clone scenario happens as he brings back Dizzy to announce marriage. Robo-Ky however then holds Crow hostage to protect himself from the Justice clone. The three of them (Robo-Ky, Dizzy and Crow) then flee to an unknown location, much to the other two's comical chagrin (with Dizzy wondering if everyone back on the Mayship is enjoying dinner without her due to being sidetracked from her errands).

In the Story Mode for the other characters, Robo-Ky appears as a guardian for the Bureau, but in reality is merely a crazy robot that finds everybody to be "defective/no good" minus the female characters. Instead, he tries to turn them into his wives while ogling their bodies.

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Edit

Following their decommission circa 2181, only one Robo-Ky survived. He has become a freelance robot for hire, yet is still homeless and often picked on by the townspeople and even the children of the particular town he lives in, due to not having a single client. Eventually, Venom tracks him down hires him for a certain condition they are up against.

He assists Venom in impeding Bedman, who is incapable of reading his mind since he is a robotic entity. During their walk together to a designated location, Venom and Robo-Ky have a discussion about the robot's dream of wanting to raise a tangerine farm for "an old friend of his" as well as "never laughing at one's dreams since it equates to laughing at that person themselves". Venom also ponders if the robot is resenting his current fate, which the former personally deems his guild is responsible for putting him through such a said fate. Robo-Ky however, objects saying that such a fate hasn't ever made him lonely despite being born from the darkness of it, and reaffirms Venom to focus on the task at hand.

When Bedman threatens the lives of innocent children who happen to be within range (particularly a pair of kids whom often insulted the robot), Robo-Ky calmly talks down on Bedman's beliefs with the prior kind of speech he gave to Venom about never laughing at others' dreams while acknowledging that while he himself has had bad relations with some people, he also claims that he still feels compelled enough to contribute to society in some way due to the fact that "without them, I wouldn't be able to oil my gears or wear these clothes".

Robo-Ky out of deciding "the one life that needs to be sacrificed according to his sophisticated AI" initiates his self-destruct sequence to destroy Bedman's Bedframe, which leaves him open to Venom's Terra Machina System. After the battle and being reduced to a head, he carries the unconscious Venom to places unknown, presumably to receive repairs and to get Venom medical attention for his injuries.

In Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2's After Story B, he and Venom are in a similar situation as Robo-Ky himself was, until of course, 3 members of the Assassins' Guild are sent as a hit on Venom for his supposed "desertion". However, after much banter on what Venom has decided for himself upon his life, it was revealed to all be a test and the members give Venom a portfolio containing the needs to start a new life.

Robo-Ky himself stated that the said members had nothing but fear that they were trying to hide realizing that Venom's skill alone could overpower them in any sudden confrontation that would break out despite the position Venom himself was in.

Robo-Ky is still reduced to a head by the time Venom opens his bakery shop, and he, Venom and Zato all alike comically ponder upon this situation as Venom merely moved his hair apart without being recognized as the former leader of the Assassins Guild.

Abilities Edit

Initially portrayed as a serious threat in XX, as of Λ Core Plus they are often used as comical relief and shown to have a somewhat low intelligence. The Robo-Kys appear to be capable of calling each other, analyzing the moves of their opponent (to the point where they can become immune to them), poisoning them, and even instantly brainwashing them. They possess the same techniques as Ky Kiske and frequently share data with one another, but from #Reload onwards, the Robo-Kys develop techniques of their own, using their robotic nature to their advantage. They can detach or multiply body parts, and even conceal objects inside their body, such as a chair in their backs, or produce a cape out of their clothing.

They also appear to activate an engine inside of them known as the Hercules Engine (exclaimed during their Gen-KY Lovers/Ris-KY Lovers Overdrive), where they can briefly overclock themselves to gain more power and increase their mobility for a while but at the cost of eventually losing all their power in a self-damaging-light-self-destruct surge that can dangerously damage others nearby. Said Hercules Engine can be seen when the self-destruct portion happens, as it is rendered as a beetle emblem on their chest as well as on the switch used to commence the said overclock (likely named after the Hercules beetle).

Like the original Ky, they have control over lightning, but it is unknown if it is purely electricity or actual lightning magic. The latest, and presumably last, Robo-Ky unit has been upgraded with a special bio-alloy and an improved version of the said Hercules Engine. He appears to be significantly more powerful than the original prototype as he was able to completely destroy Bedman's 8th Generation Reinforced High-Density Bed Frame, although at the cost of his body.

Gameplay Edit

Robo-Ky first appeared as Ky's GG Mode version in Guilty Gear X Plus (as well as in Guilty Gear Petit 2), appearing only as an opponent in Ky's Story Mode. He is a palette swap of Ky with several unique moves. He is often in a weak, slouching stance (using the "exit menu" sound effect periodically), and would crawl on the ground in his walking animation; both assets reuse normal Ky's face-down-getup animation frames with his crouch being reused from his throws final frames, and his running animation being a rip from Ride the Lightning.

It was until Guilty Gear XX, he is officially named and appears as a hidden character with his own slot. However, he was often deemed unfit to be played in tournaments due to being for a long time, console-exclusive content. Specific differences between the two often involve exclusive techniques such as:

  • Ray Divider, a surging lightning barrier emitted from Robo-Ky slamming his fingertips on the ground.
  • Impala Hunt, a low-outward-sweep-slash that is done from a forward blinking rush that can also cross-up opponents.
  • An inverted version of Crescent Slash called Reverse Crescent, where Robo-Ky does an overhead dropping kick animation with it despite having the same upward slash graphic. However, Robo-Ky in GGXAdvance still retains the original Crescent Slash.
  • Ride the Lightning travels faster, but only does a single hit instead. Like with normal Ky, it can be done in midair in XX.
  • An exclusive Overdrive called Aces High, where Robo-Ky takes into the air with a vertical Ride the Lightning sphere around himself and slashes outward in a regal manner (reused for one of EX Ky's moves).
  • In XX he also gains one of EX Ky's moves (Elegant ni Kiru).

However, also combined with some of the general perks of GG Mode (where air dashes can be done at a much lower minimum height prime for instant air dashing), as well as being able to crawl under most mid-and-high-level projectiles with just its walking animation alone combined with faster running speed than most other characters, the robot would already considered to be rather imbalanced for competitive play on the get go.

However, in Guilty Gear X Advance, Robo-Ky is instead accessed through EX Mode Ky, which causes GG Mode Ky to be swapped around. It is only in this game his Aces High Overdrive has a revised input while also gaining a new eye laser Overdrive that uses his victory animation against Sol (and is similar to his take on the original Ky's Sacred Edge in XX, which also fires an eye laser).

In X Plus, Robo-Ky does not speak at all in many of his battle intros (save for his intro against Sol which is still the same as Normal Ky), but upon winning, he will stutter on the first portions of any of his original victory quotes while just simply vibrating and remaining in his current slouched stance (Guilty Gear X Advance still has him perform a normal victory pose). Robo-Ky in XX however, simply has normal Ky's voice lines distorted.

In #Reload onwards Edit

It is in ♯Reload that Robo-Ky finally became a character of his own; while his fighting stance is the same as Ky's, he borrows animations from several versions of Ky (normal Ky, EX Ky, and original Robo-Ky) via his entire move list being revamped and gained the Power/Electric Gauge in place of the Tension Gauge, which fills up slowly and requires the use of specific moves or proper instant blocking to gain power quickly (with his iconic mat laid down from his crouching Dust, the Zadan-Ky being a prime source of easy power building, which also works for the opponent), as nearly all of his special moves can be powered up depending on how much power he has which makes him very resource-heavy as his special moves will consume power when used (Negative Penalty can hurt him a lot if triggered). Level 1 specials are triggered at 0 units, Level 2 require 1-4 units, while Level 3 require 5-10 units to activate.

He also has a temperature/heat meter AKA a thermometer that indicates his current heat level as the robot can now overheat as he repeatedly performs specific actions (with some actions building up more heat than others if abused willy-nilly). The gauge much like an actual dial-based thermometer fluctuates rapidly, and once it reaches its limit, Robo-Ky blows up via suffering from a standard knockdown that does minor damage to himself while resetting his heat level to its original initial value. However, while his forward Heavy Slash is used to lower and exhaust his heat level, being at higher levels of heat also benefits his moves with both a fire-effect and longer hitstun/untech times, as well as enhancing the range, damage, and hit-effect of the aforementioned forward Heavy Slash.

Another perk of Robo-Ky is having unconventionally-schemed normals, such as a slide-kicking crouching Kick akin to Ky's Stun Dipper slide portion, crouching Slash that acts as his actual sweep (as his aforementioned crouching Dust being an entirely unique move), a standing Heavy Slash that can't naturally cancel into anything but can be FRC'd, and an upward-missile-launching crouching Heavy Slash. This however, makes his gatlings rather un-intuitive which can require some workarounds for certain players.

So far, the only moves Robo-Ky shares directly with normal Ky are:

  • Standing Punch, but cannot be rapid-fired into itself unlike original Ky's.
  • Standing Kick, which can rapid-fire into itself unlike original Ky's.
  • Close standing Slash.
  • Standing Dust.
  • Crouching Punch, but cannot be rapid-fired into itself unlike original Ky's.
  • Jumping Punch.
  • Jumping Kick, but with a drill emerging in the place of his kicking-foot and while giving a thumbs-up gesture.
  • Jumping Slash and jumping Heavy Slash are swapped around and altered compared to original Ky's, as both also involve Robo-Ky's sword turning into a mallet.
  • Grounded throw, but with his sword turning into a metal harisen/paper fan and causing a hard knockdown (older games) or a ground bounce (Λ Core); said throw also shares the same exact FRC point as normal Ky's ground throw.
  • Air throw.
  • Ky-Denpa is Robo-Ky's version of EX Ky's Elegant ni Kiru, albeit with extra electrical graphics and inflicting a wallbounce/normal knockdown instead of a launch.
  • The Overdrive Ky-Kokoro no Ichigeki is an alternate version of the X Plus and XX version-Robo-Ky's Aces High Overdrive.

The reworked Robo-Ky focuses on scoring hard knockdowns to setup his crouching Dust mat for power build-ups, or making use of his various higher-power-level specials for a lockdown or a hefty combo due to how hard some of his moves hit. He has the highest defense, highest stun resistance, and one of the highest weight/gravity ratings of the cast (fitting due to him being a robot) despite his low guts rating, on top of having various zoning/lockdown tools that can control air space especially and/or create frame-traps.

Likewise, another move Robo-Ky could perform was the Gen-KY Lovers, a comical reuse of the old Robo-Ky's Ray Divider animation where Robo-Ky smashes a button revealed on its leading foot, overclocking his Hercules Engine (akin to Dragon Install) where Robo-Ky moves faster and rapidly gains power at a fast rate. However, a timer appears above his head where it if runs out, all his power and heat level will be lost will eject itself into an electrical sphere via a self-destruction animation (that akin to overheating, inflicts some minor damage to Robo-Ky himself), but can damage nearby foes and causing the "bubble" itself to linger if this happens for continuous damage.

While Robo-Ky was fairly average with some level of success in his reworked debut, he was somehow deemed to be fairly nerfed by the time of XX Slash despite his new additions. The robot himself is rather wonky and requires a lot of meter juggling as aforementioned between both his heat gauge and power gauge, as a huge power-consuming combo can leave him with little resources left and a huge amount of heat built. On top of him having a 5-frame jump startup and a fairly low jump height hindering his mobility, his hard knockdowns have no real way of being scored off of air combos to further hamper his air-to-air combat. Robo-Ky must also adjust to each of the properties of his specials depending on his current meter level, which can lock out certain combo routes.

In Λ Core, his new Force Break (which is a revamped version of his famous comical jumping Dust, paralleling the original Ky's conception for his Stun Rays Force Break) also acts as a low-aerial mobility tool to setup low jumping mixups, gimmicky air option resets, and as a way to cool down his heat gauge. His Right + Punch also gains the ability to have 2 extra inputs, albeit at the cost of massively raising his heat if abused. Also adding to his comical nature is the ability since #Reload to perform a delayed getup taunt with Punch + Kick while knocked down, which can properly throw off any wakeup-lockdown attempts upon a skilled Robo-Ky player but at the cost of 0.4% of his power gauge as the opponent also receives 2% tension.

In EX Mode, while Robo-Ky has higher amount of power gauge units (essentially doubled from 10 to 20) while also having it essentially function like a normal Tension Gauge (he now gains meter at the same rate as all other characters in the same methods, along with tension pulse perks and the like), he also has a more conventional normal attack scheme (crouching Slash uses Ky's Stun Dipper second slash animation while crouching Heavy Slash is a faster Ray Divider animation with a small spark) as his moveset is almost akin to normal Ky's. Furthermore in Λ Core, he also gains 2 new Force Breaks compared to the one singular one that normal Robo-Ky's version gets, and even Robo-Ky II's version of the original Ky's Greed Sever with some slight differences.

Musical themes Edit

  • Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) - Guilty Gear X
  • Holy Orders? - Guilty Gear XX (and EX Robo-Ky from #Reload-onwards or in Λ Core Plus R)
  • Under Construction (Day) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload (Starting/odd-numbered rounds)
  • Under Construction (Night) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload (Second/even-numbered rounds)
  • Under Construction (Day) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST (Starting/odd-numbered rounds; Korean version)
  • Vortex Infinitum - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST (as EX Robo-Ky)

Quotes Edit

Allusions Edit

  • Aces High, one of his pre-♯Reload Overdrive attacks (also used by Kakusei Ky in Isuka), is an allusion to an Iron Maiden song of the same name.
  • His 13 Luck-KY spawns smaller Robo-Kys that walk down a ladder from his mouth. This is most likely a reference to Yatterwan from the anime series Yatterman.
  • His Overdrive, "Dame na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame!", is a reference to the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, wherein characters make use of rapid punching attacks with constant repetitions of syllables per blow. It most likely references Dio Brando's variation of this type of move.
  • While a majority of his animations are obviously similar to normal Ky's, post-♯Reload Robo-Ky also reuses animations from his prior versions (the X Plus and XX Robo-Ky).

Trivia Edit

  • The original Robo-Ky from Guilty Gear X Plus was often erroneously coined as "Gear Ky", "Orochi Ky", or "Black Ky" by fans, before Plus' Story Mode and XX officially named him as Robo-Ky.
  • In Λ Core Plus, Robo-Ky states that he can convert human food into energy. In Isuka, both Robo-Ky and Robo-Ky II can heal with food items in the GGBoost Mode. Their taunts involve spawning a table with a drink on it, even though they do nothing direct with it.
  • Despite being a robot, Robo-Ky as of #Reload spills blood whenever he suffers damage from a bladed-attack.
    • Furthermore, whenever he is hit, nuts and bolts will also drop/spill from him.
  • Post-♯Reload, most of his moves make fun of Ky Kiske in the form of puns with the japanese kai sound, always written in katakana. The localized names in Λ Core Plus R retain the puns, such as "Ris-KY Lovers" and "Spi-KY" (albeit different from the intended translations).

Mini Robo-Ky.

  • Faust's Nani ga Deru ka na? involves Faust dropping small-sized dolls of some characters, one of which is Robo-Ky. The doll uses his original green color scheme from the original Guilty Gear XX, as does Robo-Ky's appearance in Robo-Ky II's credits ending in Isuka.
  • Robo-Ky is the only character to have no new artwork in Guilty Gear Isuka. He reuses his artwork in #Reload.
    • Likewise, Robo-Ky is also the only Isuka character who has no selection of color schemes for that game and only has his #Reload color selections available to select in-game and/or to edit.
    • The voice actor who voiced the robot's successor model from the same game eventually voices him in Λ Core.
    • In a number of artworks, both Robo-Ky and Robo-Ky II are shown removing the entire longcoat of their copied Holy Order uniform and wearing that portion in the place of their cape.
  • As of #Reload, Robo-Ky's actual in-game theme in both the original and Korean versions is unique in that not only is it basically not much of a "musical" track at all (as it is merely heavy construction ambience), but it has two versions that plays at intervals in a match. The "daytime" version plays during the starting round or any subsequent odd-numbered rounds, while the "nighttime" version plays on any subsequent even-numbered rounds.
    • When this theme is played in Training Mode however, the day-to-night shift occurs whenever the player uses the "reset position" function.
    • Both the original and Korean versions also have their own take on the "daytime" version of this theme, while both "nighttime" versions remain the same.
    • In Λ Core Plus R however, the Korean daytime version is used in the place of the original daytime version since #Reload.

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