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Robo-Ky is the name used by the many robotic copies of Ky Kiske, thus referring to several characters in the Guilty Gear series. The first, original model of Robo-Ky appears in Guilty Gear X Plus. This imitation series army was created by the Post-War Administration Bureau, who deploy them against anyone they consider a threat or as an asset to their goals.

An upgraded model, a mass-produced version of the original Robo-Ky, appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear Isuka.


All Robo-Ky models wear the Sacred Order of Holy Knights uniform that Ky Kiske himself wears only in a different shade and without the fingerless gloves. As of #Reload, the word "ENNUI" is etched onto their belt buckle in the place of Ky's "HOPE". In Guilty Gear X Plus, Robo-Ky's sprite during Ky's Story Mode path is simply a palette swap of Ky's (as he is merely an alternate "GG Mode" playable version of Ky in this game), always showing up with an almost-white light-green uniform with dark mauve hems, electric blue instead of blue, and orange hair.

All Robo-Kys have a metallic face with nails and bolts. Their rectangular mouths, with a white teeth-like plating, have visible joint lines, while their eyes are bright yellow lenses. Sporting the same blond hairstyle as Ky, they have winding keys like those of a wind-up toy on the side of their head (which so far only appear in artwork and not the sprites).

The most notable difference between the original model and posterior versions is their "skin" (or more accurately, plating) color. The first Robo-Ky had Ky's fair skin color, while subsequent models are colored light-turquoise, and later grey green. In Guilty Gear XX, several characters mistake Robo-Ky with Ky, but by Λ Core Plus, all characters are clearly able to tell he is a robot. On his chest underneath his clothing, is a Hercules beetle emblem (also seen on a switch that can be revealed on their ankles) that seems to be the primary engine they run on, the Hercules Engine.


The original Robo-Ky from X Plus was shown to have a grudge against the normal Ky, stating that defeating the original was a reason for its existence. Rather persistent, his slouching stance and crawl seem to hint at number of bugs. Later units (such as the one Λ Core Plus) also believe that proving their superiority to the original is a matter of identity and pride.

In XX, the many Robo-Kys begin to show many defects in their personality, turning into self-centered, egotistical robots that sees humans as inferior creatures, even as they demonstrate extremely human behavior.[1] They claim to be loyal to the Post-War Administration Bureau, while mocking and looking down upon the other characters and proving to them the "might, order and superiority" of the P.W.A.B. As of ♯Reload, in its gameplay and in-battle quotes, Robo-Ky gains somewhat of a more comical personality, which is expanded upon in Λ Core Plus.

♯Reload portrait.

The Robo-Ky shown in Story Mode of Λ Core Plus is a perverted, womanizing, sleazy, and for all intents and purposes defective model. "Ennui" is etched onto his belt, which suggests he may be acting out of boredom. He is both an archaic model and a "fake", meaning he is not registered. Likewise, he often refers to himself by the Japanese pronoun of "washi" (a self-referring pronoun commonly used by elderly men). It pretends to obey its creator and (technically) master, but in fact does the opposite.[1][2]

He openly appreciates "sexy" women like Jam, Dizzy and Baiken while also being quite perverted and petty in several of his in-battle quotes (with some being a play on his original). A common tic of his is calling humans "no good/defective", most of which is directed towards his opponent and his creator, Crow.

The last remaining Robo-Ky unit in Xrd differs greatly from prior iterations. While loud-mouthed and somewhat in the slumps, he has nonetheless gained much insight and newfound ideals that make him radically different from his peers, despite some comical traits still being prevalent. He is able to see through Bedman's wicked farce while stating that "despite so many complicated ideologies people don't need, they can still connect" while also expressing a sense of gratefulness to society, and is shown to encourage Venom to care more about himself. He is something of a romanticist, firmly believing in the importance of "dreams" and having one of his own.



As part of the K-series imitation series designed by the scientist Crow, the Robo-Ky weapons were developed in a laboratory run by the Post-War Administration Bureau, undergoing several revisions. Modeled after Ky Kiske,[1] battle data about Ky from the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament[3] was carefully sampled, analyzed, and finally incorporated into Robo-Ky's artificial intelligence unit.[1]

A single unit, upon which future models would be based, was the first to be implanted with a personality, but none of the Robo-Kys which followed were ever quite as complete.[1] Thanks to their high mobility and simple production process, they could be used for a wide range of applications (such as subduing militants or investigating important intelligence targets), but numerous instances of unexpected behavior began to appear. This led to a low success rate on most missions[3] even as they reached the final stages of development.[1] With their individual battle capabilities still undergoing revision, and their unpredictable nature yet to be fixed, the entire series would come to be under consideration for replacement[3] relatively soon after their deployment.

Guilty Gear X

Robo-Ky versus Ky in X Plus.

A single Robo-Ky appears in Guilty Gear X Plus as one of Ky's opponents in one of his Story Mode routes, likely one of the prototype units. Initially, Robo-Ky first finds Ky in a deserted location and scans him from afar. The robot then starts to declare that it must defeat the original to prove itself, causing Ky to sneeze out of an old wives' tale.

During the intro, Ky is kneeling down, seemingly unaware of the robot. The Robo-Ky moves closer towards him at a slow pace just before crawling towards him fully, then hitting Ky as he notices and thus turns around. Due to this, Ky will always lose a portion of his health before the fight begins. Despite defeating him once, during the path's ending, Ky has to discard his shoulder cape in order to divert the robot, hiding just to regain himself. Ky then comments that the robot is very persistent, even when it lost the battle.

Guilty Gear XX

Robo-Ky illustration.

The Robo-Kys cause chaos from behind the shadows on behalf of the Post-War Administration Bureau, watching the characters' actions from afar and gathering info on any particular ones who can use Ki. Because of how much they resemble Ky, many characters mistake the two much to the original Ky's chagrin. As the Robo-Ky numbers diminish, Crow begins development on the next generation series.[3]

In Λ Core Plus, the last of the K-series under the P.W.A.B.'s employment, Robo-Ky fails mission after mission, and his personality program is out of control, but Crow decides he should be given a mission: capturing research subjects and retrieving data. However, he doesn't know that this his last chance to redeem himself. After a series of skirmishes, Crow tells him to return to the lab due to some noise in the data transfer. A fight with Ky causes one of Robo-Ky's processors to overheat, and Crow orders him to come back. In one ending, he returns only to find that Crow has set him up to fight a Justice copy. He is caught in the latter's self-destruct sequence. Sometime later, Crow reports that the new P-series ("Robo-temkins") project is progressing smoothly.

If he obeys, during Robo-Ky's maintenance briefly interrupted by Sol Badguy and Johnny, he carries on with the mission until he brings back Dizzy to announce marriage. Nevertheless, the Justice copy scenario happens again, only this time Robo-Ky holds Crow hostage to protect himself from "Justice". Robo-Ky then makes Crow and Dizzy flee with him through the woods to an unknown location, much to their chagrin.

Guilty Gear Xrd

Following their decommission circa 2181, only one Robo-Ky has survived. This first-model unit, more complete than its successors and the first to be implanted with a personality,[1] has become a wandering robot for hire as a self-proclaimed "Super High Electro Jack of All Trades", with his payment being items—such as grease, springs, nuts and bolts, as well as detergent and fabric softener—since he has no real need for money. He has few clients due to being an outcast and is often picked on children of the particular town he lives.

In 2187, he is hired by Venom to aid him in his battle against Bedman, since the robot's mind cannot be read (later discovering that he can hear Bedman's thoughts). Along the way, Venom and Robo-Ky have a discussion about the robot's dream of wanting to raise a tangerine farm for "an old friend of his" as well as "never laughing at one's dreams since it equates to laughing at that person themselves". Venom ponders if the robot resents the fate that the guild inflicted upon him, but Robo-Ky objects as he never felt lonely while reaffirming Venom to focus on the task at hand.

File:GGXrdR RoboKy vs Bedman.png

Confronting Bedman.

During the battle of Illyria, Bedman threatens to kill two kids within his range when they stumble into the fight after Venom traps Bedman with his Tera Machina System spell, with Venom intending to sacrifice himself. To protect the children that had mocked him earlier that day, Robo-Ky calmly talks down on Bedman's beliefs while explaining his experience with human society. He then initiates his self-destruct sequence to destroy Bedman's bedframe, sending the youth up to midair, leaving him open to Venom's attack without any further casualties. Following the battle, reduced to a head, Robo-Ky bites into an unconscious Venom’s belt and flies off to get the latter medical attention for his injuries.

While annoyed that Robo-Ky denied him the death he believes is essential for the guild's survival in the new age, Venom is honor-bound to run Robo-Ky's mercenary business until he makes enough money to rebuild the robot's body. They are soon approached by 2cave and two members of the Assassin's Guild, who have been sent by Zato-1 to secretly test Venom's resolve. Robo-Ky immediately realizes their deception from scanning the assassins' terrified heartbeats, but stays silent throughout the human's conversation. Ultimately, Venom passes the test by vowing to protect the townspeople, and 2cave gives him a deed to a shop in the main shopping district. Leaving the guild behind, Venom opens a bakery where he will continue to live incognito with Robo-Ky by his side.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

In the epilogue, Robo-Ky and Venom are seen attending Millia and Zato at the bakery.


Initially portrayed as a serious threat in XX, as of Λ Core Plus they are often used as comical relief and shown to have a somewhat low intelligence. The Robo-Kys appear to be capable of calling each other, analyzing the moves of their opponent (to the point where they can become immune to them), poisoning them, and even instantly brainwashing them. They possess the same techniques as Ky Kiske and frequently share data with one another, but from ♯Reload onwards, the Robo-Kys develop techniques of their own, using their robotic nature to their advantage. They can detach or multiply body parts, and even conceal objects inside their body, such as a chair in their backs, or produce a cape out of their clothing.

They also appear to activate an engine inside of them known as the Hercules Engine (ヘラクレスエンジン, Herakuresu Enjin?), mentioned during Ris-KY Lovers, where they can briefly overclock themselves to gain more power and increase their mobility for a while at the cost of eventually losing all their power in a self-destructing surge that can dangerously damage others nearby. Said Hercules Engine can be seen when the self-destruct portion happens, rendered as a beetle emblem on their chest as well as on the switch used to commence the said overclock.

Like the original Ky, they have control over lightning, but it is unknown if it is purely electricity or actual lightning magic. The first-model, and presumably last, Robo-Ky unit from Xrd is comprised of the world's first bio-alloy and is equipped with the "latest" Hyper-Eco Hercules Engine. He appears to be significantly more powerful than the original prototype as he was able to completely destroy Bedman's 8th Generation Reinforced High-Density Bed Frame, although at the cost of his body.

In terms of gameplay, in his first appearance in X Plus, Robo-Ky merely appears as an opponent in Ky's X Plus Story Mode, and could be played by selecting Ky's "GG Mode" (in Advance, he appears as Ky's "Extra" mode instead). While his stance and walking animation are different, his command list is much like Ky's save a few unique moves. In Guilty Gear XX, he is officially named, appearing as a hidden character, but has the same moveset with a few additions. It is finally in ♯Reload that Robo-Ky becomes a character entirely of his own, gaining a playstyle revolving an Electric Gauge in place of the Tension Gauge, although several of his attacks still resemble those of his original X Plus/XX iteration.

Musical themes

  • Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) - Guilty Gear X
  • Holy Orders? - Guilty Gear XX (ΛC+R; EX Mode since ♯Reload)
  • Under Construction (Day) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload
  • Under Construction (Night) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload
  • Under Construction (Day) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Vortex Infinitum - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST (EX Mode)


In X Plus, Robo-Ky does not speak at all in many of his battle intros, save for his intro against Sol (the same as Normal Ky), but upon winning, he will stutter on the first syllable of his victory quotes. In XX, he simply has normal Ky's voice lines distorted.


  • Aces High, one of his pre-♯Reload Overdrive attacks (also used by Kakusei Ky in Isuka), is an allusion to an Iron Maiden song of the same name.
  • His 13 Luck-KY spawns smaller Robo-Kys that walk down a ladder from his mouth. This is most likely a reference to Yatterwan from the anime series Yatterman.
  • His Overdrive, "Dame na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame!", is a reference to the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, wherein characters make use of rapid punching attacks with constant repetitions of syllables per blow. It most likely references Dio Brando's variation of this type of move.


  • The original Robo-Ky from Guilty Gear X Plus was often erroneously coined as "Gear Ky", "Orochi Ky", or "Black Ky" by fans, before his name was revealed in XX.
  • In Λ Core Plus, Robo-Ky states that he can convert human food into energy. In Isuka, both Robo-Ky and Robo-Ky II can heal with food items in the GGBoost Mode. Their taunts involve spawning a table with a drink on it, even though they do nothing direct with it.
  • Despite being a robot, Robo-Ky as of ♯Reload spills blood whenever he suffers damage from a bladed-attack. Whenever he is hit, however, nuts and bolts will drop or spill from him.
  • According to Daisuke, Robo-Ky is the character that he would personally add into Rev 2 if he could due to "his interesting playstyle.[4]
  • Since ♯Reload, most of his moves make fun of Ky Kiske in the form of puns with the japanese kai sound, always written in katakana. The localized names in Λ Core Plus R retain the puns, such as "Ris-KY Lovers" and "Spi-KY" (albeit different from the literal translations).

Mini Robo-Ky.

  • Faust's Nani ga Deru ka na? involves Faust dropping small-sized dolls of some characters, one of which is Robo-Ky. The doll uses his original green scheme from Guilty Gear XX, as does Robo-Ky's appearance in Robo-Ky II's credits ending in Isuka.
  • Robo-Ky is the only character to have no new artwork in Guilty Gear Isuka. He reuses his artwork from ♯Reload.
    • Likewise, Robo-Ky is also the only Isuka character who has no selection of color schemes for that game and only has his ♯Reload color selections available to select in-game and/or to edit.
    • Robo-Ky II's voice actor went onto voicing Robo-Ky in the Λ Core updates.
  • As of ♯Reload, Robo-Ky's actual in-game theme in both the original and Korean versions is unique in that not only is it basically not much of a "musical" track at all (as it is merely heavy construction ambience), but it has two versions that play at intervals in a match. The "daytime" version plays during the starting round and subsequent odd-numbered rounds, while the "nighttime" version plays on even-numbered rounds.
    • In Training Mode, the day-to-night shift occurs whenever the player uses the "reset position" function.
    • The "daytime" theme differs between the original and the Korean versions, while the "nighttime" theme remains the same.
  • Robo-Ky, in Guilty Gear XX, was first revealed on an episode of G4's Cheat!.[5]


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