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Robo-Ky II, also called Robo-Ky Mk. II, is the mass-produced version of the original Robo-Ky. His moveset and technical parameters can be customized, and has been built to imitate techniques from other characters, not just Ky Kiske.


Robo-Ky II is physically identical to the original Robo-Ky, though its colors are altered; white to red/magenta, blue to white, gray/turquoise plating to gold-ish bronze plating, and turquoise flashlight eyes instead of yellow. In its sprite, its "teeth" are the same as the original Robo-Ky's, only black.

Robo-Ky II has the ability to adjust its body to use other characters' attacks, such as a race car that can fire eye-laser rays (Ky's Stun Dipper), grow a pair of large fans on its back (Anji's On), reveal a phonograph from its chest compartments (I-No's Antidepressant Scale), and so forth.


Not much is known about Robo-Ky II's personality, but it seems to be very similar to that of the original Robo-Ky. It may be incomplete, however, and thus may react very randomly.


As a successor to the original Robo-Ky, the Mk. II models were designed as mass-produced versions.[1] One of them, with the serial number 000348, proves to be very weak, and suffers loss after loss, although one could argue he was simply unlucky. [2]

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Unlike its predecessor model, Robo-Ky II has the capacity to store a lot more data and can adapt to use the abilities of many characters, not being limited to just Robo-Ky or Ky Kiske, though he is still functionally the same at its base.

Gameplay-wise, Robo-Ky II can be used in Versus and Training Modes, and in GG Boost/Scramble via the RKII Factory Mode. The player must play to gain points and then purchase data or abilities/equipment to improve him, since at first, its moveset is limited to Robo-Ky's moves. The customizable Data Analyze moves take up a certain amount of memory, with Robo-Ky II's memory capping at 11800, and are categorized into "lanes". Two moves on the same lane cannot be equipped at once unless the Heracles Engine Version Omega is purchased and equipped (as it reverts moves to their original commands). Also, Roman Cancel chips can be added to certain moves to make them Force Roman Cancelable, even moves that were not originally so while also turning original FRC's into Yellow Roman Cancels (which cost even less tension).

EX Robo-Ky II functions just like EX Robo-Ky, and its Data Bank moves are like their EX counterparts (e.g. Mist Finer functions like EX Johnny's Mist Finer).

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  • In certain trailers of Guilty Gear Isuka, the original Robo-Ky (the one from ♯Reload) erroneously uses Robo-Ky II's artwork in his place, sometimes even recolored to match the original robot's color scheme.
  • Robo-Ky II's voice actor also later on voices the original Robo-Ky in Λ Core.
  • In his ending credits segment and when viewing the demo reels for its moves in the RKII Factory mode both from the console verson of Isuka, due to not having any moves copied from A.B.A's moveset, Robo-Ky II in his cross-interaction with her in both instances makes use of one of his own unique moves (USB500).
    • Likewise, Robo-Ky II during his segment with the original Robo-Ky (who is in a different color scheme resembling his first one) uses his Float Jump animation from Eddie instead (the animation is a variation on their jumping Dust).

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