Royal Court is Ky Kiske's stage in the Guilty Gear Xrd series; it is located in Illyria castle.


The main stage is set in a raised balcony, with a large fouyer standing bellow in the background, where water flows from large pillars addorned with red pipes, a center fountain featuring a rose sculpture. The raised part is connected by two staircases, Rose-headed angel statues hold scales above them. The main balcony is fenced off with iron bars and rope posts, and is adorned with statues of babies holding vases, where rose bushes grow. The stage is set at daytime, and it's entirety is winthin a spacious open dome.

in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, the stage is now set at night, and Iron cages bar the staircases to bellow. Candles lit up the foyer, the closer ones can be snuffed by Slash attacks.

In all versions, Illyrian soldiers can be seem observing the battle, and will praise Ky if he wins.

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