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Izuna's servants concept art.

A servant (サーヴァント, Sāvanto?) is a type of non-playable unit in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-. They are unique combat units that a master can summon. When the player sets a charge route, servants automatically attack enemy units that they encounter as they advance to their destination.


Servants have three major characteristics: they can effectively remove the barrier from a enemy masterghost (but not destroy them), they excel at combat (though not as great as their master, servants are very good in battle and can use special skills), and they can level up (they get stronger as they earn experience, leveling up to three times, based on its actions taken during battle).

Servants can be summoned by pressing (X) on the Organ menu screen. It will display a list of servants, where the player must select the servant's name with (A) and set a charge route on the map to complete the summoning process. Mana is required to summon units, and the cost differs for each servant type. The player can select a ghost, a masterghost, or another allied servant as a destination, as well as the places they'll go through on the way there. Servants can be grouped (in order to move them with a single command), or can disband from the group by selecting a servant and holding [RB] and (A). This is helpful when separating servants that are summoned in groups, so the player can create mixed forces that cater to specific needs in battle.

A master can give emergency orders to servants who already have a charge route set if the master is near the servant. These emergency orders are: Advance (they will march to the next destination), Standby (they will remain at the current location, and automatically defend the area if a target approaches), and Retreat (they will fall back to their prior position, be it a claimed ghost or masterghost).

Each master has seven-to-eight unique servants types they can summon. However, not all servants are available at the begining of the game: For servants with a lock icon GG2 lock icon.png, the master needs to enter a contract (解除, Kaijo?) before they can be summoned. The amount of mana and time needed for each contract differs. Among these, there are elite servants (上級サーヴァント, Jōkyū Sāvanto?) that possess high abilities; only one elite servant of each type can be summoned at a time. There is also a limit to the number of servants a player can summon. The maximum number is 20 during a Singles Match, and 16 in Team Match and Points Match.


Servants are categorized into five "soldier types" (属性, Zokusei?) according to their different battle styles. Superiority exists among each soldier type, with one type being stronger than another type, and viceversa. Using a servant type that is stronger than the enemy's will give the player an edge in battle; however, if there is a huge disparity in the overall strength of units, there may be times when units will lose even if they trump their opponent in the superiority chart.

All servant types have a 125% damage boost against masters, with the exception of ranged units, which gain 200% damage. Masters themselves have 200% damage versus all servants.

Type Icon Characteristics Superiority
Melee Mobile Armored Ranged Magic
Melee GG2 soldier icon 1.png Average on both attack power and defense. % 200% 40% 80% 150%
Mobile GG2 soldier icon 2.png Although it excels in mobility, it's low on attack power and defense. 50% % 250% 250% 200%
Armored GG2 soldier icon 3.png Although it excels in stamina, attack power, and defense, its speed is low. 250% 50% % 300% 75%
Ranged GG2 soldier icon 4.png Although it can remotely attack opponents, it can't stand close-range attacks. 175% 100% 50% % 500%
Magic GG2 soldier icon 5.png Assists allies or hinders enemies with status effects. 150% % 500% 50% %

Icons for elite servants of each type have a small orange dot on the right upper corner.


There are five different armies, referred to as "tribes" in-game.